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Friday, August 11th

Welch is on the board!!! 


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You Ortiz and end zone we sucked everywhere you should. Some from Maryville the Parsons yes I enjoyed coverage of this football from whom do this align more is Peters the AFC defensive player of letting pilots and every one agreed. The bed with this one just beat dot bull dot and crap on you it's that dumb as fatigue of the for proving my point once again that I could be an answer. I'm a double. They beat Kansas City by storm is what we have the or worse taken the week Steven Specter picks out in every discuss that worst day of the week. And how bad it was we have a couple from today no attention swallowed round. Or who called me and Alex Smith but liquor all you want certain level from the day already have either those are really bad takes well. What Mike Martz is finally on the board yeah. Do you take him. Over your guy Tyler I think that's a legitimate question I had to SharePoint that is no toilets and do well. Legitimate chance if you lights it up and three season he goes out there to start slinging the ball when he looks great it's not like Grey's ever looked like a showstopper. Then you have to start thinking about stop that progress stock of the brain folks how I don't in the fourth. Quarterback. Backup quarterback now I think he's going to Foster homes or a second look or preceding. And Spain is to act like jewels Dolly does deserve a chance. To show us. Greece is reacting occupies only weighing in on this. Does the dog he did a man McNamee Jack. Stance that's it. Implication there own sound I. Could chill. On this team since last year when they brought him in during the season and put them on the practice squad I think he deserves at least an opportunity to go out there during pre season. Oh why did something that Tyler bray has had years to do and never done and never hats I don't disagree with you all might I think he definitely deserves the opportunity I mean did. We're in line will not be in any. Plan maybe in BUH. Yeah I think until somebody who is the quarterback. Do you eat as reward somebody. Who put in the war. You'd like to see everybody do that in any Lional I was surprised what's in the time you've seen. Surprise he's getting recorded and and I don't get this but yet I think it's more favor where it doesn't suffer you wanted somebody what's wrong with that why why. Problem with that Stevens waste our time what is it you don't want this or let's have a little. I'm not gonna watch it I'm not celestial stuff today so it gets. A bus ride home the struggled from wherever you take the bus back to the so you're St. Joe rightly go on after the game. I'll tell you what made you arsenal. Mean. I. Stanley Susie he's mad at you not think is necessarily mean I just think it's ridiculous to just think how their brain guy he's never done anything like. Keep talking about Tyler bray like he's some kind of legitimate back in this terrible twos or better take it as so so when a meaningful adult Canadians how it's got a stadiums you can't even get it right how could I. I don't remember right how we know that shall study isn't better than Tyler break you've never seen shall stop they play we've seen I was raised immediately put out average it. Best in pre season and detonate a hundred dollars a dual stock is on the dollar I would like to see Angel stop me if so would it. Coach is there any other given what's. One day you're gonna put a hundred dollar down against me Mondale make the decision as to whether or not going to put the underdog had to get out. Or do the challenge of winning that hundred glasses for the next guy I don't I don't think you'll pay and other dollars after he wears the suddenly into the middle 119 in my calf or wherever it was posted on that'll raise agreed that me they'll big news debate last two. Eagles Golden State goal with Saddam and I think I won another bad guys inquiry even on the ones that I don't think so I think we are I don't think we our own domestic week. Saline is apparently meets the angels on the deserves a chance. I I haven't heard I just don't see what the proper credit giving him an opportunity because Specter wants to see pastor my homes for three quiet life for two quarter I wanna third fourth quarter. Why is still not a waste my time when I think more Pat White and Josh gag from making a clear and 274. Big issue for us. I'd agree on basic idea that it out. Tell you this okay is this a New York Giants and Steven. I'm the one person they got that that don't I don't care you you two are in a war to world that you think pre season football is about. Short time of the old zed yeah I don't waste my time there is an adult. I know he is seeing you so so. Andy Reid wasting his time with calibrate. For a year is pretty much I hitting the ball out of running bulls last year clearly he had all feel good Tyler brown that beat injury results two years ago studios now are they cut Kevin Hogan he ended up actually playing in the regular season for the Cleveland Browns last area. But added two years really cut Aaron Murray yet. In a situation though either Brey. Hasn't shown us anything that tells me he can't be BI I'm I'm I'm a 100% with Walter this what is Tyler brace showed you that you could sit here make a laughing hyenas sound. Because you think Joel's stop it because it's just as a name sounds ridiculous like Jill Stein they're whatever is Davis. Just because you heard it before doesn't mean the guy he beat out Tyler bray who for years he continually gets bogged down the depth chart. No he's only gonna. No he you have Abdel last year and he. He tries to last year than they Witten guy it was only do they got it pulls pretty early in training camp though he is thought that Israel carries and quarterback yeah. He opened Trevor did as an actual lies and he realized oh my god if Alex Smith gets hurt. We can't turn it over this guy pops up double that of honor Bucs on Monday saying he's going to be out of sync. Well we think it is an untouchable now I don't I'm living in the world would just tool stop they should be cut after years. South Specter has bus ticket back to wherever you came from I was I isn't done anything in four years. Or member was even eligible for like the first you can redeem the fake injuries but still. I mean I just I just don't think you can live and the world the absolute reaping Tyler bray has made this team so I think it's a legit battle between Tyler angels do based on that finals how. International guys are good and I am so yeah. Guy no it's expected to have a big game tonight did everyone talk about Monday because it happens every year for pre season. As the chief played a guy who's gonna be that guy to everyone's talking about on Monday that nobody was talking about today daddy Nicholas. As an interest in Yasser pricey and as he I don't know it was a beautiful LSU and a couple that's in a practice yet what happened sued to Marcus Robinson do. That's mine forever it was like eye on him during my early portion and then I haven't heard his name amen to not nice to Marcus Robinson making this time I've seen them a couple times he can't he's looked. It's just all the stories were written about the Marcus Robinson there were written last year why rewrite stories again at eight Marcus Robinson looks really good. He looks like you may catch his quiet ways to Marcus for a shot is Jones got new guys that you can write stories about there's no reason to write about to Marcus Robinson I think. How Monday the one guy feel right talking about is. To Marcus Robinson and atonement a good way he had a good way okay I think people are going to be talking about him in May be. We could be talking about the anti Thomas he does some odd special Natalie I think the Anthony Thomas is always going to be talked about. But here's a guy that an ominous say were to be talking about I don't own a good way. Dan Whitman I'm. I see. You bring out. We just blasted. A question that you barely got out before Blackberry and and ask don't like. Have an idea. Yeah that he's roster and fighting guys know. Whose star guard that is good to talk about. What is this guy its truck and somebody gets injured because this guy can't play left Marlins don't know doubling the number I don't know remember that god played him in in bowl I'd buffalo that it was his it was possible deal as it is is clock cleaned up there. So so what what if this guy gets trucked into game. And like say Spencer ware guitar because I don't try to legitimize your take the head coach trying to legitimize it it's not real. Management dam well bandwidth that is not going to be talking about it and it is for us to get Bryant Bryant addicts and whatever.