The Get Out Episode

Carrington Harrison
Friday, March 17th

Carrington is joined by Damon Smith, Aaron Randle and Jeremy Yon to review the movie Get Out and address Carrington's critique of the film. Is Carrington in the sunken place?


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They should they just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. Turbo charged yeah yeah. Think as good as I. Left side I'm at the I like delegation back here and my eyes like delegates to membership right now is on the chopping block the right at the big cars because I am not a fan of the lead yet out. To my left here David Smith went up when. Right in front of the error Randall exco. He's here yeah and I had that have been snuck into excited about that under the noise around right away shots I'm. This is why I don't like the movie you know the numbers tell the police intelligently the car right here. When I watched. Movies I think it got great characters and great scenes. I think there's one good care during did Al I think Peters. Won and add maybe too good scenes in the movie. And maybe I was a prisoner of the expectation. Everybody I know I trust their opinions that is the good movie. So I went there thinking about to be a life changing. Racial experience. A very great movie. And left with a Netflix movie. And it did symbol divided senate hold watched it wouldn't expect that. But hopefully it. The expectation article what people told me the movie was going to be just drown them who additive find it that interstate. At least to match the level of race that people feel like what you're telling me is that she wants the movie from the Sutton place broke. And ultimately I guess they're they had that warmer now muddling I can't read it they'll add it up really. That's where you if you asked them he wrote. He knew about it being in. That is just about the care one bit scared appeared in one good thing Mike the entire thing is like leader with a burst of humor. About the racial experience in America like you nine. The thing is the character in this this thing. Like character. Make it and he was the only Christmas tree skirts I thought he was the old league who'd care and the good thing tires the securities ties he tells a story she's clearly prodding it ties them yeah I thought it was a legitimately great. Upset that his face in the ten years. I think it is is it legitimately great cities so you don't value. India the other scene throughout the movie. Data are literally just hitting you over that he would. With the birth if you were about racism in America crime in time ideas and ensures that. Gets like it but you go yeah a lot of parents is a. Like that like characters like. Oh brother played home the made. The maiden name is Gloria. We don't we're Georgia isn't it like he's failed like. Don't seem nervous or what you she's like no not like she's really imparting to people and once and she's like saying no answer as as the grandmother whose incomes are too into body but she's crying ever Georgina a great scene. I think it is here to. We all like rats we all could understate it did you assault in the rat genius to really pick up every single ball or was this all really that dull but you can ever. OK but yes. If you go is to watch owners you know that the grandmother was controlling her until after you saw the movie. Very important as you bid to go back oh that's why it seems they say that's more twists and movies are. Some twists and economics. And I think I think this movie. Was soul. Over here it is what we're not refusing didn't like the fact that it was player but I feel like that they have that makes the call it affected his late because the fact that when you found odd stuff that they and you're able seem thin but it does not seem enough. And fraught Indian realize why things work out a got run. Why are Georgina Crowley. Everything start make insist as the movie did you you but let's make it seem like this would six since weren't you find out Bruce Willis is Daniel like there. Six this is trashed by auto but what's crazy is I didn't. But I got through that employ them to fix it route you can go the matrix route. You have to watch that matrix itself a few times before you start to pick up one all everything I guess that's that's what it's like it. As a competitor and you could look at it like and that's what some people do because it's littered with that type of innuendo when you when you think about get out it's the same thing like I watched it for second time last night. Really I didn't get a feel upland. The different things better day I'm the first fifteen minutes is light east wit dialogue. About the experiences one line that didn't hear the first fifteen minutes BioWare has been honest I was like I had did for my opinion it is not. The like in the state while you only heard three tracks. Here. Who did their part that pops obvious. It's such a privileged to experience another person's culture it fit in a way as you want to the first time you said he knew they get. This is some some some micro aggressive but she but when you realize what happens and you see at this time. He's being rule he literally talking about about the take you out all year. And put it may have to leave it at your husband of like. Bad. Jordan bill actually says like I want chewed he once once he twice he's physical and they're seeing blind NC when you are no it was went in and you pick up so me being the second time like prisoners. You think she's been out I was still in a cup. While UID no she's she's not a paper trail broke. Like if so much of birth and it took me like good and I was gonna challenge you makes you think. Is this like you kind of know what the basic premise was going Ian. But I think to make his movie so like successful is that you didn't know when you do. An idea but why he has so many twists and turns that's what that cinema does intelligence you'd think and you want you to read is into that and. Order a budgets are no I don't think I'm done and they kind of had everything to Dallas I don't let them dating lives set out to say in the begin is that you know. Over the debt RA. We're about to take these black people and spoiler alert boiler obviously. The take these black people and take their bodies away from them and put people's minds and in so that they can beat him. But when you get to into the field and you see that if you go back and watch it again. So many Easter eggs throughout the entire they didn't like whole wheat this dude is. If they get a bill it a brilliant eighth. It's like at bat good. To me this was 230 number app but everybody was one on like it's like there and I can these magazines in my case it can't be. That amazing barbecue where it's like broad response and like. In the early did not yeah. Yeah it says that I'm. Under what. Actually felt like that it is 230 not that I had I was like it's the place shopping is the best big kids that like shoot 39. I think Brooke calling an awful lot to order was. A little hyperbolic I don't think the movies awful. I think it is just an average movie if it's may it's gonna say I think this movie is like the bit of butterflies. The middle butterflies in really good out. For me like yeah like I guess that entertaining of an album out I think it's Michael west an edit package. A lot of the same topic is the same black flower black excellence we should do better like all the same the nod at an apple wrought with brutality been that's been planned well. Much more enjoyable entertaining listen via their problem of lightly that's not happy about this I understood a lot of us to stop you right. You've got the second time or read that one was the article them all okay I did so without the Bosnian reference. But sometimes the like I don't know how you were supposed to really appreciate that failed the first time like the example you. The scene in the first guy he's there he goes outside and he's he's not mean run. And Beijing Michael kings of comedy. He won like personal runner's. Opposite direction. And stay at about oh I'd like. Was it weird to be like now know what happened I think Agassi are OK he was running because he was killed traits and Jesse oh. And he looks up the reasons he speaks and prayers because you have the banks that the one courtesy. Like Indy. Indy and be a bridge watching that scene how did you know appreciate and understand how good it is until at the via Wikipedia and the read about it later. That's mine look like he's also in that moment be like and what was in years because you don't know you don't get it. And then later when it's revealed who we is the best that he's the grandfather who is now with. I'll have that that Easter egg. Ahmet. That's what it is if you go after you watch it time and probably do because you know Lee is this thing that and also been their moment in the bill. Where do you go but it's stuff like that it did little real place is like. How many put him in the desperate out they put an edge as. Yeah it is he's that he's apartment he's the guy he's the poll. In the movie theater. That's yeah that's the thing that he's he William why I like black people into a kind of yeah. And he was the right. Thing happened. It's. And I. When when the police car pulled the that was a battle by far the best news. There I'll leave it. This thing like that where is really really Burton obviously and in comes out. But it's just like that the progress and over and over meridian at the info would like to think that we experience on the bases. There in the middle you know. What expletive. I've. Like the movie had to it was like two parts of the movie like write about the movie was like and OK another movie got really interstate. Like the last hole one seeded 45 minutes Johnson collect them like the break in the movie where it got really good. He didn't find the pictures. And realizes. Yoshi don't lie to me the entire time idea yet and if he goes downstairs in his ended debating the keys and it cleared WW amber who I think our. Knew my door locked up and made the they clearly have over the head Eric Shepperd what happens he's knocked out you can go and grab a cup it and goes down in the place from that point or it became a great movie well. There's nothing to two point as far as like. I think it's a fair critique you Hussein why for example Kristen Ruiz ran towards in the ground slash and mean on. And that's a critique like you know would a black person not run but I feel like Jordan peel. So in layers he has the filmmaker like he answers that with. Little rail skirt that he's barely won like Greg you were to where he was literally critiquing what he knew would be a critique movies like you know whipping like he'll be right next do we brown will be running this. But a little on the phone I broke what you bodies still there a second while I just think that. It's like you're more interest in like in the violence and like the traditional troops a short films and personally I. Wood into this that he was more over anyway like it is Seymour Hitchcock to me in the right Wes Craven allied films the kind of take. Our ground more reality lesson like gore just might scare you win you know I'm like you know that kind of. And I just say it I think I went into it expecting. Just the characters and scenes that fell were placed in the movie to root like grant me. They grant me aside and then it Tico. I liked him we knew him when he was at the picnic. That was basically an option as creepy as well to be like. That like I was interesting to veto well. I know what. Ladies ID is actually good to me like a bit of auditioning to see like do I'll take this means how to best dressed like it is in the body snatchers creed. Aggressive that we expect all that bit up mark but the entire. Is that I caught I didn't catch the auction. And it whenever I read about it mate since whenever they did play bingo and hold up the caller. Oh what. Are technically. It's a feel like you should probably move off these things now. I does that mean I'm like. Cindy part of any part of the critique of the movie cast can be. Like we all have hurts all gotten it up all the compared to music it's a different foreign media expert I can admit that law like it likes song junior you know that it. Like we saw it might be an excellent like that's gonna be eighty. Takes a little bit Tom personal or black beetles it'd Italy go out like what's the best song on the album and it eventually lead content caught. Somebody hurt Edwards but approximately you know there's going to be. Like if you like if you see out the first time in some of the stuff you base in that you gotta go Becker read about it that have to be an indictment outgrew the movies that solo stuff you could catch sports either approach. You know what I. I see him in a few different I think that. Because a lot of it to be honest like don't give our intellectual masturbation and people are kind of dig in some time here don't fly above I do but. Got caught by our. I saw the first time I just think that is. Actually up plus it's a movie that does challenge people like people want to keep talking about it that's comics movie memorable will be like six when it came out. People would I guess in that four. We just two years and he doesn't like this is the same kind of move that it's a challenge us for a long time and that's what I think great movies do. I guess to me I guess what I watch six cents at Goran you that's compares to the good comparison is. The main two characters were just really compelling to me and they had a really and maybe it's not a problem like that. But there are certain scenes in six ads like this really compelling scene and I always felt like when I watch six cents. Why it's called worst quality to tell his mom would never call Bruce Willis and I'm like this kid in Iraq so much and it was like on something that happened at the in. And then they eventually revealed it. Today that would just this year. They had natural thriller scenes in there and it was the big twist would be in that when it finally put together like really blow your mind it's like we're YouTube and you proponent it doesn't mean you're from this and it sounds like Dodgers had those moments a lot earlier than I had been in the I think that what. A few things one. I went in to see the movie. I had an expectation. Not really that it was going to be a horror film. But more of way comedy because it's Jordan feel so I went into it knowing that there were warned the laughs it was. Obviously in the framework of war film. I also think that them. I'm curious to know what you think about this. You walked in with it it was clear exploration in expectation yet. I. I got a blood did you expect out of Tennessee grateful I didn't really know what kind of movie excited because. I heard it was a thriller it was oral court then I knew it was based on race I was curious however gonna put all those things together. When the first started whenever they get money from Atlanta and and they put it in the trunk unlike. OSHA regional politics out like are out and we know that they even when the deer with someone. You lose you got today apart because once I thought it past the hour right there for the right after the vaccines because I get a failed or. To a different scene early on average every they do it like I was saying I don't down calibrated to avoid big scene yeah we can be when he Mitt like the forty day you'll it was it was just the wind. Pretty quickly actually yet the person noses acted that. It was auctioned after that it was he's won it again after that it was always just didn't think it was literally every yeah. I'm miles on a good use of light where did you where I've written it has stopped like we're kind of momentum foot of the movie stop it for you in nominated to back up about series and I'm asking whether or not expect anything get the year because. Are gonna be just differences abilities maybe that could be. You know and nets more than fair the best instant us all slid from people from different spheres. Appreciate the leader yet. In an Oakley in its in itself a different the congress for example like it is black women birth let me enter interpret in their view of Rosen. It's real it's interesting to me women from the get go into like this yeah he's my hero I don't know. And not let how might genuinely surprised and for me on that I was due for today brought a lot of guys though that I that I that sealed Twitter and talked to babe will throw for a look at the Obama. Do you like it's like. Yeah I know is really outburst was just totally out until that mr. black it. Almost ever talked a new. And amusing to me like how does it there was only challenges that the move presented to viewers it is just like so much your brain candy I don't see why you wouldn't like you. I guess that's the thing about my daughter rose moment for me when I realized he wrote that what you think she was. What book and bet he never told impart it will always whenever. Georgina it spilled the jury maybe it was that clear scene where did that all rebels and I remembered it all proceed and they go back upstairs and she says. Mean she's not art papers in boredom like. Our I don't know why are now all like their parents have never acted like bet that have made before. Okay couldn't even remember the dead in mid is that he's like I don't think it. White elite black help. Yeah it was pretty obvious overall pick none of acting like keep building need to explain it. And David she corrects the black kelp and it rose goes up there and sentinel we'd open at light headed yeah I don't know. The. How Smart people the they opted aren't people need to light. Correct means that night we don't need to be quick to. I would like it is spoke to a digital markers this opportunity like I let it go and work that out coworkers. If they were like at the grammys I can't lead beyoncé. The real thing and boys like does it Alice. It was some countries into them yet. It's a rewrite everything every Hamas all I can new micro aggression I was on loan from being out of there out of the hundreds fan and about how to lower bad down because you know my attention span is terrible. And I go to Haiti and now I'm back you know hundred gigabyte to seed another micro aggressions who minutes after that if we get up and experience it's meant in day out. People that we work with the they the the four row homes that they kind of got me with that. We can come across a team that has. Ripa that individuals in this one person isn't (%expletive) though is that the she probably pretty (%expletive) up like it just doesn't work where there's one person is standing out in just. Got this great. Care about the biggest and most exited that there are people in the family are Michael Griffin has or do you look back and edit them in in the error when it's just like. Absolutely insane. Like our rights but are too. This will public. Go live really Eads ross' Leo injury give them broad license. Yeah I've got picked up big why she was doing that and I I rhetoric I am gonna rip it out you must be peace like the plus BP's really good explains a lot of stuff the like in the movie I'm not noticing. And I go back and read it. The one thing I did notice but I thought we did a great job at Indy it was very ironic that yet the pick cotton and in order to get as Hillary will like that was just. It was I've looked like that was a genius way you don't like how he got green was yet to pick the cut out of the chair to put this year the baby's sleep Duchovny here. It's about the charity frees himself and they need kill them with the the year that they hate to put him in the situation like. I understood that how it I was like. What's the message in ILE suit with an inning looked like your hands up like her immigrant and his new column they got a guy. Only at the obvious problem is she's a hell of urgency yes she said well good to see what the crazy thing that I don't think I've seen anybody say yet about this. News. Little growth here goals that the cops. Mostly black. Tells this story tops about the key Stanford's here here's. Having disappeared. Chose her that is is that these dispute it's news stories about it she doesn't believe absence things. Getting gifts to other nonwhite. Police operatives don't know they still don't get alt we Oval Office is Shoppach Carson and gossiping Carson that that not a big parts of plot around and their room is now that's. About that I have met and got I think. The cops get. The this this black cop who's going to be an extended look at the any authority figures and that is why scary it's scary as that pop up our couple and a and of lights questioning you getting you know. Being in scared because you think you know about me is Murton it's our league that there are. Whatever it ain't too quick shout outs today Asian man who made his debut as a little bit soon to be about how is oddly out of and they align themselves with the crowd and then you know just just begin a Fabio forget about 22 and she she just like they treat people. Since. Also. So I'm glad they out there. Rules I would say you're talking to David Smith air Brando and Jimmie Johnson right now. Also interest in score and the use Smart Heatley. And I like both Woertz. A premiere entry is lately that it's like listen to incest or something's wrong. Like look. I'm a regular. That your that your. Lender and a chance. For them to do myself but the envelope please why you act collectively for good lift and we and and and basically it translates to lightly that the ancestors. Now it's just appreciate it now. Well it's well thought out display and a brace blackness and at this reflected in its own experiences. Let me ask you guys this about the seem to happen in the movie thus scene where it. After the night falls day comes he goes outside to talk to. John Henry who has worked on train I doubt they're chopping a good to have a conversation. It seemed like double that was a gutsy I thought that seed was awful I got this like this guy is so we years so creepy. This is a dangerous than Dallas and one of the play. So meanwhile the G it was like OK this is what the believe me just leave it like there's no there's no state tonight like this guys freaking out like. I got over bush there publicity come a low low point which meat that was like mob acts opened delight our. Boys couldn't. We do have figured where do you that you go back to the years to once again here on the blue outlets and I mean now that all this stuff I'll watch you want more top like. I I I think there's different stuff but I think I'll notice a lot of east right now but I read about it in conversation about it that I might well busted our. The won't defeat saying then and what they're different I've played two different like fanned fears basically. It is day for our users were they thought I was like OK does anyone that he's dragging on there and it was just a whole bunch of teaching math and soon assessing our listeners may be. I'll discuss ounce. I don't think so. If you go back and watch this in a second time though like. In watches from the perspective that man. Being one of rules roses boy for patents. It might change your perspective it may never get up that much but it's gonna bring it up some because. There's a part of him that's like do. Herb I'm supposed to be your boyfriend that's trying to push through. But there's also the grandfather and that's like that's my granddaughter like there's a lot of emotional. Psychological tension that's Britain or offer that that little scene it you know you it would not. The the and the thing that that really that. Pops out to me is this movie maybe two days after seeing I'm not your negro didn't I'm not Cindy and Alice units have if you haven't go with the I will say that with the absolute. Mindful who watched that. Where they talk about Medgar Evers Martin decaying in them that amount or mix in their deaths in the fear. Surrounding be in a black man in America. In the did you go when you see get out and it's really essentially the same thing with so obviously in Gator vastly different way. It forces you to look at black Meehan in this country. Vastly different ways that you. Because normally you look at it and you think of much she's mote you'd think of bravado. You could pick pocketing the rat you know sports figures. But this makes you realize it everyday that we while in this between you and your life. Of something negative possibly happening to. And that does it mean a big part of the Paris moved to how it will quarterly article actually shouted out shocked Russia to him. Local Casey film critic. He was talking about the relationship between moonlight. An auction negro in and get out. And what I've agree with him with his right. These movies really took. The side in America doesn't like to see a black people considerably black mean which is our vulnerability you know I'm saying I think they really like to. Imagine this as these viral after lake always strong. Shot USSR session on time. That. Odds. I'll probably add a new nose and really talk I don't know. Let it shut out announced on Edwards. But ELI. They met it was cool how these these films really attacked a different side. Of our psyche and that's one thing that I appreciated argued that was it was a slow. Blow me believe that the old I didn't leave my rapturous why did they ever start a honeymoon was over but it took me time like I'm sure it's that time amateur negro to digest and think about it it's really just appreciate the mention which we've seen. Let me ask you does this with. How much I love the praised Ford did Al. Do you think if I would say the shift in our culture though I think black people not have a thirst to see ourselves represented in television. I think we went through the Oscar so why and nobody was like this ever happen and it were aborted you would appoint whether we got to push Spence is whether we got to push. The movie with Nate Parker where the regatta pushed it out. That what you were just wanna see themselves on television dare you would accept it will be debt if they released that Netflix it wouldn't be kidding me prayed that it is. Because this message is being told on this Korea's state. It is now being champion in such a way I don't think that's it there's is movie called the blues the polio could. LL cool. Campbell I remember that about a way and I don't need to remember it and I finally I. A move seen. Because it's the first time and and I recall all of the problem here in eight the older we about it survive. In the Bob Allen served by the entire time. Actually he actually if something about the black guy and that is in the movie I'm not on the light. Problem is he does is he did it to me. It's different level because he's killings starts he's killing super Smart sharks. Hope I don't like he would like you oh for his about a cool I. Of that today that it is the greatest movie about American slavery effort like this. Better and that meant that you might. And that I really think Tom yeah yeah I thought well. And the ongoing Helen and went back to answer questions for the clintons better than out. No absolutely I don't have guys that feel on it but I. Lottery picks up the critics. Actually deed. What you were alluding to I think that they preemptively gained two thumbs up because of what it was was in was supposed to be a Berkman was over it was oversold to us. I think. Very good movie. But hated figures is not this pictured it to me in my opinion and to add on I think I don't know why that's a great album it is due to the second highest rated. That's me is yet inadequate horse like it's. And I like him like a fun night when he's in the F two with including a role in Denver where absolutely. DF 21 right sues New Zealand one dollars for the arts with the NCAA. And it did you revisit it and not only that there is another the other I have him and we'll also benefits that since world war room but I'm. Gold is the view I could of terrorist. Where it's it's well. We have man I think it says I mean you too insidious to the ones yeah they're phenomenal I. I was feeling bad critics actually sell short and laid. All lit up because it's a black paint like a butterfly I don't believe those critics all bot that it was agree I think that they thought they were supposed to think jazz and. I. And I I know I like Burton and as I thought I was already released I would really that he was. To me this is better because it places it in a world in context that we all understand explicitly because we have been. Day to day this is harder to make every part of a nation it just copies. These slavery formula that we've seen done fifteenth not like it's a good movie but it and we've seen is that accurate or at least we out. I'll say this. I think it would have been about a year ago I think shot Tyler over here I. What downsides are I. Wouldn't know. I am I feel like to give a butterfly. Well problem that the outline of the critics you know. Let's face amount what is the polls did they say probably elect is supposed to say some. Actually think that there's a better chance I think the more. White movie critics actually understand. Culture in film better than music greats do I always thought that if you written read Roger Ebert. He really got what was going Nolan in most of the films that he and he and he reviewed. At ethnic it would with the people who reviewed get out. Com. I don't think that's necessary because they found them but I myself I wouldn't go so far to say you know get out his life. You know is getting this type this poke from these critics because they like it's supposed to. RPG and we think the movie's that good and they actually. The the meaning behind it they get the Easter eggs that are you know getting in the bill now. You think that created excitement and expectation game. I felt like that going to move with the we are compares with exception everybody said inception was one of the right. But I'll okay concept art I really do it you can. Let's talk at the podcast. Oh I don't know who I'm okay I'm like I don't like at all like yeah. Sixty. The reception was not left and made out to the parts it liked the decree move. So like that was the only other anchor member that was built up the work them out that I that we into Agassi is we will all remembering and. Remember session on the RA member about inception is dead Ellis when Netflix forgiven now dvds and now wash him once and it just like that got old and an HR before later a solid effort guns. As a good thing. It runs in its floor our daughter was little apprehensive lobs like any other steps forget out. I thought that the purpose obviously you're a good idea until I am I mean I brought high priest and hey what are really. And I was like and it actually stood up its image. If this has mapping in respect to get out and in other black films. You've almost never see. That type Lou rotten tomatoes lower for. You need Blackfeet always wondered look at black held volatile people like you can't judge awful rotten tomatoes says it's about tiger why Mary's a good move. I don't care what rotten tomatoes and use you watch it batted an enjoyable movie with real live lets out here right baby boy at the classic a tournament. You guys oil oil and light trucks but it's also a girl if you're sick I'm like all right. This news edit one doubles five but by Britain the alt. I like can be. I agree it will review every scene before. There's a girl talk yeah they should be out there was this also predicts. What are the Shawshank redemption. And as many of the comes on TNT when it. Over at some point it will dribble horrible songs have gotten you need the but he does like. Like the movie but it's a whole hundreds score brought to make ends meet with probably shouldn't be a hundred rounds and you know he's not. It is the year ago it really is actually appeared. Not a case that you can stance obviously. So often led down by a horror movies you don't like to gore like green inferno or your like. They reliable just like I don't know those sudden burst them like Middle East and make you scam Ivan. I have not liked meaty or. Fields in the last five teen years rumba like this one. But rather get as a war or that thriller not satisfied bro and that is not happy in my often nowadays optimize the. And I hate moves and I'll watch it I don't even care about probably gotten. Had something didn't feel I respectfully people lol broad cross border deal. And lived to tell on it is to tell about it like yeah man what Mort you in a move at a police didn't tell me why does help me save. Pro daily at its best movies in theaters cents. Since when I was like well look well you think that you saw that you left. With the feeling you have forgive. My favorite movie ever Michael Clayton in every time now watch this thing with respect to its. The last 1015 minutes of that movie. The pinnacle of field. In its its neck in and out is Michael Clayton but it's. And 6% of it as a black ranch. Has got to empower as far as the let me ask you this bass black movies cents. I go through. Or. Art it's hard to give like Selma those movies like so it was just like they like the script are we telling our young guns are written for use. Like I did state you got to act you got those things like that's not a horror movie to make it Selma. You just got to get some rich person to fill fought in like Oprah did and didn't make the movie is I did out I get the credit for its original script peoples that they're doing what's written tightly to my dad yet to see I don't know that I I look at it that way because you still have to. Directing you still have to edited is still at least got to find the right shots in. If you do in a ruby ruby did a masterful job with that film. When you think about this scene. A Martin speaking I haven't until as wife about hurts him cheating like. It will captured that in a very very brilliant way. I was having those included the movies like as a part of doctor king's legacy like I don't want to just like. Skate over with him I was happy that in the movie they encompassed all of what he was like. So what a cheater boy he also was this great individual that. Let us to free but usually she threw it almost as she tells that what this impeccable touch that you're not gonna get to necessarily be alert. Stephen Spielberg Steven Spielberg even because Steven Spielberg even though he's gonna do he would have done a mass without him. He's not Lackey doesn't get the experience he's not a female. And he may not be able to tell it with the wins that she does the scope that she does she did a great great job before with it so to say that. Just to be able to tell the story. Because it was already written because it's history that two putted and cut the title because sphere because she did something that was very very masterful with the scene on the bridge. Master coming across was just phenomenal so. And I don't know that necessarily within its mind. The best black movie scene. You know. The last that's been seen since get out or and being compared to get out a joke on me at latest by the Los Mike obviously a Tia you know I actually look and feel love hate the other is. ZoneAlarm on. And I am not the importantly and more about the brick now way. Another about the the actors in both them and be appreciated TI's records and lightly he not since that movie. Was there when alleged the skiing I was kidding because though which you know all while he did contract he has and Darby knew Ed NW CS that was scientifically is that as Akram. He did not want to know. And didn't expect it not to open them if they're definitely whoop there. Talking about get out. Everything of recover the expectations for the film. What people thought about it to me did it make another movie Jordan VO yeah I'm pretty sure he might help zoo. This may get an elderly he's on form that would tackle like social themes where are you out the album like you know when it comes back. Already been easy to stop liking your unit short peak in film making so everything you do like budget deficit did not try I think everything he does that there's gonna be compared to get out I think in and you look at. Jordan feels track record as a comedian. Com India waltzes. Rate humor that is that subverts the the norm. But still brings out bankrupt and Lance. With Keyon deal with this bill. You think about the people who wanna work with him. They're gonna want to work with him after this film I'm one and one in effect he's going get you know 3040 million dollar budgets and he's the of these brilliant. Yeah that's what makes me optimistic that happened he says like with the bar is set the spotlight on me were eagle from the chemed in other professions like where do you go right you know samba man on at the same Loeb looks like. It's maple four million dollars next time you. Have. Ever. Make literally. Thirty times more than its costing me keep he again national budget and that means that are better bigger act is better because it's an acting that could be. It could be repeating it gets gets the next. Hey Donna and that's part of it too much what you have this what was it says it was a wanna be apart you know I mean like. You made this film that people in this circle of love and appreciate you know like everything you need to be always seems open to do these kind of roles like she'd sign up super that a nation which included two could these atlas acts and look like. I calamity like north. She's not worst the lower lending if not go out there are comments this crash in lets you know as a cabinet. Actors actresses were the moment. It is worth and it really union cannot say if a mile Long Island. Here now if and it has. Not willingness to do when they're not with the next with that I would that's obviously I'm not new news. Anyway so I know about. You've got enough I'm your man right here behind it and a big big signs got you know it's a big doubles he's only delay the outcome. It's a big filing in Allen and not a big lie or helps you green. You can't be thought I had what I did a nice guys like we'll help find this I LA they are right now is that they. Throughout this bond issue now have to catch it and I think the attitude that really need to and it rotted out so I think we need to have. The father and I don't know which says against the Weisel let's talk about John John John I don't think about a category out of putter I would putter in big time of the doubt about it what does these deals and this is out. It's not just got just sounded very biased it's a bit. That she'd be a good job doesn't bounce. I did not Dana Belgian Idaho. Yeah. OK honey I'll Portland and category because he just had a baby body or does the lenders like all my brother what happens legislation every. But that's mostly Buddhist she's healthy healthy five. He. And feces get any movies movies and I'm not boxing you can slip and we should thanks. Probably throw you already know. Obama destroy your thing then when I want it complete comically out beyond that can destroy you want to. What are hard man it's okay like I agree I agree I agree with that view into you know. The again that I like that can't do and if that's what I want that's what my job description on cats we needed to change it mess. And European. About me into watching regain everything in my opinion about I didn't enjoy the volume of 5000 go to the theaters in the you know that's how we got our. And I don't want to get up to do you kind of think that is that Netflix movies they're good I spoke to the net which. I'll guy there's zero procedure that it has shaken out this exact. Mean if I mean age nowadays I think Netflix made one move that you felt like you think that you knuckled it once and that's not lighten and I have to do that by going to face doesn't trees like so full ball moves you into violence on the how is. It makes the this week yes they don't all like yeah. Home movies and not talk about like this it's a thirty minute I thought I love story as he ports in class about. That's policy eagle avatars in hot political I don't I don't I got no no reason to expect Ahmed as rape Nancy spam my brother you know an egg can buy much all the life and as for the freezing I'm surprised that. You know while I kind of working on our don't -- and it was eight out of a movement yeah he get out like. This week this budget wisely yeah you're unit that barbershop where Koppel is right there on the optional right there. Do you as. What are some really good movies you that you pay or indeed paid Steve Morton guys that have stations like racial movies are just not just an original. A reference fourth would consider a good movie of a different rooms and are currently enjoy it for the nation are logged a big fan of that interest in that he's a lie. If the park I've really really like the birth of a nation com. Many movies that I would see that scene in the movie theater like why leave the movie ticket I enjoyed that like I just want Latin yeah I watched it and I. That was that was and you know that if you want the nice guys Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe looked good a region goal. Creative movie out I looked at the idol left happy that went to goes on what kind of judge off that. I don't judge off at that and we theater that I enjoyed my experience index unless you know aspects last stop watch it. I kind of look at it like that I think warts on this conversation I whistler ban it. I kind of look at it as. Are there good characters in good scenes in the movie I don't know how many good characters are worried you know how many good like scenes there were in the movie that is my current series here. For watching movies monorail dolls not the buried and rose Catherine the great care here Bob there was a great here. The only one that Ottawa was a great character in the movie and all the loose cannon Jimmy and it's my team buys it. If you if you pay attention to the dialogue in the way its delivered the only care unit really really troubles me is that. What. We hear it was creepy stuff. I'm back here to Georgie is not a great character they're they're grandfather is not a great to hear their order actor will or did characters themselves were there are an engrossing and you don't think Arab horrible. Act as it is great seeing you like to hear about it got a brother was we hear. There's at least a really good seemed to rattle the good dinner scene where he's literally. Make it racial connotation and Ottawa there's an all that stuff judo at about wasn't really. Interesting tent scene I actually think Georgina might be one of the two were three best care ours that was in the entire bill like. When she's saying no no no no no I learned over and over again and starts crying. Like that level of acting is pulsating that's real light. You can feel that in the end to meet the juxtaposition. For for the way that she's the ties and carried on by the big grin appeared the grandmother. The juxtaposition is when you see the. She's which she used. And the entire and that's the way she supposed to be that character elevates itself went to Cuba and I'll look at that picture for the first time I met him right. I like of polite in Brussels I want to get the orient and the brother who snatched you know. McKee scare like. I hear. Like Greta who are really up here. But it's been a model was right now seek. It like I like from that from her first scene. She was only one actually did even try to fake it he was clearly in tennis. We about it it is on not that the mother actually disturbed me like the whole move IC was she was though tonight is your. I don't wanna hear he closest political Mort I'm. I'm not a good if not a fear not help more Kermit the Frog means. I don't there is Voigt Lauro was funny. I lights. Burbank here it's like Clooney's the group based here terrible I. The dual Atlanta wasn't it interesting a mile literally nobody was it inside like I thought he was kind of weird. Kids. Sugar mama what's kind of weird. I entered and has appeared but really weird to this supposed to be his best guns ahead in the teeth into it as like. Arguments that he's one of you wanted to greatest actors. But the knicks to indicate to you like to do is really really good sort of twelve easy shorts on don't know if I'd check it out I think a rule like it's a really really good movie it's a bowel. This like group home and up real Larson is in my that's telling her what her breakout roles and legitimate use like one of the kids that are like faulted. I thought about asleep so you have a huge thing about cute development like this something to blow about movies right quick suggestion. You should watch more and and coolest thing about pictured is very well. Yeah and note at a later on Allah. How I don't tell the enemy is like yeah saves out there now and every half they had no way out of here what's going to play and he's bound by the conversation. And like this area. I notice it the south you know you've got to respect the dude man. Also offer drop in and you've got to always sided crossroad that we need to give me like a freak like membership like the premium once you not like I don't mean to you could be you can set up in reference to ethical or you have the company Amanda Australia this is not put on the spot televisa and is hard for me to do what he got talent contestant does that name they give out into into tenth biggest problem these Olympic of player. Also on shouted you also wonder and well and ups. At that degree wind and how done. I that's not think about to host of beat oh when he clearly good cell phone that it has no started leaking out that part was good. Oh. If I don't I think a nice idea yet of color is like no I was no seizures like Ireland as these leagues easily did you. What do you eat it is a good actor but what he's seen aside from this that it into Atlanta. They key is all right. Even wait to play he plays and bury CO Atlanta Atlanta not a few of the movie but Atlanta ethics. But from the the moment of the mystery meat at the cookies. And a knife. And he's like he offers cookies at a parts of it. Just it that's right but didn't the way. He Carrey is scared to throughout the entire show is just liked them like this doom really really has this. This this level of care they're acting that's the year but he also really good. Comedian with a acting like he's really really guys. I think a couple of them in mind that do. Is that it would come justice to black actors that are going to be open. Has all the intangibles that knew him. That network I don't really set it to be against big sports person like your business. The nose the whole reason that you just can't intangibles like intangibles. Anyway is that the rapid her. Everybody got final thought by the Lugar coming up our. On movie elements are here and LA. Our video he bit yeah duke north dugout waited so we as they hit Aaron Hill are all in Carolina he secured my bag. Well I'll answer that the movies you're. I think I think the movie's drama loving the movie is great watch more enemy of course wife's death note also bomb. You are not here Dane says something about Steven Spielberg in the name from an do you Twitter handle probably will be Steve in true vertical by an out of view from. Hope it's the if the watches and open it would be if you are this week that is just the heat get out on the open it's the B. Click its thinness it. This thing yeah. Also out of this diagnosis. One more thing also cutesy that you Erica Pratt and I would have thought yeah I think a growth.