Debut of Dumbass Take of the Week

Fescoe In The Morning
Friday, July 14th

We debut the Dumbass Take of the Week from the week of shows 


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Spec has what he call they surprised segment for us. Which makes me incredibly nervous but I'm curious as well. York city at least two are huge shock from Maryville to Parsons yes I enjoy covering this football from whom do this align more is Peters the AFC defensive player of the listening. Every one agreed. The dead this one has beat dot bull dot and crap on it's been a doubt that Citigroup. On who might play once again that I could be an answer. I'm a double. Yeah our bracket are terrible thing. In the and dumb ass that illusion via this is awesome. We have Bob ask why all the way the all land betting the islanders have eighty read dies between now and opening day. That's the only reason I'm taking the under. On the camera and ratings is it Andy Reid dies that's the only because I believe it may be that much is a coach in the regular season. That he's gonna get these guys the ten wins and the defense itself what the good. That they're gonna stop everybody so from any means short re dying. This team is going to be over that nine and a half until I just told boasting about how doubled down a dialogue Abdullah. Larry I. Talking about them she is being so compelling because he did see a number of things happen and won a lot of close games last year. I wouldn't be too shocked if they have going like 88 something like that and that for this schema. Would be I think the floor that's Curtis goes or less in Erie dies they're not when he must in ten games. Injured Alex Smith. And a entered the defense. Sort of an eerie dying during the NFL season that Cecil went more than nine games yes Oca. Okay marketed for Colbert January they'll take you to do they want to east should they billionaires. What I that's a dark and depressing day like. This. Short of indicting Hewlett that I. I'm Tony that's how much confidence I had. Like this is a damn good football team it is yeah it all -- die. Then they lose less than ten game this football teams falter all the time the Carolina Panthers last year were a good football team and they fell apart and are there any good football teams not just slowly we're like handy though look like they lost loot weekly last year that really hurt their defense at all for the chiefs of lost Eric Johnson they've lost and they lose somebody in Gibraltar morals then did they could end up losing some games do they lost air periods when he fourteen. Right after that raiders game means of the chiefs were on pace to go to the player they also lost Derek Johnson and if he plays that raider game they win that raider game negated in the playoffs there's a lot of different variables the came in that season but that's that was a good teammate Jamaal Charles was on fire between fourteen. Justin Houston. Shattered records and 4014. You add to the best individual performers in the NFL that you're still missed the violence because you are missing a couple of back are you taking the old idea of picking the over what are you take this is taking the over the under this there they're handy things that happened that take decisive grand jury aside from your head coach les Schwab die guys I mean. I mean this is too cool good. They're too he. To ID eight how quarterbacks we go from last year a lot. There were a lot of corners how good offensive linemen did we rolled through last ten that was a revolving door but you also kept a healthy Chris Jones. Help played wide receiver Eddie healthy markets Peters sure. In wide receiver was at that they didn't. Of the chiefs' starting go to wide receiver anyway right Travis Kelsey is the top pass catcher by a large margin. Well over a thousand yards last year nobody else even really coming cool who'll be who do you think. Is the B one guy. Player wives that would cripple this season if we'd lost in injury. On only one guy don't just want to one guy I don't think it would be one guy. Two great question is there one guy thinking cripple the team could argue Peters that's the first name became the mind I also thought Eric Berry because of the emotional leadership in the vocal leader in that everybody looks to him. I think barrier Peters would be huge loss beat it Sorenson you guys the other guys in Seoul darker colors that are a lot rob Parker her buried yet. Source it would be the one thing that would make me feel better about it so I guess. As much as you would miss Eric Berry you can't lose markets Peters because. You're already relying on Terrence Mitchell as a number two a guy that just that it just came on last season and was unemployed for a large portions when he sixteen. What does number two quarter but slide them over to number one would be rough so yeah markets Peters would be the one guy who'd be crippling loss. And maybe Tyreke kill. I think as I think about it's like Tyree hill and what he brings you on offense and special teams from a dynamic playmakers employer that would cripple what the offense India. So those two guys you lose one of those two guys. I conceded that cost in the cheese wins. You can go back to last year I can run through this guy's like a run through the games and I could probably take at least two if not three games one by Tyreke. So he goes down it's a massive loss there. I still think Sharon and he died instantly game. So that's so what's say make calls back. I idiot that dumb ass take it does let's take of the week. That's that's going to be good times and X I'd like a guy is very broad term that can really tell us you were doing this this is good. I. Love it.