The Kendrick Episode

Carrington Harrison
Monday, April 24th

Carrington is joined by Cole to discuss Live PD, the incident at Kauffman Stadium from last week, and if Power and Light can draw crowds on weekdays plus Gee Watts stops by to discuss Kendrick Lamar's new album, Damn, and if it's on the way of becoming a classic. 


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They should they just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. She. Tonight welcome news. Good lord black opponent like tank the six that. Is this podcast by far the country's last time we hit fourteen. But we need more wheat board was there to describe life blood stuff the podcast that he. Do we just keep listening to to keep him going in that's enough for me. Chances here. Calls here ensembles this is the Kendrick episode of today's podcast. I thought I only see you know Sunday afternoons like I don't see you re at a time or overdue and the team thanked them a couple of care it's incumbent out. We're very business focus recently worked. The message right now the McDonald's alone right now with both be the second. But then they have to push it back and you're going to be in London the sixteen. And I'm in Chicago often did so we'll figure it out willow we'll keep you an update. Boy and the McDonald's cooker with carrots and but this week article do another one. I always thought kind of conscious of doing under royals game them like who's gonna. But Motorola plant Stewart everyday it's been clocked it deliberately see more action and took good care of easy from the roto. There's like random question Monday when you only do that on the royals were playing I feel like that's what you need to do with cooking with Harrington here. I mean who will score as many runs as the royals welcome him with dent. No that's that's very fair I saw you today. We do the normal introductory shake hands and everything. And you tell me a story about show lady which I think spurs into a greater topic. You can only about the details over the incriminate yourself not ask you got to the precinct based on this bike as you've got to share the store with the people. So first off baby I love you don't get mad at me for the split so last night out every day Della and I was out with my girlfriend a Westport and around 1 o'clock she wanted to go home so we get maneuver and she starts whispering in my hear about all the stuff that's gonna happen when it. We get home she she goes directly to the bathroom and and a thirst vomiting and Mendoza promptly to sleep so. We're gonna talk about what the worst. Sexual experiences are the biggest let down like to me. I could just tell from the way she was that once we got home shoes and go right to bed and there's going to be no no fun time at which he which. Get ready to go if she did after she throughout roster defense I don't know once once you grow up its balance. Game over by outages got go to guy to challenge flag right you know what. Tomorrow in tonight's big unravel and unpacked. How did you let her kids at this point in the beginning we're Childress was. You weren't trick it's always huge for David is crap what you had no light you know how it's gonna take go. So I think it crept up on a one and and to do is one of her friend's birthday is such pictures right and often doing shots with with the Bertha boy and an idol machine dinner. I tried to see there's always correct by its Tuesday in radium and I think she's at a salvage it and off last night and yet it went from what you supply and so it we don't get you home. Right away we do a similar situation on on Saint Patrick's Day we went into. Her place of work for. Just a quick little bathroom break and then she came out she thought it was Saturday morning at 7 AM when it was still Friday night. So I had to convince her nose still it's still Friday when you get your own and you look up at 10 o'clock at night and thought she'd slept through a full but it worked and it was Saturday tons and she thought she'd lost today. Now donors Dario that's out here I don't have any of those. Super rock store that you've got some like us that they are so many different ways we can go I think I have. Light who I was really drugstores it was my birthday. How would you like 2223. And my firm brides that you know and I got drunk you can have a couch yet in his apartment just and so he put together like four Cheney years for me to solely. And I remember he put the trash care right there. The Ford shares together Adam Blake and that's where I slip and it was like comfortable technologists pole I was I was done habitat you know when you're in that. Position you could sleep on concrete and it switched. Via. Most of you didn't drink in college so. I I feel like you missed out on like the crazy eight team room the priest 21 year old drinking because that's when you get and although the shenanigans because you really don't know how to handle your your liquor yet. Plus. When you're under 21 you don't know when the next senator Miller drinker so I feel like you kind of binge drinking go a little bit crazier and that's when you start into some some interest in soars. The fives are designated driver in college I never wouldn't ever and I didn't drink so would take its incumbent does and then there's drives are like out of a did you get dirty bing and you sprite like give me something to drink while I am they like I will be parched in this hot. Club I'm good and you get thirsty yes I was I was a five star designated driver back in college. I took a firefly like two years ago that loses then I don't even know what happened. I think goes one of the few time not want a few times though when a few times since we've been friends that we go out of the I was at a town or sometimes. Woods with house party in camera tricks in saint Maria before that I felt that'll get you a foreign but I focus quite clearly of the goal and and in one shot of vodka a I don't know maybe it was the combinations today at our member this time was moved in here. School. Day and I ever run through and I've ever sit there and I haven't felt bad does a less spotlight yet never. Well and we got enough to you know what why would I order. Was coat and whoever delicate if they know. The only time I get control when I'm we're drinking whiskey cokes and then you're like let's do shots at the bar. And we end up giving three shots find some random people to do shots with Peter Carrington and elect the podcast. And now where. Roaming around Westport you're taking random charges from people on the street is when you start mixing drinks is when it gets down that are have little I robbery in college wants Letterman I'm Jimmer would be in 2010 maybe we have those massive snowstorms. So we are snowed in in Columbia and all we had our apartment was never clear. So we. Drank a lot of ever clear and then it went to a house party. And we were sliding down someone's driveway in do you like the old people of the of the walkers. And sliding on the driveway and knows crashing into cars I will go the next day. Cut arm all the way up sure completely bloody. Thought I was missing teeth likely wasn't. We talked to our friends that night like that plot would look like we both missed the entire evening and they said we were as funny as we've ever been. Could not control is one of us got lost in the snow for a little bit. Just tonight massacre happens when you mixture and. No that is not good are never penalize average something like that don't do shots and never did that some blacks I was Beverly wasn't a concern for me. Worst sex. UN I've ever had this conversation before like what kind of sexist trash. I know of very anti shower Sam does absolutely nothing for it. It's either like just a tub shower like one of those when everyone has their apartment house. Not good if you're like a real shower like a Charlotte built for shower I think he can be. I mean 'cause. Water's not a natural number kit lite though it's always. Awkward. You're trying to get the water so you are still wore the other person's cold bit you've got to do so awkward. Mock raid at a turnaround and shifted. That's right and angles never you never had a good footing. So it's the shallower is an honorable but I don't know how anyone enjoys a shot at Augusta seeker contraption. And chip shot to figure out but I can't figure out. I'll understated so I'm very establish an urban charlatans like a bench. No bats the way I have been that shower heads the bids hotel Jesus bayonet. They had just aired it out and bare essence I don't know any bigger talking hideouts bizarre with the adage that you thought. We're a different kind of companies to do because we go to hotels stay at the motel six a blur happened at one of the hotels these data to protect the kind of got to protect the talent doubted Phoenix at the Super Bowl. We can bag no lie yellow caution tape everywhere. Bed. We asked the person. Cops shot until we got. Guild of the cops killed day I think it was he was trying to flee he was Micah armed robbery suspects. So it wasn't like one of those little national thing. Or ever this is gonna completely politically different direction. I was the channels yesterday and I eternal life PD in commercials from the Russian watched is basically. The reds' own version of cops like a lot they have. A guy like art just gotten its that we watch every Sunday and have like an actual police officer who's like a law enforcement to. And in dolby three different cities in the car like thirteen to currencies in the country. Those aren't eagle lied to Greenville, South Carolina words or routine traffic stop. And they'll like studied and they'll show the interaction I've never seen before us all code a code which we about it about playing at a an awards are the channels and and I saw its nonstop. First or I'll watch. So should they call stopping minorities. This notion the call and say definitely the potential to get back really quick especially oil was stopped minorities are no law. Reports an expert. Like when you come up or somebody that tellem why the interaction errors I was watching it got a car eternal right now. Stop because it creates that you create a hostile environments. It's it's so I sit there and it is another when I watch yesterday if anybody saw that you are talking about. There as South Carolina that all of these black people that was on the porch smoking deride him a ticket. Why you Butler street nobody had a weapon and then I got to do would check to see anybody got wards but smoke and we went there. Ports. Stephen L emotions and leading the police charge it's all well we. He was not so with cops regular cops are feeling they do pretty cool discrimination against trashy white people and then just like. That was the other people too because the other one it was a call at 530 stops in total. And now lost like one pursue when he was so far on the cards wasn't very excited watching one guy drives and watching traffic. It was a domestic violence situation. I caught this couple's house clearly for white people bidding come in there the guys hustling and Waziristan. How she heard his columns are yet to punch her in the face did you hurl all bubble again. At least 24240. Pot it was just like a cut yet grabbed some paper it's out there like trying to keep the blooded. Had no other injury other than that it's his shoulder in the sling. They go to her she's brought out on the is bloody trail and everywhere well punched in the head and I think it. You could handle the situation a lot differently than what you mean. And I think that goes back to life as a man. I honestly could there's never a time to welcome Blake gorgeous so much bigger and play even in self defense like there's other ways around. Batman story in some. I've got to appoint to protect sly and doesn't really upset me very often provide us already know like we talked about it and all of these. But I know. But I always realize the text on his moment of big representation of what Americans. Big cool would you hit no limit but most are and it who don't like black people to the top come up at about you can see. Really don't like black people bush that's given and there but with the domestic violence though we talk about the fight at Kauffman Stadium this weekend. I feel like to it's always create this. Any right to hit a woman unless she does XYZ. That people create these stupid hypothetical just by you know what he's coming at you wouldn't life. I didn't know we just thought yeah that's. They're like that I was in no danger she was. Spitting on and snack like he was fine when and that's not a good flick obviously don't spit and smack people by the same dialect he needed. Puncher in the face. If you noticed the outcome from this that like people want to PC police that's fine. Fine its own scenarios like that like let's today in the genomics which it was as usual situation. Like she smacks you need you to come up with raw hate spot. You should be allowed to protect yourself and ignored it shouldn't be. Like it is it's who you're only recourse but as badly as possible or do just the kind of the turtles don't try to block yourself. That it is cabinet Friday it's you just kind of say you put all my age don't hit me. Like what she's individual that I did you could be understood all right that was clear protection of itself there is never the Bermuda for you bought your fist in the quote protection of yourself. It's just falcon put somebody in the place up a walk and I I don't understand it also frustrated me was. That and to Estrada we try to keep women down and so many other instances unless it's about what it's like one about equality. Kabul and that you know after our game acting coach or skewed. Swimming coach are you like we got it as usual little comments they are you know why it's a program and that it would have a sharp about Jim right it's okay for you understand the difference but and needs domestic violence situation it's like. Well you're OK with hitting a minute why is located a woman. Thought inside I don't know much about loser who didn't sign. A lot of good. This is kind of in the same the same vein and and again I guess is kind of a self defense and I was listening to me as you listening to or reading something. On the South America the growing people who train and a man people who trained jujitsu and all that kind of stuff. And how you're getting a lot more of these self defense situations where some dude who's trained is defending himself against Sony is not. And the guy who's defending himself quote unquote ends up doing serious damage to the the attacker. And Miller was talking about public. If you're in a situation and nine times out of ten you're going to be on on camera. So if you're really defending yourself and to make yourself liked to make it legally like okay make sure you put your hands up a couple times and take a step back and as you have to defend yourself like that. If you have a bureau on tape and you put your hands up and you take a step back in that person comes at you again. In the open though like I of the of the law you're Ben defending yourself but if you're the aggressor and even though you you might not be like the one who's instigating. If you aggressive then again it's Europe at fault for it happens. Elected jobless situation with the picabo veto that saw. She hit on like always going to be an odd day pic like like a dog like at all the police would like angry and she said so that you just knocks a row and the the lack of remorse to beat that too so polite and walk away called read suggests some deep middle to Jews in my prospective children. So openly honestly debt you're seeing a lot of us pushing California they're saying is just. These situations are you have dudes who trained him a man and then they go and just beat people up and they're so different situations and and they're getting locked up they're giving it with the civil suits for a. Neighbor knew how he got a delivery and how we got to this but a domestic violence on my volume but not silly how even got to the rabbit hole of that anger talking about the police. You wanna talk about showers sixty more I had such new passion and showers sex. Topic and then it just it washed away the. C. A solid US up last night and whether both fun so we were adds bill and I have decoded cash if we're going to blowers. Pullen to that ATM over on grander and foreigners country club on it. There's a guy who was driving the big truck literally pulled up on occur. Obviously impaired driving and they're trying to get my man to stand on one foot print journalists you know can't beat red. An alternative three time is sweating. Serenity to put your hands linebacker being detained yeah got the first time I've ever seen in the US open person. I doubt they got ever seen them before Jeremy eyewitness to power light just aggressively entering. I'm Kyle live you know hit mr. nor the public with this 34 days ago I don't remember I described Wimbledon are we just talked rides home after that I walked and ran street do you think. Kansas City can ever change the perception of our allies know. A light. Is eight scroll worst and now it's nothing's going on as prisoner or not the weekend but what could ever keep Kansas City. To go to power lie on a Tuesday Wednesday earnings as a with the. On the news and so bella Iowa downs or clearance cork for dinner on Tuesday night. Really get out you've been there before but revenue spot. But yet there is nine people and it's like who bell and I were talking just about the character reputation of power and light and how it's. It's either producer down there or it's kind of like. The old people who her wearing affliction T shirts and hanging out how the moon. But I think is it's so ingrained and there was already the cool part district which is what sport I think what sport is continuing to get cooler and nicer and having like. Occupant hop to hop that's awesome and and the new bar or the new patio. Processor from my calendar and place but I think you have the cool hip spot and that's always gonna be Westport and you're gonna have the other spot which is power and light. And if you get on the west were on Tuesday or Wednesday it's not crazy busy but there's people on the dead. No it's not doubling power is not that I think it's obvious who some might rush on outs keep my name is all the record numbers yet. And they were saying part of the perception about aren't like it is why would I ever go down there during the week. I Westport do we think has traded divide. The Westport Wednesday to just grab something you'd just kind of you L west work there's no reason for you to feel like you need to go to town light day. I wonder if mrs. Police officer here. I Westport pushed out black people like what if Olympic gold on the west were hanged -- at places that elected exception. The perception among black people is don't go to trial like that like if you push Al but they have about them like you would go out into the Sylvia was picked Arabia. It's a would like they can't go there they go gotten out of the places that's less than a thousand people that are going to own your establishment that light. Even know where I would go in power light don't be good news. So I've only been out of power and light a couple of times just like you I live right across the street from power and looked at times have gone a system like the crowd there is completely. Just Dwight twenty somethings who are hanging out or older white people and there's no diversity and its. I don't know like when we went to. The mosaic whenever that club as we were in there for ten minutes and we both just like how does anyone have fun here. As fake it's the right Britney was super. It was just. Let's flash and everywhere like just looking through it for the DJ can scream and I love you Kansas City human like pumping foam in elusive so weird it was like. They committees of the route you're going to discuss it I just I couldn't do like Ohno the pop allies to candidates. You did two other stuff you got some of them entering play ping pong bowl like I think that's a really cool place like unhappy that they revitalize that. Like pizza bargains at two bars leaving the bar pretty cool. Aside from that to me please don't mess with the prime. Now. McKee we've been and it happens once or twice just for a midget and shows on there yeah through. Find out polarize moderate I think the other thing with power and light is. So they have places that's her favorite. I don't think anyone's really going no one wants to go like hey we gotta go unit McFadden or whatever I think in in Westport you know what charm bar and you have restaurants like that the people wanna go eat that. Then hey Oregon newest entrant. They just part of the issue of power lines there's no. Like the real slick there's no read into a main event down in power play and I also don't think you have as many people who live. Super close two power lines and Westport. Changing I mean this is what that would there's more people would be not yeah that's what change it was gonna change. With paralyzed due to disrupt a man derelict funds. You've been under an apostle have really related to an urban applies officer I want its who I was thinking that some like. Mean if mosaic we give me docs court one of these things I need to do without her on Thursday I agree I agree and I think. It's part part of the crowd they want to attract. And then partly like that are fine if I mean they're open and American money I don't. As a business and why would you change yeah I had a you don't your rights arbitrary bit awkward in other word umbrella to one place less than what you all you know that is the pre prop prominent place. I told the idea it was like. If that's the kind of crowd could I just flat out he's like oh are the way around that we've we talked that was tuna just like yeah that sounds great but no hip hop yeah it'll be like that like yeah and ready to do stuff here the deadly rent music. That's a we don't. Like the that's our people a year like we can't rap music ever result in an old idol I don't wanna go somewhere not play and fun and saying no hip op is essentially saying no black people think it's yeah. Your winner no apps movies called like certain things you can say. Follow a strict dress code law also be always pride indicators. If your daughter duo black nuclear. Okay. Somebody told me as soon they'll serve in a seat that's a tale tells. That they don't want you there but doesn't really affect me because that is the is not so I would not I wouldn't put it in my body. It's good to lamented a dependency problems on booze and government to be the only leverage and it doesn't mean. About Nicole sickle sport by guest coming up this happened this gene Lott comes in a talk about the new Chandrika. This is Mac lethal you were listening to the stick to sports. Podcast. Well I couldn't do a review of the new Kendrick album without talking to somebody that actually personally knows kindred my guy G watts. Is up here today to review the new Kenderick Allen dale Mahan initial reaction initial thoughts I'm sure that's something you were anticipating. Damn them down just you filming maybe too early to speak on her own book president that a lot of music for Karen now. Mob is Tbilisi issues. This is this year the past two years and filming. My initial reaction to this album was. I can tell by the release of humble I actually never heard Behar for not thought it was going to be on the albums all of tunnel waiting here net cutting New York has. Our action comes on the track listing and you got your seat with Alan on our don't really understated switch your humble in the context that album makes a lot worse or it is the single. So actually kind of avoided humble for awhile but eventually I was out I just heard kind of slaps learn learn what her humble I knew the tall of that album was gonna be different than the ones before. That is sound like anything off the they have a butterfly and Aaron are going to be a different kind of feel. And do what I saw the track listing which also kind of fit out the humble college backed sued the block so to speak no I got a new kicker has something here you wouldn't title that dale you wouldn't be on the cover and a white T shirts Noonan in the morning. You wouldn't drop a track like fumble it didn't come would have known this out. Our our our our through our partially Karen wooded on the last our own. A PP would just glad it's over because of the sound scary. If you listen it's like the wars that he says you put more wall inside the wars or anybody else and you put more walk dislike an exhibit. You know we've got to know some are museum you don't get the background story unless they got the loose erector by deploying or whatever it is. Home you just got to take it in and analyzed for which who you know conservative as an offer like you do that we his letters from principal overflow also. Any added those don't care tomorrow do you still go Rocco what he settled above butterfly distinct south sky it was maybe a little bit too. Mature. Are two different for today's generation to appreciate what he was saying on top and NV's. Booty was snapped an owner to you talked about this a lot out of you gotta talk about it but of the transition really can't understand this album news. I felt like the paper butterflies which is really Muslim not Hungary. You don't eat Thanksgiving run run run worth a great meal but some W you'll also quick to cripple late you know. Figured it's a poll label that I feel some time is work to Jakarta. Watered Allard dumb down music and a still keep the election commentators. This is your dodges and are normally the butterflies. It was to start to finish I think to really appreciate it as an al-Qaeda as a through song three songs that because the sequencing of flow. I think it's so much differently. But I was happy at least on this album that you steal you a lot of heavy comments here with mark roar when it's easier to hear like DNA she. Things are also like. You can tell what he's talking about what you like fuses in the players box now in position and beat changed crazy gonna say. It's hard to make it better wraps all Indian seventeen different ethnic out of it is the story doing this are ingredients your 200 Orleans and about not put up content juice or those missiles out today. Grab music as horde of it a better apps on India as the fact. That's a fact and I like that analogy that you used which is why don't hold it against people who who follow. Jonas early light approval butterfly as Morris because their mental fortitude to assumes is a perfect analogy for. Oh boy weird to speak on dale and like you say the united bro and my personal opinion yes. Is he wanted to better rap songs which are going your peer you Rome and I'm happy that it was my board to execute. And DNA. Fee you into the field song you ovals are about. Feel incredible. It's eliminate stupid. Humble mean fear mean guy I mean low of loyalty. Hello oh lead through amazing tricks states do allow you to be averages rock now wouldn't you gotta feel like you know you're some some global. Do you notes on gays artists have the information is Camille work. I mean just kind of going through that there are many songs on here that I dislike and I'd. What makes this album so good. Pleased to accountable in a little combination of everything like. Tammy dot could have very easily built a butterfly Mike how it's towns in the field that achieves record you here but Dotson he sounds like early chance recollect is that flow. But I think that could have been on there more OC when I first heard I was like. This is gonna dominate the radio new Nolan is just a song that's gonna fit regatta. Teach you all colors on her arms Ramone they're the concept of at the chorus brother this phone is going to burn up the charts. I'd love a lot iRobot and newbie really good sort of non news like. I go to this album and I don't I don't think it's gonna keep Nancy I don't think it's not a lot of documents that I don't think it's out Wednesday. Moya this so really what are we to do. Well because good care Maris city was literally simply those days in the evening. Overload sixteen year old keyed in Compton California no we're just one day spurt out doughnuts are now. People underestimate how difficult daddy's me being you know artist myself. I know how hard it can be to just take 14 assaults and so the story without sounding redundant without sounding preachy wood out just being born. So adored over the direction of our home. Is never been dome before and I'll ticket there will be duplicated delivery he didn't. Auto more distraught to come back into Wednesday called for is used once you markers and Lars who drink with a view Lucy had to go back and switch is open angle. And we Singh none of them was good Q med city. But what I like about this album woes he took to go to mass Seif sound skates where was it easier listen you have radio singles on near. But the meat suit like you sued the Booth and suspicion. The complexity. Both. The topics and content he chose to approach won't know voter flaw. We just mix it with a good acumen a city beats which views the best of both worlds for. And people who wouldn't person is not even going here which you got to say the first three Lisovicz is Rockwood would be. I'll be accomplished their on this album which is what says Singapore from your body goes in numbers don't lie you fill me 6101001. Wheat cards as many crazy number nobody's the words are he's not doing. Yeah I ain't doing that. Core door and only person is probably Drexel expand loan what I thought it. Swap bought this album so more injury history clearly he's just he's crossed over more than what you and there is. I wanna see if you agree with what I why's that there was I think it was. This is a traditional album where chips they are more likely than Al is not a mix tape it's a play so it just bite and does give you appreciate your take out you wanna take it. The Arctic which hitters that aren't front and albums as we look up or. People's excitement level as a patient is different body secular was if you remember more like it went on Saturday just came only hours ago I got so this gives you more time to buy the album. And it sort that was used disappointment like if you with anticipated use your credit review you alerted. Not a wasn't it W bid next project like it's coming to you back a little bit which I think he did on this project but all that kind of culminated in. Humble like humble is that smash. Record so there's no way to put it. I don't think DNA is gonna get a radio play on we re not because ago song. Book humble with the course and I'll let you know people club low say and loans in light unlike Ol little bit beyond mood like on the like humble is just such a smash record that thing when you add those two. Aegis of the best we won racing's mark. Are right our group which dropping Kirk George issue in years ago. Lowe came and people people not charter accepted boy the boy is dying right now. Views has been promoter since nothing was decided no observed. Home is sold at essentially had the anticipation will quarter per unit. When when you're Karen Barrett we're Courter too when he was dropped and are mixed as mr. Eisner has an excellent. Corporate and amazement his present because we knew loses quarter to court three was comet. We know who's whose coma since 2000. Thirteen full. And so that's why people rushed opposed not to mention he also. You know played the little streaming game by phone on a song that was our four year for art it was there were just a rack of stream after Stearns. If we look at the projects date. Sale which fuels mobile phone do 500000. If you read misses to Larry is world news more life. That play in this excuse our froze the exact same miscues who use we. If you read this because he didn't know where he was going do is so instead as is being confident to do as a way out is secure nick. A mob. Hey. He out is secure bro is so he wanted to. Most say donors also flyer is not our our mode don't expect too much of his as a play loose we all go listen. That's an album. Creative suite two songs learned their songs. This tunnel claimants who is it more like it was a note compilation wit more he'd. Division and are in the bottom going to be when he first set played list with that you guys like his or not it's yeah Zach Madonna's I'm not a but the album as everybody is a little bit oblique a little bit of being a little bit of a meal in the summer body that was on it cool zone arc is a perfect example that's all it was going to be here more lifelike. This is like knowledge album which complain like you did admit to boost is one of my favorite trick projects are saying that too because I don't margins bash in Zurich on its own large. I'm not Madrid supporter I was objectionable for most people well as others which your tree guy news. And I was gonna talk that we can relate to kids reviews. Is just obvious that breaking camcorders go it's completely different. Size nine is obvious that could be that wants to be more pop store rapper is that some of that goes back to be like. You took such a rap world run along now which you repeated its ultimate passion for wanna late forties dance hall kind of music and you'll to a large audience with. It's your fault you like you now turn its 15 biggest pop stores in the world. So by acting now in the news. Just how social media is that competition is always wanted to pair. Did mark you kick it tricky kicker anymore right doesn't make solely rap music anymore Jordan was Jordan never meant solely where music but it took me now conceded. It's changed from where he used to just Bratton saying. Now it's wrapped. Seeing autonomy UK music try to update. Some stuff directory are trying to make some Ayers all them in the pledge that make like X five different calendars now we're used to lose just wrapped an idea of all I want to argue it's all vote. You know Roger got his first look a whole RB song he basing. Your arms and a saying that in no. He wants to be a rapper. But every single tar bro as soon as so often before whether that be awful flicks don't freestyle office so fall in charge of the footage destroyed was just makes it look worse. So have been ghost writers and dinar and accusations only for reference checks to come out a home. That's his issue but he still wanna be rapper he loves the coach or one of his favorite groups as little brother. That's not know popular choice as somebody who actually enjoys lyricism. Which is one of the reasons why are respected right for so long is because he reviews a student again but at the end of the day. I personally feel line. If you don't co would have views to. Our he came don't use to cook that was stress if you don't comb wouldn't. Take care to or so for golf so his next album that he drops only to 600000. Maximum. Like to first world first week for you don't know personally they're let me do lest they vote. And things are just hurting broke. He chases. Dumps and don't chase hates make music and what goals goals we was designed to have an abortion before jury. Come all your arms and that goes to prove to would true artistry as opposed to a folks does make it means we said at an opposite and that's some balls appeared. Humble. As nod don't our number one written all over it opened up a number two which was Jerry highest. Charting song parts. Though one day is joining new jobs there. If you don't just where are your chastened hates chasing his says as he beach from odious so essentially some of pop off forward. Bush. He he lost an assault bro. Are you see my pops up for I don't know what you puts it well you gotta read this because he's a workhorse he work he's working at the gives it incredible. Are applauding for Miller says was eight straight supported. Our current car muscle function and no grown man known soon not a fanatic and nobody not meant the broad market. An innocent people are. You support dregs knows who Bhutto just here recently doesn't fill alternate no more feels like he's choice and some like oh do carry weight. A fill our personal best because he wants to have launch in his career for all businesses and it makes me from a business standpoint it makes sense. You know did you carry is the second. Leading in the music and entertainment industry so go over there and dabble in their little world sedate you know you can always had a foot in Bagram. What is not all Finney you are there records Gibbs was. Yes. We warned a lot of songs he Roy and I want to but. Sonoma target gives rule America. Roy debt and that is the AG. The war that broke. Skipped is. In a move. It was cold I'm like skip to bskyb does in a move some more trash bro is are we not hear Fred. Them the United States marriage or quit drinking is not do you carry bro if you wanna go over here make you carry type and release and you carry dollars and although it would only hear that. Is we cool with a little island vibes and contrary to what that. Yeah that's oracle thrown their arms and as in us already by nature you fill me he's not the first to do that we love Carl Thomas we loved Wayne Wonder. We love shop law like we've been Iraq with dash. All of our electric that you know this already at the combat are worried about it though that ratio will. It was like auto accident music is about kid Lotta time kindred though. Do you think you'll have a better career than in the news this last mile us pocket the greatness in it was between him. Kids and you can look at not it is actually credentials with someone like he already has these romantic eager kid Nancy. The joke act has played Tokyo relates to record running rubio there. And that is an interest workers. If you could pick there's any particular sound like all time. He sounds a lot like the combination awaited in India knew that I wonder if at the end this thing we're gonna talk about Kendrick. As atop an artist all. Queues already passed in the Newman/Haas both. But home it would ever read you wanna speak on how I can. Like there's right there's three albums and he spent it and you know knobs Argentines. Is that you are are the art of saying he's already at that level. Its top ten we are telemarketing to stump for. We are retirement stuff for our hobo. All right top four. I have met at 2 o'clock just based almost two partners mark dar Al moved who got it back at ardea pot are so it's awful Boca peak. Gunman who would be you got to get a big yeah I would put it had a big. Big got two problems. He does that mean can I got a marine he off for classics. Four caught the butterflies in my class that's a classic blue person vote Umar. Firstly not to move butterfly earned five grammys he went platinum. They had crossover hits. Is this study by Horford caught our 08 is the highest rated Al boom in the meta critic history. So you guard critical client. You've got booed support Barnes who you've got. The worst movie. It's all right there in Lagos say just from a hip hop standpoint of purist standpoint if you break down the words and what he's saying there's nothing sort of a classic right. I'll try to look at color but that slows as I'm curious how great coloring book of Gerber got up and three. Coloring book classic no book has admitted crew didn't speak going to. First weeks it was didn't speak only code book is great is a good album very good down bush. It's an art class. Yeah like you have much injured. Person does and got caught the right guys don't want to apple could care Seattle Caron good fit with this message that classics section eighty easily classy in dam is on his way to being a class. It is important section eight the class you need to access to classics take care so far all our organic section eyeglass. I give jury so for golf constantly in the conversation was why are we Rossi he got a call muscle formed goksel. Takers not request in my personal pain in the sandwich who say it wasn't a visit. My our reason is because the week in row 40% it's like you're in this is common knowledge if you do you're on. An arms. So arcade game fueled the classic. Our gives you kept making a classic sound bridge right knowledge right was so for golf which is amazing. How easily I hated. Because I say stuff I love you guys equipped Jesus walks slowly I figured right Jews walks rock of our run our fears grow old Jesus or to know what to look collier writes on his verses this is beginning common knowledge gay rights I was vs yet so we'll hooks. Albright I'll probably ought to put even in that hospital gave yeah I. Tough fart in C embarks on because of what it in c.'s stance for our gave Condit top five artist vaults on. Might be top so hip hop artist who votes on from production. Tricks lulls impact you know senator. But don't act it is assumed different after rock orchestra. Or it's I what did you artist wise yes easy. Easy I don't know called image as a low home borrow there's no holes injuries he's catalog just make hard to put Qaeda out of holes in his cabinet though. Volume thirty. King and coo Ronald. A total of every day. Classics longevity. Radio I'll believe it on the game like everybody views it as a missed and he does somebody get a look at how he's the soccer but he. Like me it's just the only missed going to re glad I'm not leading the league that's the only missing young discard for tomorrow and often like yes for classics. For the first three in my view endorsements of the hot I don't I mean. Likely actually heard them. I would give college drop out classic outlook graduation that it would be one in my personal life I would argue for being a classic. My beautiful portraits that its output I would kind 83. Like like the Pablo I wouldn't put on a class equipment using mice is too good to start with it's it's a really solid album. But artist. Actually hurt so what's your five. Right now so my case. What would you put your pocket. If you put into intricate three as I've raised holly who opt. All four. Vote. Poll number wound Oak Park is in that top 34. I hate to sound corny. Ladies Wheaties. Rock Q. According. To people with say rock it would ours we don't know homework artists rock him because news. If he had a long room for a long time news of this rep wrong earth. Gnomes. Home but does not look at them Stoner rock you know I'll be line of processors are committed far rock Kim zones are just understand his place in history is truly. On similar Michael Jordan I idolize Jordan on their I'll watch his campaign are millions of talks to court. But obvious hater if I didn't say Marge were missed how far on its own. As were rocking. And so outside you wanna go to Roger 2000 it was a great he doesn't have any independent albums he has warned some would low below which are Loeb. Like that's why I personally its case you've gloomy. Eminem has too many we'd plates. So many CDs that you just puts a roach on all better rapper breach here on our our kicker just sheer mr. rafter and sheer rapid ability. I notice got to be a tough decision to hold build additional out definitive. Reason while would go weak weak Q injured. Is because he's had to hold his own four independent projects most photons. Through stacks god offered only half McComb would first who often. Whether that be would be bored or afterward he just feature an all records its offer like it's easy to call wolf lovers easier. Own bullet. Stacks is being sexist actions mean. I. It's around music works Connolly how sports works as they see one version and I think eventually the souped up version of that individual. You can argue that Kendrick is the souped up or country. With the harmonies the fly home. This thing now it sounds very greatly doubt that stronger version mom always argued Detroit is just what is the improved version now the bill Rapp is seeing him in melodies and that's really what briefcase. In the beginning. To think that we had seen before he didn't more melodic at the bill witnessing. I think now it's just when it's always it is no league had never going to Delhi government humbling he never made that comment over and over dude. We carried to support me weakening discredit their hotly if got a hold of a lot better than they don't come through straw. He made a coach who record don't known senator he's going on a concert tour as we speak now sold out so disappointed. Nellie used to be ours in anyway all that matters is the I. As the article also lowered its doors a lot of this. Yeah they're trading at Air Force One it was whispered as an assessment as to you know do marry. Set up today as TO bros you think it's gonna go to class this album are your. Is too are needed to man blew it. That are gay and I'll speak from affairs standpoint solos were enough for her. Our world it's a vehicle as it just about when mom and a win if you returns relevancy that he star's property stars probably mate wouldn't he make money do for his community where he's been doing. That's while rock with the board. Our case before what kind of stuff Chicago I don't know and nobody else knows. A north Jersey. Where he's don't for Brooklyn is justified MO (%expletive) you know observed. The west enrolled. Is in league woes or the plaza gave you from Toronto but have from the plaza bro is different you know senator a home. Well my boy dose with his his his popularity. He used his money that he makes you know is something for the community of fort of people aspire to sound scared to produce its. Which is why I have an affinity for sandwich hoopla you know there. Ohm side and will LeBron. Hello saw wall him to win you saw over the Carrie give you an objective opinion on net because it is subjective I want to see Buick classic. Escude this thing I've certain Sullivan staples said the staples said that he thought it kicker with the best rapper alive need to be though a lot part like I usually probably genre apologies he's alive let's talk about actor ram run low limit identified Jay-Z. His career has just been great colonel killer's Korean friends and we didn't get to that point where he's at a got to have a look at eight year old it's like you're being at bush it will will get their that battle lines. It's the almost the best rapper alive by the fall like that only five people did you consider rappers. Change Rick. Cole. It is somewhat older dork I was a vigil book on this and it lowers the fog not what are more likely now we're at that point in the answers kicker we got to start you threw me. A how did you run right I thought my cruisers that answers to Google or news it's the best rapper alive by default right now and their media people do when. Up because a lot of people dornin but pages don't returns. Home two of the best rapper is a lot that goes into in my opinion is nods his boards Jones. Ohm you've got to have leaders who got to have currency you've got a swagger you gotta have a sauce you've got to had to do Uga grad hits you gotta have good client. Autos different days player role it's a Vienna group Cardoso to biz rapper at the moment. Why and had it wants on lookers could take a piece away from it you might not have to have the OPEC is like LeBron LeBron can issue for adults. Bodies have been as bad as one player in the world you know resident's home is sold. Right now is carried us of those rapper alive actively only because Jay-Z A and drum and it was nice. In Jersey just some mean you can had a discussion but he easily defeat to verses. I thought our forces. Broke his last features was stupid don't. Shine. Our rob yeah I'm not on there and talk about all the way you all talk about it as well as the trojans and undermines. Mean. I got the keys mean you threw me. Like prior to signing he was on the road is Sophie could tap into a bag even had a years. At least had two records in those iron SOS tool songs a year bro you're gonna say it's thrown out rules so optic lights as he could do with me always looking literally last night oh boy about to be feet. As we hear. Then there goes ahead. Are no recurring kid with three of its value and your grand daddy are not what you're out here oh look close with this buy you lots of talking injured but this episode you got a show coming June 3 and check more action is going to work on. Do you jolt our non award Tracy Kansas City, Missouri mile long were refers grow dates. OT CU. Puerto. Daring. Riley in. Card cause loose. Home Carol tome says its own Islam. We don't do some over and Arnold what's ours is called downtown at. Pre Celtics is ten dollars at the doors for it saying. Soviet cobol priests those live from me and an additional will be sold out already so we might have Edison national organized so. You know slog through it you know support local businesses and in this is a local radio stations so you know brilliant and witty. My god G watts. Two biggest music out there who has engendered episode wrong.