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Tuesday, August 22nd

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Cleveland Indians they just keep finding ways to win and no one wanted to progress requires that sequence of back toward the amount picked by the first baseman double clutched. Think it's a great friend never let that guy with a living. It wouldn't say I don't look like a bullet. And a brewing. That's when Saturday gadget time that that's the 20s15 royals and as always you know it's Cleveland beating Boston too does a huge win and a walk out by error we saw that allowed back and fifteen didn't we had with some crazy winds like death for the Kansas City Royals on. Yeah we did board seat toward those two well believe it there's good reason magic come where I got a good read on. Got picked off in the week you know that could help these boys get restored. They get back on that one way to back on the attack. I'm with you my man it's time to go against the Colorado Rockies before we given that. You got roasted last night had back noted anybody embarrass you. All are you kidding me it was a beautiful. I deserved it. Every one knows that was close to 500 people there and build those folks won the rose meeting albeit but they didn't have a chance to. What they all got their money's worth believe it. You know you Mitchell Iraqis. Buddy black and Greg Holland it is nice video initiative. Of the fellows. And that was so good black eyed but black in our ability to for a long time he talked about. Early days when he was picked because the Yankees and he advocates against stock cratered kindergarten senior. Then you know I actually looked at war Bali. You know Dave Winfield in the Rex Butler goes oh my god we expected ambient light of that. That you used out. In all of those good. Some of the players policy Merrill field you know but to budge at all. And global bargain and in my quarter run a fever world was fantastic. Called by god they let me have it. They had some of the some of the is that things about a month about the world they put up that could unbelievable you know confident about like what you really said that ought to say that don't accept that. You know but anyway a lot of fumbles the ball we're so thankful I was happy to take it. For saint Michael the archangel Catholic high school that was supposed to what did they did well they have agreed fund raiser who it was a lot of money people were there was lighted scenes or satellite future since. Sure it's done. It was a lot of fun guys in the great idea. 44 fundraisers. To root me and I needed it. Well we know how much you love the moon it's a beautiful planet as you once said what are they can eclipse yesterday was our last night at people break that out for. All they are all over that could actively to pick pick pick me a Wall Street. Andre. Woods who dared go odd. You know I would not want to that I couldn't believe what planet are aligned nicely as beautiful. Thought when wrecks other relatives visited a sign and. That's a technique. Much like human you know that Putin problem. That plant sort of middle period a beautiful. Rex is your feeling good about this team which is great because. They need one of those runs we know we had we have at least one more left in him where they go on that big time winning streak can get right back into contention for the central. Think that's gonna happen soon. Well you know what I can believe that these these off days it has been helpful development. Little. He starts of about you. And pitching well and I've talked to being violently pieces you know RE forty let's not forget Fargas this. Hit Tommy John he threw twelve innings last year. That's their problem he came up this year light on why he doesn't look he can you can't have a second half like that but. I got the walking with these guys were beaten lived of the filled out. They're good outing a little bit of some mechanical adjustments will be key in their leader. What started could pick it up all that guys are gonna figure it out to. So look into positive five ordinary and that's what you gotta go with right now mentality here. Any wind out of the sails from that Cleveland series our do you think that I mean we Suisse operated Cleveland team for for three games here. Yeah I'd let you know that stuff forcing you wrote that they Iran do not too shabby yet know what would have been out of the sales have been swept us but the fact they didn't. And we will have one game back for the lock it happens withdrawal. The last site do if you have Red Sox. So what can do it in there that they'll do it do you think there are certainly going to be it will validate in the world wars this couple once we have a chance to get some games. So look. Public debt deal vote of those football rugby they can division right now I can be thinking about the wild card. Well what you're starting at just a wildcard then you're not gonna get the wild card may you always got to be shoot for the best coaches and that kind of the mindset of an athlete. It is and so and guys that it's it's it's it's all about. A performance. Executing and they know what to end in the deal that let go last month with all of these guys and who knows how many of ballplayers of the organization will resign. We've all we don't know that yet if they could recite the uniformed force we know the thing that they could that Israel would Bristol know that right now what we do you know. Is it our guys are putting LP self corporate rate to come back knock on the door banner back and thought that line tonight I'll be surprised. So excited about seeing him back in there could be felt beautiful street put up some runs too vocal crowd is hole with a case of the report that sort of. Hug what exactly does Salvi mean behind the plate because a we can clearly see a difference from from like our eyes and you're the guy that played the game so shall what's what does he is truly mean being out there on the field. Well you know obviously. What he brings. From a talent stand point is if you is off the chart that's as good as it gets you know for a fourth time gold Glover seemed to be five or get them shoot away another one. And that production now has been. Stellar I could only get better. Which you know is he thankfully he's always been that old time it's opposite personalities. Energy he brings some leadership quality yet. Well I think the biggest thing in the business of it is technical ability. I have nothing against and the group in nice job especially offensively they've held their world there while he's been out there they've done a good job. We'll with the Grand Slam you know we can slam. And you threw into the evening if he had his first reported here during this time he's been out. But this signal caller to me is that the most important thing and unfortunately that's what hurt us during the time he's been out which. They keep starting pitching the ball I think they list so you can bring. All different. Dynamic when he gets back in there and they're that the a confidence factor you know sort. Sure yeah absolutely on with yeah I think it's gonna be big and you know Josh wrote a blog at sixty and sports dot com of the three royals who need to step it up the rest of the way for the steamed at the best shot at the playoffs the three guys you think workout on the most down the stretch to the ticket policy turnaround may be don't think it's got a fast turnaround beat three guys were counting on the most. To get into the playoffs. Who three guys man Kennedy. Number one. That's a number ones you think it's what Kotchman and secular problem but maybe you're your root down grade yourself that is to realize this yet to agree I must say Kennedy. Our our area we've got to have our step up our belief the student Robertson is OK I've got about. And then on the they outscored the victory but this just gives. You know that averages have been awarded the just what I can do what he's been doing things a couple of its who would some words do you can't. Can help the bottom of that lineup it also would leave some of those guys the top that's just my. We'll be careful out there you know with the flooding out there today is everything okay your house everybody did. Very thankful and warplanes of those lower lower let this morning but but I can tell you that was incredible storm passed to go off on our course. City and state. And it was unbelievable last that you stay safe we'll see at the ballpark later on. Does say threat that should give me an updated at any time buddies.