Patrick Mahomes

The Show
Friday, August 11th

The Show isn't on the air until Sunday but seeing as it's the first time we will see Patrick Mahomes in action tonight we had to get some thoughts off. The other rookie QB's have looked really good so and we don't want the pressure to get put on Pat. 


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And look ahead yes it really created dad. Episode of this show. My kids through quick on this we have been on so we've been abuse any of our tactics will be on Sunday. Live and uncle b.'s for the final time training camp. As the teams wind down but let's jump right into it is run the show usually by the way Steve answered adamantly and act is in the building the analysts are printed this slow. Today is was it August 11. Yes August 11 this Friday if you're listening to this then to us now. This is Friday August 11 at 337. So this is. Hours prior to the chiefs' first. Pre season game and Airpwn against the niners. And. So I'm I. I'm Phil on some Connolly Saturday and I feel like there might be some other chiefs fans. Maybe maybe luckily since his pre season they haven't paid attention. So yesterday. Tiger not to pay attention Mitch Mitch don't call me Mitch. Now call me Mitchell Stravinsky. Had a really big game. High completion percent is through a touchdown pass up like seventeen for like 23. Is certainly better than my client and yet he played he played well we played really well it to the to the tune of my Dick is that he needs to be the starter. At the start of the season mikes it's high and I think it's a cigar anymore he smoking. Ed there and also to shot Kaiser for the browns even had a productive day yesterday's first pre season game and didn't. The great the great the great one the one who you know I love this guy and Watson who his own coach Dan both Sweeney seated when Houston Texans directed to sell Watson the damage they jettison purple. Especially since it sound Watson. Who who was fantastic. Almost solely for 200 yards with a rusty test down just looked calm as they'll look like he played quarterback for years. I'll tell you if Patrick Holmes is going to start the second and the third quarter is ABC eighties quarterback's gonna get a quarter. For some reason Tyler being embraced it in the second quarter. Patrick Holmes starts second advocates that third quarter. Man. If if he don't look good. I'll tell you is going to be some there of his people. Specially made right here if Mitchell took brisk too risky to come out play well. To sound Watson who we knew was going to be good can come out and play as well as he did and look comparable. Even dish god damn Kaiser Saturday. But the browns can come out. I didn't Kaiser had a couple ridiculous throws but. That's dish on Kaiser's may be the most physically gifted quarterback gives a rip he was he's not better he's not proceed to be better than the other three and he's not only that but at the beginning of the article all season last year Du'Shon Keyser was projected as the top quarterback in the class physically and so he was shelling last night. Why he has that really brings by obviously you know I'm very good year Notre Dame film drastically over the browns were no weapons. And they can't. And we look at it isn't the fourth quarter again as against I know it. The guys that really aren't gonna make the team is still but it pat comes out to look tonight at puts up at eight. We're told when he where it notes and its downs an uptick. It just looks like he's not comfortable out there. I'm telling you when you compare him to the other quarterbacks in his class it may be some owners Roland I know will be for B personally. Does John Watson is fantastic and so now the most pro ready quarterback to mr. with the most experience. And he looked like it looks more than meant. I held as experienced we've seen quarterbacks and give me start of this. We think quarterbacks herta who had experience Matt liner. And in college not look that comfortable already has to sound a lot to be. This Watson look it was it was more than his performance was just how comfortable you looked. Many people's library Italy messed up and over people he looked good. And might be a little bit my cloud but he did but so every line. Is looking back to a guy like deck press now last year who. Was lighting it up in the pre season in the US forever without even throwing an incompletion if I remember correctly. And so now everybody looks at that so when you see rookie quarterback playing in the pre season now. If he's flashy and he's vacant or Aziz make him plays everyone's going to say. All of these guys these guys are ready to play day one and the reality is that they're not. Not most of them are I think to shot Watson should be the starter for Houston if they know what's good for them. But I don't think pat needs to be the day one starter and we all know he's not going to be. While I'm not say anything about pet be in the day once starter I'm not even saying that dish on her miniature. Works are Mitchell or. Kaiser should be the day when starter just the look of those guys that that the big thing for the three of those guys we have not seen moms in his. In fairness to him yet. The look for those three of those guys is just a look of comfort. Specially to shy just they just look comparable and it didn't seem like it was too big fork and I'm not saying it's going to be that way. War. Oh for pets in my homes I've just say it now that the other three guys and his class have played well. To drag one drifted ahead of them and two others drifted behind him. Right. I know it didn't mean anything but the fans the eye test. You'll city itself guy. We got the guy who certain looks to be further alone further behind than the other guests like I reflect a bit of pressure that he wants to chill out a bit. Well but in the pre season it's all about these guys just getting reps I think a lot of head coaches in the NFL I just telling these guys. Just go out there and have fun and play football again they're not throwing their most complicated stuff at them because Patrick mountains. Probably isn't going to be very good at reading defense. And trying to call plays at the line so those guys were and he's got a lot more like those guys were they they look like they were ready at that time he's got much more experience than Mitchell too risky. Yeah but but you're misty what got him drafted number two overall earned earned yet number two. Was that he was an accurate passer who didn't throw interceptions. I even with the he had a minimal body of work in animal at like ten elevenths card as bats. But that's what he was billed as well as a guy who is going to be Smart and not turn the football. Operated. De Patrick has a good night and it's Sunday I don't have to come in. Really really nervous and just really having an addition on Watson meld them. On the air live and local the I I sure hope again that don't. So tattoo my home is going tonight in his first action in the third quarter all I know this Saturday. It does sound Watson put the performance that he did. Against the Panthers. If Patrick but it does sound Watson what's attracted by the chiefs have put that performance. There would be some there would be some questions about a counters. I have undone chief's game and you'll be there yet the only the only reason most people are going is deceit that and everybody's excited and outing. I feel like it's going to be. High school atmosphere out. I I hope that he puts together a performance. I hope it puts together for performance so so good it's like to show Watson that we do start questioning. It. She we really be thinking about. Him. All right catch this Sunday. And it's. Uncle d.s from eight to twelve sort of will be at the game tonight lives so. We'll get that this coverage on Sunday about that him and think he'll be out there so will be the first ones on the year to speak of this. Oh god I hope this. All right. For Steve insert them run as soon do we. Are.