Ned Yost Interview

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, August 16th

Royals manager Ned Yost stands by Joakim Soria, what he wants to see from Alex Gordon and what Rusty Kuntz likes on hit hot dog 


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Every Wednesday at this time out in Oakland a tough one tough tough one last night and I know obviously for you clearly for the fans and it just seems like Soria is is becoming this guy that. Everybody feels up all when he comes on to the mound what's what's kind of your approach right now with him. They'll remain Jack is the one guy that everybody says 00 it sure right now me. Jack the last three times out there and you know outstanding 12312. Streak at the pitch is under. Fifteen pitches lose it which is exactly what you want in the reliever. Last night he he is actually has Apple's getting the get ahead dictator he's getting to correct. It just didn't have a good changeup he gave up three hits arms changeup last night in his changeup is the big outfit. And he didn't have. You know we can block that a lot of play. And you know Soria. My anger you know there there there's a lot of blind before around just depended on Jack but not entirely fair. Wait when you when you will look at him as as a pitcher in the situation that he's in right now I don't feel we're very finicky as fans we live and die with every pitch in you've done a great job of looking at big picture kind of keeping everybody around here. What do you tell fans who get so upset when he comes into the game and what's your message to us to say hey Tom Dowd it's gonna be okay type thing. I don't album. The other so we wonder. Couple years ago it was Omar there's always one guy. Everybody's gonna get in you know last year it was Jack and let in the this year mr. Jackson numbers. A lot better than in world last year but they still any time it is like blatant former. You know something that happened so they can get on him and there's nothing you can say. You know it just it's just the nature of the game as well somebody's at. You know that it that are that are in trial up again in the you know Jack Jack. Ned as a manager right now looking at your ball panic considering how blessed you've been there and the bullpen did Bolton department over the last three or four or five years. To deal bull and you have this year which isn't quite as locked down it. How much harder does that make your decisions are on gained. You know it just depends. You know in July it made it really you are going to stretch 34 consecutive scoreless innings and everybody on the ball well. Everybody. Now we get August in action that we get relief nobody down there on the ball exceptionally well. So I mean. Going through. You know as any baseball season that improve. You understand it guys. He you know they they have and countdown then. The funny thing about it teases one we have downs we you know we do it altogether and will we were going on so well prepared and everybody at that matter we were out there they're gonna put up scoreless inning. You know now when we're going to little down period in the bullpen. It seemed like everybody that she put out there as struggles got it. You know starting Alexander he's been so good for us all year. Here especially like an opposite than elevating when he elevates his pitches get flat when he stayed down he's got tremendous strength and by Tuesday it is. You know a brand and now or what they're getting adjusted over here police. Making some adjustments. You know mark miner who was so good for he's you know all year long out there. Well I think my senate passed last night earlier in the year there were some day and they're not now so. You know you just try to match up the best can I mean we had the best possible matchup last night to an end game. In the eight inning with joy and mine was an absolute perfect. Accurate and has won thirty against lefties Joyce's 200 against lefties and you know it was a high percentage matchup and you know it elevator pitch and it it didn't work so. On the you just keep trying to you know what's your pictures in a position where they could be successful and they have to look and execute pitches to be successful. You mention the percentages. Were obviously in your favor in that mood is that those make. Those types of outcomes tougher to swallow when you know that that's that was the right move it just didn't work. Lautner and me in. He I think in the game like that at all anything you know it is it is because. You have you know a situation where. You know are you trying to make sure that you've put yourself from the highest. And it bracket. That execute it and to get through it and he just did a great job I mean we needed attention and that we needed it wouldn't consider Roger Davidson. You know he had been striking out tender. You know what kind of goes unnoticed slows the wild pitch should be you know in the tendered at the wild pitch count about the weight during an error in. Now we get runners at second and third which represented the tying run second set of the tying run at first. But the the great job of striking out tender date pinch hit rock Jack Davis and you know he he gets killed lefties and like man. It take to put the winning run on but she got such a good matchup behind it. You get competence and pitchers wrestling with a slider in the ninth monarch fastball. To get him out you going to do it could just back parts of and you sit there and you react. You know it's just it's just that's the tough part of the game we start you know we get. Joyce right there you don't think about it and you don't get them out to thank Obama at all. No doubt Ned Yost who this here on sixteen and Sports Radio royals fall last night but you got to be proud you guys that come back to go in the eighth inning and what was impressive the back to back to back home runs and you feel pretty good with that 84 lead that was a heck of a comeback in the eighth inning for you guys. Now that was really exciting you know we're so when those things start to develop like that. He you know Alex Gordon up and you just keep thinking okay. You know if you can get on the to make something happen at the top of the order c'mon Alex get on it. Now drew them up in your tank India block here this guy's a little while. Maybe maybe we hit and run here. Burke pitches the ball and I almost looked it. And on on the second pitch because it was a little while. That's gonna wait their nature are not true. Hit the ball down maligning and and it looked a lot like. Gallagher all the night for it it started turvy trial and are now note don't. But then it got about halfway down there in the wind caught it blew it all the way and it blows twenty feet back fair. The home run in and at that point act up okay great gap is scared now people look up one run lead right in the pocket monster shop yeah also waited. Then moved you know with his 35 homer. You know that that tickle me Bose you know now he's one away from China. But yeah it felt great going into the bottom of the eighth you know felt really really get we're gonna walk but now. If that this can happen but to watch the guys that tobacco offensively. You know it that was that on lot of energy a lot of the site in the dugout at that time. I ask you this week we saw I'd I think in the first game in in Oakland two nights Italy since when I first noticed it wrecks brought it up with this yesterday. The players are doing that are signed now after caller it's like everybody's doing what's the significance of that. In I. It the backing you look at our group. And our group is really really close. And you know I I think everybody happens on what that it kind of start out as joke because that he would do it. And then milky started you know get Arnett C about it now they've restricted but it. You know I'd expected it will what it means they get conservatives that hey you know I'd like my teammates and enjoy playing with my teammates I enjoyed doing it from my teammates and you know this is for you you know that let that thought maintenance of what it says it's a fun group that's a very close knit group. You know and once somebody does get me get it area you know they've rallied around it you know sister and about. You know that they got sick and the big significance. If talent. You can make say hello playing with the. Tuchman Ned Yost royals manager here on sixth sense force radio and brought Melky Cabrera. As it kind of catalyst in making really getting on Eskew a little bit about the hard thing. How well does he fit in this clubhouse and into that dugout now that it's been a couple weeks. Well I mean. It's got a couple of weeks you know we had Melky and all these kids came out. He was swept I think Kansas City when we brought a positive moves and salvia and those guys and you know he looked kind of a man tortured them back there. And they you know they don't forget things like that come up to the big league this out. You know there their fight their way to the big leagues in in players that are there to help them and support them and you know beat let them. You know that they don't forget that because there are you know I've seen other guys when they get the picnic that tough on rookies they feel like okay he's a rookie and you know they got to earn their stripes and their talk on rookies and these guys never forgot the way the milky trees and when Melky got your little piece as saying guy. No peaceful energy all he wants to do was win he loved. You know competing he'd love. You know the clubhouse interactions and he's very close to all those guys so. They were extremely excited when they got milky because they knew who was they knew what he was some. The you know when he come back like that cities exact same guy needs just that. It's a pleasure to have in the clubhouse and to see every single day. You guys are just half game back in that final wild card spot man what a great great great thing for Major League Baseball to have. All of you guys and you probably don't like he'd like to run away with the to have all these teams competing this late in the season for a playoff spot that second wild card is the one of the greatest things don't happen. To sports in the last decade because everybody still feels like their lives for their playoff spot in an order obviously to get the post season. You're going to be production from everybody in the lineup so going forward. What's your goal for outscored what you wanna see him do the rest of the way to help lead you guys into the playoffs. That's you know last night he got a walk. Any naked you know made some great plays in the outfield. It didn't come and help us win the walk with the tying run. He's a home run at that point so. You know everybody put significant on the batting effort I put significant that on or are you doing something to help us win every single day. And that's what the deal I mean he play goal though Albert defense in the outfield. And every day of the something that kind of goes. Under under the radar if you will helpless when a day after that last night in the you know via. In the eight inning there was acute walked the leadoff peony. In a kind of just went unnoticed because during that Omer it Ballmer. Looks at Omer but you know that with the tying run at that point needs spot during that it back. I had two strikes you know and it drawn on the war which received at that point so that is something that brigade left. He scoreboard watch him. Now no I mean I had. Aren't. I say I say no but it is true answer to that is yes. Because the only game I'm watching legal yes you know we've got six weeks let you know Marc gold to win this division. We have ten games left Leland. You know little things like that sucker that you lose a game and and I mean after. Lieutenant Daniel looked up in Cleveland won and it's like man who lost another game to them. You know mark focus right now with the six weeks left it and playing Cleveland ten times as I wanna won the division. And our guys one when the decision. I think when I cared at school or watch a look at one team just to see how they're doing. But besides that I can't really tell you much about another bunch attain. One step for the wildcard but I'm not paying too much attention that right now because you know we win at all take care itself. The only game that I've really looked at label. To make it over to Casper zinc get yourself a hot dogs. We did Leo made it over there Monday and teasing. Us. View that what we take eleven guys and iron and then five or six and bustling yesterday so yeah we did miss out. Did you force Alex Gordon finally do it. Now Alex wooden Pallet in the lead. That was the time we took detained but there Alex's the only one that that would need but now with this is just a coach's answer. Try to try everything did you gotta you gotta do it and he got to do so what was on top of that hot dogs. Barghouti the regular. In well I'll just. Mustard and relish the onion and and the tomato little salt. And let you know attractive. You know guys it created. On Al Pena and cheese and Chile and you know they're tile on in my pocket I say one thing our coaches they can meet. It is one of coaches try to put ketchup on one of those hot dogs what would you do. They did it rest because. These losses and you're not protected in the irked you put meditate on it never heard lots. Ever be protected and made it on the Brett these. Is he call it a legal here it looks like he's throwing Amal and out of that hat that he's got their first daisy do that do. Now we've been on the road for a lot of you know we have an update tomorrow I think you'll see a lot of people will air test Friday. Good stuff that they stopped on I mean that is sounds disgusting ad. Around pretty thoroughly enjoyed it. It mattered again as will collapse immediately the daily Duffy -- do your thing get a win take two out of three come back enjoy the day off tomorrow and then. We got a cells wanted to this series start Friday night so get a whether they safe trip home we'll see you back to the ballpark. Eric Eric.