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Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, August 21st

It's the Eclipse!!! We saw more of Mahomes and we are all in awe over early play. Umpires protested Ned Yost on the Eclips....Shout it out and what did Dustin Colquitt have to say on Sunday


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Enough time getting. I didn't know. Yeah. It's. And do his dad. Yeah. Yeah. I welcome the best coach just Wheeler. Is the biggest story in the world right now. Could sit does it. Rick and you see this post quality grass that bears the totality spot we're at a 100% hurry get this eight Jill well you're not very. You can't get there I'll tell you that right now there is traffic that is going to be I guess elite member of the parade they were people dislike park their cars wherever yeah I feel that's I when he died later at. Yes. It's very competitive vehicle of people try to walk when they you know. I was shocked you guys yesterday the message did you like bursting at the more like Brinkley is. Probably not gonna make you showed today he lives in the north landed their doing not worth partly answered there's no chance Layton makes it there I'm coming from Overland Park to get up there. Two to watch static clips immediately is supposed to be carnage all over today on the highways heading north to to say Joseph to see what is going to take place which is supposed to be you know one of the great two days of our lives I guess it is day. Wanted to wait your clips glass why can't why weren't like out of nowhere else I don't know if that's how it's not the team. That's. House passes for weeks I am fired or I couldn't be more excited I am 100% on team eclipsed you don't all excited for except for all the entrepreneurs are cashing in on suckers spend in money and anything that says eclipse on like. I would be hawking eclipse gum outside an eclipse today if I had my chance to do so yours is gonna help Hewitt show you have you integrators status during the lives close or just resurgence has eclipsed what he 79 came forward or something like that I say what are I think important and I gave Florida that's a. You all kinds of crazy things. To see this eclipse of people coming from all over the world for this thing like this this is not something. That is his captivating us here at middle American kind of make fun of us people are coming in from all over the world. To Missouri and places are mere two CB duke the totality of this state I hear there are people literally. Buying plane tickets in coming over here. To watch this eclipse and so it is a big big big deal. And were very lucky that is go right down the center of of downtown Kansas City basically what we make very we talk about St. Joe because the saint Joe's close. But a lot of fuel from Denver going to Wyoming about people are going to Portland Oregon we're going to out of this area and Georgia where they have totality and me is a massive deal. I it is cake it over this knicks' David head football coach Alabama it Caribbean clips. It. As juice on my blog or should he care about that that clips of football and get ready for only works on. He needs to IDB's worry about that later on Sobel will figure it out there for her out but your critics of is that thing. People are back and forth I think somewhat on whether or not they care about the cliffs they see it on whether to analyst Nick Saban censor they see on the last jailed Al has done they don't care about it itself. There's two sides -- people who don't care about the close I don't know why why would you not well I'm happy side I think I think the people who were saying they don't care about the eclipse like the people who are single I don't care about that party if you were but it is like you got nothing cool planted don't know nothing to do. Or or maybe you're gonna be stuck at work in the basement of a building you're not going to be able to see it's a you're downplaying what it is. Like I got things to do this afternoon but I am going to be looking in the skies for the better part of the afternoon to check out what is going on. With the eclipse because that is something we haven't seen 87 years we will get it back for another four or something like 20/20 one thing is when the eclipse is coming backer. 20/20 four residents that's gonna back again real quick if if there's a quick turnaround on this one there's no 87 verse voice that's lights the saudis. Is it's actually the first to Tolle recently beat it. 87 years or something like held a light on my missed I save and narrow Ed Nixon says this. There was sort of ups of the third one roster and it's some classes and look at it I guess they can't. That's not something I'm really that focused on right now. You know what's the weather channel every day they're already saying what is wrong look like in every city in America so what would which can be significant. What to whether Tennessee responded like in Portland Oregon and. Boston weather aren't you gone out there CES it's all right Ben Ari son. Which is fine does the light it save it out there and I was like man that sounds like half the people I know there it is like one of why. While I don't care but because. It's really cool well you as you did prepare eating get the glasses you know of the time awful work yet to be stuck in an office she had a meeting with the bombs or something like that it's like you've got something else that you have to do. Which is why I think a lot of people are saying they don't care. About the eclipse what you should I mean it's it's a thing to be something that we've never seen before leaves us I don't recall ever seeing anything like there's something we may never see. Again another of the next what was coming and a couple of you who've elmo's of stole so. You you got to think this is like one of those moments where if you're outside and check it out state to look at it watching it avid have a good time with a because. It is something that every single person in America and in the world. Is talking about my notes of the that is captivated the entire world of work it out one of the best viewing spots right here. In the Kansas City area fortuitous at he pool the data seed I'd you can join Jane Henry up a bit worth Harley-Davidson doors up there by the airport though they're like yeah so exactly there have a great great great view. Of what's gonna happen so it's me it's good. But if you're not there yet you may have a tough time getting up to the north today. Are speaking and eclipses all we can't wait to see that code of the of Patrick Holmes. Yeah. Really doesn't. The rise to a park just got to give a little bit of an armored. Thought misses them and what they. Man this is a show for pastor my homes were seeing a pre season and it's hard for people to. Really dressed the world with a pre season's going to be over in and we can't see the specialness that we are all able to identify and passer mom dad I think we all wanna CA and you know with the chiefs and in there issues selling tickets this year they ought to just start him and they'll sell that stadium out every single Sunday I've never seen somebody. That has been so high and people wanna see so badly pat all of submitted it this takes the cake this is like the eclipse levels you know with with pat my home in it and I don't need special glasses out you know got a goal really don't need any kind of glasses to see Patrick while all isn't. As Mike was saying to me before the show because like I even the person does anything about football concede that Patrick Holmes. Is he really really good quarterback that's all we saw that again on display on Saturday were were getting to the point now. Where you wonder how hoarded it is very Andy Reid in the rest of the coaching staff the sit there and not say. We've got an open quarterback competition because this kid is playing like nobody's ever played before in Kansas City at their quarterbacks that we've never seen anything like it. And it's been really really fun really enjoyable watching no pre season guys but still. He does things in the pre season. But you can only do as you have certain god given abilities and clearly pat homes as whilst I think. Seeing him out there with the entire first team was it was almost encouraging. Mean he played early the Denney played we will try to like. They didn't. They didn't take anybody out right other than Alex Smith moved to put him in and so that to me was like the first real look. I don't know who was playing for Cincinnati but didn't really matter might give the other guys were around him. From the chief some like OK this is our first real. Test I guess we'll see I does with the with the wants and he he looked terrific yes and I'm I'm I'm trying to pump the brakes to I the only the only salsa this is. Everybody's raving about how to this point hill right so it's not that the way they avoid the controversy for now is. One stop playing bad right. But the the starters not playing bad and then then they the Iraqis is shining bright the ball playing great I mean they score on every freaking drive the other day so. At bats he'll advance of what do you for now but man it was fun to watch. But she's got their win thirty to twelve not that it matters but it's one of those things where every year you won at least one. Pre season victory because still to this day nobody's got code for the pre season has made the playoffs in history NFL remarkable. You see even though it's just three seasons gave that award winners like okay excel he's now the rest of it doesn't matter you wanna go over four. And with pat from home going ten of fourteen for 88 yards and two touchdowns through the air along with three carries and 49 yards he was obviously to talk to everybody was getting into. And best of you bring up the fact that like people who don't really know lot about football. Still enjoy watching pat from homes and like my girlfriend doesn't care at all about football was she's watching she's like well. Like washing my home plate is this exciting tour and that's where. The excitement level is coming from from a lot of different people because the chiefs of being good for four years but they've been boring. For four year yeah I have raids that she's big guy that wins with a well Austria last four years had four straight winning seasons is about to turn your nose up that but it's undeniable. That Patrick Holmes as one of the most electrifying players receiving Kansas City sports. Over just two games in a pre season because he makes throws that other people flat out hit me. Well Eddie Eddie gives you something that you wanna watch it something that you wanna see I mean sports is is we forget at times is a form of entertainment and in your not gonna go pay money to watch a bad movie you're not gonna go paid money to watching that Broadway Show you're not gonna go pay money to watch a bad concert. You wanna go see something you wanna be entertained and you wanna be entertained and highest levels and the chiefs really haven't had a player like that maybe ever we were you went out there every Sunday don't man one of my going to see one of my going to watch who's gonna entertain me. Gay they're Johnson making tackles and Tom bile Lee and Justin Houston a couple of sacks and Barry doing things. But we've never had a quarterback at this level where you can go out there and perform to this level of play like we've seen with pat homes like we've seen with this guy and the I guess you could say the ability to do Patrick Holmes is able to do these what we think. He's going to be able to do the intrigue is there there's never been the intrigue around the Kansas City Chiefs football player. For as long as I've been alive like we're seeing with pat alms would very much his reminiscent to what we saw. With Eric Hosmer and so we saw the way that battle played out ended up winning a championship with the royals now let's hope my Holmes can do that because he's got everything Dolan form right now is that everybody poll inform everybody loves watching him like he makes fantastic Lacey looks like he knows what he's doing out there. Now he disaster be given that opportunity and a Sunday afternoon the kind of take it to the next level and to beat this guy that we all expect I think. Ultimately we are all going to be very very excited once. Pat Holmes takes over this organization whether be today or whether it be a year from now we don't LO we will be stoked when that'll ultimately happens it's. It's time to go to college route here he's playing every third drive. Well just how much. You figure Causley sprinkle this guy ever but just do you ask her to be different yeah geographical play of every third drive let's see where this. But that's. That's the NFL's problem at times to everybody is so you know Brit regimented on how they wanna do things and how they wanna look at things and say well you know this is the way it's always been done this the way we have to do with a quarterback. You take wide receivers and analogous nobody's business you alternate offensive lineman you switch running backs in and out. You rotating defensive lineman to make sure that they're fresh and they stay healthy what's the harm in it in putting in a package for pat on homes. Throughout the course of the season. Baby due this year I mean he he's getting to that fellas were you watching implied in your saying to yourself. What he did to deserve to sit on the bench for the entire time he's been brilliant he's outstanding he's been a wonderful. And if I'm Kansas City Chiefs annual bookings for that next something to take you to that next level. Why wouldn't you have a couple of packages were my Holmes does come in. And plays at that spot or help put it Alex if the field at the same time they shot and patient and guess who they're gonna go down. Topic out there college hoop hit. What is the offers for the last four years of a lot right through not a whole heck of a lot so so why not change things up why. Have fun would it why not experiment and why. Winners off haven't you heard the Alex Smith apologist and was this is nothing against Alex if this is looking at pat alms and going. Oh man that guy has done a lot to prove that he does deserve to have some time on the field if that's a linebacker if that's a quarterback about it defensive tackle. Attacks Plame from day one just because you get the quarterback position we can't upset the apple corps or something like that. He's gonna sit on the bench when he when he was dynamic players sitting the NFL they put your best 53 out there and let's go and Holmes is part of that. I would definitely work in some kind of package to give him on the field. Are the royals avoided this week. They did lose the series against the Indians though we'll get to that also Major League Baseball umpires. Have compete. We who lost their minds. Your next. Fires are out of and who did that just a few minutes royals lose the series against the Indians we get a win yesterday seven afford to salvage it not take this week. Oh big moments there. Swing at a ball well hit left field. Jackson go back. Okay. Big game for copper kind of the first big game for cost for accurately remember but it put the royals and a good position to beat the Indians and now they lose the series. But did they aren't necessarily out of it. We're feeling too over mass like they would have the Cleveland swept them well if it's good news they were able to get that way yesterday community if you lose that game yesterday your A half back of the Cleveland Indians is the what six and a half back to the Cleveland Indians right now and he probably lose another game in the wild card recipient who would have backed about because both Minnesota and Anaheim won yesterday so. You'd be further back in the wild card race and start to think oh boy this is going to be a long August and September for the royals they don't get turned around really really fast and you know what they were able to win yesterday and after two miserable games Friday Saturday sucked out of this call and it was real I mean for Friday night was over before you got your beer and inevitably it was it was early early early MacKey was over you fall behind corps include three nothing or whatever it was night game. You'd ever gave yourself an opportunity to win so Ian Kennedy was not good. On Friday night they really would have rated on Saturday as well as in lose five to nothing in anything of a boycott mod outlets had to salvage one of these games and they were able to do that I'll give them a lot of credit for coming back yesterday get it done and cut British you mentioned with a big game yesterday and and how well he performed for the royals but. I mean Jason Hammel we give this guy a lot of credit I know people one boo boo him but they they re a stat during the game at some point yesterday. Against first place teams this year in seven starts he's five and one with a three and a half ER I mean that that's a pretty darn impressive stat. That's a play off type of pitcher when you're facing what would you face the best. You'll be testing in Jason Hammel did that yesterday. And was able to keep the Indians down over the world's it's you know score some early runs and put some distance between themselves and try to get that win and now he's again it was kind of a bad weekend losing two out of three but he didn't get swept you'll lose a game in the standings and and you're just a game and a half back to that final playoff spot with so much still to play for and anybody writing this team off right now is ridiculous I mean it's stupid to write this baseball team lost because there's still a lot of season left to be played. And their goal for the for the division I given that he got to go for the division if you're the royals but his fans. Just get in the playoffs I don't care how you get into the post season whether it's a wild card where there to visit. Just did too but sit there and everything's gonna be okay and as long as they are within shouting distance of that wild card. They are still very much alive for playoffs got it feels like the divisions coming down and next six games yet right it does strike three or three more in Cleveland coming up get this upcoming weekend and in you feel like. That could be the telltale sure. The way it's going right now but. The at Cleveland's only status department everybody so I made they may be in line to be pushing away in this division and you may be the about wild card but. Right now he's still got to go for the division until somebody tells you it's. Well that also revise it when I was growing up of my parents always used to say to be don't shoot the B issued phrase is issued the B usual gets season so like in in this wild card race it's like if the were you say well it's issued for the wild card they're gonna fall short not make the playoffs you've got to continue to shoot for that division championship. As long as it is out their along as it is attainable and it's still lives in six games back six and a half games back. With six weeks to play you know we're not asking you to make up 25 games or something of that nature you've got the ability to Delhi. You have to just go out there and do it and and that's the thing right now the royals can't afford any more losing two out of three they've got to start sweeping series if they seriously want a win a division championship. Our audience shouted out coming up in a little over ten minutes. And it's 630 million to hear Ned Yost then net on the eclipse which I can't wait for 630 but Major League Baseball umpires. Have begun to protest abusive player behavior. With our man yes screw you did the sun on Saturday this is phenomenal. Most umpires wore white bridge spans during Saturday's games because intense there was. Find it but not suspended for his tirade against Angel Hernandez say that he should be fired and should just go away. So it's not ever do this protest. And then yesterday they decide they're going to stop the protests in a quote good faith. Because they've gotten a meeting with rob Manfred who do you notice they were even protesting though not tell us all like a story about. Pilot Peter brought it up in the broadcast Saturday at the only way to about it like you might notice that the umpires are wearing white wrist bands. OK apparently iron right hander to explain a lot of like her like I. I play and dogs softy what do I exit light snowflakes series that's at short and saw that's exactly where that is because. You're umpire. George estimate calls correctly when you don't make calls correctly. Things happen right you get you called out by other players in Major League Baseball finding pens there which he really think they need to but I understand. It's in the collective bargaining agreement. When Joseph west said southern on Adrian Beltre he got on it via so like that this is how it works but it exit will he got by but that wasn't harsh enough Russ. Let's white race bands in protest. The players being Ingrid the umpires. Major League Baseball umpires guys this is it into right is our Little League umpires were raped by parents for fifty bucks an hour say I can't forget to take it anymore. And then to the take a criticism of their job performance and they can't handle. Well it's the first time that they've ever really been held accountable because a lot of it's due to the level that they have what a normally when they win they are taken to task these throw people out right he's to got a really the only time that. That somebody Brady amateurs. Ball strikes and again does launch a right they can't adult and they do so and so. Data to the that it went up the one time somebody outside of that yelled at jump right and it put a white Rivera lightly edited like. It's basically you know a poor example protest alternates as he's got an amazing to me out of hey that's ridiculous stuff I thank you bet your job. Like that's the umpires should be looking at going man but they what he intends there was right I mean we we totally screwed acting up we have to be better advocate come on the heels of Ben Zobrist getting Maddon and umpire. And there's been a lot of you know missed calls and and now this is why Major League Baseball umpires never won this replaced because they're being held accountable now for this. Major League Baseball umpires used to be of this to do whatever the hell they want to do work six months out of the year good vacation time built in its six figure paychecks in the 300000 dollar range. And they can walk and have no old buddy answer to know all the Major League Baseball umpires accountable. Well now players are tired of it managers are tired of it you were tired of watching these guys go out there and showboat try to determine the outcome of the game and people are there to see Angel Hernandez or Joseph Muster any of these other guys make calls. Get the calls right and you know what you continually get the calls well. I didn't like players are mad strong likelihood they're talking about like the umpires affect the livelihood of these players if they're making bad calls and call dudes out when they're safer called strikes that are balls and things of that nature. That affects the players that affects their bottom line. I love the back. That these guys are finally getting called out and held accountable for the job that they do most of the time 95% I'd go to raising job. But sometimes they need to be held accountable for the mistakes they made an Angel Hernandez seemingly is a common denominator in all. Then everything else is what baseball players sometimes get more upset than anyone else in sports when it comes to refereeing is. Like I'd look at baseball players as like number one is far maybe soccer's close but still baseball number one as far as players getting angry. It's because it is a game of failure yeah if you're going to fail 70% of the time. It hit 300 it will. You knew you already know. The most time gonna fail right so what's the situation we're not going to fail to have an umpire take out a way for me was a really big deal Curtis being your margin for error is smaller than it would be in another sport like say football exactly idiot doesn't it it really does affect every. Matters for these guys and if you're gonna call things in order correctly into Nazis what do added just one page. It would that's what about one pizza that was taken away from these guys work on it give it right figure it out and don't Wear white. Risk that we re really really looks absolutely stupid at the umpires are protesting because the players are mad c'mon guys. Our shot coming to ten minutes text line six 306 any topic you wanna discuss texted him a diamond that. Also you don't want to miss skipper hosts talk in the biggest news of the day next. We'll add some. That's when it does. And band and it has not had an element Z welcome back it's that's good morning I'm like well that's good just laying there. Is it. Could stay and it. Because shouted out here and about three minutes to the subtext 569306. But it is eclipsed de Ned Yost. I just has discussed. The eclipse and that's I think what everybody wants to know when it comes through clips is what is nebulous like I think everybody's talking about it and everybody's going to be watching as well at Talladega what and is doing a very curious yeah. Monetary. Tony coming yeah. I mean. I am very aggressive and I'm just open and it's not real cloudy here the weather should release good enough for us to see it. Com I'm not in the path of totality I am just more probably. Seven miles out of let's all get the 95%. Eclipse. I do have the glasses. To watch it. Pick Obama I do have an app on my. IPad to track it. So long I'm very excited and very interested to see it no joke I. Ned Yost is all in the hell are you surprised that beds all over the so he's still happy today is an off day so I had about go to the ballpark and he wants the clarion watching clips match. Yeah I got at last that is if I got an appetite. I don't know where grass products don't want to clear out of it alive and well -- but his numbers are wrong there because 99 for his 99% yeah ID 995 it'd what is it that's a big difference when you're watching this eclipse because the the path of totality obviously goes through St. Joe just scrapes like downtown Kansas City believed. And where he lives on the plaza is like outside of the path of totality but not not that much because. If you go to southern Overland Park like 41969. Highway. It's like 99 point 2% of of totality down there. And in in in the closet area it's probably like 99 point 899 point 7%. Totality in the closet as opposed to being out south and a little west. Or it's a little bit smaller when it comes to that path of totality not the you're gonna notice the difference between 99 point 2% 99 point 7% or 99 point 8%. But 95% you would start to notice a little bit of difference. In that totality as opposed to 99% of all basically going to see it here in Kansas City. Aren't. I'm thrilled. I don't necessarily know exactly how to totality view you don't like I'll tell that he's rock my totality. I'd bet Ned Yost makes those glass is a pretty small I can't wait to see would it looks like it those glasses on have not taken self season posting all accounts hey here I am what's in the eclipse but I do the maps are great you spent hours on these maps trying to figure out what percentage of totality you're going to see. Based on the region in which you live and right here in in this region were all going to be 99%. Totality so it's like you've got a race somewhere to make sure you see this thing. 99%. A 100% and it noted difference in in totality Sylvia how it day in 41969. Highway area north of Barry wrote or someplace like that. Were all going to get a great low as long as it's not cloudy at this eclipse it's gonna take place today it's time to shout it out here on sixteen and sports radio's we do every day. It's all brought to you by lady. James haircuts permit that street tell them that's expanded. Censorship it's funny Bob mentioned it but there's already an eclipse brand of god I know there isn't a cast on me he couldn't. I guess you can repackage it. First national all especially clips gum like live this Kennedy's senate to I don't know yeah I do it but he had the he could net you couldn't capitalize on some it was art in there I'm surprised they have not really gotten on this bandwagon and done something differently you know like selling double pacts with glasses something like that that there should have been a way. But the makers of eclipse gun he'd get on board with this clips and turned it into something with which they own but they did I I don't understand why that's a companies capitalizing on things in a timely fashion we got. Absolutely well airline pilots have to Wear these classes today while flying well there there are special flights at some airlines are offering I was just reading a story best values and today. Who knows I mean that's not good is rooted and know anything Portland Oregon this morning and Annan on a flight to Kansas City. You basically follow the nets and author that sounds like SAT problem right there you're usually Portland Oregon yeah. I hear how glad they did well I play Joseph I think eclipse takes place in Portland like 9:30 in the morning or something like that so if you leave Portland basically following that path than the eclipse. Downey geeky at the city I would imagine there are probably some precautions. That pilots are eighteen for the eclipse because if you're staring and that's. Things he can't be doing that kind of stuff. I don't know I guess Sandra I hadn't thought about the the air travel sister Chan it's gonna be absolutely different today. The balls into the like when does it become a too early to give a spoiler. That day after Stewart and especially the morning after if I did not know clay Travis is doing that. If he was doing that in the 5 to 6 o'clock hour and happened last night happened last until you're at it the most people the way. Missing new years show at 5 o'clock in the morning probably stay healthy enough to watch in the pros why so. He basically trapped as well I feel like there are certain shows though that you can expect not to get spoil right every year that there there's a like a small grouping of shows. I remember when Nolan breaking bad is going to be medals one of them I think walking dad's always been that way and gave a throne is definitely that way now to you that if you don't want spoilers you better just. Avoid everything or you almost have to watch that show why you're so it just searches you've got to expect to watch live we're going to have. Face the possibility of something being squeezed out in a game throws is one of them and how can I I I kind of see that you know that ankle Josh I think you you absolutely nailed that one there are certain shows. That if you're not watching it live from running the risk on a spoiler but the DVR has changed the way that we consume TV he watch TV now you listen to radio Monday on me you know when it's good for me type of basis and so not everybody gets the ability. To watch it last night but those are the things that you have to kind of take into consideration if you're going to miss. Game of moral stances are people are gonna be talking about it the next day a new king gal. At those people who all. Watching game with phones in talking about because they wanna talk about it with the new you can always tell clay Travis via 69306. Of attacks like today. 84 has hands. Yes how about that to tell us now as a stick him and I mean too much the protest. That was pretty impressive and I got beat it's I think yeah. Would hate them then like anybody else in my and it if you think it Demetrius Harris planet that cycle level. We Travis calcium that type level you two really nice tight it is too good targets for the red zone and instead get field goals inside twenty. Eighty now you can find a way to get it to be so Paris was good and good to your listeners is that one of those guys where you know like it may be really good tee just catch the ball sure. As it's kind of an important part of your yeah yeah exits of the you probably should have figured out. But the teachers here is watching him it's you know is cracks me up because when he does make you catch. It's a sigh of relief. Credits everybody getting to everybody's excited though it. Who he taught OK he's got it now because anytime the ball goes 84 there's that flash in your brain that he's gonna drop that but so for the pre season in. Last year. Started to get a little bit hands go so do we play instead of like who takes the last shot it's who gets that red zone got a red does that now Demetrius Paris it's right. Who stake in the last shot for K state who's the target inside the red zone and who's the guy you're one up for the royals you know when the game is on the line those are the three things that people discuss. All over Kansas City. And finally today just had a baby and all the family my house is more stressful than the kid. Oh no question yet given the hell out me and get down get him out send them on their way saying leave a nice meal for us you know make it nice dinner so we can have something to eat. But we need you to know we use you really causing a lot of stress families have a way of causing a lot of stress. I yesterday we had a fantasy football training camp and Dustin Colquitt gave and nice round table with us and give us the inside scoop on Alex Smith and Patrick Holmes it will tell you exactly where this law firms had is that. Here's the key play next. Okay. That helps. Eight world. It. Concerning includes yeah the world turns blue. They hold it turns yesterday he had been a little later on today about 1108 and it is what we're gonna totality here. Did the city area so I'll be ready for that speed rating and all right Dustin Colquitt hung out this yesterday give us some very interest in inside middle locker room of the Kansas City Chiefs when it comes to Alex Smith and pass from homes. It's been a couple minutes but first as the key play it is it is just the cut at the big Bob yesterday. Swing at a ball well hit left field. Jacksonville and back. So big home experts Jessica upper bet it is our key play of the game rusty by Anthony plumbing heating and cooling the technicians you can trust with your house keys the royals get the wind seven to 46 and a half. Half back of the Indians. After salvaging that final game of the series they've got a break today before the Colorado Rockies and and role in the town. For three games beginning tomorrow I'll add Kauffman Stadium the the Rockies are like seventeen games above 520 games behind the medalist honors its unbelievable. How great. Their playing this year they don't really doesn't matter for that third best record I think in the the NL I was looking yesterday and yet they're there there readers can corrections 68 and 56 of their 6856. And they're twenty games back yet the best record in the NL yet editor twenty games back sort of died Brees is dotted and to but look at Arizona thirteen games above 567. Of 57 equity war. Games behind. Right now. The Los Angeles Dodgers so they're playing great baseball right now is a great division in an unbelievable division so did the Rockies are no pushover right now fellas it's going to be very difficult to regain set. But again you wanna maintain you wanna go out there and grab that division you Wendell win the American League central like making the key saves. He got us with the dollar eased up here as with some ball games overall sent to go on a terror right now this is the timer it to go along winning streak to put themselves not just back in contention for the central we'll put themselves in a spot where they can really grab it right and it. Then and now also put to a spot where you can grab a wild card picture of wild card as well because that's going to be a very tough road for the royals again notebooks. Why it's not that bad there only what two and a half games back in the dark suit jacket and halfback for the wildcard. That but there's so many other teams there that if you don't win and you're going to fall off there's going to be a team that goes on winning streak runs away with this thing has to be wrong when you look at Minnesota you look at. Los Angeles both tied for the final wild card spot Kansas City Seattle will be game and a half back of that final wild card spot Texas two and a half games back of that wild card berth in Texas plays at the angels tonight and the White Sox. Or going to host Minnesota tonight at 5 o'clock and odd start time for vacuum I guess with the clips and all. I'm so you you've got those two teams in action tonight if the if they bolt wins the world's find themselves to back tomorrow instead of just a game and assi root for the Texas Rangers in the Chicago White Sox tonight. The take care business of the rose about half. Game back. I read your headlines were talking about coming up in ten minutes here on 610 Sports Radio yesterday and our fantasy football training camp football charge and we had a oh what our roundtable with myself vesco calling it. And she sputtered Dustin Colquitt. Who's been really the team MVP for. About a decade maybe over a decade for the chiefs he's been that one constant you never have to worry about and it was a blast. Bottle last lot of fun at. And it. If you missed it as catch two bad for you B is that was a massive fun event yes not just the fantasy football would of course with Dustin Colquitt and a lot of great stories of the best. Heckling fans of the best trash talkers all that kind of stuff. In Pruitt. Every time. Things were rough about past Holmes Dustin Colquitt reference how great Alex Smith has been during this training camp and and that's clearly become the rallying cry of the coaches and everybody else that. We see how special Patrick Holmes this. Or right now the south is team in eighty has everybody on the same pay well. And and that's why my home's really hasn't won the starting job yet because we're talking about a quarterback Alex Smith who is playing better. Then he's probably ever played so far here in Kansas City like you're saying he's having his best campaign. And you know big chi iron on two hands go art one side you like cool I'm glad he's living up to the competition and he's embracing this thing's working harder because he's got to keep pushing them. And you look at the other side ego. Why did he needs somebody to push him why was he doing this all on like why was he going out there playing this well. All well he's been hearing huge city because there is no shortage for praise for Alex Smith I mean like everybody is talking about how great pat Holmes is. But everybody is also talking about how marvelous Alex Smith is bad. Throughout this training camp but some saying his best ever so champion why hasn't even do it all why they need to get pushed buyer rookie to go out there that was best training Qaeda does kind of bother me doesn't. Originally it had your homes and in Detroit to take a quarterback at number ten a lot of fire and Alex Smith. All it says it is take it throughout his entire career since being the first overall pick back in 2004005. Whatever was 05. Being the first overall pick there he goes to San Francisco and basically sucks and tell Harbaugh gets there right that he hurt his career round has hampered it behind him plays best football ever before getting injured Kapanen taking over. It goes to Kansas City people still doubting him. He has. Four straight when he sees in Kansas City replaced still doubting. And now suddenly because Patrick Holmes David outlook buyers bit let everybody calling the epitome of a mediocre quarterback and now. Patrick Holmes that's the one that's the tipping point makes me well. Writes actually it makes total sense to me why. You can tune at all and other stuff. You can't tune out some animated computer job that is true that that's a good tune out criticism. Writing people mash unit and the investigators. When you go over solar and if someone legitimately maybe. Making a run you. That's real that is pathetic if you become real Kennedy was a point in Israel and severance Cisco in jeopardy was their take out any plea may very well maybe it's real again now may oh maybe he's that type of guy who needs somebody constantly pushing him and and and making him a better quarterback who has tried it but when trying to be great. With that he be a little motivation sitting there like it needs that to get motivates like people perform differently with with guys pushing them I guess you know it's like there's no there for competition. Or you're really gonna go a 100% of that play in July are you really got to do that. It's well between your Smith that you haven't been used Super Bowl is starting quarterback in twelve years in the league. Oh that's so your point we kick it and like I have to get this well maybe some guys don't have that means I mean Turkey does jump out I mean yeah you could think about outlined the thing is we go about it sums up a lot of what you know Alex Smith is all about. And he doesn't deserve keep his job well made races that he had to bring in somebody as a quarterback of the future whether he Colin cap an actor Patrick Holmes to get the best out of view. That mentally maybe you just don't have well and I think also when you look at at at Alex right now he's also looking at an eighteen million dollar. Race next year or whatever it is paycheck it's not. If he doesn't allow there. And absolutely light the world on fire so he's being motivated by a cute pushing him right now. And also being motivated by the opportunity to get at eighteen million dollar paycheck one season from cell there's a couple of factors voting what. It is they'll be the benefits of a guys because were the fans would have been suffering the world is not winning in the post season a bad quarterback play. And if if this is what it takes to motivate our guys to play better and we win more games went in the postseason and get to a Super Bowl. Then who the hell cares what motivated him alternately it did and everybody's telling us this guy is playing great this crises. That's really good positive insight and you should live in the moment not worry about the past your. Hats that is a thing of the past four years of what they could've been a has Alex Smith had the same kind of motivation that he. Apparently has when Patrick mojo was walked out whether they are is an ardent reigning division champions and they got a playoff win that they have an added all those doubters yet he's only modified intent surge and it. Well politics are aptly what they wanna Wear high it's an advantage to answer another time now attends a guy yesterday where and when those two I don't know that it's due troll or just because it's an awesome show. Stroll in the AFC west championship that's big accomplishment into a that's coming up and the royals. Had a little bit of a rough weekend but maybe the eclipse turns it around explain in two minutes.