The Drive w/ CDot and Brad Fanning

The Drive
Friday, August 11th

Josh Vernier joins the the guys...why Brad is confused about the new Royals at why it is not working out


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We just sit Apollo after that homer nice home. Josh Vern year. It and toxic stands Sports Radio royals insider. You may want it big is that the plate you can get depressed because I I'm double and. The teams capitalizing on every defensive miscue. That you may. And standing. He's heard from. We'll know Josh Byrne years. And yeah drive Josh Berger joins us in studio. A big announcement before we introduce Josh Vernon was Bronson by first business bank. The drive. Is no longer on the ground oh it is the drive. Presented by a dose techniques. It's right where I don't know about this big deal here around these partner get a beer sponsorship. Some open you know. You know they did users this is what I've that'll. Because it's a fine product well it's a finally as with other bidders see gotten the most interesting man in the world. And so that was I think that was that was part of the deal. For an anonymous you know this not that this is not about. That old. His personality is so let's see if he is unable to carry credit cards. Even his enemies list him as their team. That seat right there. So I don't know self what have you is this emergency county and into. So like he does that he's is now our title sponsor here on the drive so we're very proud to announce that we'll early January year. To do that there there isn't easy play off of the most interesting man in the world like fanning come up with the most you know the grumpy this man how the war gonna go shortest man in the world now that's. That's the low hanging fruit owed at the big they would do. I mean the grumpy is me in the world all you have to do is like right now you just tell him port easily is gonna bite feel I. They need me you'll get upset Ike on control Lee angry if you distilled like. Called out just say hey it's right to ignore insulator watch stating just go law if I did it. Like you I also think there's one for UC Allianz out of it. Like the most financially. Aware. I think because it's not cheap you're not she will spend money. Don't. That's accurate though no we're putting is always. Looking for. I see two bucks right there I snuck away and I tell you as saving two dollar bet you'll. But she'll find really enjoyable I want to the grocery store and I deposited a Levinson. I hit my change in my car. And I just like put it in my pocket as walk around like Muslims the play in this self check out. I went to the town of bankers' banks to expand deposit and eleven cents you look like that he did not go over to target and you buy something with the self checked out and you could just dump all your points in there and buy some via. The self checkout when I didn't have another of those. That's you never know you're never dating that. Woman that eleven since my coming Indians and Ortiz where she saw you and she's now boys are kind of sticky too like it was it it it was a good look for me is that it flows of money you've ever that spit. To I was thinking. This is to see that he's like this in the what to get back. Into positive. That's not that's too you never know it's us it's our add up over. I mean directly told me it is say the vineyard that's vigilant Franklin told me I'm not gonna tell the kids around in big. That's right good point that's right down on you had a melt down this week when it came Judy keen to see you this is it is Ayers thing to say that you had a melt down I had them looked like. This is. You like this public meltdown to me. You can't manage every game like a post game. A lot. Out there and get out. Out there and execute. A cut off man blocked the ball. It's just pop. At fault for Yankee Vargas after four plus innings real. In the directed and in and the call OK I was angry at then you wanna hear directed at someone not at all shall it. Our knowledge what's going on oh yeah. Yeah. I'm betting what got up. Your. Body. But it. Yet the full hour show. Said Tracy I went to the game his fans want her friend Susan and and Scott got its regularly again absolutely that it billions Batman we urge the Tracy laughing. You lose your mind and Alec I got a call per minute check and my friend. And what I feel now and just wanted to attempt and the thuds the it millennial want to yeah actually gates and he it'd be it now it's too. That I did the now between yeah exactly and that's what your your better out there everybody. As you could have gone like a lot of course I can lose right now you could go you could have gone up every single night of the cardinals you don't shoot I can right now as well there's door I mean there's more. The score are not working out basically sitting next and complain about there not being soft pretzels. At one thing after another awful not awful night. Awful homes there IT believe I didn't even play the best content and yes he does it the best the last awful. Awful awful night. Alt not from start to finish off the field ought not be freaking scoreboard didn't work awful. This told Stan. Has been awful outside of chick. Judas. Located at high as Melky had his moments as it wit mayor of field. Of work to do. Again. I apologize I know. This is great radio I could just as angry. You feel like you could just cut copy or post game show from Tuesday as data yesterday a you don't need to re acting anything new just. A you know everything I set on Tuesday I still hit us today and I think this is the worst they've looks that first series against minutes the third. If you get swept their four game series listening or. Under on one I think this is worse I think it says it wasn't awful against Minnesota the bullpen was bad and the offense was awful. They strutting the defense and a ball. The three hallmarks of royals baseball team play and they'll work in a three hallmarks of royals baseball. It's the center of what has let you down over the past week that's what drug's maker about it it's in the it's been okay. The last two games and it's sort of runs runs to win. On the flight. Two games they've done enough to win offense like I know but it is an awful. I its all its zine. It scares me is over the next couple days until next year at her capture and the defense has batted in this and the base running group is battered the nets. Them. You think the bullpen is better than this because it's Ali's that. I'd do. Also think that there are wilting right now because what is August and August is an audition. For videos for these guys approved and videos. Want the ball in September I want the ball in that middle of September series. Against Cleveland. 117. Inning you can look at me I. It handled that moment. All of them. Under. Pressure because the pressure. August. But there there are wilting in this audition the only guys that. It. Of faith and right now. Held at her career might minor. And despite the greens united electing Peter Moore when. Scott Alexander that it you little that he was good that war became an and stop the bleeding. But you're not editions now and definitely Korea yet and kale. At the out. It's even there the discussion of the five starters in the sense where this team. That we last night we're looking at Jason Campbell and lead ups. Lead us to a victory case and no. You've thrown quality starts in four classics that's not something we can celebrate that something we need to demand. Moving forward that. It's unfair position that this team is it Jacob Judas and Jason Hammel. Because it is job back on Sunday at least on the mound. The defense at his own defense he says let him down there seven rounds and doing all three of them were earned the defense behind him absolute sure was a butcher ASCII estimate that double play it looked. Fazio defensive miscues. Are inexcusable yes but at least understand them but I don't understand LCDs Escobar. In two balls in the course of four games everyone's going to make mistakes showed as I understand it but I can't a lot I can't go. All but at least that's sleaze is a pretty tough I mean we sellers. That was really do not just at and that's a poke in the bear right now. All. Did you guys hear that what was it. We go he's talking about the bullpen with all. Parties and more arms. Our thoughts and he has two more that's I said morons on the air but he was calling now of hearing him do. It nice discussion. I it's frustrating at least for me and I'm not comparing this royals team at number eleven to give the is when you've been so good at some things. It's weird to see you really added that being used to be good at like if you have patriots fans for the last fifteen years. You've seen Brady be able to do everything but excel at the little things. This team and Tony fourteen and 2015 did all the little things correctly. That he's in the last four days against Saint Louis. They now don't do any of those things well these fundamentals that it would take to be a good baseball team a consistent baseball team. They don't do which is the most frustrating day he said you can live with boos laughter watch mr. bass I could live with losing. Was the shoe in 27%. From the field was scoring eleven points in seventeen minutes like this are good at the very fundamental thing do you mean to to be a good basketball team. It's so frustrating to see this team that you know has the talent there for four days like when the five teams in based. Yeah you're right as saying the defense and base turning perform as it has over the past few nights yeah that that is at the roots. Out of frustration because what we're so accustomed to is it's not the defense making all of the extraordinary place. They make all the routine play or make every routine play and occasionally make the extraordinary place that is. The whole market has royals team and that's what really good teams do not make the great well at times make it all the routine plays all the time and that as far as the bullpen is concerned. I'm never gonna say the bullpen Sox bullpen is an average bullpen a slightly above average bullpen now. It's just never going to be a historic we may never see a bullpen like we saw in fourteen and fifteen. I'm not only might we not see it ever get in Kansas City we might not see it in the American League. Ever again sought. I'm not overly disappointed in the bull pens performance. This season I think it is performed quite well. To be honest with you but the last four days it just seems like as as Rex Butler would say a lot of these arms of a lot of these pictures. Begun to up pucker up if you know enemy coming up. Next we continue our conversation would just for your who has brought to buy first business bank about what the royals should do with there. Four years seven needs two million dollar guarantee left fielder Alex Gordon excellent draft. Some braves. And no it's deep Derek Jeter Bruce Berman group. Has won the bidding for the Miami Marlins that is confirmed by Jane Rosenthal and an NFL news Joseph Flacco will not play in the pre season due to his back injury but the teen said he won't play in their regular. Season openers so the back injury for Joseph Flacco keeps them out a couple of weeks but there's a back at cornerbacks available with any big deal are a couple of me Tony Romo right now would be great in any any ravens got a formula that got from the fans the ravens head that if he did David's on the bottom guy's name. And dairy Jeter is going to be part owner. Of the Miami Marlins in the studio right now is our royals insider Josh Bernard was brought you by first business. Bank Jeter can't let era had anything. But it rot still a big deal in Miami now Jeter's gonna go yeah over and that's why he wanted to own that team and a plus the other part of that in. He could live horse place. Your king in New York looking at Miami. And let's start with this there is a difference of opinion on the show. I'm curious of where you stand. What do you do with Alec scored because my frustration. Yesterday was and I acknowledged I was arguing over one individual day is that is going to be a couple of days. Of how serious do you think the offensive problem is proud scored. Because if you have been as bad as outscored has been offensively for a year and a half fix anything in two days that you haven't already been working. So you just didn't really seem to have a commitment to trying to fix the problem at least in the season without scored. So where do you act when their strategy. What they should do in court. I don't know one of them so far I just don't know what they can do. Mean do it. You're not going to have someone take up a spot on the 25 man roster and never use them. Every one is needed. You're not gonna pay him to go away. What other option they have. To me it's all on you know it's it's it's it's go go I don't care what it is. It's your different hitter after the Reyes or words you know stuff burn. Or age is catching up to you you know I don't care. You know what and I don't think that. There are many other athletes in the history of this city and I say that. While acknowledging I haven't been here that long see you guys can correct me. But man I can't imagine many other athletes. It seems like he's still getting somewhat of a pass from people. 'cause we're trying to come up for reasons or come up with reasons why. He sucks. Why. Make adjustments right isn't this a game of adjustments I've heard that it is yes something. What is don't. I'm not Smart enough in the game of baseball I've watched his video. Wait too much of his video from 2011. You can see differences. Exit OEE stubborn I don't wanna hear that it's it's it's it's meant until it's it's the wrist. If you have to become a 250 slap better if you have become the new nor I'll Oki won ever. This team something is doing and I appreciate. You get hit by pitches I appreciate the defense in the base running that's still there. But it just it it it to me it's harder to convince me that yes I know he's putting in the work. But it doesn't seem like he's putting it Smart work. I think it's two things. I think number one. We treat the forever royals guys different that we treat everybody else. I notice last year or are with the watching Soria. That's Soria was being treated I think horseshoe were harsher than everybody else because he wasn't a part of the team. That I sit on the show if gore was. Jason works. If you didn't have memories and a Jersey in years tied up into him. The backlash in outrage for the player not justifying contract would be different I also think. That as we all of this team built itself on bullpen and defense he's still one of the better defensive left fielders in baseball. So he's good at that thing that you know he's supposed to be good and you can live with the offense that he puts out there. I think the frustration with me has been lied to said that if it was anybody else. The backlash and criticism would be greater that people believe what really acknowledged that part about the evaluation important. And not even that anyone else just to me V. Highest paid player on the team. May I don't Sports Radio it's changed a lot but man that that sentence I don't think he's used enough. On its use doesn't show. Because that to me that sentence. Warrants all of us demanding. Because well he he I mean become something different you're not ever why not say I don't. Going to be that's one home run got a lot to be at one home run guy I don't care if you only hit two home runs for the rest of your time here in Kansas City. You can make for a pretty good eight or nine hitter if you learned a slap at the other way most did it as a kid. Grown men making sixteen million dollars let's go. Right boasted that what 25 yeah when you know what. I'm not going to be that guy thought I was not thought it was going to be a fork in your home run guy but instead I got started in what otherwise. I would assume that that conversation is part of what's been happening the last couple days without scored is that it. Was your body changes the only yet. You know and you have to baseball about adjustments I'll tell you any old Egypt like Asian. Random guy driving around right now that's listing you know if you're in your forties you woke up when they like him and he readers it's. Now you're changes subtly. Or need in the warmup when you're playing catch. Earlier a lot more than people who on any of the things that I've heard Gordon does now that he that he did. He had done in the past that he works out after games that are before them. Because he you know he's a work out three he would do both. You know hey get your editing at all that's part like IE. I have a hard time believing that policy at his back to slow down and he can't. You know the bat speed seems that's what I like you can't like you if you're still that. Athletic and quick connect it'd offender. I have a hard time believing Collison used can't hit anymore and I testing happened heard spring training camp ought to date about it so that's so the we can throw the adding a tax on brilliant idea slump buster maybe that he's but he's Maryann quit yet so that's not that's not an option yet. On but. I'm sick of Tex I'd put I'd say it from the onset it. Your phone number once dominant when. We like it out Alberta it and I'm still. One of the things that brought up yesterday in and I'm sure you'll. Tell him not to disagree is that you like to do. I feel like there's a little bit of a Chris Getz and remote court. I think you can point your finger at least over you know the last few weeks a lot of different things other than a week hitting left fielder. It is one of the best defenders and based. You know I look like as if this team is built. Like you know 2012 the third third 201112 point in his second baseman. When house and those are doing their thing but I get that would bond to see every you know I just I just think there's always Omar I get I just think yet to realize that's not this this now well. Well that's not what this team also wanted to go to that this team lost Salvi. Yet to the highest paid player on the team you can't Chris gets the highest paid. Over the course of the year there but nobody has come after court for not hit. And I understand that you wonders and I could not dug himself never really Beagle that left field. Like they felt once they when they got milky. They had enough offense now granted with Al piece out there enough offense to cover up the baton. They need a degree heat Melky is also there because courthouse absolutely but but again. That but I think Gordon gets the finger pointed at him for two reasons. In my opinion the Chris Getz and Graham and two because he makes a much. Because you want to tie the game she got back in this thing the year creeping up on the Indians you took over the second wildcard spot in deadwood in the last. But that part to me is fair because. 2 things I am a 100% belief. It's the royals missed the playoffs one of the biggest reasons will be because of Alec scored in playing everyday there that you had to cheer someone every single day who hit under 204. What now for months not a decision to play him but being forced to enforce the play every single day it I would say if this team can't afford to keep my stock is they're housed more one reason will be because they decided to pay outs were. But the money you could've just said no gore and the backlash and York. The plane could have been hard to set in two million dollar B we're gonna give out toward and let's give to their house where my stocks the big agree. They can afford it arguments like those things to mute the criticism the choice. The royals chose the positive PR signing outscored in which all signed off work. Since then it is not a lot of positive PR for the signing of Alex Gordon I think it's going to stop them from the even bigger movie more significant move of signing a guy who could it. Forty home runs. It's the biggest criticism I've any it's a huge contract and it's all Ford Daimler every one my money and cool. But if it if it keeps you from signing other is not a problem. You know in in the one never made sense to me it. Look at. I'm not gonna say I was on the radio telling everybody you're never practice. Because. You know tell back at a shop and amoral celebrating now. I didn't dad. We all knew those final two years we're going to be gained all they do they all would be painful often thought he'd get one good one out of that outscored. But that that is a as regrettable contract as the city's if the royals lose in the White Sox you know leisure and it's great radio and now. No it's not known adult daughter Dyson a kid don't recall always straight face etiquette they've never seen before. Which usually works out great for playing against a team that has nothing to lose and the Astros are just a bunch of 22 year old just having a blast playing baseball win or lose let's just go have on those dollars the most dangerous things blow the royals have their ace on the hill. A four game losing streak on their back all the pressure in the world on them tonight. Boy oh boy. What do what do at that point in the season tonight and that'll moderation that's our royals insider Josh Berger he's brought to you by first business bank Vern. Just who shot and Doug and deserves it this just lose socks and speed up next. Did the royals. Played. Any explains town next on the drive. Presented by ghosts that these are new. Title sponsor here on the drive so we're really excited about that. Love the fact that those that he's on board Brad thank Eric Harris and Betty nice that his 48 bachelor party of this year is it this month and I can't remember. Dusty like it's in produce in the shattered by the way this week yeah this week and he's got forty bash reports this week it's unbelievable I'm. Quickly before we get to. My thoughts on on the royals potentially get taken by the San Diego Padres. In a trade Gary Woodland. From to peak is currently tied for eleventh place the PGA tour championship earlier PGA championship. They are in round two these two kennels today Gary Woodland. In a tie for eleventh at one under par. OK so we think it'd. Dayton Moore is obsessed with a morning. Today in his weekly appearance on Friday morning in Dayton stock in a bombing obviously one of the topics that came up was. You know Trevor Cahill and the fact that he's on the disabled list list with. Right shoulder engagements and I think he's been clinical term for so. He was not with us on the morning. And end date was asked you now since Trevor Cahill is on the disabled list what so what is he doing in the market for pitcher right now. Well look back or hopefully. You know it's nothing too serious you know beat this field. Fatigue in that shoulder and you know we knew we acquired that he'd been on the BO. We've also been shouting in the that you. Come back. Performing well. If you knew all of these. After the couple that probably trying to do too much and and a year ago. So Trevor Cahill traded. To the royals from the Sandia San Diego Padres of the trade deadline and a handful of starts now is already on the disabled list this is what occurred and did the royals possibly get played on the Trevor K. And the reason I say that is this. The Padres general managers got the name AJ prowler he's got a history of trading injured players matter of fact. Are treated troop call up bomber brands are Palmer has excuse me it's not hard for me to say troop all the brands. At the Boston Red Sox didn't fully disclose his medical situation. And AJ prowler. Last year was suspended for thirty days by Major League Baseball is also odd. More history with suspensions and fines he was also. He also got hot water when he was working for the Rangers when he was the general manager because. He was talking to a suspended Dominican players that lied about his say so win a player lies about their age or is suspended. You're not allowed to negotiate with that play. Major League Baseball thought that AJ prowler when he is with the Texas Rangers did so. He got in trouble for that and suspended thirty days for not disclosing medical history to. The Boston Red Sox when he said preponderance of someone he thought was and why you deal with this. And I feel confident. In the decisions that Dayton and and his crew made because they wanna World Series here. Today got to another World Series they've flipped this city upside down and turn it back into baseball town in my opinion. And so I'm like you know world would it come out to me like the royals could potentially get played. By a general manager like AJ prowler as history of not being truthful about injured players that he trades. So I thought about this literally different. And he needed Asia. So it took a job with a guy that he would trust because he needed again. And it came back to bite him in the past. And it got me wondering if in fact the royals was we need to make a deal the deadline we don't necessarily trust this guy we trust our people. We think we can get through what we got to roll the dice and hit that the guy that we don't necessarily trust. And if that was the case that's awful you know I understand the risk when I'm saying is the awful part of that is that it didn't work out. Like you had to make you deal if you're gonna get your team over the. You deal with another team possibly three. What went on that you can go on their make it view would but I mean even sometimes basically sometimes like my feeling has sometimes got bad and people don't like. The gets on that animals you have to do better not I. I don't know the royals got Tucker now I have absolutely no. How did you find out this information I would assume it came from Google. Google over at Kauffman Stadium they compare data cremation. Just like anything. If you hear around the office plays they don't loan her some money and it won't you would say they doubled to forty bucks. And you get toy box you signed up the line I didn't at twenty dollars back. So it's you know this isn't someone that you should be doing business with the doing trades with put. There are no trade list and don't even entertain their phone calls so you open yourself up to. Plus I don't think the royals got some kind of mystery grad bag just like if you go by far. It's pretty standard practice I just bought one when you get a car I need to have my mechanic look at it. Trust your mechanics I didn't trust somebody that I know have my people look over at they say it's good I trust them I'd trust their word out and make a purchase on. So your medical staff look at the deal and they think the deal's good. And it's just buyer beware it's at at your own risk at that point. So I I don't really give the royals a chance again I'm Ashley no clue they got hooker not just here in the history on but you're but. If you judge organized according and you had all this information you felt it was meant ports to gain any true. They got Trevor Cahill and Trevor tales others it was a back injury issues. Earlier in the narrative so he's got his injuries all of assays you don't have a choice but you gotta make a move. Like you gotta get some target another example let's talk about the car. Engine blew out on my wife's car not long after we started day. She got much time. Yet three KG got to get to school you get reduced you gotta you gotta make a decision and you need vehicle and you needed now so we went first available and grabbed. And we knew it was a little bit of arrays will not take it to the segment can't let oddity that we got to get it we say okay. The rejected car fax or whatever else on an gotta go with it and I think that's the position that the royals ran at the trade deadline it in all its offer. Other forms is it was super deep you can go out and get two relievers and a starting pitcher for. Matt straw and injured pitcher you have right now it's on the disabled list Travis Wood got it in my opinion doesn't have a whole lot of value a prospect. You can't just jump in bed with a bunch teams like you've got to make a move and he got a gets up and down done now if this is the best available. And I got to jump in that was somebody that's categories you like AJ brawler than I understand what they did I just hope that. On they do it rolled on this thing it is based. I think the difference. Now they were portrayed about the difference in your analogies the aisles are not a a mom with three kids with limited resources that the source that line and but but the billion dollar company with scouts in a world class medical team in the situation. Like in this if you know the guys Shea. Why are you doing business with the number one if you don't trust them. Number two you edged sword is inspector particularly edged sword guys doing the information. You look at them it's like they just hated you Trevor Cahill to sign the papers and Russian view them just. Maybe you don't get the sweetness about you thought you were gonna get. But do business what people that you trust if you sign up for plane ticket on Spirit Airlines that is 45 books. But the south west owns ninety bucks it's probably good business but it at 45 dollars of what's that old saying about an average deal sounds too good to be sure would normally use. So like you gotta gotta take some kind of level of ownership for yourself. I don't know if you got played in this view I had that we know. Like the royals were aware of the risk and took it anyway that's what I think that's and yet. And I am told that like make the make the race but listen to deal guy like that it's had a history that he's had. It it you're really really roll the dice and you don't wanna have to get better the snake you you don't want to until the royals were his spot. But not a whole lot to offer that they had to take that deal and roll the dice and at least in the right now it's it's by. Coming up next one thing I do not want to see tonight in the chiefs gave. Talk and she's an excellent drive. Players coming up at. A lot. To be ready for that coming up in San minutes tonight it's Patrick Holmes today at arrowhead 8 o'clock. Kick off for use against the San Francisco 49ers. There are a lot of things that I would like to see today. I like to see Patrick Holmes probably play. A quarter and a half. Somewhere about that if you look should be as you do about when he five Manson's Watson threw 25 passes either through eighteen. I'd like to see my homes thorough fifteen to 25 passes tonight. Really be in real live game situations as close as you can be coming in the third quarter of a pre season game. What I don't wanna see is Justin Houston. Say Justin Houston until the third pre season game tree just in Houston like he's a running back. I watched yesterday in the NFL or seven teams Jordan hours citing carries yesterday. York city guys your stars but I didn't care is because the risk is far too great. Instead of knocking off Ross what we hear a lot of times in pre season. I understand that you wanna go to game speed and it's real life no. One priority for the chiefs this season needs to be doing everything in its power to keep Justin Houston healthy. Justin Houston we saw in five games yesterday still looked like he wasn't there still wasn't a 100% last year and a Broncos game. You'll be fine it would just in Houston if he starts this season at 90%. But fully help 90% in terms regain speed but what are percent healthy so I'm not concerned with Justin used employing two series today could you wanna get him in game shape. Our number one needs to be having just in Houston healthy for a week wanting us into England patriots analysts seem to. I would I would fight shut that a little bit like coliseum I would rather see him now that in week three in and week four. You know like find out now he can you can you go gains speed for a couple series tonight. And find out that he holds. And if that doesn't it he's still got three weeks to kind of get ready for that week one opener. Is more than likely were Agassi the starters in the in the final in the pre season anyway here Agassi and in the fourth and on I don't wanna wait until the third game to find out if he can go games beat but I Gary you're saying an anti gay yet. Like you wanted what every got to do to make sure he's healthy if just used to feels great and he's awesome. And he wants to knock the rust off and he wants to play a couple of series and a full quarter. You know at some point in the pre season and that's the best thing for the dual. But it if if they're not sure what his knee can handle all of a find that I now not weak theory. And if you are sure what is he can handle I don't know if it's Smart to put amount their tires but it's Smart to just keep them healthy dime which you. In an ideal world you play a like everybody else it's not an ideal world yes some players on your teens some employees are more valuable than the other ones. If I'm the type to have the same stance LaMarcus Mary go to. If I'm the raiders have the same stance would dare or you're too valuable to our team to go out there and get injured. But here's the thing with the need to seek out and I've had in the injuries are really really difficult I have to be able to trust that. I kept that you can discuss its not like him. Nail nails better now that he's go I can keep type I got the bandit. And he is as much mental as it is physical when your plane sport. So you've got to be able to find out if he can do that gains be part of that is too is the next day. And the next few days after it because it's slow their flow will get their we've heard about my stock is L you get it. And yet it five from a Bruce run don't fastball and fluid and blood it's. You don't because the gravity when data and collected on his knee and so I think that's why at least from in the east ample. Because you did you find out and the sooner you know on that. The quicker you know how to fix them playing in a full quarter Hamlet yeah. But it meant a lot there and he can go that you can come on adage you can dig and and and get confident with that mean it's I took it when it comes to a knee or something like that it's much mental as it is physical and that's fine that's rather than later. I'm just put some guys in bubble wrap during the pre season Ali absolute. Got it up as the you know. But some guys to me you're just their far too valuable to your company to have him go out there and risk the injury that if you're only gonna play Mike if you don't wanna play a quarter just want to play a series without effort and snaps. Is it worked for ten snaps do you really get a really good idea anyway and did do that seven. You can't get. That he would he can trust as it is it is it stable are you afraid of that or you'd trade afraid to cut on the bottom line two is if people out there and we want and you find out that. It's not stable and he's gonna need some time that's a factor roster. You know again to make some decisions based on I don't want to wait a week three on all of the due to get him ready to go for we won that thing that many find out just got to find out. You know at the chiefs needed now and it just to giggle out there he doesn't trust that me whether it's physically or mentally than you planned around. And so I wanna see him tonight I'll be shocked if we don't see him tonight. Truthfully. We got a player coming up in a couple of minutes and I'm really looking forward to tonight is probably one of the unsung battles of I'm very curious to see how they did via series for the running backs. It. Kareem hugs make him team Spencer ware is making the team I'm not as concerned about those two individuals. I don't know who's making the team between CJ Spiller in charge Peter Wes short hitter Wes has been running with the fall worse for the last week at training camp. I'm curious to see if he's still running with the force who gets more series are they gonna try to give it an extended look for CJ Spiller to do they have that returning kicks today. But I think there are a lot of other things to look for and watch for the just all obviously my homes the quarterback I hope he goes out there'll be plays a quarter and a half and you get to see real life situations. There's other position battles that are happening on the field. That are going to happen in the meantime that I think are not obviously as important as the development of Patrick Holmes but things that you need to be watching it paints agency. I don't think that targeted west is making the team. I think Spencer are I think to a seat is bellas versatility I think his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. I think his contract I think that that Turk in there wasn't any one of the one of the surprise cuts this receive. All of this e-book Conley does tonight is that is the true number two in the first quarter and I'm curious about that and even the Canon though then. They got offensive line nerd that I am on the final hole is that left guard looks like it is and I think that if we don't we talk about that. You know we we we had a look at this sacked the sacks this that the other. Listen you gotta protect Alex Smith all right got to keep them up bright. You gotta deal and so. The rest offensive line that the pretty well locked him at left guard we don't know. Do they Brian Whitman's playing so I'll be looking at that wanna find out the third receiver and to really pay attention to as the number two corner is going to be on the other side of markets Peters out that we really know that. Coming out and zoom mandates it is pick a player go and call in and 91357676. Day we need for callers. The winner gets a Arab masses to the fourth you know annual Tennessee football training camp on August 20 pick a player up next in the draft. This is Mark Miller and the opportunity sit down with Jim Kim sixty owner has construction and talk about.