The KC Bier Company Episode

Carrington Harrison
Monday, April 3rd

In the first half, Carrington is joined by Cole to discuss his feelings on his unique name, Colin Kaepernick, and how Carrington is an instigator and in the second half (26:38), Elizabeth Beldin comes in to talk about KC Bier Co and their most popular beer Dunkel and the local beer scene.


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They should they just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. I don't know just as. Another episode of the good work guys scares here cold here as well right there as. Yeah elicits that podcast all seven of you subscribe to this on iTunes the radio station may delete the old woman in the comments like court review. Fives are people what I support is shot at love not got to start over I got no review I'm. It is fixed the last with the technology you're unknown. Now it's supposed Mort podcast. I care it's innocent it's in society and culture but I don't have any reviews so if you rejoice as I guess want me to keep doing it. Every Monday. That's the schedule right now it's clubs to consider it's my plan goal on iTunes subscribe to review it. It would really warmed my heart as I said colts here this is the case your company episode Elizabeth Belden. We'll play that conversation for you think you'll enjoy it if you enjoy a cold room or to you about a 103 ranked technology partner. Here it's really encouraging the respect dignity. I know is I'm trying to tell you op I guess all of its technology paid by unknown was out here and you look so old that supports. Now that the sport bike as 2.0 put it here state now. Every Monday and put it up on the left side. Got to go back in subscribe to an all night who you talk I know it's been before I don't talk about sport and I apologize and listeners drew Nicholas I got Ambien overload the cold the bus on the arrest in this town just don't like yoga ID and it. All talk about this I don't is the sports talk about sports on talk about that is. The bulls silicon cabinet like it's about here this isn't a business culture and society and he has come out and stated. A lot respect of the this. Joseph we'd all like what he did last year so we're not hired him put now every week it's a different knowledge and his story. Are concerned about his view didn't diet. Dog man. It's gonna be his Afro like is a concussion issues so we're not sure for empowerment helmet anymore like they're making things up to not find it. It goes at this point it's bad that I think this but you can disagree with me. And better for Alec capturing it on shall. I mean if you don't mall parking lot went up to his girlfriend. Is just punched in the face he'd be a better situation than it currently is right now. Donte' Stallworth. Hit to do with this car and kill them all he was drunk. Was in prison for a year and came back in play right. Actually went to go to jail like they should come back. They'll like it should be that to zero there was no light penalty. He's back he's trying to work it's our minutes are accepted punishment you accept employers and come back I'm gonna continuously. As you know we integrate some people I didn't touch little kids are out there to go to jail not been a teacher anymore and until ten or dog went and I'll do like who were concerned about Donte' Stallworth have you diet like and then let them back on the Putin's new bass and we've got a better area. Well maybe it's just get a block with BP obviously I can appreciate honesty of what happens. I. I'd hate is that we have the vehicle with all these. Diversions from the truth. Just say we don't like the protest a don't want that on our team and I hate that we've created is what you work for distraction when. And defiant like I noticed that our society we just use the word that no one can define like Jesus distraction. We can help push the bright element in this shot does not try to use. Tyreke is really fast and stands at the lamp I'd. We can't think of people like it just like we just used it blanket her room distraction to what is she QB. You smoked weed onetime hole. You came took it came to that facility and took this message is Baylor and stretching and need you'd put somebody or will tell somebody. All you. Distraction like when your parents said because I said so it's the reason without give arteries like he's a distraction because I said so those are vehicle and. No it's it's the exact same so I had to get our colleague peppermint tea glove I know I want talk about it as much on the radio that it's the royals and people owning who advocate Tim Tebow three jobs in the canoe through football I was playing baseball and Tebow continues the level up though two years ago. Adidas store I haven't told the story I met this girl I'd talk consumers and shocking new girl. That this wasn't like that it was is recognized thought into she she is like what's your name monopoly kids airs voters in your first you know here's the last name. Can't his first. Why did your parents gave you that there's a ballot what I look like so if you don't like. They like to like. People actual question I don't really have. All of coup de answer for their question I wish that I had a good answer as judge to hate and I still I rise the play video games and my name was so long and wouldn't fill always I have to put my name is Jill we as the Jolie listen code name. Like blossom I just wanna disordered. How long its that you thought entrance polling on the little bubbles and didn't think I could fill all the now it would always in that the oh so well he's been caring to oh. My it would never beautiful so it was always like that I ate my name. By my name now when people say it. I hate when people that this work this out like being called C dot but there were people call me cared that I don't know but it really weird. Take cared to know you movie comedy drama and I. You like it. Makes absolutely no sense that I just said like I hate to see Doctor Who makes you feel like it's like weird character that I not. I feel like the only time likely see god is in a group chat when I don't feel like typing the 73 letters today Durham. Like -- Donald you're we're addressing to keep. I know though called his seat item like we brought together I've caring and I don't have to call me that's like my sister called it is like our brother all that order don't you see not yeah she never my sister is never call me Carrington it's always good brother Chris you can browse my name of the kid which is a kid out like she. Your brother it was easy to say you know. Brother Evans thought it like sent our she was seven I was brother. And did I just became C dot net bigot because my cousin Logan cult recede. So she just was out of missive she just she's never ever called me Carrington has my name which doesn't make any sense I asked him at some point she will like when she dubbed. An adult book. The stimulus moments and now she does outsourcing it to your smoker will do it. Podcast about our relationship we need to because she's got all the boys we know the slow load fund yesterday the day with a yesterday. Would you window with a tap Cade. Lot of respond Alex acted alone with decades I put it up down the case in Russia between tonight. Votes and. We're going with your sister type kids a much better option and opt out and you are should play games attracted enough so. The day and it could by the same like she couldn't didn't know I love up and yet vote in there to do so with its decade. Andy and we win it's news conference spot just Jews over them they're not issued across mine eyes I'll give him a plug on different Kindle he owns that place. Let there be somewhat muted that I love sought out of a shout out and that we would sell a home don't apology. Apology. Very fired iron iron. Like like doughnuts like that I I've never with some mileage I got a hatred for does donuts blood all of us are curious toddlers I was like hey let's solemn. Let's do this and dome we went there. Like create your own don't and I looked the little staff picks not pick the doughnut. This gonna sound gross but I promise you it's not. They had this maple bacon kind of that was all days. That he I IC specified to you. I I don't have the vocabulary. To communicate with you how cool would that doughnut college there's people bacon don't know there's something about patent on a donut that's just perfect yeah I don't know why. You just put bacon on everything like I don't know with Matt Curry's guarded but I. I appreciate what are few good Contra I appreciate the oath or thinking from the white delegation. Gays and their use of debate speaking of doughnuts and minimum who don't know engine. Don't announce they actually were part of via poker poker restaurant that's I was that's when I attic alone. It was just a lot of love I wish book my ego is the problem is do that and boredom now and you as its owners now on the vote goes over my sister. Play Pokemon ego really is his kids play and Alan good to be the way it was that adults playbook you Michael would go out whip of mongo canceled she's just a way that. And this summer on bushels to play at Mayo actually at a more Pokemon. I don't know this is a lot of love. And that they that's a really good dates just knew needed appeared to it and you did don't give people underrated don't dates but what. Place you talk about our hotel Phillips you have people so I'll go and I when are you content I don't know what they do value alleged free plugs into. So hotel Phillips. Which is on its wealth and Baltimore I believe world don't Phillips is so they redid theirs they got bought out a couple months ago by another company and they redid their restaurant is now tavern known which is this amazing little Italian restaurant. I'm all farm to table. Countries are very reasonable 1213 dollars apiece. Wait staff his killer over their shadow to dory. But yet that's my girlfriend my spot on and in my neck of the woods. But their relationship moment we never really leaves only. Soccer she's very friendly I mean I I don't have any issues with their bells should tax me right now. In bella bella percent Pelosi use child developing got to get a bella Roma on via on the part if you want to c'mon we're gonna talk in the soon so bella news. A model among many things I always feel very weird and talk about this openly but she's a model social take pictures. Then I'd I would normally like. But since that's your girlfriend I don't know if I'm allowed to like Google pictures I always feel very active. I think Barry could flip out if I know this person I would like this picture like away but now that I know who she is. It makes me very uncomfortable. To light the topless with her whole eager to eighties like it's hard I don't want to click I called that picture could actually. No you can like a way but we're gonna have bell on issues and talk about proper DM advocate because he did hit up in the all the time and that's that's all I made my approach day or so. I I I'm always down its bought property in Medicare yeah. We're gonna have her Saber idioms the next couple weeks in the coming year in and read off some good ones and some bad ones I don't know that you think you're part of the show enough that you can start planning future episodes on the show we've already talked about now how did talk about the Texan and I mean this all broke away from an I don't know politics that if you look at these hands outsider. To at the touch on the story I think it's actually pretty funny I. Wide what are you like everything's date deflate gates yeah I ate everything eight of now everything is a day sadly a date that date the command moved away begin debate there's now overbay was a story. So this girl. She was date this guy. Guys that hey I gotta go for business I got to fly. They go to several ways he goes right she goes up she thinks that he's the way out of town she drives. That she drives for. The shoe drops. She gets a call at the airport accidentally yeah. She Knoll this young lady is the side piece of Romanians who sold at a congress and their. Dormant. She and I think goes all like that little redeeming that they can guide she realized the duo. Go through my boyfriend's apart. So they pull up. They pick it outside a look a hell bay burgers and cabs are your kids will open and hand out thought and people's elbow rock bottom. Captain good dal Harvard news remembered let me give you a little bit of wisdom out this year. That is the Jeter right now liked the law of averages so if this message can only help one person I'm here for. Me who has been in just about every situation. And Hitler from my mistakes here. Get a hotel. Eskimo meant or don't be cheap and do drive and who could really be from the air or if you. That's fine. I'm saying it is split set five bucks hot wire and just get a room grow at all. You avoided this situation. Agassi still came outside as the PS will open. I ever bring them to you courier broke problem and you're out here. It rookie move the source the first thing that I heard from this was huge and go pick up his side chick from the airport. A nice little. I go shall there with the national science and flowers do that. They got along anyway. Call you could floppies lying there in your strategy besides like the name Brasilia or mart buying your flying people and now. We aside Jews from difference in this. Somebody edited before me. So I. That terrible life like all of you like me hope did that so hopefully you know at the goat wanna be. But I'd look at Sean about the airport with flowers and it's coming to America. At least the personal from the airport. It's got to Lauren a reward or verbally I'd I'd knew that was little different do you knows not to decliner in without ever meeting my school and so I went to school together. One of those things like we went to school like always the president horses that like there's a group over and I'd normal. I can't talk right like big day it's David a cheerleader. Just like hierarchy of life. Got to be more accomplished. That and I know I wasn't at that alt UNC dot yeah yeah I would solid your theory. All team. As the basketball team. It was like that Drupal ten outlets though like actually girls talked to. Now what do offer enough to say I don't wanna say his name because now he's you know he's adulation I don't put it business out there. She was just Q would probably it's your life even though he was a tier three I. I could never understand how we seem to have all like you was like all of us were trying to beat this level play. Would kill yourself trying to be at that Lowell it was still far away and it variants that anything I'd seen at that time he was he was the fifteen year old playing varsity. Happy to be in JV you know I was happy to be hit in seventeen and I NG lead. Happy to viewers he wasn't this you know what part of my life to you shoot Michelle it was here man I wasn't you know who lack. Did the term I learned from that that group of people lose and are your non athletic regular person at college that that was your you were the top of the north. Said. Probably say. Of mark ups if we're just via my completely honest there's only likes to do with the podcast is grab your rights in China to six bomb. Is probably top five dark and college. Good personality people think I'm somewhat funny I was afraid to talk to people. Are pretty knowledge about different stuff. To pretty well you do smaller school to the thing you do is easy for people to know there was definitely is so. That always hell I told the my distort this the first time when I was in college that I ever felt like people still would take my advice I'd probably you know we should do this mean that people I didn't go. I value my opinion. It's cloaked in Carthage loser if for some reason this one white got a dozen class like you know we should go tonight. And there was this kid injuries. The coup he is white Q you've ever seen tar alive. I'm convinced at some point you'll be like in the house or reason it's one of those kind of in the view was despite awkward awkward though. And though other huge public look at Joseph isn't short of telling me don't ever divided and even a truck bomb that initial apartment are my door. Like not thirty you'll go white people time he's functional he's there at 930. What are those out at their logo up there is no industry. So go to this bar cart armor. In handy guide. It's that. And only like first. This is cartons are so if I guess that's not liked by about a program like. Truck voter white like you Bingham who may or may not have any idea why it struck Motorola flashlight on there should trouble are right people so home a few hours solemn. We go. Like a good time like you. I was just being ridiculous you Tonkin she's talking like a good time and liked it barely got to come back. Timer at next with the depth here to Moscow it was high school like everybody 8 at 5 o'clock out it's a nap around the worry. I wake up around four for a third Allah PR on the war for them when I woke up ever bug you at 5 o'clock. What at 5 o'clock Kobe when I was going like it was time. And in Rome they were light. Hey how what I was like you know it's off vote everybody should go next week and so I think it's a way by word of mouth spread that it was fun I had a good time. Next we like a Wednesday hat perfumes from his or so out like this off my recommended like. It was I mean black people the basketball and football team everybody is business. Them both boards I've ever had just seeing it I said this that people out there but there's more so than next week you could tell this platelet. I got to let people aren't they think the sole. Like country music full whole night. Nobody was dates at the local people were days and we are culpable. What is it like that to step on talk (%expletive) but it was Knoll body being it's nobody's having a good time and I'm telling you all remember this. The DJ finally it was like a point a lot art. Are you have a good time you can make a choice there music and that's no have a good shot at no combat in the future in order. Quit the (%expletive) employ regular stuff. People are promiscuous by Nelly Furtado. And I'm telling you it was like he did played March Madness. Everybody got soul excited. Exists I mean this AMP. Everybody's have a good time next week we couldn't get into the dress code. Really knew anybody bullet because the interest of the few wounds proved wrong bureau just observers for everybody who is reason for you. Remember polite about boys Pena were to bag he'd. And the one guy had a chain you know it was just like the dumbest. It apple like it's clear idea Bill Clinton did to you for that like I gotta go with a that we got the car. Bit clubs story that I have was solemn I don't remember where Wallace. Blood punched dated it was these two Mexican girls over fight over to my right now. And I was like instigate a right. At that show I'd just like talking in just bird like ridiculous how meager yen 100 dollars for an announcement at a ball ball. Soul. Next thing I know. I haven't Tuesday I had no clue get. It. Written so this guy just I mean I punched. I stumbled back a little bit and likes imports came out I look at my friend and I'll like. I've fix it I lidge did know what an app. Hated these two wrote that was George. Mr. Arnold takes pressure off like Honduras he ordered through it and I'm telling you cockpits this you can see you. He hit this is such force. It drops it in the other dude named for. He was just at that point he exceeds they'll fight with a one bright people sees the other. And not like trying to look good to see it I don't know I didn't notice. Some might look at. The micro for an there's I tried to target car let's go aided. So like we did the car there we go and I remember ever house like. This happen I. Can. Today I might see had no clue why they hit the kids do but I have no clue why someone hit. So being out with you now and like. I've seen you instigate a little mallet. Fights but instigate people who are current I can definitely picture what you're doing. And when I had no I'm always nervous someone who's going to like not know that you're Carrington and just punch you in the space although they're being annoyed like. What time we were so let's support out just taken random charges yeah episodes net tret try to capture Radovan walking out the people there is running at two colleges all. The police do their oft told and told them to like you told us to ditch you because it's legitimate stock. Take it for them charges Dallas I had a good time I'm out of the garage to take rate of Jordan wearing a white shirt and your way yeah. I was obliterated shark that was in the good idea. A topic of another club store opened last month though it's the interview with Elizabeth Belden from a case he beer company. It was this club it's called seven to. Oil is I don't even know why didn't go my normal friends aidid went out to all the people that honestly I go out that college you know in order. There's some dispute happening outside and I just our law it was called. 417. Jot Vegas dot Blogspot dot com and it's awful moment. I thought I was cool solid at this walks out to random picture of the stuff that happened on campus. I like a little blood violated a couple weeks ago we at this club in essence the fights hard hat and this is win the camera cell phone cameras to. I just don't trash. Terrible you know filming on tungsten terrible so what can I start captions Biden. Alma tall tale of these schools is the yield to your mobile. A it like caught the entire retaining other. The fight all of it so. There arguing docile but this dude like Coca let me. This does come at a hits about it ordered it like an error but relax arts fight aboard for it or whatever that is our fight and it was weird it was like jobless like turn it's that big racial fight. It was like. Several black people fight in seven white people. And a white people was not it was stopped now. I got this whole day so it is quite do like rugs up some. What is this stuff like Jay and its partners to me put it. Telly. Are routed skis go if you like big news like script a look at some of the fight but that's we'd both be doing. Now a couple of so like college fights the Wear what sort of pop in my has always been a decade ago like I don't know what time. What I look like the football team was like light rain ago people from like locals like job locals. An Arab member out of like galloping in a circle saying you know the type loud as the motor bike would both agreed and approved by like metres I was fighting each other. So it's like galloping in the middle like trying to get him to fight each other and nothing happened. I think one of the first things you learn about by millions. Did he hit in the face doesn't hurt as much as you think it does appetite. And like you can survive getting punch in the office. I think that's on the first things you learn about giving it like oh dollars and map that you you go. A little once so I went to school I was Massoud the six of you might know. In Columbia so intimate zoo. And they were always little scuffles going on on presents Saturday night's Eisenhower once I was driving I wasn't out and they are starting to pick someone up. We passed by big twelve. And there's just a guy laying on the sidewalk with his face split open in just a pool of blood and another do or with Fisher who ripped off screaming did held back by four people. Echo probably. Not a good. Just look at brow of whoever it is like how people laying on the next group who I consider the sirens come out on Hannity. Or spears matters there. Out. It has to college stories like that big about it so many little things. Like the first high school part I would do that alcohol involved in the cops game. And everybody trying to I'd be in trouble at work all from here and a beat. And for some reason I'd go in the June dated people come and see note like me for girls from the others that that's you know religion and I thought up well like hey ladies like. I got. I'd like. Do they like this. I'm as good for you and I'm sure people like it would go to W let's go to might as well and trouble an analyst rival the person that hosts the party's going to be in trouble at 20. Colon walked out there it would it'd got a big tickets fast as the couple so. And we did this rate we talk morals and that we didn't really whom Miranda and I'm things that we just aren't the only college stories. Coming up after this Elizabeth belt advocates eager company friend of mine I appreciate her work she does me good to meet so check it out. This is Mac lethal you were listening to the stick to sports. Podcast. I'd be joined on the stick to sports podcast by Elizabeth belt and she is a brewer and a quality assurance represented. I don't know it just felt next beer I don't mean to I didn't. You get yourself these fancy titles and names you may be here. I've naked and now and I check. You brought a heck they wife Patti grounds this have to make some. Terabytes yet so in Germany isn't. W.'s can Lincoln V sound they just can't have seen people into this looks like half your wife's in but you Brosseau at this I drink your home you know I have you wind a pact to thank for the ahead and Jeremy have gotten drinking beer you're events led to the decay of my life oh it's enhanced known her better and I would say I asked to boulevard week very easy varies from drink and I was varies scary about trying to dark Beers. And I came to see you want a day over it a case eager Kabila trident uncle it's pretty good like we you'll like the dongle. It buffer colts can attest to it. We dragged focal for a week once a week seven of the NFL season yes that's all we would do is eat wings entered the perfect. So thanks to you god don't let her popular builds up people yeah. So dongle is Munich cell brown logger. On it's a little bit darker in color but it's super smooth and it's not very bitter and it's about 6570%. Of our business and so. I'm a lot of people typically think. Dark Beers are gonna be bitter or stringent or super Bruce. Yet credited people of Kansas City for you know being bold step outside that box a little bits and you know drinking a darker beard. Last time I talk to you about it was you guys regulatory vision for putting into bottled. How is the public and receive data transition answered uncle who. They've they're Bynum sewn. I mean that's all we can delegate asked for a sore bottling the headlights and I don't going in another beer called palace which is a golden locker and told us so there's those mean three that we bottle and then there's dollars in seasonal of some sorts there's an untapped that are on the brewery which we also that tasting all end it's about sending and the world's predators located. We've usually got about ten different things on tap at anyone time. Talk to Elizabeth bell she's a brewer and quality assurance manager in giving you need Fincher you know an element definitely 2011 I'll I'll take it. To me is Julia quality assurance. Manager over Casey beer company. Got to bring you win because you are free agency story I think of how you got in student visit Jim McKay were brewer. 23. Like there's a lot of women in the brewing industry that what was that like to break into such young age. Where can I got started in the industry I was always in the lab the boulevard in that had let experience before I was in my last year ecology and Casey didn't really know what I wanted to do. In it's a girl who was working part time in the lab doing like it's a media crap and it's just getting honors in props and stuff like that together so that the people contests the year. Just a part time cry at work doing where dishes. She won at the the full time they were not gonna give or something full time. And so I was like I'm looking for part time job. All. If you decide to quit giving my name then and loved it come in and see if I'll work and that was I think a really easy thing for them because they didn't really have to put up an interview I just came in and you had to do everything and then. I started to really light the environments I like the people in I was part time for like eight months because I was afraid to ask if they were ever gonna hire me because if they said no then I would have to like decide what else I need to do. For just a job for ever and how it worked for a start I guess two of us on the operations side there was one other gal in the lab. There was kind of the production coordinator is that woman but that's pretty much it's and then the rest of it's is pretty built dominant. This let me our question I guess in that environment was it ever exclusive like people just tend to gravitate toward clicks and create group yet and if you're not. The same as everybody else it seems very easy to exclude you from that group. Was that an issue when you first part I'm. I never felt that actually and I haven't at any of them places of work to almost like I have one younger brother and this was like having twenty new Brothers. Is kind of how I felt so as a very like family dynamic and you know we would. Hang out and plant with an after outside a work in work. I never felt like aid disrespect to me or think they didn't think I could. Do things but I'm also pretty stubborn and if I feel like it's my job to be able to like lift some things that media a lot of women can't lift I will I will make sure I can lift like I don't have to ask for help for Ernie this. The wrong with asking for help that's for help all the time I think knowledge my own personal limitation is ready guys can you carried that they're both. I don't yet know if it industry through to the well bullies this tank is being. I would definitely ask for help Kerry McCain and I'm not even got a bigger to try to attempt by self understood immediately after at least four other people don't care this. Gather isn't lake site I've ports not a lot very often but at TC beer there's and tag line and you kind of have to take Wednesday. The half careless of the big ones once those are full he instantly flip it over and that it down missile ramp and then onto a Pallet. And a 160 pounds I did about my arms hurt that the green bags exit we have to hand Miller everything in there about 55 pounds each. And we have to lift and into the hopper that's about four feet off the ground and there's like thirty bags that go it's like about a dunk also got. School I'm gonna ask the most uneducated you're what time are right. Just starting for us for content and there's no there's no alcohol there is no liquor there how I it'd take from start to finish to make a batch of don't go. To make a batch of don't call so that actual brewing a part of its which you're just taking grain and your essentially extracting the sugar. From the grain which takes a series of lake heating it up and kind of filtering it out a little bit. And then at that point it's called something called ports it's a W a Ortiz so really what brewing is as making. Sugar water for the east. And then once. That is done that you own recent ankle pitching it with east so there's an event yeast slurry it's almost like that. Consistency of a milk shake and it system punchy he sells and so he put that into the tank at the same time you're putting the sugar water in there. And then. Lockers take a little bit longer to brute deferment and tales but that's when the alcohol gets me is that takes about three weeks for deferment amenities another couple of cent can of nature in the conditioning tanks at a local. Is one of the longer Beers like you'll see a lot of breeze that decide to put this much effort into something so let's not so it takes about. 67 weeks from the date sprint to the day it's ready. Goes wrong I mean you know it takes 67 weeks would've been weak for. So topic is contaminated and I you have to start the whole process over united have a shortage of de uncle aunt. That would that's probably what would end up happening but fortunately we checked it pretty frequently to make sure fermentation is going OK and penalties did on the conditioning taint kin. We're samples off make sure it's clarifying the way that we needed to and it's hard for something you can of spontaneously go on that we wouldn't have an inkling about a little bit earlier but still I mean you can the best you can do at that point is just cut your losses earlier. Instead of waiting the full time but I Oliver beard is naturally carbonated we followed there's a German purity law which means you. Kind of have to do stuff harder way because it's tradition. You're talking to Elizabeth though and she is a brewer in quality assurance manager is key and just keep on happening in congress and a quality assurance that there supervised they're looking out there actually seat. Beer company. A lot of people early I didn't know maybe I'm just just right so the first on what they don't think they know how cool your actual store and patio spaces. Attract. People cedar job path. Okay so we have a big German beer garden until these big picnic tables kind of community seeing it ends. We have a German pretzels it got Broward actually import the pretzels from Germany so. Commute thank you things as authentic as possible. In its just the feel of the place. To seize you know and giant wooden tables and. Like a very good like park a party act like a really good place on a Sunday at 2 o'clock and all of that once a program of the year I was in her ring placed ago yet people lace or beer garden is open to. People can bring their dogs they'll bring their kids those that there had a few Beers and let their kids run around we've got a little. Playhouse that does a little fake happ in in little cash registers so they can pretend to port Beers. Seems like the start of alcoholism for yourself that your old word being a bartender I know. A good job itself like a good job I don't know who was a good job Ford politically it's it's like a good job of the last ballots it isn't. Really good environment like families come in people like you know they write off the Charlie trail so if you're ever. They're living in Brooks had a wall going you've seen the beer garden surpassing by around 79 street. What I've noticed just talking you were talking a Boehner talking to pat over boulevard it is indeed piercing in Kansas City appears to be very competitive obviously but you get in this you want your product to be shared with many people as possible but also seems like very freely oriented and conducted is there a weird balance between the two of obviously competitiveness and where each individual place works from their Rory but also the family you guys a frenzy connected and help each other. Oh absolutely so. I think most of the competition is kind of on the sales and marketing side you know 'cause they're trying to get placements in liquor stores in and in bars and stuff. But on the operations side it's an incredibly. Community atmosphere especially in. A city like ours wearing it started out boulevard is kind of the only place and it's free stay was there and the poise was and that's kinda I was it for a while. Slowly other places started to kind of pop up in I remember allows virgin boulevard then lakers afire at. And some history brewery which isn't there anymore but is now and earn it it was at the time. In sweet cleaned a bunch of their kegs forum because they didn't have the capability to do it and you know if there's ever extra it used to you know we harvest these from tanking. We don't need it's until did as a Casey there also has just like offer it says. Other places vacate called just that McCoy users column. You know more inner and only at free state bird and we Morgan McCoy is anyone like that and in a see if they need any thing. That the bringing a scene generals very very very. Collaborative. As far as anything on the operations and there's only very few number of things like proprietary and usually that's on the in Kaiser Miller's signs that. The rest of it is Stanley came out of a problem. But he does think we should. Due to take care of this and how would it grow since you've been out in Kansas City it's it's grown huge and actually just across the country. There isn't competition in Denver and a festival called the great American beer festival that I judge at every year. Judge bureau. You gave me seven Beers insulin takes the best it's the winner yeah looked at pride taster for hops in quality assurance that an asset I don't know anything about. It's it's tricky hazard you're kind of going by like style guidelines and you have to know what all of the words means so you can see that okay you know this is allowed in a very small amount that should not be presence all these different flavors and the thickness of its abuse within you know certain perimeters and so you're exiting their picking a sort of the best. Of what you have seen in and out of these eleven Beers sometimes you to pick three to go forward to the next round and so it's really hard to in and out of there because there's some subjectivity to it but you know we're doing the best we can detain the best here for the style but. Every single year there's more entries there's more new breweries that actually started having to limit how many Beers each brewery can answer because there's so many more breweries and other even just five years ago. The bubble can eventually burst I guess of if it's a market did pretty competitive not discount local there's national Beers and you know there's other kind of Beers out there. Do you feel like at some part it's like all right well the market just can't bear 47 new boundaries a year somebody's gonna to cannibalize. Bum I. Either cannibalize that if people are making it to make in good shape and it's not then there's a good chance people are gonna drink it. But what's kind of dangerous is when people decide to go into the industry without its. A whole lot of awareness of how much money it really takes to make a good beer consistently. War. How hard it is to the goal is to bottler can't how hard it is to get shelf space than I think those are the ones that are gonna have a little bit of trouble but. How hard to get people like us trying to for the first time an incident like a music cents. At least it rap music I never listened to what I don't know anything about why I asked the call word of mouth somebody I know said hey listen to so and so. And then I'll finally listened to in Peter everybody has their favorite now at this threat you ought to get everybody is Pittman new goal. To a restaurant. Not just rain that we trying to do that you've never had before so it seemed like a very hard to actually get in people's consciousness of hey we're here to. I would definitely take sort of back off on. Patients ends Tina doing your investigated out there whether it's on social media arts doing tastings are there's a bunch of little festivals and you know beer events here in Kansas City now and adding that's going to be a good way to just get word of mouth started I mean I remember one. A lot of the places around player when congress was pretty new. I was still gonna know boulevard but I remember meeting them pets. On the department of professed and it's different I think in two different Beers at the time and owner of the brew master was like pouring them himself and was a super excited to be there and they've blown up so. Hello to the exit think of and wanna sort of be like tomorrow you and everybody case eager company said Adams aren't it's summer coming it's time to think with a nuclear could you do between now and the start of summer. I think so yes. It can depend on what it will be wanted to make but it's. Really the recipe development doesn't take that much time because we kind of know what every ingredient does and what's not gonna contributes in you know what the certain. Starting density is gonna contribute how we want finished. Alex Kelly. Well we wanted to finish finish like once you made it made an enough you kind of have a feel for our. How it's gonna turn out. Thought he was like talking to a baseball skeletons into the term as I have no clue what you're talking about density control. Mean I. The taste at the library is certainly a talking about text earned four million. I don't know anything about what you say somebody listening no but I personally don't know about wealthy might sensibly. Being weird and they keep track of all that stuff and then it's several houses to just enjoy it and so. That was one of the main things that we were you know in a boulevard and I think every breweries like we don't want everyone to sectarian. Really have to think about exactly what it is they're tasting you know it comes down to like this or don't like this if you make good beer and you're happy with and you can. No all of them but like the baseball terminology that it's then. It's fine I mean it's yeah that's actually a lot like that it's going to give a (%expletive) about stealing this Beers with but it's. He's good because he's gonna say they are easy to get it cool and -- get a solid that is their sockets Elizabeth belly she's a brewer and the quality assurance interest over. Over Kasey your company better boy that transition like going from boulevard. The biggest company in Kansas City to a smaller lanky cedar. It was funny kind of feels like. And it's a much smaller crew and so everyone's gonna doing everything in so it was a chance for me to get to learn to brew learn how to hatton work in the cellar. Only it's a lot more manual so I think that's. That's the way that I was gonna need to learn if I was gonna learn to truly can senate having you know this valve opens when you kind of touch screen. Verses like following this pipe in oh that's not going where I think it's gonna go on because I felt shocked obviously it's you know we're. We don't have quite as much money and so happy to be a little bit more careful abouts. Expenses in its stuff that we're getting for the lab and really thinking OK what do we what do we need to. First. Because our owners really really good about making sure that the quality of the equipment and the quality of the lab stuff that we have as good thing. You know it's the scale that's different we're pretty fortunate to have an owner that focuses on quality which is. I was gonna ask you this we're talking about a little or starter according. It's a lot like the fast food industry and boulevard isn't this like it's so big at this point. It's the most popular one in the city everybody knows about it everybody knows where it is they do the festival that it is as big monster who just seems. At least in the short term nobody's bringing that damn yeah it's hard to create your own niche in Kansas City win everybody's favorite beer is bull our own. I mean it definitely is the boulevard went through that ceiling mean there almost thirty years old now I think they started in 89 and I think probably back in 9091. John McDonald is going to the same thing with like but is there. It's like Helm I get a break in this market when all everyone is thinking or domestics every Newberry has to kind of go through that and they just have to bring something different to the table and I think. You know boulevard had the pill mills as the week they had that the craft in the local. Production. Ends we've got scene of this really traditional German wave brewing that's a lot of people just don't have the time. They're not willing to put in the time to make any. He's the worst because I didn't know a whole lot about boulevard and that's it it's more than. Like the story is at its corporate inspirational. Like most successful businesses start with somebody with an idea energy green yen and a sacrifice to accomplish it and it may turn into a millionaire. A lot of other reading Kansas City like a lot of it is just people your your store in the in connecting with. Or as much as liken a product. So we have on. It's a tour it's 1 o'clock on Saturdays at 810 bucks but you get symbols mean you can't class to take home with you. It's up 45 minutes later you don't hold brewing process and how our here's a little different T get a drink them. Usually it's still glad of one of the conditioning tanks so late break before its keg. In the get a glass take home win. In a hang out on the patio for an. They send or Saturday afternoon. Say that kind of goes through that the whole story. How remains so we just turned three pretty young we're still definitely in infancy. Which is I mean it's cool that viewers many places we are effort not having that around this long. Makes sense is they're like a stat out there about one breweries fail could you know there are restaurants night yeah restaurants fail in the first year is there something similar to brokerage because. If they're popping up at this rate somebody's not make it through the cracked yen. I really don't know if there's a step like that I'm sure there probably is that all the places that are in Kansas City you're still. Crush and it's so and I think most of them like the ones and the crossroads the newest one is during imperial and I don't think they're going anywhere they Nixon really really good shape as haven't tried it out its anti. I haven't been there I've seen their location it's pretty cool oh on the outside it's killer. My friends sterling who used to be brewer boulevard for a long time and then this guy named Keith Thompson who was the brewer McCoy is for like twenty years. The guys behind the beer Ted this guy who is the pop behind route 39. I'm 39 street is that by the food and it's a fantastic spot threaten extent and the crossroads Kasey if you. As you know I I've seen about the time that it appears into ceiling on the greeted YouTube. Your talk into Elizabeth belt and queen of quality assurance. Politically he's Lebanese your emotions she's every single time then I'll actually say talking to you is today. Big deal you created a royals promotion. I'm trying to give a tender knighted the case have had to take about a disregarded my idea I would say over right field just like how the Atlanta Hawks did. Tender as a designated spot you could beat them. Young people flocked to the ballpark. Just laughed at me. And never who are hurt by video last bigger and they get your face felt just a moment lap that jacket the only thing that's actually created it boils promotion. So it Canon so just to the nines it started out with my brother ends our friend Brett Parker. And just kind of one day I think Jackie Robinson day fell on a Sunday and they'd gone to this lecture acts on the Negro League museum. Letting Joseph Bosnian Q was there I think. Bob Kendrick is there obviously and they just got super inspired and decided based on looking at all the pictures of people going to games like in the twenties and thirties and forties that won it they put on suits and they went to became just kind of on their own. And then the next year like we were sitting exe but as each other game on a Saturday and click on the and we need to do it opponent didn't you know honestly should do again. In it literally went from. Should he do it tomorrow no let's do week from tomorrow so we can see if we can find other people eco. We putted out on Twitter that's kind of what I for strategies into utterance. Bob Kendrick immediately got behind its Kabul has from the star send billiard up behind it in about a little blurb about it and like Alicia this is gonna ticking off a little I wonder if anyone's actually gonna show up. And then that Sunday. You know Byrd dressed up in overclocking of the ballpark in. Looking around and seeing someone else you like a group with your for people that are rain suits and dresses in early to you know them milked you know I don't know. Oh my god it worked is actually on the day when the royals for doing me on the Cinco De Mayo promotion name ends to Q a special K was like I think there's like a salsa contest. Oh hole something like that and so we were also there to end. The royals took note and to their credit they're like we love this I do not like crazy and. Whenever they now's on the broadcast I have. That's when it finally broke through that was my past quarter social media account being an I was a fever might have said yeah. Yeah first time like obese people suits it was just a nine day yes and that's I feel like it officially became a thing that you got the royals the publicly acknowledge that an app even great. State they've completely embraced it which is incredible also I mean an eight days on footers kind of how. That first one got started and then the next year the days said OK well we're gonna alignments with our salute to the negro leagues so the guys you can Bieber and throw backs we're gonna have a a monarch's Adori giveaway because we wanted to get crowd experience is the more people who participate the cooler it feels the cooler it looks and the system. Canada a throwback to when baseball was kind of an event in you know the story is that people like especially backed by communities would go to the ballpark street from church. Ends anywhere your every Sunday best in you don't sit down and you want to the stadium and watch baseball it was kind of a cool thing like when people is to dress up to travel. It's yes pretty incredible that the rules embraced at the way they didn't. I envy you for just creating a promotion I mean I'm sympathetic. I've given my three ideas and they've never taken any of my ideas. I envy you a chatting on this three years in the case eager company yes I was asking companies businesses people that work in on what's next good companies are always proactive in the market and know what's about to happen while bad companies reactive than we have a party and associate. What's next for Casey here. Forgetting about furry new firm owners in in the next couple weeks or so and then we're gonna start being able to brew that seven days a week which is of kind of big deal so to recessed for days seven days a week just getting out their little bit more making sure that so everyone who wants to find their uncle and be inspired by you on. Football Sunday is can go out and find. Yeah if you haven't had that don't go hopefully this podcast is now encourage you to try to uncle I love it. I can't get my friend Cole we literally drank it from week 12 weeks I've had Xbox in my bar. I keep it cold and and every Sunday. We would give food. And we would sit and watch red sewed and Greg dongle in average giveaway to people may likely to that's going to do you gotta think argued haven't tried this going to here's one had a bunch of its obvious you. Give it away back I still have some fight kept all of it myself but that's Elizabeth building. Brewer quality assurance. Lowered. Over there in decades cedar incumbents and that that's captured that the top of the things are covenant is for me.