Its Time For Soria To Go

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, August 16th

Fescoe says its time to cut ties with Joakim Soria 


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Actor Joaquin stories bags you know. Bus ticket helps drive to the airport I'd given this guy the benefit of this down for a year and four months now. And I got to be honest with you you said you guys have a different subject that we are discussing before the show started every man has their breaking point you know yeah. I've had I was Soria. He needs to be cut today and in the royals owed that to the fans and they owe it to the rest of the 24 guys inside that locker room. They need to cut Soria today and give him the hell out of this organization because not homely. Can he figure out how to get anybody out. He doesn't even have the gall to talk to reporters root for the entire season. And makes Ned sit in their try to defend what he did out there on the mound last night ultimately last night that's a stinger man that that is a gut punch. That is he ripped the heart out type a lost your team fought their ass back to get in the in the lead to give you the opportunity to win that game. And you come out there and you give it up like like I don't even know why and it was absolutely. Dreadful. To watch that guy hits I'd given him every opportunity guys I've tried to give Soria every opportunity I've tried I've tried I've tried. But I have a point now where he needs to be cut not because he sucks but the send a message to the rest of the organization that bet that bad this type of performance. Is not going to be tolerated anymore inside this royals organization. It's time to go so. I'm I'm with you I would I would there are ten million reasons why it won't happen I that is not a part I it would give the bus ticket which he gave him the curve. Oh over two dollars it's so gross and again we talked about Leo out a week or two ago then he comes up with these just explosive moments like there's no light. The gray area stuff is not really gray area he's either really good. Or he's in the middle of a mess. It's us again he's in a gamer yes or you might have to circle that's when ago. Wow that most costly run again displayed in a season ago very south lost the royals they lose ten to eight walking Soria blows and after a huge lead got to open up the top of the eighth it was 824. Yeah. To open up the bottom of the eight and then of course by the unity and in it was ten to eight Oakland and my letter doesn't do his job as it is they don't then you got to put out a fire. Through way out a wild pitch which. Open up first base which. Force them to play percentages which made sense eagle lefty lefty your great against lefties your facing a lefty who doesn't hit lefties well. Bases full two outs and yet of a three run double right. Bases clearing double for the lead do your job in that inning on. Can you play percentages sometimes they backfire but he played percentages. You have to dig evangelist percentages you do Mike miner has come through that situation to sell. Four runs or tagged due to Soria and obviously got in the mass of giving a four straight hits to start the inning but man what a what a meltdown yet. There is very bad last night and then and then that's. Shame too because you know now you're six back to Cleveland and and an Anaheim it lost earlier in the day C additives really grabbed sole possession of that wild card spot in the American League. And you were able to do you score three in the first inning great start to a baseball game and in a little rocky for Campbell but it has been Goodman in this year for the most part in his last seven starts Jason Hammel. Has been one of the better pitchers out there for the royals and so he he gave look at the couple solo home was but it's not a big deal you're down four to three and they knew storm backing and you score. Five runs in the top half of the eighth inning three home right back to back to back closet and loosen hair and all of a sudden you're thinking to yourself. This ball game is fantastic six outs to go in this thing is over. And it ended what are quote rested bullpen rested bullpen. And Soria in Poland and the and do your job man do your job. They're big deal people I the first comment I saw this morning when I opened my FaceBook pages of messed blaming outscored for the loss last night which is absolutely and insanity that's what we do have a let's run everything but this did this right now. Now this situation involving Soria. There have been wait too many times now where he is grab defeat from the jaws of victory for the Kansas City Royals I mean single handedly this guy. I'll just say 522. To underestimate five games this guy is single handedly cost the royals in the win column just this. After doing what he did last year when we are not everybody documented the ones he gave away. Your exact words so costly exactly on the set I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. But a year almost two years now did not giving the job done. Does it earned him the benefit of the doubt any more as a pitcher for this organization. You know the Grozny. Would all. You're more not more on staff the unity and and that's that's from last night tomorrow just burn your head of power through let's say Joseph could tell after 1 o'clock in the morning here on six cents on the radio after that law I thought he was still going to be on underwater I want to. I agree with I I really I really thought he was going to be here doing the show. This morning because you know that was one of those deals where you could probably taking calls all night long well yeah until we started. About the bullpen because I think everybody felt the same way about that loss last like that. Was a devastating loss I mean it's 8 August 15 now guys. The days are becoming shorter the season is becoming shorter each game is becoming more important. And when you have an 84 lead against the team for all intents and purposes as pack it and for the year they've got. Boom how all playing center field through them exactly. So if for all intents and purposes the a's have packed this being in if you're up for the eighth inning with five people in the crowd and they are all royals fans. And you can't get the job done in the eighth inning do your job it's the old bill that would check line that's works for the doing. The patriots do your job and Soria and minor did not do their jobs last night. It's best with a warning I'm Mike welcome Bob vesco jostling their producer Steven Specter. Sort of blows a massive ending last night giving up four runs and really just giving up the entire game is the royals lose the days. And after the game and walking Soria not speaking to the media right he has spoken to the media all year has as as as that at the beginning of the year that he wasn't going to speak to the media didn't like how he was treated I guess last year by the media for not giving his job done. So he's god you know silent and so this has been a thing everybody's been dealing with all year long and that's fine if you don't want to speak to the media. But but I feel bad for net because he's got to get it there Wellington have command of his changeup and how many times you mentioned and have commitments changeup less like like like. Do you do your manager a solid man Ned Yost has been taken bullets for Soria for two years now except for the last show of the year with us I seriously he needs that he needs time off right. Vick Yost has been taken bullets give them an opportunity give him a chance he's gonna be better we believe in him like like Ned Yost has done nothing. But defend this guy and this guy can't even come out speak to the media after a game like that and and I really hasn't been speaking all year that's been his policy all year but eventually you've got to be man enough. The tip to talk to rusty died in the locker room and he gave I mean who else is out there in Oakland right now that you can't talk. After the game I'd say that I screwed this one up. Where this one man with what the AM there's. You know there isn't it our affiliate goes back to a couple weeks ago when we win now on. Rex is talking about the mental gas. This goes back to that do hook you back out now not not not talking now beamer handled talking the media when things are bad right. Kind of goes to your Mac and tell your mental state mental toughness right and he's definitely match on that only now here he's not so many mental toughness man and an NB a closer being the reliever being an eight inning guys seventh inning guy and ninth inning down Coleman tally a three shot it yet it don't be included exactly how many buddy up yours yeah and yeah you gotta have that mentality of SU optical out there not to get the job done and not take care business out here say let's do this. That has to be the mindset of of the late inning reliever and clearly Soria doesn't. Brit Rex Butler and it was just a couple of weeks ago right here on fast or in the morning that. We asked him how much longer can you put Soria out there during the eight day. Figured out that well you know that there. Are also you know now obviously. You're those while. So we'll figure out. It's gonna happen over this before you know late in the game like that they eat I entered your your feet walked all. You know he used to be involved selections. Long. Game and now hopefully we work around the bulk of. Yeah do you can't put it in the rowing he's done are done as two weeks ago ranks high alert after what we seem walking Soria in the next two weeks. You can't put out there in the eight inning each situation that real Portland cushion bodies accidentally domestic and yes you feel that that's the situation you can put him out. I think it gives up are you guys they got a four currently we just fly back. Go out there and get the job done make it a few bouts force here may Google boggled by is the eighth inning let's see you could do this. And he couldn't do it last night he could protect. A four run lead so you have the mentality eagle out protect a four run lead against the Oakland a's. Do we really have the faith and you go out there in the eighth inning and a 32 game Friday night against the Cleveland Indians. I sure as hell don't iShares deceased Soria out there anymore in any situation that matters and and you know what they may be if your twelve to two or something you put Soria in but even in a situation like that I would hesitate to put Soria into game because look at what he did last gave up for us this bold and has been so different than what we're used to remember the city and we're used to such a nice shut down bullpen or just one you can rely on it I'd have to be. Her Rivera Holland at Davis right you can have a just a couple it was last year where you had Davis yet are you spoke about that even when you have walking Soria screwing things up. Couple more guys you really could revive down. The royals rely on right now. In this ball that nobody. I can't think of what. That is a major situation I'm like are give him the ball he's can go out there and get the job done 44 surely going to go right or about it whatsoever there's one guy that bullpen right now that I have confidence it. Really changes the way that videos and can manage his ballclub and what that is headed do you mean for it for the last couple years he said basically an automatic bullpen 789 we're taking care of it it it didn't matter you know we put out there it would ordered those guys were gonna get the job done. And now it really it does matter to me it makes everybody stressful makes everybody nervous it makes everybody on the edge of their seat of what we're going to do. And think about that from a managerial perspective because no matter what and Ed does right now with these guys out there in the bullpen. They're not getting the job done and people wanna sit here and claim Ned Yost and why did you do this why did he do that. Well what would you have done who would jewel of what it in that situation you're you've got a four run lead you figure that this guy can get a couple of out series I could give it to you it's all too. Still. I get three outs man let's do this and move but but my dad is now tasked with trying to figure out he's guessing right now at who's going to be able. To get the job done is because he does it knelt he can look EU he eulogy you he can look at me you look at the next day ago. Who's gonna do I mean who who who who the White House faith and that I bill I put in the game right now. They're gonna shut this game down. Nobody has elevated themselves in the middle of August to that spot in the bullpen where you can truly say. I have 100% faith in them and that doesn't make a managerial job manager's job easy you have to guys you have to do your job. As a player eventually does come down and you joke about there's no accountability anymore. But it comes out of the accountability the. Of course job. It helps of course it does because Ned Yost had a lot of flack last night as what would expect me put in a reliever he blows it everyone's gonna. Find someone to be angry at but. Would you rather an ad put out the that's who you. Yeah Jack squat brother be in the bullpen or with walking Soria that this is worse situation this is what you have to play with. And it spurred this bullpen to be so bad second worst bullpen ERA in baseball in the month of August has been terrible it's just it. It's it's tough repeat that please the second worst bullpen ERA in the month of August is like a 694. Character and not good that's not good at all how's that net what do you do with an idealist what do you what is clear to her roots Q how are gonna solve that puzzle is is that doesn't happen you have to get it absolutely. Perfect at the exact right time or you're gonna end up being wrong and it's not. Electrical and out there guise of protecting one run lead to me that this was an 84 lead in the eighth inning against the bad baseball team just as he had done yeah I mean gets a team that quit its team its delegates to the train adults players it's costly. Yeah our. Now just think it's. At this time I'm taking my chances of you though that I am was Soria right now because that's how little space I have written because it set about being so slow. I exactly know it's. You don't know. If you got the cartoons we get three times before it gets the ball because that's as well they're moving it there but. I mean what what are we supposed to do the the offense fought back negate the score five runs Horry in the bottom half of the top half of the eighth inning. And you've got to be able to protect that bat that's on Soria he needs to Wear this one and he really needs to be a man and speak about this type of loss after game no more hiding behind I don't speak this year to the media because yesterday he owed it to your teammates to speak after a loss like that because that one's on you they busted their ass they scored the runs they fought back they played well. And you committed the lighter you just give it up minor talked via the great I'd rather hear from soaring because he was I responsible for that value was initially but. Yeah come miner through the match on he. He addressed that yet and they said they bring here to pick up your teammate you can't do it hurts it hurts and and India in the minors said as well I guess I am indeed good pitches I hate when pitchers say that investment is peppy. You didn't make good pitches and I wanna give you needed to make good pitches they would be of a thing it's paid to shore but this guy was hitting it 107 against lefties out there was another IIRS is. I would I would have to look at the quote I did see one and it was it was total baseball excuse game slightly and make it good pitches or does not Getty and lots of my life I play out is out now stuff I area available there. All year yeah mistakes that we've got maybe got away with earlier in the year were not getting away with now well. Hopefully to get the budgets AAA players currency now. Do you set a Cleveland but not against BA reels is does this throughout the show as everybody's upset about the Kansas City Royals terrible game last night.