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Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, August 22nd

Andy Reid on Alex Smith and the Chiefs..Rex Hudler joins the show. What was the  BIG STORY also why MeGreor winning could help/hurt Vegas


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Best don't just play there this. Colin Cowherd talking Patrick Holmes here in about five minutes but. You had a six that's forced our comment check out John's players posts about the royal stretch run it as a rules are in the thick of the postseason race but. Just they have some. This guys need to step it listen more to do. I'm not that. Angry at the offense right now I needed you score more runs but they're heard the are creating some opportunities I see some like in a tunnel. And and is subject to change but right now this pitching staff I'm going OK are there enough. Courses due to be able to get into the post season not worried about what they do in the post season but getting there. Is is there as a magic game and a half out of the wild card or seven back in the division the wild cards a mess because I think about five teams in front of them. So there's there's a lot of there's a lot of things they needed to get into the post season. Some are really mad at the offense right now I'm looking at a more from up pitching perspective so. I have three players that I need to see step up to this team to have a shot at the post season now one is a position player and but is involved heavily the pitching staff. And that's double repressed. Hopefully he's activated tonight. 'cause there's a difference they've kind of made up for his offense. Over the the last month. But you can tell I don't think is a coincidence the pitching staff looks a little different. And is performing load a different. And seller Phares is mine a plate I think it's chorus that's a point that out. About a run better per game when he is behind the dish yeah as big as huge saudis double harper has back in the mix and is off that's kind of tapered off before the injury so I likes it who seem to go out of Cuba. More poorly it's his presence. To help pitching staff. My number two needs to step up and he's got a falling on the sword for the seventh and eighth inning guys is brand and our. He's been gross. Who's got seven and a half CRA since he's joined the royalties he's been a song and yeah houses everywhere this kind of closing experience. That that looks wobbly more often and it looks lockdown broccoli and I suggest you get the film room with the with dame island I believe in dame island the pitcher whisper. And need to get him figured out because I want him to lock down the eighth Joaquin story is obviously on the DL spot on the fan favor. Mauer can do himself favors and the fan base of favors by being the eight inning sir. So. Pleased that bullpen has back to back six plus ERA weeks to that's got to stop. And number one that I got I need to to see kind of step up and lead this team down the stretch is is our guide any Duffy. As I say try to make him cry during his last appearance on the show repeats I can't you fifth. The other crime but in the month of August to give up seven runs five runs four runs in his three starts he sounded frustrated when we talked norm. You check that out the podcast section six cents ports that come. They need a lead dog. We talked to Josh burn your each and every Monday on the show he's been obviously it was on other shows throughout throughout the week. But he is pointed to Vargas he's brought a bargain several times as he's around and every day or IDC's he's. That almost like he's kind of fading down the stretch a little bit. Ian candy got knocked out in his last start way early. I can need Danny Duffy to be that lead dot pitching becomes contagious from a starting rotation. And I think Duffy is the guy that has the lead this rotation and they take their cues from the rest of. The embassies via I think you're right about dating Duffy and I originally had him down on my list as it as a guide it needs to step it up but you know what. Ian Kennedy stepped up as well to you you can't go out there this time a year and knock it out of the second inning I mean you just can't do and you have to be able to go out there. And be effective so Ian Kennedy acting leads to to step it up for me. He's he's one on my list it really needs to do because I think Duffy is going to step it up I don't think he's going to be a guy. That we're going to be worried about the Ian Kennedy c'mon man let's go let's let's let's earn that money let's get this horse go to the end man let's go let's go let's go. I need eating candidate to step in at number two I also have Joe Mauer on our bill Mauer whatever house name is. Craig Mauer what's his name brand and our brand and our lives our house I be your rights guys he stinks okay this ERA is pushing. Eight since he's come over. To the Kansas City Royals and I was more excited about him. That I was about anybody else that was picked up in that trade because of the twenty saves that he already had this season. But boy every every game is an adventure with this guy think if it is an adventure on the mound with with Brandon hour every single time. So he needs to step up in the third guys for me because that the team is so much better when he does. Lorenzo Cain I know he's done his part this year but. If he can be just a bit better offensively he puts that team in such a great spot to win he is such a catalyst for his team some for me it's Kennedy Mauer and came. I look at south Verizon's so much I think such a large. As a towards part of this team that would Hewitt down on August for me that was early early early in the month. He's my number one. Not necessarily step it up but to come back I think they breathe when you see south Perez return you'll see this entire team changed its not just. The ability to play behind the plate because defensively self Reza fantastic catcher is not just the ability to place. Where if you look at the rest the catchers in the American League south Reza is the best batting catcher in the American League by a large margin. The way the pitchers operate the pitchers took a big dip when Zobrist went down like you said Josh one run per game over to Korea over his career he is accounted for saving one run per game or that they're close games the royals have a lot and a veteran demanded it yet so let me get it that you and it. Guarding people now they try to steal you added at the Saudi splash everything he brings from a chemistry standpoint everything he brings from keeping that dug out that locker room happy. South red is me is the most important player on this royals team and until he comes back they're going to be a significant disadvantage no doubt no question about it who else you have on your list that was one that self. Yeah if soundly at night I agree with your list men are gradually as the like yes solving our protest the whole ball it's horde yeah pick one. After all got to pick one but yet you could just say bullpen to get out because our just got here with the new additions I saw that when you read what you put the piece of I read those like I. I'd it's I can't argue with any of these three hour number two maybe even at number one if you attach the entire bullpen and our I. If you like an hour and others. Seattle because they went without a lot more I mean he was the target betrayed when that got him he was the biggest part of that trade he was the biggest reason they wanted to make that straight right San Diego is so they can get random hour and they could have a guided. Instead it is possible closer it now looking at the eighth inning guy daddy I mean he's he's got to get figured out and so there was so much in vested Agassi could say in branded our. And go out there put up close to an eight ERA that's just not gonna get it done. Brett on the cheesy can check out all of Josh is. Everything just had to say when it comes to the royal city to step up going forward to good to put it to the post season. At 610s force dot com. Colin Cowherd had a showed yesterday doing his pre season aero up arrow down when it comes to certain players and he got the Patrick my home. So let's go to Patrick my homes Kansas City Chiefs. We knew we had an absolutely rocket arm and we knew we was athletic. I think it's pretty obvious. With Andy Reid who has elevated every quarterback his entire career mall Holmes is going to be a really nice fit. And I may give the starter in one year from now. Alex Smith is a bright kid mature and a veteran. The perfect thing from Holmes is without Alex Smith in handy read. To learn and listen NB coach double the chiefs and this doesn't happen a lot and the chiefs history. Have drafted a franchise quarterback in one year I'd put a man. Errol up. The chiefs have drafted a franchise quarterback Colin Cowherd goes there after just a couple of pre season games because sometimes at the eye test when you know you just now. You watch a guy and the only argument I have against. Pat your mom's been a franchise quarterback is that. The lifelong she span of a beaten into submission to believe that every quarterback they get is going to be it is accurate it's not a fair argument is both the there are not always fall political analyst on if that's the only attraction I can come up witness does it. Right I think of like I think unlike the majority of KeySpan. You see it you try to pump the brakes you try to find it logical reasons as to why Patrick a home should be anointed as this big time franchise quarterback just yet. And the only argument I can come up with which as you said that's those of logical wanted very is that this is history you place that you do. Homes accountable for Matt Cassel yes you're holding holds accountable well frank green Julie holds accountable for Elvis survive two games Drew Brees and it was pre season it's okay for me. Just try to find reasons as is not join it and enjoy things but it may in reality. From what we know we are going to be able enjoy it for awhile anyway or because he's not gonna take Alex Smith job before the season started more reason to buy it because whatever at a stadium for a bit. Now we won't see you're gonna see him for an entire year but when the season begins. Alex Smith is your starter unless he sometime as somehow goes down in game three to pre season right I would that be shocking thing happens so. Alex Witt is your starter to begin the season and then does he get injured how things play out there's a lot of variables that go into it but. To pre season games I think in the breezy for trying to find certain reasons as to why we should pump the brakes on Patrick Holmes I just haven't been able to find one legitimate. Others there's not a legitimate one because me is as I 888 quarterbacks in the NFL because I think there's some bad ones. You always look around and see what else is out there now I don't have the look that far to see what else is out there because what else out there is right here in Kansas City. And everybody everybody is falling in love with pat my homes and of course the backup quarterback is the most popular guy in town. But he's not even the most popular guy in town he's the most popular guy right now. In all of the National Football League there isn't one pundit who is an envelope with what Patrick Holmes is doing out there right. Her home's been on fire and. Andy Reid if he did go out of his way to set the record straight on his quarterback situation yesterday now kinda straight. Here next. It's just people. Racing here in just a moment. Another record breaking day of flooding in Kansas City MI got hit twice summer just rain and not get flooding every time it's really sad and every Selig and people are stuck on their roof that's been on I think every local news station currently the advise people stuck on the roof. It they have like four latter's around them which is amazing that we could find it so they birch obviously try to get to higher ground but it him when a drive through it. And I'm wondering where is the rescue. 81 of those news chopper was the third down latter feeling or that he wrote that that's oval almost like Kate hazing those poor people well flying over the top shooting pictures and get them off the rules. I don't know they have the capability to do it but maybe get a helicopter that he can't I don't know it's frustrating situation out there and in big police that he and right vaguely see. Usually by 7:30 every morning here is going on 820 Brinkley still hasn't made it in from the north land but. Give credit to again the first responders in the police officers everybody for taking. Precautionary measures out south put up barricades to try to keep people out of the under and third. Leo that backcourt or out there really put barricades at 435 in state line for 35 world see kick it off but fox sports weeded out the people are driving through those barricades anyway and trying to get through those people should be arrested jailed again as a real dummies if you go through a barricade that's well your your Parker is walls. Yeah ran through the first vacationer is like I did those things up there's more suggestion that White House. Roads closed. It's not a big deal and then your why am with your with your station wagon off of a ramp going on the head and slam and now the aunt is all messed up and you're the problem right that's things happening. Exactly and so they did that a 119 think we're very as well heading eastbound so say if there's barricades up. Don't get mad goal around it it's for your own safety it's better to be late than dead. Very fair point. Tenure read it spoke to me yesterday here in Kansas City and he was asked about Patrick Holmes as. There is not just local buzz but national buzz about pat from homes gaining on it Alex Smith. He's just taking it day by day and just seeing how he's doing and that's. I saw where we're at. It's Alex's job and that's so that's our. We're doing I mean the next question is you come back these there a lot of Alex gets hurt you know I mean kitty came I would never. Said he can't do something. I would say in this case it's Alex's it's Alex's job that's what this there's no. There's there's no gray area without. Debris it's Alex is job not Alex's team. But you hold. That may have had from Holmes is the guy when the time is right now the chiefs don't put him in there and tell he's ready and at this and it's pretty simple is not that. Complicated the conversation. Who gives you the best chance to win. Right now that's Alex Smith it's well it's that it's starting quarterback. Investor wrote a blog at 610 Sports Radio about Alex Smith being in his opinion the most underrated player underrated athlete in America. This Kansas City but I'm Eric. Do you check that out and feel free yell at me on FaceBook like a lot of people have done but I mean I don't see any other quarterback. Think it's the pressure put on him both nationally and locally and Alex Smith I mean I've I really don't and it lets you can find someone who gets the pressure both locally and nationally on him. You Andrew Luck hasn't played to the level of the number one overall pick if he's praised by everybody okay Al Smith was what. Number one overall pick you're absolutely but is but he's Kris crushed by everybody's crushed by people Giuliani I think this is your Andrew Luck played well Bibby but he's hurt this team hasn't done a fifteen games Lester got hurt 2015 and in but he's not ready to go for the season. Right now he's not ready to play right now but they're here is Eric Berry doesn't mean that he's somehow a detriment dull but there but but for for Alex Smith what they're saying right now is the fact that he hasn't had what was the word that they used in any -- playoff win any also threw fifteen touchdowns was ranked twenty sevens easily but that's the big body but if you wanna go with a touchdown passes but don't talk about landmark play off we exit I think that is absolutely ridiculous. And nobody else not one other quarterback in this National Football League. Is held to a standard like Alex Smith is with. He did get a play off when he backed has to play off wins with two different organizations. A couple of fumbled punts away from being made it in a Super Bowl when he's with the 49ers. And a bad defense of performance away from having another playoff win over the Indianapolis Colts. What other quarterback in the NFL both locally and nationally is held to the standards that Alex Smith is with his playoff wins aren't good enough play off wins and so. That's the issue that I have no quarterback is forced to hold up to those standards like Alan. Smith does it Cam Newton had the time of season Alex Smith had last year people cross examine how same thing Andrew Watson with anybody else mean Andrew Luck and even the year he got hurt ether fifteen touchdowns after playing seven games. I mean. It's it's not an Alex Smith. No it vs other quarterback situation is the fact that if Alex Smith played on the browns like Brock costs while other people wouldn't care about. Alex place for contender to replace her contender give it civil what's the weakest link on this team. I would say last year that we have slower was stop the question of the week is like with the Russian attack. Yeah and you could say that factors over the web part of last year to me the the weakest link was the Russian and also factors into what you do in the passing game if he can't run the football but one of the weakest links is clearly Alex Smith and that's why they trade up to number ten to take a quarterback it's not breaking news that's out some massive well it's just. They hate each they've traded up to take Patrick Holmes because they knew Alex Smith. Wasn't going to be a god could take them. But it also seems to be the easy narrative in the NFL now is to crap on Alex Smith and if you do that you're going to be just fine instead of saying. Okay yeah Alex Smith as he lived at the moral Olympic milk really does live up to the number one overall pick it's Erik Fisher the OPEC though he's been nice player I mean you're gonna you've got your hands. There and take take shots and Andrew Luck for not living up and and have a different rating scale for Alex and the book you of them have lived up to being the number one overall and looks at what four of his five seasons in the NFL he's been a winning record. It went in god are you crazy not Seattle lost galaxy gets down on glamour hander got a landmark playoff win does either because that she's retail yeah yeah. I was yeah has been yeah they Zimmer Alex and and let them run the senate committee he's had a career high forty touchdowns in the season and 4014 and a Allen's career highs 23 and a so it's I only think their terrible was quarterback but I think ultimately they've kind of done the same thing in the post season not a whole lot. I'm a whole lot you consider you could say what they have the same post season record somewhere along that line or maybe into bucks at two and three while expensive to import. Let's head five years in league Al said well well he also came into horrible situation in San Francisco let's call that what would you don't want disaster into one and fifty situation in an attitude that yeah and they won the next year army combat team was that he was pretty much ready you know that's when. Outrage in my. I decide I don't I haven't I pray to I don't really address is I. 8 I guess I am absolutely I don't like Angela like he would be the last person I would wanna have a beer with and that's starting quarterbacks in the he's August I'd is that this bug in the neck beard and the next the yeah yeah everybody else. These are usually he's panic you look at the board are all. We'd somebody who talks about books you'd ever reader somebody talks budged perky jumping out Turkey jumping out gimme the Turkey jumping out every day of the week. Every day that we at least that's more entertaining than talking about just toss or at war and peace in whatever else Andrew Luck reading porn industry it is a flip phone. Being dates anybody's cell. Edge luck. And also a lot of letters to right that's true he'd just because you know he does write letters from civil war era over Friday with that whereas in a fountain pen yeah. It's called. Article fountain pens yeah and so it's a dip in the ink. And you're right it's the Nevada area it'd be a good mothers and feathers yet so I'm just an Angel looks and I think he I because it has played our way overrated. Suspect is blasphemous. Steve it's also its estimates also blasphemous. That Alex Smith is living up to these standards nobody. He can live up to no matter what. Alex does he is going to be rip to both nationally and locally this people went out for Alex this is probably going to come back 840 because of their respective national call list has said that my Holmes is gaining fast on Alex Smith we'll get to that 840 but it's on the royals. You can find out they're trying to go on Iran and we're joined by Iraq's other royals broadcaster to take off our commercial free half hour next. Ask him. Welcome back. In the morning we have commercial free half hour no commercials until 9 o'clock right here on six and Sports Radio I'm like well Bob that's going Josh playing their. Tracking down wrecks other right now to talk some oils and probably some clips as well as the eclipse was by far the biggest story of the day yesterday and news people could. Not help themselves it was. Was actually kind of funny to watch but it if people were excited almost as if they were children all over again even on CNN. People are cheering this is. And I think I'm gonna let you listen to that they're cheering for a little bit. It's a huge payoff is huge yet pay off after. All the rain in the clouds and think we're gonna get hit at all but this is spectacular. It's beautiful is that they've been how many people there. I actually and yeah. Actually it I've got little. But does Barry hit big league you're my age that excite you that much and that was pretty darn exciting doesn't know. Yeah as well water aid it she was fired up and a lot of people had that kind of reaction I think we'll build up we thought. The bill there's no way the payoff where the hype. OP is big is the bill up or you live up to the high. It absolutely in India I I was fantastic lost it might everybody who saw the height was absolutely as advertised and it isn't quite incredible things you just don't see light yet it was awesome I thought it was usually that's a wow moment in your lifetime to see something like that in me and I put on the glasses up the oval thing I've ever returns and actually who has into the hype like that and for me the united slightly different guys I was not I won't like it pilot rag never that there watch the eclipse that one's just. That are. We gets diluted weighted it places where prior 4 o'clock cover and it. Right at the wrong Alan and segregated at that demand a refund I feel like I I would like to protest the sun I got my money's worth which was nothing and my time spent which was minimal right back. OK we might echo are hurt. And and it. I only saw reporters that actually people that axis it's full glad I didn't waste a lot of time and effort to do that. Thanks I did I do wasted time tied after I honestly don't or effort I didn't because you UB lined out here yesterday and I was always worried like this you're driving like. Work as well instructive to know that is what we had everything set what he's got into outlined how it's what you witnessed that would consider it home I'm like OK well that was then there was that like. Huge investments like he'd you know drove. Wherever to children's freaking great town now and how I guess I would've guess yeah I was looking at the weather in the weather said the further south you war because the cloud cover the better off. So is it okay. No recently stay south watch it. And then. The clouds came in last second ruined the Jesse I was in rate and it over Dick Smith sported it for Florida east and 350 highway there were the clouds. Literally team like just as it was ending you guys totality was ending that's on the clouds started to move in. But it didn't affect anything that I saw that I. I thought it was greatly give it exceeded my expectations and and I went it would take BP kind of cynical mindset of this thing and I came out on. Was pretty cool now is pretty sweet. Well we're continuing to try to find Rex others will discuss what's going on the whales and they have to try to get back to Cleveland is the Cleveland is Cleveland Indians they just keep finding ways to win. Though 11 it's like around winners that sequence of bank toward the mound picked by the first baseman double clutched. Thank you to leave and never let them yeah it. It will soon I don't want the bullet and a brewing. That's noon Saturday gadget time. That that's the 2015 royals and that's always you know it's Cleveland beating Boston too does a huge win and a walk out by error we saw that allowed back in and fifteen didn't we had with some crazy winds like death for the Kansas City Royals on. Yeah we did Edwards sees the war those do well believe that there's going to be some magic come where I got a good lead on. Couple picked up in the week you know let's get help these boards gave restore. They get back on that one way to back on the attack. I'm with you my man it's time to go against a Colorado Rockies before we get into that. You got roasted last night had that killed and anybody embarrass you. All are you kidding me it was a beautiful thing. I deserved it. Yeah we've ever wonders that was close to 500 people there. Those those folks want the rules meeting albeit but hey if they didn't have a chance do. It they all got their money's worth believe it. You know you Mitchell rocky buddy black and Gregg hall and it is nice video. And insensitive to the fellows. And that was so good black eyed but black in our ability and for a long time he talked about. Early days when you restricted because the Yankees he advocates against Don theater Ken Griffey senior. And then you know I actually looked at lower quality. You know Dave Winfield in the Rex there he goes oh my god we beg your you know lineup that. That you used out in all of those good. Some of the players policy barrel field it well. But to budge at all. And global bargain and in my quarter run the fever world was fantastic. All by god they let me have it. They had some of them some of the is that thing about a month about the world they put about that could unbelievable you know confident about what what you really said that dog is safe bet that don't accept that. You know but anyway Lotta of the world the boy we're so thankful I was happy to take it. For saint Michael the archangel Catholic high schools that was supposed to what did they did well they had agreed fundraisers. The it was a lot of money people were there was lighted scenes at one future. Sure it's done. It was a lot of fun guys in the great idea. 44 fundraisers. To root V I needed. Well we know how much you love the moon it's a beautiful planet as you once said what are they can eclipse yesterday was our last night that people bring that out for. All they are all over that could actively been picked yet be a ball pretty. Well there. Woods who dared go odd. You know I would not want to that I couldn't believe what planet are aligned nicely beautiful. Thought when wrecks other relatives and visited a sign. Sexual technique. Much like you're you know better off in Houston couple. That planet right in the middle there through that beautiful. Rex is your feeling good about this team which is great because. They need one of those runs we know we had we have at least one more left in him where they go on that big time winning streak can get right back into contention for the central. Think that's gonna happen soon. Well you know what I can believe that these these off bases have been helped a little bit now other it'll. He starts on the amount you. And pitching war back pocket being violently pieces you know or. Hit Tommy John he threw twelve innings last year. That's it from what he came up this year lights on why he doesn't look you can you can't have a second half like that thought. I got a little bit with these guys were beaten live in the film out of their good outing a little bit of some mechanical adjustments politically in their later. What started picking picking up our bullpen guys are gonna figure that out too. So look into positive five ordinary and that's what you gotta go with right now the failure. Any wind out of the sails from that Cleveland series our do you think that. I mean we Suisse operated Cleveland team for for three games here. Yeah and that's you know that stuff forcing you wrote that they were out do not too shabby yet no one would have been out of the sails as they swept us but the fact they didn't. Including the one game back that a lot can happen that Powell. Roll outside do if you have Red Sox. So what game do and then there's the they would do it do for their partner and it will validate yet it will warn the couple will actually have a chance to get some games. Public debt deal there but those players all of the they can division right now I can be thinking about the wildcard. Well once you start thing and just a wildcard then you're not gonna get the wild card may you always got to be shoot for the best dogs is an echo the mindset of an athlete. It is inserted guys let me just it's it's all about. A performance. Executing in the note to end and give that they go last love with all of these guys and who knows how many of our players of the organization will resign. The result we don't know that yet. If they could recite your four albums force we know publicly that they could Israel we could still go that well right now what we do you know. Is it our guys are pretty LP self corporate rate to come back these knock on the door matter of fact he's got that line tonight I'll be surprised. So excited about seeing him back in there could be felt beautiful street put up some runs to a vocal. Crowd at home with the case of the reported that sort of thing. Hud what exactly does Salvi mean behind the plate because it we can clearly see a difference from from like our eyes and you're the guy that played the game so shall what's what does he is truly mean being out there on the field. Well you know obviously. What he brings. From a talent stand point is if you is off the chart that is good to get you know for a fourth time gold Glover seemed to be five or get them shoot away another one. And that production now has been stellar. Until we get better. But you know instantly thankfully he's always he's been there or it's opposite personalities. Energy he brings that leadership quality yet. Well I think the biggest thing in the goodness of it is technical ability I have nothing against and the group in nice job especially offensively they held a world while he's been out there they've done a good job. Well what the Grand Slam you know that and slam and and you'll through into the evening if he had affairs foursquare 48 during this time he's been out. But the signal caller and to me it's just that the most important thing and unfortunately that's what hurt us during the time he's been out which. They started picking the ball I think they missed him so he's gonna bring it. A whole different. One bad have a pretty good secondary and they're busy via a confidence factor field for. Sure yeah absolutely on with the I think it's gonna be big and you know Josh wrote a blog at sixty and sports dot com of the three royals who need to step it up the rest of the way for the steamed at the bash out the playoffs the three guys usually workout on the most down the stretch to dictate policy turnaround may be don't think it's got to ask to turn around the three guys were counting on the most. To get into the playoffs. Who three guys man Kennedy. Number one. That's why Sanford number one to my great minds think alike. What cost and secular problem but they don't you're your root down grade yourself that is to get to escape I must say Kennedy. I got we've got to have Bauer step up probably didn't and OK I've got about and then on the they outscored the victory. You know the average is going to be where it is but just let him keep doing what he's been to a big a couple of it will would supporters do you and what he can. Can help the bottom of that lineup you don't pull would lead some of those guys that topic just let it. We'll be careful out there you know with the flooding out there today is everything okay your house everybody good. Very thankful and will pray for those who were poor let this morning but I could tell you that was incredible storm passes without a war our course. City and state. And it was unbelievable last that you stay safe we'll see at the ballpark later on. I think that the incident and opportunities it. Antibody. Threats of anthrax bring it heat today but he seems he seems optimistic about the very real possibility the royals going on Iran which. Makes me excited because that's exactly what I what would they need to have her. For the royals get back in contention they can't have these like oh we won two and then we won one we still want this series we salvaged this. It give resell the situation has to be a run at it considering their schedule. It's gonna ask beer run against a really good team Josh he's. It was you with the whole Salvador Perez thing he thinks he's gonna make a big difference when he comes back and I think it's her numbers have been that way too and some ego lateral understand why are they now it be he can't completely explain it there's comfort level I think there's. He he's very Smart behind the plate and as I've mentioned the just kind of calling the game pitchers trust him it works. He's got experience all those things are are real and even if he can't me qualified ERA for sure. Based on based on the career but I I just think his impact behind the plate. And coming back and helping Apple's pitchers I think they're goal I think you're gonna see it get better right now there they're all kind of in of it had in a dip all together hopefully they they rise back companies that Carolina. On the NFL the Kansas City Chiefs last night in the front pages CBS sports art com was apiece by will Branson's same pastor Bob Holmes might force the chiefs' hands into 4017. Bring up some of the past of Donovan McNabb and number two overall pick in 1999 for any read and after the Eagles ran the playoff race. You put McNabb and then go ahead and come and indeed that rookie quarterback. Why not see that this year because you know Doug Peterson is not. As good as Alex Smith in the chief won't be too and seven if that happens as the worst case scenario there is done absolute worst case scenario so. But look at what that's from Holmes is accomplished and seen exactly out Andy Reid handles quarterbacks when you read takes a quarterback. People pay attention if any read especially trades up and takes a quarterback highly. People pay attention because it's such. He's such a respected human beam when it comes to that position and when the quarterbacks with under any read perform that way they had and then you leave performed horribly Kevin Kolb. There that people start to look at Andy Reid is the reason why some of these super automatic data do. Damage that was a little over the hill by the time they traded him and they traded in division I. Which should tell you exactly how they thought Hillary thought death at a point now so what he's done days I just got our house Diego Washington. Oh Washington really stupid team to take yeah yeah PO DC good take. They Donovan McNabb off our hands in the twilight of his period out of certainly twice a year ago I take our quarterbacks that should have been their first red flag but. His ability to elevate quarterbacks. Gives everybody a ton of confidence in what he can do with Patrick Holmes. And the buzz surrounding the homes is coming from a literally everywhere there's not one person saying something negative about Patrick Holmes and everybody. Is wondering if he at some point this season is going to push Al Smith for planes I wish we were. In the same position right now. As the Philadelphia Eagles were when they were able to turn it over to Donovan McNabb and what I wish I wish it was back to 2013 all over again we had a number one pick and pat Holmes was available for it because they need to draw that exact comparison. To Donovan McNabb now you're taking over a team that was twelve and four AFC west division champions. Playoff team home playoff game all of that kind of stuff you're bringing in a top quarterback into a great situation. Sometimes you know finishing sub par and stinking isn't the end of the world. If you have the opportunity to bring him at quarterback and allow that quarterback to kind of take over a bad football team which is what they were able to do with Donovan McNabb it worked out to beat. Clearly guys the perfect storm in Philadelphia. New head coach in new quarterback both in the same year out was like dad fury in Kansas City except our guy was drafted he was traded for and if he was brought in here in the teen flipped around right away and continued to win. I just wish we could it we could reverse the course of history somehow someway make pat a Holmes a few years older and have him available number 12013. I would've loved to have seen in committed when he thirteen and have been the guy right from the start. Or really had that guy right there in 2013 to be that guy from the start ache but we don't wait we got him now so does the situations are a little different. When they always want to compare. Donovan McNabb. To guide to do it too pat Holmes McNabb came in with a losing organization Holmes is coming and obviously winning organization the comparison is more Brett Favre in green. Success that it is the Eagles successfully Andy Reid took over that franchise. Won't we be about Brett Favre regret and he's out there writing error processing between I think it someone in the middle well and that's what makes the situation unique because it's nine. Doug Peterson. At says starting quarterback it's also not Brett are starting quarterback it I mean it's there it's it's in between the two it's not. Problematic starting for the Pittsburgh Steelers with then Rafa are on the bench. It's it's just it's such an interesting situation because you have a middle of the road quarterback that I think anybody would rank somewhere around it. The fifteen to eighteen range which is fair and that's if they are ranking the big league put battling a ranking they put him at seventeen which I think is a fair ranking. That means you're gonna have to do what it is a rookie to take that guy's job against do pond and it's probably not even doable before the season begins it would have to be. Great practice great and be as you remember. With the air Roger's situation. The week they played the Dallas Cowboys. In the final year that Brett Favre spent Green Day. Everybody was talking about how amazing Aaron Rodgers boats trying to be Tony Roma. On the scout team because they were getting ready for the Green Bay Packers had to back up quarterback in there trying to emulate the opposing quarterback. And all the players started talking about this quarter east turned how much better he looks so it can be done in practice where you show things that the coaches go. And yet we get this guy in there because if you remember right after that season remake China. Gave Brett the old show right he retired on his own quote unquote but able to show that there is that felt like air Rodgers who's ready. So pick Trajan to the jets or did they cut him and then he just ended up signing with remember he's retired he did. Brett Favre before the jets. Well thanks for retired that he came out now I think they had to make a trade because he was there the rights were to the the Green Bay Packers. Don't ever remember this. Nobody retired yeah first here's. Yet the crime press conference ballot he loved Green Bay and the body was willing by his mind just wasn't there with it anymore it was like right after the season I'll remember that at all. Your dusty river. Yeah he retired they went for like two weeks straight on ESPN about how Brett Favre either retire he wasn't. And retired came back play with again always he retired for five minutes yeah like like it and other like maybe a mark yeah I think it was a month or two I wanna say it was that that would. Window month or two so. The point is you can show enough in practice that the coaches say while this guy might give us something better than what we have a so it's not like the second this season against us now steaming nothing's gonna change that part of it depends on. The development patch from halls but also by the depends on Alex Smith if he's able. To take his job over during the season and lighted up the people had nothing to worry about Alex Smith lovers had nothing to worry about. But history tells us. That chance is that Alex Smith is going to step in after eleven years of it's insists is far fetched idea well I just don't think he's gonna play bad enough where you have to say all right it is time to bench Alex I think if Alex misstates who he is. He will be the quarterback for the entire year barring and injury. We have the big story coming up to four minutes here on six and Sports Radio but. It turns out according to multiple reports that Mayweather vs McGregor has a hall and on the line in Vegas for the fight. In fact if McGregor does find some way. It's a beat Floyd Mayweather biggest we'll take a massive loss and it looks to be one of the biggest losses they'd ever take possibly the biggest. Think the biggest loss still is that 2008 Super Bowl between the giants in the attitude patriots it's it's a massive loss there. Hurting for McGregor anyway but no date is for taking huge hit. If McGregor won makes me want to root for even more everybody's rooting for McGregor have you found anybody that's rooting for Pink Floyd yet I mean seriously about style you have John. And nominal root for him or they don't say it out while all that I doubt I'd say they're telling me they tell me face to face or like your tax as it's like I'm rooting for Floyd but nobody's actually. So they hopefully Mayweather because. Nobody on the record snow now that I guess I ever to a forum may not see I'm I'm rooting for Floyd Mayweather at all I think he's going to win it but it doesn't mean that I'm rooting. For Floyd Mayweather I'm rooting for everybody who had money and Connor McGregor to get their money back ocelot I've really I block the sikh not a McGregor. Win this fight and and really send a message. You noted to everybody that hey you know what you can't transcend sports maybe and in maybe he's not the only guy. They can do something like this maybe there's somebody else in the USC you can command. I think ultimately Connor McGregor winning is what's best for the sport it's best for boxing or somebody like Oilers and it's it's if it's somehow now. Rig is. As a lot do you believe boxing is there. Then McGregor will keep it close it'll be one of those things where at the end of a lot of people think are McGregor won but for some reason Floyd Mayweather wins and now we have a rematch in the bill that this rig right it'll happen. But if it's not. It's going to be fully Mayweather winning it. About 99% likelihood and do you think is the of this event that's taking place in Las Vegas inside. An arena that's attached to a casino. Do you think they're ever going to lol I'll. A situation where the other so high winds and they get did lose all of their money to the betting public I don't think so. Say that but it wouldn't be the first time it happened I mean their bid Buster Douglas Mike Tyson there have been playing it. It's players situations throughout history regulation Japan's you're out of fight in you think there's no way that this guy can lose this fight. And then it happens that's why not right enough McGregor entirely in because he's younger he's bigger he has a longer reach. There's certain physical things that Mary's where lighter gloves. Eight ounce gloves actually do play into it as dirty boxing as it is the eight ounce gloves are suppose that's an ounce gloves to play a factor in this day out and ring boxing gloves before her heavy heavy as well may have to kick boxing boxing classes knew where these gloves. God I hate your arm around you'll see a big guy can throw a stronger hand maker does get a slight advantage are delighted gloves so. Everything put together. And again but I say McGregor he's younger he's twelve years younger at 28 years old than Floyd Mayweather who's forty. It's it does play a factor into it. I just hope. For everything that Connor Gregor Wednesday especially because I'd like to see gambling degenerates get their due to their due Thailand rip and read one and knocked Vegas down a peg. Big story. Big story. Wouldn't seven. Well that does Sunday. Big story today across the nation is O'Dell Beckham junior got his leg taken out during a pre season game against the against the Cleveland Browns last night. Body Calhoun out of Minnesota their quarterback took a shot is ankle. And visibly frustrated out of that from junior stands up it appears he's going to be OK but he was not happy after the game. Mean I don't know it's a gorgeous but. Pre season. I mean goes boom. You know and anatomy and discuss it on the I think it's. So excited about them. I don't know who it is I'm not really deserves. It is just above my opinion it. Although Beckham junior clearly thought it was a dirty hit somebody going well on them from the behind he knew his ankle during a pre season game at the not a penalty not a penalty although sayings side. Kind of like time and place right. Pre season football makes hold somebody up gas slowly bring into the ground but this this is again another problem that the NFL players. Don't see eye to eye with the NFL offices because every player to a man will tell you. Yeah we're not allowed him high but we'd rather get hit high and we can come back from a concussion and a couple of weeks shred my knee I'm done for an entire year. And they could end my career so. We've got these rules in place to protect the overall shield of the NFL's the players don't sue for CT Ian concussions later on in life. But right now in life they're putting the players in jeopardy by shredding their knees and potentially losing star players. For an entire year I mean it's it's like him if you do damned if you don't with the safety in the NFL right what you have to. Have the pre season because you have people who evaluate players and give them opportunities because David shout the NFL is like change. A making an actual roster the training camp roster doesn't really mean a whole lot where even if you can make the actual 53 man roster. In get that 450000. Dollar salary. It's like to get a lot of guys so it needs to happen maybe. They're they're become some kind of movement throughout the week. Where you see protests at worst soccer player stars who play them in our third pre season game pool and Eric Berry. Right they'll play it until the third pre season game they get a little bit of reps that you kind of back into it or maybe the first in the third something like that but. The more and more feels like there's zero value playing your stars in more than one or 230. Value there's no value whatsoever playing your guys you can get all the stuff done in practice if you wanted to and I'll have to go out there risky. What do you may pre season flag football. Don't don't start with don't do you can still run your toe and still play don't faster guys the game and because that a good enough job of doing that themselves they have the good don't you lose these games don't matter anyway you wanna see who gets to evaluate players you can evaluate players playing flags are Agassi yet to be Smart amendments cornerback for a bit from the browns are not Smart though. The docking with your helmet. A lot of stars of the game and in. On August 41 he goes high that he's out of the game and he's looked at it as he's been asked if the answer fifteen yard at the penalty. They go Hyde thing equipment to read it that that your helmet barely touched the other helmets. That's ahead to head contact me. It's it's tough to be a defender in today's NFL. That said the body count and hit. Seemed it seemed on the borderline dirty today. Well if it did but according to the NFL it's legal I mean if he goes hi he's out of the game. He's fine to and his team gets penalized fifteen yards he goes low he's not find he's not kicked out he's not penalized but he but he risks treading O'Dell Beckham's name the other teams and that's about it right and it welled in the league is Vladimir vote of that news is knee shredded against the browns in week two with a mouse and hasn't changed their. And notices the entire year and you'll what are your great stars in the NFL missing a year what ruled the change there. It you can get you can poll tackle between the the Nichols and the fire I strike zone. Yeah exactly that the it's it's too fast you can't it can't expect players to go that way so a lot of times they go low. Because they're afraid of going high and don't wanna get finding don't want my flag all that stuff so they go low. This particular situation felt like it was moved to I I thought so too I thoughts as to use the sidelines in the pre season man run the guys to the sidelines I don't know. Just if if it's one thing to lose somebody the regular season it's a totally different ball game to lose somebody in. He sees predecessor big story today. And this study. Says chiefs fans can only date people in certain NFL fan bases. We're gonna ruin some relationships with what's up well its next dot com's.