Ned Yost Interview

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, September 13th

Ned Yost talks about the injuries to Moose & Duffy plus who the new closer may be moving forward


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Videos wins here as he is every Wednesday at 9 o'clock mark skipper are you doing today another day game for you back to back big games like that. Yeah yeah I mean how are like. You know day games on getaway day it's you know that when we get into town early in the a couple of minutes to nursery in the morning and so it actually a little bit easier now respect. No doubt now yesterday the day game was changed to a day game because of the U2 concert extort what's the best concert you've ever that it. Oh man I don't go to many count surge but I've been to that it too that I probably while released Sri. Well Lilly for truck. Let's go to their doctor added yeah. We're not gonna kinda hard. I've probably been built for concerts in my life want to Garth Brooks and loved it yeah. One to cat Stephens and loved it back if this was back in the seventies probably. I loved that concert. Probably in the seventies went to judge ruled tall and absolutely loved it. So. You know that's pretty. Well and a quarter inch junior and two or street tank when in junior concerts and absolutely love Lowe's. So it probably means he gets more concerts in yeah I have like the ones you got to you right. Yeah I have led. You know just me you know just not much on didn't he get now in the big crowds anymore. It out you could pick somebody and sits front row to see them play who would be. Old that's a good question you because you know I'm really. Yeah you know just crazy because likened bin kind of reminiscing. All all week about this dom Williams passed away this week through their country western France would no movie as in he was. Always one of my favorites and of investment. Williams' music. To and from the ballpark you know this whole week. But it packet sit front row one more time to let down Williams concert ethnic I would I would go for that is not gonna happen. Is there a specific venue you would like you as we always play I gave you could name the artist in the venue what learned a perfect combination. And I don't I don't have a venue I don't really. You know we should go there in it to the army in Atlanta for some of those concerts and you know but in terms of the venue to watch one. Not been released which you know honestly job which it was pretty cool last night at the state might mean I have no idea. I was like announced that it was slim I was in bed sound asleep at 815. Laps. Or have you even started yet. I imagine. Washington. A pretty good place to watch a concert and. Yeah it was pretty get I have the venue for you don't add on your far. Oh yeah that would work yes he put on your your dreams show on your farm. With some cancers hot dogs and I bet on would it somewhat funeral there. And yeah you. The turn that that would be perfect and operate. Crypto videos to its funny Rebecca my wife and I were discussing at the other basic as what do you want for your funeral might. Don't know what are you planning yes I did anybody you've got to already figured out so like everything about it I'm Nat. Posits the one quietly the best seasons in franchise history from your perspective. I just watching him all year at this Ron. You know I hate you it's really it's fun to watch. You know I think what's so ports looks old precious little war that he puts in the beat goods. And people don't see that agency can be good. They don't know he you know that it starts early in the afternoon and you know that the study in the east England and the work in the cage that he stimulant. You know it just there's so much that goes and Serbian goods you just don't share allotment. And be good there a lot of work that goes with that not you know it's fund. To sit back watch him workers' party does in the end of the success that he's had you're not gonna come and this year. Want to what's the best offensive season maybe you've been around partially from from what are your players or maybe a teammate of yours were you sat back and made him leave the season that this guy's hat. I mean he durst in a field you know and watched Chipper Jones watched Prince Fielder hit fifty home runs in Milwaukee. Chipper Jones a year won the MVP. Terry Pendleton the year that he won the MVP in Atlanta. You know Bryant LeBron his rookie year when he won rookie of the year. You know just sit back and watch. You know those guys perform pretty neat. Talking throws manager Ned Yost he joins us each and every Wednesday here on 610 Sports Radio forward about a year team Cleveland last night winds its twentieth in a row. You put in perspective how difficult that is to do. Ominously in it for me it's almost. It's almost as artists what Atlanta did. You know one and fourteen consecutive division championships and are. It out if you just it just takes one night for a starting pitcher will be out this game a little bit error you know while starting pitcher that. Matches up against their offense which have been his night you know he took to win forty straight it is just mind boggling and I think they tied a record last night he let him go ahead and you know they can break the record today and then you know start of modern new streak tomorrow yeah I'll. The way you're thinking what's what's the feeling likely to tell us layman out their never experienced anything. Like walking into the ballpark feeling like you just can't do any wrong how to explain that feeling that. It's a good feeling you know when you walked in the clubhouse store and on that you've got somebody on the mound today. He you know that's been that's gonna. You know pitching you've got so much confidence in him and your offense has fire and also wonders. You know you just it just makes you sleep a little bit easier. He you know that you just if it's funny because when you go to those streaks like on league what we do well to our little triple won like nine in a row. You know you don't sit there and get happier every day that you won and you know you land targets overnight you show up the next day he got away and again. He you know so I mean date they're fully aware that they've won one in a row but. You know that joint gets and incrementally jump up after every one and they're. Bride you know twenty game winning streak right you know there are still focused and you know business as usual but you know what new when you've got a team that it's obvious they are. You know it is just it's a it's a bit of a different feeling walk into that about store. Yeah talk when Ned Yost here on 610 Sports Radio what's the latest sudden dusty he kind of indicated he's got a couple of warm you know side sessions and do before you can make a determination where you with him right now. Now I mean you cannot draw aside though we're getting close to activate them so. You know it can be sometime this week. Or early next week. You know one we go ahead and do that. What about the closer role now is Alexander your guide partly or is that just an amount well let's see what we got basis. Yeah I mean it's just in which she got right now we're very. You know brought in to today you know my intention wasn't to pitch got yesterday. You did but the only armed that we had left early down their Stell and now. You know Scotty. You know uncle started forty game that we needed him to win a game when I was gonna go ahead and use yet. Even are really really really want to give him an extra day. But. You know we just kind of go with that when you know but we're just stand today shall deceit. You know how we get there. You know who who slept you know available close this thing out today. When you guys are as a manager or lose confidence and in a player or a pitcher whenever hot how you gain that confidence and trust back from what those guys during a season. Well I generally don't. And we have a mosque competence and anybody right now you know we're trying to. You know we're trying to win every single game and you know we're trying to. But the guy out there that we feel. You know has the best champs. You know up to one against force and you know there was a big debate yesterday he would go Calvin organ we go what Scotty and which is lined up perfectly with. The number nine guy and in the one and two guys. In their lineup more or switch hitters and then they're much better left handed hitters so. You know we decided to keep them on the right side day in and use Scotty it's that wasn't the case we would have used album. But when Ned Yost here on six dead sports radio and we were bill and in the way back machine to win Mike whose stock has got drilled by Bruce run dome back in July and since then you guys are eighteen. And 25 and in from our standpoint that changed things for you guys you just to back at that time in and in really since then moves obviously hasn't been able to play as well as well as you like what'd that hit by pitch changed the course of things for you guys. Not much you know him a year groups little over exaggerated. You know moves that definitely. The fluid hit it straight down too isn't he definitely affected them first six or seven days. But after that this is the total different. You know injury that he's gotten in its target call it an injury because it's just soreness but that. CIT band and his need. You know which happens from time to time. I'm just kind of and I can't explain all you know the intricate parts of that but anyway he got that and explain what he had a ball and we're trying to turn. Endlessly on better than did it again now wanna ask you get a couple of the other day he was working hard. Score from first race so that's an issue that he's working on right now but. Yeah now there's a lot of factors or didn't he didn't really start with. You know run down. Rondo and didn't you know. Put soreness and Duffy double it didn't didn't vote fatigue and and Ian Kennedy shoulder. You know all these types of issues so these are all things were beyond what it didn't put me you know didn't strain. You know the rental canes squad so. You know there are a lot of will battle through some little injuries here that the guys are still able to play full plate true and you know these guys are just battle and you know I'd. Said the other day you know once you experience winning like we did in fifteen EU you'll do whatever it takes to get back there at match play on. You know one and a half leg sir. You know try to pitch certain you know sore elbow or pursuant sore shoulder and while these guys again and everything that they. No question about it have you ever been around a team that is banged up as these guys are right now. Yeah I mean that happens see you know a lot of times. People don't know about it. You know because they plagiarized that you know lot of teams. This is probably the case or not quite. Is Baghdad is we are but you know so little banged up but luckily we're still able to place throughout you know there's a lot of teams Saturday that. You know get banged up and organized can't play through it so. We're lucky in that respect. No question that we appreciate the time is always go get one today then start a new street the Cleveland tomorrow. Are.