Josh Vernier Interview

Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, July 17th

Vern talks about some potential moves the Royals could make plus why he's not panicking after the last 6 games 


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Dumb ass I think is the term that should be used for Ezekiel Elliott right now so it is time to talk a little baseball guy just for your witness here on 610 sports yeah. And burn I've been a week every you'll lose two out of 3-D. Game. What you takeaways from this weekend with the Kansas City Royals after the all star break. I pick a few minutes been easy transition. Sneaking up Dartmouth. We operate and are. God's love as well I play iron now. I was interviewed by self eyewitness said speaking of dumb asses here I am. It was there that. We can't look look at it from this week at war. Quality. All of that they're not. Or. At the it was at all opposition. Up all the other team knew if we were. One. I wrote it in this game was over. What. Oh that. All. In the student or. Age doctors call that would. No matter how much more now off it all about. It a bit he can go out. There. And he ball bark and call spot on the team to perform well. I think we saw that again. In the game against the practice to now. Of course you'd just like they. Law. Against the doctors to get by losses of quite. The car. Where. You are equally. Cursor schedule on its teen. I think this week and so was the single line. We've always had a law. But on Friday and Saturday the Rangers need one more for one more. Up to where. The lap. Per. Should that you could on ball in the and so I thought all of the network competition between two good teams work she'll. And unfortunately the royals want. To me. Yourself with the American League central. You. Your game in game. Gains. While the Rangers win this year they all. At. Josh they were tended to teams playing good baseball but not great baseball's but the range in the royals hover around 500 how far away. Is Kansas City from playing great baseball. I think their players go way beyond that no matter what 812 Alex Gordon away from being. What according twelve Alex Gordon and 186. And Grand Mosque away from me it's good to great offense. I think today. Ian Kennedy performing like he did it April 2 apple know you'd cavity that that the patents he needs to keep up. And chase it probably at its like he didn't shoot it. Very good rotation your credit quote agent I think it would go on. Top arms that are available. And it happened. All old. You know we have a Bloomberg that the name Brett. Last night on the postage LB all on the legal from the Padres. I think that. Away from being days. Grateful. Those other players. I don't know what it's possible. We did the current organization right now for that he could be. Truly great what that means that he came Arctic that need became great. Quite well over. I think that he was just going to be like it was their good. Since they're. And hopefully that they're good really start showing up consistently in September and ultimately October. Realistic do you think JD Martinez's to the Kansas City Chiefs aren't as he had zero Samie chiefs not not realistic royals. It would be. On. Bonds went. Just don't know how to make it work on your roster. And I don't. That's seen waving good. Were good loss. Or or solar. Solar traded. Possible. On how to bring the ball loose and so are student. Such deviations from that. The track the organization is that. It took a lot of money. The war last two ultimately eat. I doubt it about whether. It doesn't screen well because of how well he outperformed. But but be defeated UC Berkeley. Ratings or content Brett monster seems to. He did say. Rules. The way they did so short will uphold the well. Talking with Josh burn your royals insider here on six sports radio and Josh. It looks like any trade they'd make for anyone who you would consider close to top flight would have to get very creative. I mean you could see you brought so where being traded or. That's potentially may be paying traded for prospects for the future and then you do something else to beef up the infield move Alex term senator feel the move Whitner feel less like. It did in order for the royals to add anything significant it feels like it would have to get. Pretty creative in the trade does that make it. Fairly unlikely that they're going to make a big move before the deadline. So it. Hurts our program. Talking about the debate. It made a lot that do. You know help resolve in the future and it also made me. Bolstered. With each court decision. Last week that. Oh for being in the clubhouse com. A world that look at the OK plays to call them for the past few years mr. Webster's injury. Not that like Reggie Jackson. Could change well it seems go and he used the the whole of the team of all of that line in my and so. Apart. Yeah. I don't. See how well it would idle. Well that team and creativity that it would take to bring it out like. Red sold or available arms or even. At the trade deadline it. To me it just doesn't. Which isn't worth it to be quite honest. That team like you mentioned Welch there. Days. Something John equate that would make a great team. So it's still big crapshoot eaten. Crapshoot. Of the. This organization in the position to prop thanks to. Hit out at the craps table. The world that it's possible people could do at most he made plays and say maybe. Playing key. I have to believe that the. Well they told us on Friday they are they're probably at the make two moves right well to sub my dad for the steamed about it to make a road what those two moves the in in your opinion or what used. I think it could be okay. Starter that you could put in the four or five spot again they're probably yeah everybody yeah she's got caught now. The guy. That I don't mean viewed almost a lot of teams and on the other graves and boy oh boy did he ever shove. Yep that is seven and lover. Well I think that the guy he could throw in New York five spot. Nobody thought he added these are animals artsy. Not a lot of overpowering. People. You know like luggage department outward punch and you know while that's up late at Kauffman Stadium. A couple seats that you get mixed it would. You know instead of using it more important and it Peter Moore becomes just. That one. Right here Berkman out of the bullpen maybe you ought to complete. Mike Minor about seven it will ala. Is not a double check before. Like the movie it would Jason's ball in 2014. So. Complementary pieces that help well out of Asia helped get this royal did you step back to what. Has been a hallmark of the he uses what we get that lead we have the ability to shop at that you can squeak out those two victors. They got the time Josh we appreciate it thank you.