The Drive w/ CDot and Brad Fanning

The Drive
Friday, August 11th

Pick a Player vs Bink....What Dallas media said about the Elliott news....What are you watching in tonight's Chiefs pre season game..We got wise words from the Lawrence police...we give some pointers


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One categories. Should go to movies it's the tee and second time today and you've got who's running backs. I how he would handle the pressure towel and there's Roger. Julius east he's a player yes a slider for help on the drive. Coming up. We tell you what's a lot what's almost four in tonight's pre season. Gains coming up in fifteen minutes we head to Dallas to get the reaction on the Ezekiel Elliott suspension. We tuned in to sports talk we hear how the cowboys are treating. Ezekiel Elliott potentially missing the first six games of the 2017. Season. Whereas most rappers are today and pick a player but he status. Those things man's pride at their. It is up about how happy is that sixth in Sports Radio as the new home. For K state athletics and they'll stumpel and you're right I mean this season's just I mean these days away it is absolutely the busiest time for Bruce what it is he's got stuff on so diverse and cerberus Weber is not only pick a player today so we went with the next best person. Prices go on and he just hides all the stuff is to keep doing supporting the dollar purse agreed to didn't do pick a player today is we're gonna have a look at the real gruesome Manhattan to pick a plan today. Ice just hides stuff. Like you kids adult magazine collection that we don't know where it is you can't finally take like be in the results might have to just go with basically today for a player so we absolutely summit Austin arguments and in. There are good guys that you don't. Her fantastic all right first up Jay being glee got board games. How many different board games can you name in fifteen seconds Austin on your mark get set go. On. Latter. It. Damn I don't think that's important not a good thing I mean it might the like cards against humanity and you know they got those adult game I don't know I haven't down four fives I had my spot the other down for a five spot. Our let's hear how jig think he did with his board games. Monopoly. Strip poker. Naked enough. Yeah seat. Kitty it. All right we gonna have a meeting of the minds we've gotta we gotta talk about. I assume poker. Does not count as a bored out of the support okay. Yachts the are we counting as a board game. There is noble work dug them out Nazi is just rolling a five dice with no boards got got them and get you to keep score. I mean is that a Bordeaux. And is read. That was the board games like he'll bite of boxes with in the board games section so again all right we seem to gee I don't know what that is. I don't know what we don't we G Bork like when you see in the in this scary movies it has that little triangle peace with that again that magnifying I I don't know I've never done before I'll be there messing around at that stuff now. Still movies it'll mean not to play ouija board's I had no clue about if it's a gamer and I get naked monopoly I think it's on heat it. Different regularly not because you're naked when you play it. OK student and weekly five and yeah they phi OK it's over time I mean I don't know how you would do the caller like that you gave him naked monopoly. Costing us grew in that when no pun intended to look at the clinic on the ballot Nate inland next how you doing today. I'm doing a fantastic all right. Basically gotten ninety's. Sitcom. How many different sick comes from the ninety's making inane and fifteen seconds and your mark get set go. It and only guys. A friend signed. My Molly's. A lot taller I've become. Miked in east I've never seen Mike and Molly in my entire life so I can't comment on what it is but he's the Google. Dusty or are Mike and yet. I feel like this is well liked if the answer was Parker's I would add the answer for Mike and Molly user should know Mike and Molly I July. 2000 to 2016. And I know my mom did you see Stuart your. I think it's kind of like like you. I don't know patent in my head because you're too like guys I don't assume Mike or Molly are black girls and guys actually there in the show and I would probably do. Tenth 2016 Mike in my second unprofor does Billy Canada ninety sic element. It's cartoon though and that is sick. I don't know look I mean. Chinese economy exciting felled friends family guys started in 1990 area accounts it. Simpson's counts than Billy asked and I the same cards we got down 45 spot for full agenda for flight and Molly 2002 that's okay Aaron does make sure I don't know I've never seen Mike and Molly for that show on the cycle the Mike and Molly yeah they're my demise are the real name. Listen McCartney's yes. She's fine and she's good like she's the one that was. She was in what the third hangover she was beloved actresses that wants is I like on the list -- count back near term was some Carney you know we're from the third angle when well she's dumb like night on the other move I was trying to think of the ones that that you would know right right yeah bridesmaids. So that that's the price and it is a classic well I'm yes that's one of the placement that's in front pages of glass. What makes you think I would want rides I don't know if he's helped me implore. Let's zero out pink lead need land his ninety's sic sounds it dusty. Shears Cosby show we. Your children. Yeah. It's signs Phelps friends and that's not a good show diligently eggs and that Frazier not a that was another option not a good showing forget about Bosnia unprofor I don't watching a lot of Boy Meets World on. Naked eye low boy that's the greatest fictional relationship doubled to paying deal as my original authors number one. Nancy was bring home to his mind to shoot my number one in the and I went to a very long Brittany spears phase in which been transformed into Jessica Alba I'll throw throw out that the guys when he that now man. Cheryl Ladd when shoes on Charlie's. There isn't there I was born in eighty I 68 at. In the late seventies early days man only Charlie's Angels by no was the remake with a dozen shots and there's no destiny the episode was Cheryl and abroad your elected ten year old you like. I just think animals on that they cal Farley came back. And TV are you seriously think that was a big deal elected him. Edges like I was bad episode that shape and believes they did it of cinema audience got it right. Popular show on television but incest and dragons and things like Maine now one episode was Cheryl. And Burl. Changed my own eye so we guy Nate with the plus one layer and liberty you don't they layered. All right big lead. Always they ran Thomas Stewart got rappers and we see your knowledge today on the 44 anniversary of hip hop how many different rappers and you namely your mark get set go. Yeah. You. Yeah. Oh that's it to thirty qualities I didn't actually see your the last thing he says no he sets in here I rode down for nine but I did not your the last is gonna defer to you are I got him down as I gave them tribe conquest as one person even though it's a group. To be naming hooting equation age of 47 people. And that would just kind of just. It would eliminate the spear of the game basically seems like someone that rule a couple ready to die let's hear think we noses rappers. Can assure you PG. Two crew skywalker. And realize. Seven spots for the base I gotta now for a seventh spot layer in liberty takes the lead with a less who out of Oilers today. Our I had not nor. The chiefs training camp branded in St. Joe brandy and you've got to beat being by more than two are you feeling. I. All right Brandon. Gas stations we all got to stop by him how many different gas stations can you name in fifteen seconds of your mark get set go. Our coastline gig. The eighties. Or did you. Guy. Blow. There and 46 by you gotta go for a 6%. Gone down force the common goes to names in the count and they do that here and adding your Casey's General Store in case I think it is easy it is right everybody told good utility Casey's general and I was like. There's no way that a gas station as good pizza in the wild keeps. Agents could reduce average public. Shouldn't judge a book cover Hitler the Bible lessons learned about Stern's appointment as the while he's and you happen let me ask you this with you more sent out. Missouri leaving the big twelve or quick trip leading experts. And certainly the big twelve not equip your lead in the sprints and once though it was a sad day slushy. Or not United States and that deal. Hole like so many big twelve games at halftime I mean equipped for movies went to the U adequate. Adequate job of course it was incredible. Just a quick trip it's that it's and that pretzels of course. Of course you it's not God's blessings on you. Hear a lot of people like that and now. I am playing I got on social media vantage. My did a lot of anonymous. You know I mean things are said true millennial yeah absolutely I was anchors I mean a big deal about it I mean it was. It really changed the course of a lot of my days the fact that there is a quick trip that spreads of. Brinkley seems like someone that knows is convenience stores let's hear. Come and go bro quick trip I go Phillips 66. Shell. Vick's guilt. Oh. I remember the old 76 station. I don't there's still a couple of I don't. I mean I didn't drive via model Ford light cues like I understand how your mom your brain model play a little disappointed that no name you probably nobody knows actually used to be full service gas station but I don't know about I don't know what that is basically other than they like fill up -- -- do everything he's charged morbid add these to be full service everywhere this seems like happy days with the most popular show how it's display case seven days usual handful full service station got it onion rings for fifty cents and in addition to your meal yeah I don't know anything. About that at all lair in hurting as the winner. His rap college. Got him the pair of tickets to the fourth annual. Tennessee football training camp which is August 20. Next we head to Dallas to get the reaction when the biggest news of the day in the NFL coming on draft. The big story of the day. Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Eliot suspended Al for the first six games of the NFL's seizing S three days to appeal. I expect Ezekiel Elliott to appealed the suspension and this will not be the last time we talk about. The possible games missed from ZQL lead intrude drive fashion. We went straight to the source desist from 1053. The fan at a Dallas the NFL's being unfair to seek. There are two different angles of the story I think the bigger one and the more important one. It is how unfair this seems from the NFL's point of view. The other one is that particularly absolutely needs to grow up young minds he put himself in positions especially and again the bigger story NFL. Because I've been honored in investigation for how long how incredibly unfair as this ramadi try to put it the same time living in your world when that's going on. And now we're punching guys in ethics and now were pulled out of blew that apart. But in this league it's going to get you suspended Ezekiel it was gonna get suspended at some point because he has the maturity issue. It's not the bigger story now it's part. I. I understand. The argument. That Ezekiel Elliott has not been charged with a crime so how king used to spend. I think that is very black and white in a very gray matter involving domestic violence where according to the NFL they investigated six different offenses. Especially knowing how difficult it is to actually charge someone in these situations and just not looking at it so black and I also think that is acutely. Got largely suspended for repeatedly putting himself in bad situations. And that's hard for me to feel sympathy for that individual. We're talking about one incident with the ZQ Elliot he was wrongly accused now we're letting the entire thing go work we are going. Persecute him to the extent of missing six games taking his paycheck and that's taken a lot of money at a Ezekiel that leads pocket. Upping guaranteed money particularly could lose up to eight million dollars not counting any endorsements not counting any sponsorships. This thing very costly suspension for Asif Ali. So aside from the fact of being charged with a the NFL talked to over a dozen witnesses. To Zito Elliott talked to the woman that was accused in this looked over phone records text message other electronic records they came to this conclusion. And I thought the host from 1053 to fade out and doubted the point. All this is a maturity suspension with Ezekiel Ellie because they said it took two things into account. They took into account the incident that happened in June with the domestic bounced when he in this moment. And the incident happened on Saint Patrick's Day where I would assume alcohol is involved of at the Saint Patrick's Day incident. If people spitting on a roof a woman is there a CQL polls or pop down exposing yourself. Earlier this offseason has repeatedly done all things are bad in the NFL that a bad for the brand. And got a bad for the Dallas Cowboys it's between this and I would I you'd proper credit. The felt he had to do with the cowboys are unwilling to do. Sit. Down and say York conduct and I you cared Duracell is in appropriate. We're gonna take this thing you love most which is playing football. Sometimes you can have all the talks and all the speeches in the world but sometimes you gotta take away what they really care about most. Maybe it's funny. Both these guys it's planning. It's being on that stage cabinets spotlight at adrenaline rush state. They love that the most if this kit correct the actions of Ezekiel or because the next time you find yourself in trouble. We are not talking about six games that I think's going to get reduced on a full. We're talking about a yearlong suspension for ZQ Elliot like this past the B the Waco called the lights which deterrence for him. You stop being in so many repeated all humans. Yeah it is but it doesn't mean it will be we saw Johnny man's out right I mean there's a lot of players Regis never clicked side. The this thing with Ezekiel where we've we've heard this. You hear this a lot. Lot of where there's smoke there's fire right it will cozy Elliott Ezekiel Eliot. There's a lot of smoke there's probably a fire. And yet put out before anybody else can see it. Have felt those sniffing around. And as you see this stuff that was bird that is don't know who did for the most part and you've got it is somewhat Ezekiel. You know basically made the point on the day issued today and I'll keep emphasizing this allowed me some Brinkley is one of my best friends. Said there's nothing legal there there's no charges filed how can you suspending guys like Ezekiel oh. And my answer to that is this. Suspended him basically. Because of the he violated their personal conduct policy. That's not a crime. If it makes the NFL look bad and make it is thank you for any of us. Whatever job you do if your employer in the god send your paychecks. And the company that you work for. Besides the you know violated their personal conduct policy and you haven't committed a crime or you haven't done anything to get you arrested. You can get suspended therefore again and from an NFL standpoint when there's some domestic violence involved in some of his personal conduct stuff. On the plane around anymore or on the Ray Rice. So. It's better grow up you know but there's no guarantee they will because we seated a million other times that some guys just now. But sex final pick up on the arm of you seem to move your not but in liar liar. There's a scene wherever Jim Carrey's assistant tells them their dispersal of all that trouble again. Jim Carrey picks up the phone and says not getting arrested in just yells and hangs up the phone and extent of their conversation. If you missed six games at one time you got in trouble now. We have some level of negative feelings toward your fell that the business of suspending their most valuable. Players. Is one of the ten to fifteen most popular players in the NFL Tom Brady is the most popular player in the NFL. Repeatedly give the NFL reason to sit you down for awhile or Jews something really bad and if you're one of those kinds of players. I used to it. If you are the better players you'll get more and more chances to change things and turn things around. It was like six chances a turn things around and he's gotten a they're wrong every single time she got to sit down for awhile you got to miss the money you've got to listen snatched got a missed some a year of earning potential if yours CQ a lead. Mean take an eight million dollars out of a rookies pocket. It's not a good look like you haven't made that big money and you play running back that big contract might come. But it's not gonna be quarterback money not going to be outside linebacker money equals money. You put climb back are you put running back into when he seventeen I don't care how popular you are. I would I would give a team any reason not to pay the guy. Heartless for Jamaal Charles he would pay it any heat you know before he held out who's gonna make less money in the potter. In 2014 it stopped for running back to get pay. To make it a rookie contract it what's the situation in Pittsburgh right now. Hard times it paid. Zito is could have a hard time didn't pay after this so. That's a really really good point you bring out the position that he plays with a few days. It was a special teams idea of the intolerant he got but he's is he still one of the best young stars in the NFL. He's gonna get the opportunity Stewart Jimmie Johnson site and it kind of tied in by the name was John roper. Back in the day when when the cowboys were good in the early nineties mostly Jimmie Johnson. So some reporter asked him what you've done that Detroit but he does know a little Emma. That's the way of this icky Ezequiel will wake him up man. Because John roper he's not Frankie Hammond is not so dude you've never heard of you'll hear his name called tonight that she Snyder's. Pre season game. He's Z Helio Elliot is a huge. Star in the NFL he's only played once he's he's down six games if this could get his attention until and to grow Ella taken planes on a lot of cash out of his pocket. Then he never well. Tex signs six countries or six the problem with the NFL is consistency domestic violence has got one game it has got six game this ridiculous I think that is a very fair criticism towards the NFL. Bet it's easy to say they learn from the Ray Rice incident. I don't know they are from the Ray Rice incident the Josh Brown incident happened right after that. It happened ordinarily watch. Josh Brown allegedly assaulted his wife at the old bowl and they knew about it in Dayton really do a whole lot of protector or the situation. And that after became public they gave him a game for what happened. So I don't know they learn from the Ray Rice situation. I made it lower from the Josh Brown situation but the ice situation was not some turning point at least from the NFL. I think it was a turning point at least with the public in its awareness and knowledge of it. And the public is more demanding of it. Oh what went with what happened was Ray Rice and Greg Hardy but they have made missteps. At the NFL a little credit for this one. All give them credit for at least appearing to be transparent so far with Ezekiel Elliott. See what happens this is not the end of the Ezekiel elite situation it's day one of the situation. We are going to hear about this for the next two months probably. So we'll see how the NFL continues to play in what they do and how the cowboys handle it and you know we are gonna hear from Jerry Jones incredibly soon. But when you see a headline like this or paragraph like this that is released from the NFL so they got out front. Over the course of the past year the league conducted an extensive investigation. Lead investigators interviewed more than a dozen witnesses including miss Tiffany Johnson who had alleged multiple incidents. Of physical violence in July 2016 Ian mr. Elliott. The league also consulted with medical experts lead investigators examine all available evidence including photographic in digital evidence thousands of text messages. In other records of electronic communications. The NFL is telling you we've done our best the Donna are rising cry a cross our t.s we think we are doing the right thing here. Now a 100% understated you don't trust the NFL when it comes the investigation you say usually bet the the police I get that. But at least the NFL telling you why they were so harsh on a ZQL compared to the other once this is it. We talked over a dozen witnesses we've talked to both people of all we check our medical records and we checked text messages and other electronic communications. It's hard to say they were justified in their suspension even on the outside looking in of seeing that is CQL it appears to be somewhat out of control. So you gotta sit for six games appeal maybe it's not damn maybe it doesn't I'm sure you'll fight but. It is not a matter of if he's going to miss games it's just the win just like you do whenever deflate it happened at the NFL. Got to add Tom Brady's name circle and ever gonna do everything in their power and extremists and games. I feel like they have done the exact same thing with the Ezekiel a lead with this thing he is going to miss time. Any ego appealing to into me. I look kid to be accountable. Anybody to be accountable. If it's me there's debt domestic violence involved I think to battle to appeal. I get why is gonna do it the players association probably wants him to do it his agent probably wants and do Kelly probably wants to do it is saving some money take your medicine man. Take your medicine. Do what you know and and maybe this is an affair compares him at least Michael Vick went out there and did something about it. Took his medicine without on and we talked about Vick over the last few days is the process at Arrowhead Stadium but at least you out there did something about the mistakes that he made. I would like for Ezekiel Elliott just take his medicine take the six game suspension change who he is. And and become a productive role in the star that we think he's going to be in only on the it's gonna happen but that would be my recommendation. Coming up next we tell you what to watch for in tonight's pre season game it smells like and around the NFL now excellent drive. In net. Sandman knicks. We'll give you some wise words in the lower police department. Now try to continue to help the people until all the time it's about the people. That we need to do our best to help spur our knowledge so. With help. From the lord police department yeah. He was spread wise words and help Bose but the kids to data data helping kids at all got to help the people about it speaker of the kids and we get to see the young guys today for the team the city she's our first look at Patrick my homes Jay who checks on then the guy you said go why his Jersey. Today if Korea gives you five carries for 32 yards and it just makes that number one purchase even better you go get that. I'm Zell is mitigated a split in 295 dollars for a Nike elite Jersey that you're gonna invest in New Jersey. The best bang for your buck Honda Accord of jerseys for the chiefs is auriemma you're gonna get 34 years maybe even more. In when he's on C look at the owner's name on the back it is it is by my friend I'm trying to help the people. I mean nothing would make me more excited than having huge. A Jersey of a failed running back. And now all of the owner I mean network let's go anywhere that's that's a grudge strategy but you there with eight she's first pre season today. Smells like around in a fellow. Scott and around the NFL. As he loved. Mr. this deeply well Michelle Watson played what did. This shot tiger is currently well it well what are your expectations. Tonight for the number ten overall pick. Patrick Malone. Well this is similar effort policy that Patrick Holmes. Is some signs that he can be that guy the future good decisions arms during don't want him to get killed like to see him run a little bit. But a couple of touchdown passes what is that big arm go to anfield not so much worried about the stats. I needed to jump out the television screen last night I watched Robiskie jumped off the television screen last not elect packs to lynch. Looked like Mac castle. Policy that owns a wanna see some signs that you can be the franchise guy for the Kansas City chief. It's I don't see how ready Patrick Holmes news it might be unfair because it is one pre season game the shell Watson that the NFL ready. You look just like deck press got looked last year were you knew the cowboys are going to be five to know Tony Romo. He looked like Russell Wilson's remember watching Russell Wilson play his third pre season game at arrowhead. And you knew and I as gonna start for the Seahawks they're not going to Matt Flynn. That's the shell wants it looked couple nights ago midstream business. Who I thought it was going to be a project looked pretty good yesterday two shot Kaiser. Who I think you go about the physical traits but maybe you'd is that you good about drafting at least. Where that she sport so we're gonna have to move up to go get that player he looked good yesterday. Let's see your guy kind of keep pace whether it's a keeping up with the Jones mentality you want your quarterback to look as good as the other. Fully acknowledging that is one preceding game and one receiving game doesn't tell you anything about the future of a player. But it looked good to feel like your quarterback looks NFL ready the same way that the other three looked in their first pre season games. You give us a three position battles the look for which one are you highlighting or focusing on tonight well. For me it's the number three receiver more than anything and that's because we don't we haven't seen that Marcus Robinson that much. Is that he hasn't made he has made one catch in a regular season NFL games such an edge to Marcus Robinson you know I'm curious about Chris Connelly. But we've seen him. All of us you were to Marcus Robinson does because he's a receiver that we've heard so much about. Talented guy big guy chuck to Davies Jones too soon for me the position battle the omelet before the most that number three receive. I'm looking at running back today. I look at this team and I you know three months going to be involved in the offense you know Spencer ware is going to be a bald involved in the often. I don't know if there are running backs going to be I thought it was gonna be charged in her west and I had dismissed CJ Spiller. Really up until the last two weeks I seat is still has a really good chance of making this team and it comes down to who plays well in the pre season. If CJ Spiller has a good pre season was I think he's got to get the opportunity soup that I would use a lot of Spencer ware in pre season. CJ Spiller had a chance to win that running back job in May be a help in the special team sport and there's a job opened special teams. Every Gilles gonna be a punt return he's not being in kick return. Is it going to be there it's Mitchell is going to be DNC Thomas. Who is going to be the kick returner for this team I think you have a couple options that's what I'm going to be looking for in today's. Game. Last up here which yeah are you more interested in wide receiver. Or Warner had a man well that's a really good question. Pull. Well it's a tough one I think they're even for me because. A good wide receiver one gets handed out all the Wilson giving us like got an honor to appease the gods when you're number three guy that. The entire time and I don't know I think about Marcus Robinson and nobody. Terrance Mitchell if you like to know about Stephen Nelson a little bit on carries about Phillips gains so to me I guess got to pick wide receiver that seem those other guys out there. But that they I'm looking really forward to see NIC. Haven't seen in awhile Achilles tutored me through shares drop past I think it's going to be fun. I'm excited about how the wide receiver battle more just because we're going to be working with homes. Back to me is just. It's at me in the you know absolutely like I think they can get by with their. Position the way it is right now wide receivers now are beyond the if you had such bad virus is present yeah quarterback that you have. But you know these five because it if you get on the ball effectively anti every killed the player ain't Kelsey is the joy of having minibus think he's going to be. Mean it's hard to get by without good quarterbacks in the NFL and you go in market Peter. But I am afraid of as you just shading him the other side and the old way of problem and fill gains will be tested. Or Steven Nelson will be tested or Terrance Mitchell who performed well in six games but. It's six games that I saw Marcus Cooper looked really good for six games but I'm going to be watching the quarters pretty heavily. They're going up against the San Francisco 49ers who led by brining in a lawyer this year. Not gonna quarterback that's that scene that's exploit a weakness in the secondary song gonna be looking and paying attention. A lot to be cooler. Banks in this one and that is our around the NFL NFL pre season wise public Johnson of its sights on cares to see him out there in coming back from his second Achilles. I would treat Gary Johnson similar to Justin Houston I'm not it's not worth the risk. Johns has been only what twelve years but he got dressed and 05 all your veteran doesn't need game one of the pre season he doesn't mean your team's snaps in this one like it's it's it's it's muscle memory you're beating people law by not the physical trait that's when you come back from an injury very similar to this in the past. Does not increase sees that I'm not having any unnecessary response with the pre season should be about to meet. I'm not playing the guys I know we need to am maybe you don't put Derrick Johnson and there. But we all would agree Johnson does not need pre season the same way that Shawntae used Jones pre season. Yeah they're Johnson at the most one series yet not a light longer than that and I probably don't play him until. The third pre season game passing that gave the closest to an NFL game you play 1015 snaps in that one go out there it says the Achilles. I'm just not putting guys like that in any unnecessary harm's way. That's where you and I are on the on different sides that I I think. I think it is it's not where it's there an age on the on Justin Houston and and Derrick Johnson knows her injuries they're coming back from so. I think you gotta put Derrick Johnson out there just to see how he does have an and the tax I said well don't they test these injuries in practice and all of course that you. The answer is absolutely that it but it's that's a controlled environment for the most part. The game is not. Unit block buy into foods that are trying to free can eat you up and put you on the ground and mess you up and their fight for jobs so. On Timmy I'll see those guys and coliseum early to figure out other body responds to another brain response to coming back from injury. And and find out how to they can be that what and what the residual effects going to be after playing gamer at least playing a few series into game because me. Listen it is that you know show him when he when he was damaged an Achilles injury issues later late in the season and make an attack get back. He needs to know if he can do it again situation the chief shares on the now. Coming up next the wise words from the lord police department and as Hud said. It's always about helping the people so we problem nationally drive. Ten minutes in sports is that a thousand bucks aren't national. And it's patents that sounds to use that extra thousand bucks got a text today. In my view that have someone you know I always that I do it those like them buffers and got it. And I would guess if you go to claim the prize. It's gonna be some kind of work will look but do it as probably some sort of thing and fine print your story can win the prize so. With little or 6040 I mean absolutely so at 5 o'clock be listening. As dusty did you code word. For. The national cash contest I'm all about open. Me it wasn't too long though I was in now edit graduated college last summer now so. Today the lawyers police departments weeded out some tips that help you with your college experience. These other tips. Tip number one. Still need your dorm room our apartment. 'cause you gotta get robbed. This is not debatable this is inevitable. They've been saying so we got your apartment Macy like an easy it's quick gesture in college and you got the sticky well but they say you'll get robbed in lightly at gunpoint. Helpful tip number so. A house party may seem like an awesome ideal all your friends come over the jungle juice is cold. They say future is on the Bluetooth which I'm sure you have absolutely no clue futurist and an eagle this philosophy where your house party gets to crowd something gets broken something of that missing. And that you got to file reports they tell you house parties. Are worth it dude not grow house parties and last tip this arugula. The argument outside the bar at 2 AM is never as important as you think it is that's the alcohol talking. They should have probably maybe added Kansas basketball and that alone there that the dispute and there are so down my own so this is an app like humans do at all. Not basketball season though McNabb didn't have not just saying like it in Colombo is generally budget angels down there guys I mean it's Coutts and how did you beat as Downing Street you know he was the worst actually he was at. He was he was easy to Eliot yet. So would dial through tips and my old three tips that help you. Did to your college it appeared as a relief not view it acknowledge the long time ago. You can appreciate these. As the graduating class of I mean answer to graduate in two points in but it is sixteen for Missouri southern yeah that might say that's number one. You gotta protect your meals wipes. And slights early in the one early in the week. Long. Hi until the end of the month if you run out of mules don't do that. As a secondary ticket while safer in the week in in the cafeteria in my scheme you a little bit keep some on the new rules don't wanna be. 1030 at night Hungary. What are you gonna do don't have a lot of money. Go to Wal-Mart ditched the couple new models take care of yourself again it's upon that loaf of bread jar. So that's the same philosophy yes comic something cheap yeah that's not the greatest at something that you like bitch about it you can eat it someday I can hold you over. Step number two that this accident number one time. All college is a Val is getting up going to class in trying if you do. You fail at a college. If you did. And just apply yourself. Seeing you gotta get days. If you if the teacher the professor sees that you're there every day that you're doing your work Boettcher trying they will not fail you. I understand this is too concerned with playing Madden. Now it it should full day having girls come by. The tribe art but it's the and a like right in the middle of the semester I realized I could potentially fails Ireland and try yeah. Just get up go to class but I didn't. Military. I think we never felons and I'm sure a lot of people felons lose. That free T shirt is not or signing up like critical and that did that should be number one right there on the Kenyan. Free money is never free money. They try to convince you think college. Aside from. You know the opposite sex in these most important thing in college is free T shirts. Do org go anywhere for free teacher. The better. The chess club. Free T shirts up five timid. A T shirt yeah. You would do anything for free T shirt for free anything really gala so they have because these animals gone campus days in the big old will all local business has set itself up. Ball banks all people will be there try to give you stuff to become their business. Do not sign up for that credit card don't listen Sewell and all that tell you this promise. Six wells though interest will give you a hundred bucks Ole. Saying Ole. Is all those credit cards humanly possible it is not work that left frisbee they're trying to give them. To those my three tips so we got a kid that is about to go to college either in a couple weeks or next year give mes story. Keep something cheap you can eat at all. Also don't wanna do you meals wives too early in the month. All you have to do was go to class and try if you do that you will not fail it could be the clash you hate the most. You will not fail if you do get up and try and number three of three T shirt ain't work. Do not sign up for that credit card because they tell you they'll give you a free teachers. Can I deal and an attack on on this I think this is really important and I've had this conversation already in my house of freshman headed out to K state. The freshman fifteen is real. And sometimes it's the freshman forward. So. You're free your way if your parents you don't have to come in on time you got no curfew you're in charge you know. Watch what you put your bottle and here's the other thing this thing is don't do it all your high school yet think you can do in college. And yet she can't do intelligent on cases. Calories and beard blues. And dump it in 4 o'clock AM pizza. Like fourteen B energy and get on the man that looks at Dell replaced and there are fourteen beer's on you get a bag back fourteen Beers eat a dozen doughnuts and and you get a wake up. And they like you know let's get heated today. And said you come open Thanksgiving and you'll client said to me my freshman. Your fat. Watch what you put your bottle because you got a lot less rules and mom and around so do that. And you won't have to bile hold to settle order are set to close was the dumbest thing you did Nam and I don't how much time and secure here see the dumbest thing like like I don't I can't narrow it down. The dumbest thing I did was not go to class my second semester of freshman year. Point 94 million dollars. Is to dig out stuff that's like the patriots being down Reagan thirty enough the man except they came back in line undated you know I came back and I think I got to 226 before that before graduate text go to class man Nolan go to class. You write tax on 690s a six and when you get that refund check every semester from your greens do not cast that being just get it right back so upgraded that is. One thing that none lets you realize it wearing college you think that money. And all like it doesn't give me 3000. Dollars. You always telling college you've got their refund check because they would add the new jays would. Like you could set not free mind and soul note don't you don't do it. When you get that money. Give her back to work just. Back to lead to live like you might need that only generated a bases. Just be Smart with it. The mall with that 2000 now as they did you bag that he's got a hold if you're not in our data and I'll hold you for awhile so yes added to the. If you're a student as an idea. Idolized ray tried to jobs in Al's going to school you'll money get a gig man get a gig you gotta go in get a job go work part time he can do what you Stuckey can make some cash. And and if you if your coach given a three time in there got a son to do. Two men it's the biggest stories of the day in Kansas City happy Thatcher well homes day's drive.