The Michael Porter Jr Episode

Carrington Harrison
Monday, March 27th

Carrington talks to Eric Bossi, National Recruiting Analyst for Rivals, Sam Snelling from SB Nation, and Tod Palmer from the KC Star about the #1 recruit in the country and his decision to attend Missouri and what it means for the program. 


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They should they just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. Those of us. Hi Kathy. Tiger has organized people both in the and you believe what I just tiger fans this week it's going to be so much about cam in the royal that I wanted to got to do something specifically for you guys who was the Michael Porter episode of the congress. Isn't there glossy with the national basketball analyst for rivals of the conversation with my guys since Snelling. Over SB nation to the fantastic podcast called paint touches. One of the more informative Missouri tiger basketball fans out there at top Palmer of the key indices Starr joins me is what I thought all things Michael Porter embers were basketball. This is for you guys hope you enjoy it this is Mac lethal you were listening to the stick to sports. Podcast. Patty Biggio and on the stick to sports podcast by air boss to use the national basketball analyst for rivals dot com area things up for the time and yeah not you agree we are gone to a fantastic all right let's start it that's about how many times would you say it you see Michael Porter blood. It aired it admit that you are are. That's a lot so I want I'd I'd like to bring somebody dogs I think it's a lot different perspective from I've seen him play by 56 times semi Q I wasserman a tournament. And I watched every game that locate and played in which you've. Travel around the country music George jobs fighting through the perfect person to talk to. That's Phillies this spot this first question aside from that. Whose game would you say that Michael porter's compares to. For awhile I get that brought probable or there or not a lot of villas bay caller you know. But wipe out what this. Is ill let you know it was an awesome. NBA player and I've outgrown that one it got bigger he really does. Read reshape and gain I mean. Course there's an element Kevin Durant and it let. I was nervous. Gerson around because. People here compare them they're my torturing. Is not preparing ID and it didn't get it. Well the other all of the all sort of there's. There's a lot eat eat eat pretty special moment. The patent and thought I got back in. That I will be no one's 1617 years. That was my first compares a lot lots of the first drug like this is Paul George I got to the Kevin Durant like few days to go off to me is the shooter that Kevin to rain is but not many people are especially his side analysts at them. Oh I watched him the first are like this looks a lot like Paul George. Yet now there's there's definitely an element he's not Inca went our walk ought. I'm. Alerted to while ladder there were booked our humble and are just as much power forward. And they were small or on this and had again changed as an album me and her game. It is not think Michael public play a lot. And what it was or you know now or the way just yet it into this year. But you know there's there's certainly the similarity there and you've also got off. Actually we could be argument of those go get your monthly medical quarter and he he just beat now what. I his game do you think is going to be difficult to translate to the next level it's really not going to be as easy form as it was in high school. What do you think he needs to continue to work on in this one year college. Rain is going to be important. You know I think. Sometimes he settles a little bit immediately after the jump shot. From eight hours and I Garrett it's it's and I think it. Includes host and a little bit because that are really think he could be a weapon needed to post him up there now man. You know. I don't know if it's really hard and people would you gain. Eat in local ball. Let it. He can really shoot especially taking good shots and not think it is shot selection you used percentages go up. You know there's been some people tried to knock on the beauty not they reluctantly. And I guess if you feel more political but that is the guy you know he. It is big time rebound numbers everywhere you go and I don't think you can average it he read out of the game. You know on ice or eleven rebounds a game in 1980 lightly or something like that. And not at least at about you. You know I think most of his game translate then. You know. I'm usually pretty conservative with things but I guess he's he is not happening among certain. That it. Here's our haired boss he's the national basketball analyst for rivals. You follow this that I think you're good person to ask you this question to. Because sometimes I think that fans think are right now that we got the warned it's going to bring the ball rolling in to bring more talent. In terms of a recurring impact what kind of impact does Michael Porter hand. Well I mean it immediately hit it it'd sure that your gonna get his brother barring a major surprise then you know I think. It's part of my job it is currently in he's gotten me you are the joint. His brother lieutenant Waller and the department next year. I think it weird to talk about chocolate quarter AutoZone there'd be a lot of experience is up thirty or declared that meat eat. Very skilled power or. Little bit of the import and Bob good game like shooting a little bit. Out of out of it yet period and like that very lever. Com yes that's the immediate. We get the epic part of Martin's record you get Apollo capacity. He got a couple are our god and he he got you by our guidance Al. You know he wouldn't get got out of Atlanta LG around now has the option got. The point artwork and all actual question and got this year. Charlie war obviously got to reach. But that war got on. It is going to be a matter included really locked in on now on the recruiting trail when they post are either event you go out a lot of eighty east and we've. Do you have any idea of the pieces they can possibly put around Michael Porter because I can't imagine a better recruiting tool if you're not going to be one of those blue blooded and I Kansas Kentucky. Duke Carolina and those kind of teams as. Now they write you know that are looking a bit thicker around Michael pretty much are we are. You know he'd eat. Barring all the shots he's only going to be their one year so that brought up about Ito indicated brother. To reflect on some of the year it but you say. Big job and would like to change and a vehicle got a little bit as you might oracle rather well in. Well I'll. Evolve to that he's here Robertson. Is that I'm making a decision on whether we want that equipment they're perhaps sort of school reopen these. He didn't know what what not look at a Denmark beat yours. And then the only other name out there that really in doubt. He's not big name guy. It marks met through. Really come on of the scenery and Edwards Illinois and out of the six breed probably are and we're if I'm having spot or in the country interestingly enough with actually manage to do to quit baseball. Before he hurt himself. And decided he wanted to put on bat well I'm now. If it it kicked it the other day is an analyst in the few times. Notre Dame or not there and start work what turned. The other schools really are involved but as it is what is achieved the heat went down to. Illinois Missouri and lucky that other potential. Is in god can really be a night he ground. Quarter and now where it. If spirit there has got returning in in these guys you talk about he'd regret negated a term. It seems hard to me at least we'll cons those background and ability to recruit. That the plane is going to be we're essentially gonna have Michael Porter played on last year's team and I know you got your late and you don't have all the time to recruit. But they're asked to be some JD can flip perhaps to be that four star kid that hasn't committed. Aside from Mark Smith that the plane can beat hey. You can play with Michael Porter for one season there'll be NBA scout every single game you play at because of Mike and will always be on national tell us television. Because you have this recruit Beckett attract at least one high level player to come play for once he's. All right you say that the public to know that got available right now there's such a Upton. Pull out the available there's just not many got seek re not Emeka. Our respect and a look at that perhaps the record national market what he would make last. And that's just something that it is going to be huge or sort status you know who that is available. They're talking they're bossy national basketball analyst with rivals. What ex cons of Martin's so good on the recruiting trail. In Arctic air. These electors here and Demi Moore heard investigation and it. As is that we're in is talking about gays do in a battle really grow up. Never. You know totally self made man. Caught fire cancer survivor. I got news. Question her character is without question you know just. He's hit he's hit one of the guys that you know when when you did in. In you're speaking to mainly. About failures of the play went for it and you not think it really comes up with a strong all the figured. And someone that cares about. You know the integrity and unity the right way and he's just into the Republican governor around not known unknowns of about ten or eleven years probably. You know he he got out of a meeting present you know he's not. Not like. Crazy outwardly related with period sir you know. The super media friendly gotten the help motor by any means. If he's spent his arm around me is difficult to not like. As the Missouri today and I've been told my entire life that this hire. Is going to fix the problems in Saint Louis that Missouri has recruiting and no coach has ever been able to fix their problems. Do you think cons though is the one to do that. I mean you certainly about get a option and again you know you pay attention a little break there there and I holocaust you know. At all as they looked and looked and looked and looked at it just it was. It is. A state of Missouri problem but it hit a city problem in the Spring Hill Bob and so whatever. Eating an apple. Carrying Corey really be a shorter. Operative where are these these are committed to Louisville McCarty or Gordon when he powerful lose in me and Lester Earl is tremendous Lou. Is that you got an eighteen that 24 star prospect or better and stayed and observed a grand total one of them. As committed to Missouri well not I'll sort that Ellen comes back and he what. All twenties or are better players. Did. You know that it dot at all around eight in so. You know I think it's gonna be on your own country and it says. Gay and that is going to be our our organ that's what I wanted to do but I. You need you got to prove you got to be active every could be costly visible. And that breakthrough was but certainly at saint. Speaking to Saint Louis specifically. Especially here across the river east and loads and Edwards only period. Also incredibly well known very well liked he's he's about to legend the Saint Louis. He should in theory be held out of brick on the wall. Why is there been such a disconnect between the University of Missouri and the rest of the state in Europe and. And I figured out about it didn't hit a lot of men that are. Is it just went out and about bank. What has happened is that. Maybe in the past there's been such hyper focused. And shaping it is adjacent eight or bread deal. Or. Brandon rushers. Act yeah. Some of the other guys you know. Diggers see it Stater doctor. As an Iowa you know of these guys who. Are met it is not 100 range they don't get the attention that they should have gotten. Is it a little left out I've really don't know what our nerve and going to rating but but I do think a lot of it. It is not a question of which have been lacking Anderson Mike Anderson did a pretty good job. But the numbers that you certainly did pretty well in the city even look at market and then Mike Dixon the couple are profile guys bit. Really helped the program while they were there but it is just one would think it is the strangest thing is he now. In the U Billy goat it forgot it was every now and then on its Florida it is that the couple. Really high profile. We did leave and Brad the only and it goes back a long way you know they ought to be. You had to sit back and greens that are going in that meeting in Saint Louis did. You know she using publicly. Players there are coaches they're being on the forgotten that just a bit. Nobody had acute or it's just a long it is and it. Security under a breakdown of workers and I think it. Yeah you did you do got to overstated that these mutant I urge you. Yeah and those already indicated the city and broke bread and grow with some other more influential as some people that like that but what my work in and you know. Well I thought he could derail. Here's talking aired bossy for a couple more minutes and asking national basketball analyst for rivals. Also got a player CJ Roberts it's. CIA. Is. Very athletic is not. One of those got. I don't know the earth orbit that it was a little burst you strike me that god would be incredible that the earth is now. Straight downhill. Or he can put his head down girl. Let. All. And then you're really more combo guard and through one part of law what it said that in ignorance or ball. On is one that got to lead the gigantic chip on the shoulder on. You know he's really feel like the world again and admit you are we generated accomplished at a group. That would let that would give it up a little trouble. He let emotion get that for those who aren't. He could be a little bit wild. He's a god who went through them the ability to create off the dribble score all salute you as a lockdown defender. Well there's just a matter of you know an artist and album you've been putting in the right direction. I forgot to ask you this you talked to Michael Porter the first interview when he set the tweet and the announcement from his Twitter page but he was coming to Missouri. How was it attitude that was his demeanor what was that conversation like. Me a little bit or. Let me know what was going down. And out actually about to evacuate the school. And so I actually didn't get the equipment on the aisle redistricting expert just back and forth. And you know he is or question that way it I will keep him. Actually it's not your Chicago resolve all American game this first practice here Sunday afternoon but. On the don't produce immediate thought that it would sell it on the back up in their. I bet you'll be pretty exciting is a pretty happy go lucky it. He's definitely going to be immediate favorite. He's very he's very bright he's. If you equal and opposite on the resistance would probably shouldn't. Yeah just because he's such a good kid and want to get a totally all honest answer but you know I think he's pretty excited you know that Stanley. It into the Columbia when maybe you didn't hit as this great. It home for him and I think the idea line up act Wear the Auburn. Big deal credited. I think he's definitely. Now he believed at all altered Gerald does not have to worry about. What you gonna do it didn't do this or that are now. All that but at least I think he's definitely added that at. Spoken like it it conversation yet. Eric bossy national basketball analyst for rivals dot com Eric thanks a lot for the time appreciate the incitement and threat now. Happy to talk to see him Snelling different in my works over at SP nation and also has deep paint touches podcast. Go and check that out his life since they suffer the time and the promptly got Orkut I had thought man I know you always add me on your podcast and show that I figured it was tiger paid a favor and a have you argument that the what they haven't and I'm always great to talk in Yemen always happy to talk with removes you don't want the few people that been excited to talk Missouri basketball with me over the last 34 seasons when hasn't really been the popular thing to discuss the Starwood the very. Obvious question. How big is the Michael Porter impact on this program. He is a transformative. Player. I think when you're talking about like what kind of impact he's gonna have. I think you're talking about egos at best maybe like it Kevin Durant level. For those who don't know Kevin Durant did it at Texas since Obama you're there you played about 35 that's when. Scored about 26 point blood on board and and Porter is sort of a similar player to grant you that you're really pitch here. And I think that it didn't consult up and started our I wouldn't be surprised. Next year a quarter that's sort of a similar line that. About yet in a little bit but I think maybe like 22 and nine. Seems to be a little bit more realistic but I certainly think you're talking about a guy who immediately changes profile dessert doubtful program. If you put border just on last year's team let's go with the belief that they are really gonna and a whole lot of other pieces let's just start with after the base of this conversation. How many wins do you think Michael ordering kinds O Marten together our work. Tough question. I would say. I mean look at it one. Eight gain last year I think I'll go probably. Get that seemed certain idiot about 500. So it realistic to think that they could make you and what he gains. You know I pick you and somebody was unbelievable scorer. Are devoting one thing that the very heart trouble with the is finding it at its core. And it Jordan barbaric became more consistent scorer at Raymond very was a lot more about it. And then he post that it could winning games when in fact that it would you is giving them. The Mike Yeo eighteen or nineteen points over that reconstruct what they want went to a one. You know little bigot that's clearly unreasonable saying that at seventeen to 21 we'll possible ordered a broad and played. I hear I'm really anyone Bob proctor and and and coach Anderson at the Helm. What makes me so excited about mrs. I think when you add a player like this everybody else can move down I don't think people that didn't watch a lot of Missouri basketball knows this. Missouri's parks are all the way broke out. Not gonna make it seem like Missouri's good they won eight games. I think Terrence though that if it is a good point guard and now you're going to give him one of the best value options in college basketball but I'm excited to see his own selfishness you now ask Kevin career to do less Jordan Barnett to do less like. Missouri has four or five pieces now you've probably needed eight pieces last year without that team was but now you had such a big piece and you put. Adequate parts around for like. I don't think this team is as bad as I think the public perceptions going to be at least put the roster right now as we know. Well there's certainly some some parts of label because water. You know they they obviously needs a ball on the interior. You know temporary yours are really united player. You know let out in sort of 67 guy who's not supremely athletic. To compete yet if he had a nightly bait that there's going to be difficult form. You got Lovett say like if you're looking at. But or got a you know mentions. And you need to add and yelled let's streaky shooter like Yankee years and he just sort of drop back ordered to junior doubt that all of those guys that certainly elevates you know there there's healing quite a bit. And I have long sort of made me contention that the bigger roster are welcome at batteries just don't look got a sort of miscast. So I think you're right you say like if we couldn't move everybody got a lot if you could. Yeah a certain part has like hurt your second or third scorer they're not asking Terrence Holt it's got to score vote. You know it can impart here isn't required to get fifteen to eighteen portrait Byrd B the you know that I think. You're certainly setting up for they're going to be more of almost roll back at seven Carter though that it's cute yet and and saddened. You know and then eaten dirt Jordan Barnett you know maybe. Fourteen point game and then parents still at once again you know I think this is a team that. I could certainly be at the told the fact SEC team and that he met. You know could potentially push further out into rebel boat Opel. And that's why I do like about this move that I stand before the conversation so much rob Michael Porter is. I really think that cares Phillips can just conform to what console more needs to be now he's not gonna get any bigger terms of titan size and all that kind of stuff. But I really think of Congo goes through and says hey we don't need you to be score we need you to be a facilitator Judy Jordan Barnett and Michael Porter and all he's athletic guys on the way. I think chairs filled in doing that it just makes me excited to have. Eight point guard out of because Gordon won at. Take the spotlight away in its final with kind of differing to better guys. I think if you think about like where he was that at Oak Hill on its entire school career that's what you loose coal to do. You know the one thing that think he has an ability had the third it was serious red protector and let a lot like achievement do. You'll be able find somebody who can actually be legitimate word actor. Somebody that but you can rely on the sensibly and inside because that would allow adults. Be a little bit more risk taker defensively what circuit at the world EP he got more accustomed to. And amid record that would fit better with black copper marketable for. Here talking to Sam Snelling out SB nation also does the paint such as podcast. Check it out good college basketball information. In terms of recruiting ads they've now got the big piece. And we can discuss John Shea-Porter a little bit simply betting he is a different kind of entity. What do you think the plane is to put parts around Michael Porter is. Console Marten now as if you're not going to be one of the blue blood schools you now have one of the best things you can go to a worker and say hey. Don't put the number one high school player next season there's always going to be any NBA scout in the building and we will be on. He is being a whole lot more than we used to be that you would date you can get at least one or two other kids committed to playing basketball with the next few. Well I think that's sort of like both the pitch right now and they're gonna go after her are you really anybody. Who did believe level prospect student admitted. You know I know right now that that you know they're hoping to get somebody like Kevin Knox on campus. If you don't know Kevin Knox and his sort of a top ten player sort of a combo forward I I really athletic. That is top. Our rear or I think that basically. At a Kentucky duke North Carolina and sort of stated that was the wide receiver supported state. Years ago. So like one other thing that. You are certainly gonna go after guys like that let you know these. These programs also has had a long headstart and and so you're really gonna have to hope that. He once you step out and and they would Michael Porter would separate its is that the plan. But also that they would. He would. Cabinet sent to the cut step out on them and try to build something that apart some. And that is something that's difficult to at a lot of highly ranked players should do because they typically go to the schools. No it makes less sense I was I I saw us up about Kevin knocks it makes a lot of sense. Do you think that the reputation that console and it is enough to make up the ground. Then Missouri is so far behind in terms of recruiting we keyed in in terms of this basketball lineage they're so far behind these other schools do you think the personal connection I guess with Condo Martin. Is enough to make up that ground. Utley. No I don't I think that you are going to have to find them the majority has previously established relationship. Where it with the guys in order that we get a bear. Yet about quite a kid like Brigham Cornet Indio. Might be a little bit more realistic because we have Al offers it was not reported being recruited by Condo. So it's better with Condo is just a matter of switching the school from cal the thing to do. It's that it's whether or not of course actually wants to lead the West Coast which it beast and it's because. Yet they keep you have a lot more chance Laura I'd like like him. I'd rather bullish on its strong preference for once more or another over seven knots which I mean not a lot of people need to think that you could end up. Either nuclear or sort of state. In and I think that's what you also saw you know Pablo offered me. It's been coaching job to the walker Illinois and in hopes of either being able to lure. Are your Jeremiah commonality of border and our work what Obama. How big of achievement is it to Missouri kind of all those ensuring that they make the turn next year. We I think if you ask somebody like Ella they'll interpret the oh got to talk about you you're not the most polished up at the player vote with their size or that you're the guy that's sort of pulling its web protection. And rebounding but they're desperately needs. You know I think in the end Mike. It's close that's what walker and the piracy act on the border or gonna be really really. Typical overcome I know that that our ability of the popular in Saint Louis and really well respected. And other Republican to be shot it was going to be more like video watch intent. Shot that you could actually get Jeremiah to reopen his recruitment. Not just. That you can get him to resume the that you get at the point where he can reap the recruitment and if you if it's he'd have been out got a lot of content you can't recruit. And so at that point there's there's no. Energy that you can expand to actually. Go up recruit element that you literally cannot recruit them out yet south course. Do you think kids like Tillman at least from east Saint Louis from that part of the country. Are those expectations that Missouri needs to be in strong consideration for guys. Oh really anybody from. Sort of eastern metropolitan Saint Louis area. And military analyst general. Art are there ultimately a player right now offer for our. Its reputation. What in the area and Mike Stanton the metric specifically at Saint Louis as well it is as. Strong reputation energy yet. And I know there are some sort of reserve number of people sort of for the hearts and all complimentary recruited and we'll look that's true that was me in a bad but. That doesn't really matter. Because. It is reputation has at the point where there are people who are like noticeably excited. Who look forward beat. Fairly dismissive. Is anyone coming in from the blue. Yeah eleven Saint Louis why there's such a disconnect between Saint Louis and everybody. Islander landed at saint we'll sort of being obsessed with itself. Saint Louis with more of its own and that he's edited the part of the very. And so it kind of it's funny because. There are a lot of duke fans in Saint Louis right now because it it would do. They're then can't the sand the past because. You'll spend backcourt more look at the Olympic and that's where. You really whatever. He's the level player. And look at actions itself here and then and then port supports. That he'd be playing order so. My excellent and the reason why they would lose it is never really an apartment or at least yell from a basketball standpoint. The number one terrorism you know we're recruiting troubles with norm Stewart and it carried over. Mike in ascendant in fact it never really put in the effort young veteran admitted. Then capped at all instead litter urgent this win because people. But console that animal and come little. Like it is one of he's the Saint Louis then. And so immediately like Saint Louis that's all people are gonna be like all right well let's go like this dark guy and he's let them do. And I'll support them. Our armed odds are everything I was reading seemed to suggest. That there was a push from settlements family may need to go with cons though but Jamal walker that ties to Illinois just were true strong and kept him there. We had a closer look so much is exact damage that yet but when you have that sort of reputation. And and people are. Obviously at that stood at certain you are what you're present within the area. Then there's going to be people are saying well we really should look at. You talk about like I cover what kind of coming and and you're not. You're not a Saint Louis and you're not a local guy and Andrew knows much about a quarter. Maybe you that Oklahoma State last year. And I think when you sort of sacrilege and then there's gonna be questioned people and he's that good of the total an assembly in order saying they should open about the book what are so. Here's ought to Sam Snelling from SB nation also the paint such as podcast really good work. From since they'll have to be taught in Missouri basketball with them sees there Roberts committed to Kim Anderson which shows eight. A supreme devout loyalty to Missouri basketball that not beanie that not many people show and over the last couple of seasons he already is committed. Obviously when there's a coaching change is a little bit of a confusion of what's going to happen Missouri's bringing employee cares I guess would be today is not post in the podcast on Monday. What do you expect to happen with the boy cares CJ Roberts situation. Well we're glad to cut again they're big Mac Peterson and having both. You know I think any time here your. Taking over roster that has not while public danger it'll look at that pretty out yet. But you know that they need to remember that god built like that Gartner and Eric Roberts are really don't look at particular physical. Right do you think that's easier Robertson in the plans for a problem that you stated that it that I don't think the level. It would take a commitment from. More reason to lie in that Robert and the sticking with the jury is because. Either of Cumberland Kent Anderson don't put out a lot in common but one of the things that you have in common is they're both very straightforward. Very straight shooters and that's one of the things that are TJ that that really prioritized. What I came to its recruitment and they wanted to be a place. Critical resort gonna be honest I never been tried Salvador's goods. And you doubt that's going to be in danger that if that Abu Omar. How good is CJ Roberts. I hit a guy like to be like you know as a peculiar. Ers feature being and all week and a player he. Sort of that he works that and continue to build strength he's a little bit. On the light side right now that you've got. Certainly newly low level athletic department and ensure all really low. He's got that can handle that the pick and roll the world so. Each other than that I think has as I have a feeling in the dark and you know does. The last may yet senate Baylor credit default but it. I mean I would I would certainly it says there is Dayton companies contribute. Right away iron there and something like. There is a very important to try to keep aboard the problem. Brand new fans they haven't seen element haven't seen a whole lot of film on him. Connecticut comparison to a Missouri guard is you like name and right is he more lights remain Isabel like. I'm just gonna try to get a visual of the game to expect from cedar Roberts. Well I don't know that I would really compare and will be better at least let us years. You. He kind of a smaller guy I think it was there that likes it or are you back piece by the news. At least six feet tall. Should athleticism and it's really really got a huge explode well war. And you whitening quick. I would cut they're like if there were guided reminds me a lot. Look it's it's quite that you may not edit stuff out but Christiane that. At at Florida would beat sort of a good example of a sort of like the I think Shelton a little bit smaller. That same model like quick Internet let's remember there. It will look better year than you have to have bigger. You know but I think that's probably somebody that deeply. Throw in as far as you know that's smaller planes I would have liked and both got attacked each. How many defections. Are you expecting to see from this team is I have a firm believer of if they need to make room they can always do about Missouri's and a little bit of a precarious spot. Because of their eight PR issues. How many guys do you expect to I guess leave from this current. Group with the over under act like to perhaps. That's for me it it sort of that's. The tricky isn't it going to be two or three expect at least two. I don't really see it being a whole lot more than bird. And then for the reason that you sit like they need to make sure that things are they're from continuity standpoint DE PR. And at that point we just don't really have a good amount picture. You know crude and that's it and to work don't want the years so I think two to three guidance. Are probably. You know the transferable port you know the year. I I feel certain amount to an edge they currently and I don't mean like certain on two specific people that I meet certain number number two. And then read it probably. Yeah it's that they need to create some Morse stated sect could seek honestly I don't look it up. And last question here from me talk in this since knowing of SB nation. So much conversation has been around Johnson importer and what he's going to do actually just read some little fourth start talking to you about. You. Is thinking about reclassify and still might wanna play high school basketball I think at the early as we hear something is the summer confined him I'll be scope of a new circuit before deciding from gonna reclassify or not. I actually think that John's they going to high school next year ending that. Come eating it I guess it would be my sophomore year to Michael probably be off to the NBA. Is the best thing for the Missouri program could John they would just beat such a better player I think it's in his best interest to go back to told them get bigger and they have a year without being under the shadow of Michael Porter. But I think in the in the long run will end up being the best plan for everybody. That's certainly CDS. You know that that makes sense and I don't know that I did that's really disagree with you. The only question that I would have at least from the terrorist camp or how I'll do look at. There is yet do we have somebody better to fill that role. And that the answer is no that I think you certainly want to try to ports operator requests are because what you think you still have not. That he can help you out next year. Immediate certainly not a guy is gonna come and like his brother. Averaged twenty points but. He's the guy he can probably get eighteen to twenty minutes out. And and a guy who could really. Impact that he had a problem the way in trying to give you some defense rebounding. And and some Orange Bowl. So it's meant you can find somebody that's gonna help about and provide the that kind of impact world that are uttered by Al means that and what you do is you. You have a job they stick it out high school but I think it's. If you are struggling to catapult that last roll of the interior but even I think you're probably gonna be tried to get the job that Greek. Ultimately it I had to put money on it I would say you know that included only chance of playing well. Wouldn't brother and and college if he does require supplies. Odds are that few people asked me at. I think you'll portal stick around for a second year and I mean they're the top overall pick the stretcher probably not gonna stick around. So yeah I think it it's gonna come down to the military can fill that role pretty stated but it's not I think. There are certainly gonna recruit child say to. That's the come out early and and then Lehman. Let me ask you this to close. What is a good offseason now for Missouri in terms of player acquisition now obviously have Porter in the hole. So that's taking care of I'm talking about building additional pieces what's a good offseason and if you work console Martan and you're out there trying to look for players. What do you think this team needs this offseason. Why would be targeting probably to graduate transfers. Ya gotta let our wanna keep Diana's Terry Thompson who was that and receive that combo. So that that's the ball in the guys. Console like which are you know more that the goal art car you bought the five. So I mean the end and then that you can find the post guy who can do the same thing I would I would certainly welcome mat. I think ultimately you're looking at five men claps. It's if you get to graduate transfers I think that that balance a little bit which it could get them because 2018 to 2019 options. In the very glad that luster co wrote strong and I think I'll look I have an opportunity to road particular as strong and the next two years. That's what I'll be cowed into the battle I think class hopefully they respect and that could take at least one graduate transferred. You know that if you get made remarks that maybe you don't need. I'll send. Yeah I like those little guys that I think are gonna be highly prioritized by the scope to step up. Sam Snelling SB nation paint touches podcast they say it was good talking a little Missouri basketball with you every other time we talked loser basketball has been complaining about commanders and so it was a it was actually finally good to have a productive conversation with you. What it's taken you got like united did that thought after the U. Last summer or something like that group for a lot I can learn a year ago or two years ago but. We have had like heaves this sad. Podcast and conversations and talking about everything that's probably dirt out every time delegate front about what throughout about it and at the night. I know I mean it has been a crazy last. Ten days like you go from Kim Anderson and and just lo ul hopelessness that we would wanna put it honestly hopelessness. And didn't have the eighth. I guess Jimmy Anderson resigned always asked to step down but it it higher Congo Morton and then I got Michael Porter and then Kansas lost so it's been great. It's sort of like that'll look great it's like. We very April or whatever it is that. Opening up of the group that all along walk in along time may sixth faceoff of the time and they'll probably need to. Haven't talked to Todd Palmer of the Kansas City Star he is the Missouri Tigers beat writer Simon thanks lover joint agreement. What I wanted to talk about we could start our conversation here is I keep hearing a lot of people say. Well this just like Vince Evans is just like mark health faults if you only come for one season what do you don't make the turn it with them. I haven't heard too many people go through the thought process of what he's Michael Beasley. What if you have Michael Moore for one year. It's kind of a year within itself cannot really building towards anything but it's fun for excitement we all remember when Michael Beasley was the case state. And that's it I haven't heard too many people at least use that compares though Michael Porter. Yeah and look I think he he's. He's got probably better still sat may be that Michael Beasley did come and now which is you know meet cute Korean Michael Richards three but. I think all of altered our perspective Michael or your anger. There's probably a little bit at a where Peter we want coming indicate state and what I'm saying and that. That particular round Emery is good to you got to remember Bill Walker was on their team. It's well case state but what they're this could be a very special year Missouri and certainly at least a one year it urge it be. Bit amid careers should be filled should be exciting and and alternate win you know you or gain and that's what everybody bird walk itself. Yeah even doesn't end up with the current Arnold or next year could be a really really special year universe you're the surge created. I know that you know people want hovering up. The seventh or stuff like that but you look at their history or dark like you have a and it got pretty good with that. You know lobbed the ball. You don't think of exciting this year UCL a had a lot of them are at or near it and bring it. You know some some love back to UCLA and let. I think Michael Porter juniors probably get it and got more on repeatedly senate saying they're not predicting bigger bite to eat turn it hurt elect actors. You know we'll know what's gonna happen we don't know what the rosters gorilla like that cricket and every right to be excited about. You say you don't know what the rosters gonna look like I don't think anybody does at this point. Do you trust Condo Martin's ability now to build around Michael Porter at least for this one season I mean it is one thing to have the star recruit. Now Condo board is kind of built himself fallen as this great recruiter need to put talent around him to try to ensure this is a special season. Yes and like I mean Larson is still up there are noted you know our conversation culture within. Yeah it sounds like you're my children beta little. You know but personally declared a circuit like parachute. Or fortunate that a volley that was committed to Washington. It's it's talking about early you know I get this outcome today postponed a visit to Missouri but. You know Michael Porter junior hasn't heard it may wanna play alongside him so I I suspect that they're gonna get you guys and they're. Regardless you know. And good players that aren't so long what you're talking about Kevin per year. Are still guys like that if they were on routine where they were the number one or number you option they were the third or fourth option. If they were very very good players are ordered certainly that you teach our players. If you put those are urging with the Michael Porter junior spectrum into deeper into detention those guys get better. And I think those guys have learned a lot of last year it seeing it you know. Movie you have Eric Jordan Barnett in the next few armpit it's it's not that far away from being competitive. They were competitive and a lot of you look they let. After him on the road at Georgia you know I mean they they cut you know. You know at some games where they were content they they played hard to get Kentucky. You know and an article gave a long time against them. Innocent person account of player on their roster and Michael pour your picture every one of them much much better. Here's are gonna top Palmer of the Kansas City Star is the Missouri Tigers beat writer joining me the talk a little tigers basketball. Watching Micheal Porter seeing his game who would you compare him to. We. You know I don't know I didn't want it you know what he says he gets the most that he likes the most district integrating. You know and yet but that's camaraderie that tried march Gartner but luckily he. It's hard to find compare since ordered because they how many guys are six car and can shoot three ordered to shoot the midrange. You know can control ball up the fact torture cell and Duncan during the run of play you know dribbled behind his back luck in the fast break every. You know I I think you see you ate at a guy like a big insurance you can do a little bit there are no let me. You're gay I mean. In Hickory mayor and he can shoot from anywhere on the court. I think he's you he's got pretty good in global shot he can make consistently year. And you know like you said last week when I got to speak with him during conference. It is they're either the electorate anybody who could stop them from getting true response. You know when he does not Pacific I can still up in the averaged 36 or game of course this year. You know are people who. Soccer player in the dirt last brief final a couple of years ago probably remember the 31 point and Kyrie got to put up in and leading old castle ask ourselves up. You know I mean our church and Grady you say that I'm licking your instrument types you know I mean he's here and there ethernet that stratosphere they. When you talk about his game I I spoke to a couple people in this podcast and they'll talk to ballot one of the weaknesses is going to be considered strength in his ability to rebound. Do you have any concerns about his ability to now rebound at the college level it's a lot different rebound against bars though in some high school up in Seattle. It's a lot different than now rebound against South Carolina and Florida and some of the teams ought to go up against in the SEC. Iron hook up not to alienate averaged twelve rebounds a game meant to lead the nation like it's a little bit. But. And you're depending how they use him I mean forcible I think it's obvious security under Martin's track record. You have defense and rebounding her hurt you know under. You know trying to hit it low on the net that you're that's what he can keep what you connect. And truck on the kid's been up. I also don't think it like I don't think that he's going to be the only one you know on the I think Kevin or are regarding number get better. When you have a guy like Michael Porter junior. Down there and I think you know I don't know if you can average you know double double or anything like that by. I don't know that he needs to. But what if you elevate the play the guys around him. Out yet it will be a little bit chopper but he heat streak at one I think he's worked on the most during the last year at Seattle it's something that is a war and even more. As we as we get great is we look toward that opener at Iowa State next November in debt. I think. You can ever saying that he did it will probably. But in most kids don't when they go where they make their jobs the next level I still think. Probably get a bigger for senator Hillary got the game and and that can be conducted on the order went to that audience. One thing we haven't really talked about a haven't seen a lot of conversation about do you worry about cons a Martin's offense and now putting Michael border into it. If you look at offensive efficiency count the Martin teams really aren't necessarily ones that are gonna run and gun and really play at a fast paced. You now put a player and that's the kind of off Vincent style I wanna see him in you have any concern about debt conflicts so to speak. I would imagine that there were conversations between Michael Orr senior Michael Porter junior until about that or. They decided to sign on with Missouri itself. Like a little bit different. You know different style of offense. You know until admitting I don't know you know I have got ask you know there backcourt partner question directly. I mean obviously Ichiro really talk about. Not specific players and they actually start to the program anyway but. Well I think the fool who. Congo mark probably look at Michael Porter durable with Smart. It's building Hopkins rapist during the articulated to the skill set that he has so that's pretty good that's Rocco what he ran. Yeah absolutely I don't know why you would try to cage an animal so to speak and Michael borderline. I wanna see you running out wanna see Terrence to the store blobs to a like I wanna see them play that kind of high tempo is I think that's how they can be successful next year. Yeah I would. I can't imagine that the you know it it it's that particular run and get eaten on the transition that under Martin's currently there are I'd go to our productive player in the past quarter net at. I don't announce that it. Expects pretty low on my list of concerns about how to vote or work out here. Right now if they don't add anybody else major. So I know it's premature and I expect him add somebody else what saved win expectation for basically last year's team plus Michael Porter. I'm. I mean I I think this order would be work. At least six or seven went on last year alone and they're ignoring the fact there and I'm assuming it were part of an actual also included. It there Robert who. But aren't respecting them and there may not determined but it airport or include ethernet there I got two legitimate scorers. On the scene there. Played pretty good defense corporate Clinton and the glue them they'll sort award got that incurred. It would seem that they had and security and there are different for you and what you can add a couple Daisuke or Oprah or you're not. You know on the outlook I don't I don't know that that automatically put them in their. In the conversation with doctor. And Kentucky that are competing for that he did I open a elect their debt next year. Would there are some like that. At least. There are Hewitt at the fact that they are talking about that has earned it in for sure. Last question here the top bomber beat writer for the Missouri Tigers and Kansas City Star. What is the ideal offseason. For Missouri what's the realistic. Offseason for visitor. It Il would be great here earmark bill that says you know are covered go ahead Dario rather go to the very do Internap. You hear it there Robert six earned. In that you know and in the remarks live under close although I do. Yeah that would be that would be. That case scenario. Yeah I think it's more likely that you it would Dallek Robert surround navy. You know like here so we pitched and he get there Robert Hayes is that they want to vote point guard. You know what would they all the trick here at bat or an error. You know wouldn't look with Philip and guide birdie on the roster that elector perhaps to limit. They need it. Ideally they would need a big Bayern is. You know and I don't know where exactly yet Warren right now. Look like they think a little bit they're regulated that. Obviously you like tablet you know one actor back there. You know that that would really solidified that defense that would be ideal. Realistically. You know I'm not even sure how realistic looks at it let's. I think he'll get another guy. Leash you know from there the Michael Porter junior connection to them. You either keep like Eric are secure Robert say and I think you get it makes it out of a pretty good Jean Eric. It's not based off but the time in have a safe flight to Chicago.