Post Eclipse Fescoe in the Morning

Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, August 22nd

Where did you watch the Eclipse and hear how others took it in. Coiln Cowherd talks Pat MaHomes and he likes what he sees. What is the problem with the bullpen for the Royals...Key play...Andy Reid lets us all know who will be the starter for the Chiefs 


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The morning I'm like well. This goes just like there. Big blitz was. Yesterday I what biggest events you could ever imagine it. We a lot of fun but so worth Harley-Davidson north we also ought different areas some solace of assault warmth and others. Look cloud cover him over to me that was upsetting situation. But there's still look at the vast majority of it maybe diary that I wanted to budge the vast majority of it all in all. It became an awesome day for the area. Especially if you're in liberty bees apparently that was the place where you got the best. What was the best idea downtown Kansas City turned into technically spectacular is the ally I saw some great shots apple went on my FaceBook page from a top the shared and crown center. Where they had the time last go and on the winds came on downtown and it looked like it was nighttime. I was at a Dicks with sported a great town there it sought an inferred that for Florida south with a cloud cover didn't quite get. To where it needed to be for a lot of people so when it happened I actually saw the eclipse happened and RBIs it was better than I ever thought it was going to be an it was a really really cool so I was like op at a collapsed in and out here with these funky glasses on. Look at it this thing usage you were up north at worst Hartley David's go to their revenue they are there words aren't we're Giles is now isn't near my house. Okay and it. Saga south in the is in cloud cover came like right win that's all write the crowd back there like right about 109. Cloud cover him like. It's yeah is there mavericks like it was it felt like. It fell a bit a little bit cheated by it by. That's OK you guys like well I guess I can get. I'll catch the next one bright in Kansas City at 22 you'll follow you'll find you know ways to go for that what do you want you watch over the markers of kids' school same thing. It was it was great he saw you saw it approaching. And then right. Bet yelled one on nine its cloud cover policy and then it then it then broke again I was just glad and drive like you know some of these. 0% CN on the on the national news that we drove eight hour and a tired hits if that was the case I'd like I I put it like an hour and get free glasses of school right I didn't. I was anatomy out of the sky it was pretty cool whatever. I find out really invested and I'd literally met I thought that the people who asked like liberty to go to certain places close to St. Joe. And then they got cloud cover with they would just stayed in liberty that defined yeah they've stayed downtown Kansas City is that going further north. They receive a spectacular show and liked it there are people who did that I still bad for them because I'm 100% understand going above and beyond to see something this school. And to seize up in that powerful. It's really sad for them that they they put them much in and then ends up not working out what that's what. Happens when you over think anything in life you add that missing what it is that you realize that a decision and I needed it it's over thinking and just get your spot state goods figure outside Seattle orange all that kind of take this guy. Yesterday I mean our leader to use his glasses great picture that use very good very good eclipse very nice. It was it was awesome to see that the up value and of people about and looking use their last you had no choice but to where like I did understand what those glasses were all about to like put a month and we'll double almighty god like it was like it was a it was a changing moment for me at that point in time because yeah. However she did a student well I think I'm old at that every you know there was depicted the sun belt like I tried to look at the suddenly we all let's let's of course those are we kind of looked at all sprite in you figured I'll be put on regular sunglasses and you look at the attic you see there's he would throw those eclipse glasses. And when you can see that that moon shadows start to come over that sun for the first minute or so that eclipse was taken place I was like. Call is pretty cool I'd never seen anything like that and mid totality hits. And its market all the lights or comment on broadest wars and everything like that is that it is jumping about Mike the animals think it's my time. And it's only two minutes I mean. That was pretty darn impressive yesterday I thought it was one of the more impressive things in nature and science that I'd seen before that's it didn't get dark enough. Round and it declaring a leading to darken outside as like I expect like pitch black. It wasn't the street lights did go on were were within our bye came on mandated hit its black gas cloud cover came. Sam guys ms. Betsy over a great town it was like its lack because it was for far enough west at that 109 mark. Where the clouds were moving in from the west that was far enough east where I didn't have quite the cloud cover just felt like it might. Not hot to your client sites. Three titles in one way or another meeting huge difference if it's on how you saw the eclipse Saturday and it is made all the districts all the difference in the world and I just thought it was spectacular it was really really be I'm so glad I had the opportunity to see that because 2205. Whatever it is that's the next time. We're gonna get the totality here in Kansas City and for a lot of people listening to probably glad all be dead I think so I got the cease up and that that my kids that Agassi in their lifetime. So you deal a person who got to see the totality a lot of fun watch it and some people were moved years including one reporter. We've been told people start sobbing. If for some it's just a life changing event. And we may started doing that too. The to. I'll get my act together I. Ever upbeat Betsy are opposite. Guys back to Chicago so sorry about that. Favorite weatherman Tom skilling of WG Edwards and teen years. And dale yesterday. Because of the eclipse is that the only way to be incurred. I mean I didn't. Crying and embed the best part of that whole bit was a little bit later on they go back to him. And people on the streets are walking up to him in congratulating. Him on the eclipse congratulations it's a great daily like they're exchanging congratulations. To each other. On the street I talked to guys as they said. That kind of reminded me of the royals winning the World Series like everybody going erratic congratulating each other for for not a resident getting the bill and you know it doesn't anything the delegate. But everybody is congratulating each other on CNET and this guy's taking congratulations and accepting them. On behalf of the eclipse yesterday it was early absolutely why but yeah Mike. There are all out of big reactions for the news reporters on the clip. Are cheering this is. And fantastic I'm gonna let you listen to that they're cheering for a little bit. It's huge payoff is huge yet pay off after. All the rain in the clouds and think we're gonna get hit at all but this is spectacular. It's beautiful it's a given how many people there. You actually. It's exciting. Yeah. Actually it because I got little kid but does it big when you're my age that excite you that much and this is pretty darn exciting Anderson and. Is birdies are. The matter it's it. Right now they. There's a void brain. It was cool it was a lot of my old line goes dead that was really good it did how many people heard fireworks and things going off yesterday too I mean that was the other big people are launching fireworks and you know. And eighties and things like that we're going off people are having themselves a party yesterday during totality element of the eclipse so there. No matter where you and you're doing some celebrate yesterday would you saw that solar plants idled today to discuss things throughout the show regarding the solar click. Yesterday but. Thing happened yesterday is will get to eighty read at 61580. Did speak to the media and addressed quite a few things including Alex Smith and pass from Holmes with that at 615. But yesterday a big topic of discussion was Patrick homes across the nation will be is everybody wants him really can see just how special Patrick. Holmes has become wait until Friday night when this game is on national TV do you see that homes if you think that pat homes hide train is in full effect right now. And I feel bad by calling your hype train does it makes it sound like it is a real but it is real if you think this thing is going a hundred miles an hour now. Wait a Friday night when Jim Nantz and Tony Romo in the CBS national for their in the entire nation. It's deceit pat homes against the Seattle Seahawks I was some what afraid to even buy anything. All the chiefs now have that automatic franchise quarterback the chiefs have their guy just because it's Kansas City we don't we don't see that happening but if I step back and look at objectively that is a look at. Pressure homes of what I've seen him accomplish on the field how I've seen him run things already. Yeah I think he's going to be a franchise portable what would be holding you back right now from saying you believe that he is the franchise quarterback other than obvious XP or ice Kansas City Chiefs OK that's fair doesn't ask my number one. That's my number one reason because. It's not supposed I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop our best writers and something happened aware now this is all fool's gold that's all that but it. Brown looked at objectively I have to take my heart out of it completely. It ordered. Really be able to say he's a franchise quarterback based on everything I've seen every checked the checked a box that you have to earn Roxio to check. Per franchise quarterback Patrick Holmes Jackson C buying in. Maybe I'm buying into much the pat homes and only two pre season games of experience and not even a full amount of you know game time three quarters or whatever experience that he's had. But you look at and he he sometimes you just know things when you say you know what I'm saying like you you know things when you see and when you look at pat homes. He just looks the part he just looks like a guy that's gonna go out there. And be effective and then you watch some of these other kind of guys play quarterback out there and there's a lot of bad quarterbacking as we've talked about the NFL right now kind of grab it that not just on the GS but I mean just just didn't shut Cleveland I mean you're just in general every quarterback on the roster is god awful. You can see when a quarterback hasn't vs when a quarterback doesn't have the way they carry themselves the way that they act. The way that they don't let bad plays get them down they don't anger Hadley. Like pat homes to meet. Looks like he can't beat the entire total package is not gonna let the pastor of never having nice things get in the way of what I think is gonna be the future of nice things because just because it didn't have. Happened in the past doesn't mean it can't happen going forward in what happen going forward forget that doesn't mean that is just now I understand times to not give Pete yeah. I Bosnian authorities. Bad idea that your hedging your bet Mets tonight I totally understand it but I think this is one we you don't have to adds I think this is when you're gonna cash in the world to be sit back in ten years don't we got. Guys. College how heard yesterday. Talking about the guys buying stock in the stock going up or down on Patrick Holmes let's go to Patrick my home to Kansas City Chiefs. We knew we had an absolutely rocket arm and we knew we was athletic. I think it's pretty obvious. With Andy Reid who has elevated every quarterback and his entire career more homes is going to be a really nice fit. And I may give the starter in one year from now. Alex Smith is a bright kid mature and a veteran. The perfect thing from Holmes is without Alex Smith in handy read. To learn and listen and be coach of bull. The chiefs and this doesn't happen a lot and the chiefs history have drafted a franchise quarterback in one year I'd put him in. Errol up. So narratives parallel Bob natural homes they've drafted a franchise quarterback that's Pollack heard yesterday. So he's well he's also on our side it's not just some local hey we we hate Alex bid to be one for our franchise quarterback now. It's who threw two pre season games everybody's seen that Patrick Holmes has it. We don't know what it is but I said Pasco you know at UCC yeah you see that you kind of know this he has that ability. Whether or not you wanna buy into yet or not that's that's great but he has the ability he is a franchise quarterback at this point it looks undeniable. Well I mean do do the things that you know would would normally hold you back like the inability to find an open receiver or the inability to understand what's going on on the field. He definitely has all back and in factored into the summer sicker than others category but as of watching the giants and browns last night. On pre season football I'm watching the show on Kaiser was a wide open. Wide receiver down the sidelines of the heat hits him it's a touched it's like a sixty yard touchdown. And the first thing I think to myself as my homes makes that broke my leg like up up up already to that point world watching the other rookies in other quarterbacks in the NFL I'm going more Holmes is gonna make a point and and I don't know whether that was consciously or subconsciously. But that was the first block that was the immediate thought that I had. When DeShaun Kaiser missed his guide wide open down the sidelines a big and pat Holmes makes that throw he's absolutely going to make death row. And I believe that he is the franchise quarterback that we've all wanted hearing Kansas City had been begging for basically since the days of when Dawson you know so this is. And we got our guy I I need to see him though. When it counts yet. Andy gets and that's it hasn't faced any adversity yet he's gonna have that timer is gonna throw like three text and the gonna give me some bad ones and traffic serheo. I doubt there's or your quarterback again we haven't seen those moments so far through two pre season games. He almost had one the other night but he's gonna hat he's gonna have both time for is gonna try to make a play and it's gonna go wrong but. I think it will be able hopefully be able to balance that because we haven't had a guy that's been willing to make that play and have it go round but do you think he tries to make the play and then all of a sudden Alex gets into his brain and he pulls a Downey scampered for some guards thought it was a little away the other and others on the first pre season game were. He was running rivers body like okay make up or make that throw we've seen it receive it we see an highlight any granite. You know and you know maybe he's. He's already learned that type stuff to the degree that is I think that's that's vitally important as. He's gonna make some terrible throws. It's gonna happen there that's part of playing quarterback one of the worst interceptions have ever seen was that the growth in Tom Brady against the Seahawks in Super Bowl two syllables so for the patriots. The third pick in the red zone in the end zone right to do the safety. That was like the first quarter of the game where they go on to still win the Super Bowl gets the Seahawks were one of the worst passes I've ever seeing. Okay the OK to make stupid throw it has that it happens mailman may be a Super Bowl that and I don't want it as flat when you're to renew Tom Brady he had. Like yes Harold didn't give the ball the Marshall humble and simple one yard line semantics. He disposed to the media yesterday here in Kansas City you don't wanna miss read addressing the rumblings about my home is gaining on Alex Smith. Here next. And swore I don't. I will crumble Saudi pizza the drop off a few pizzas before express covered just block out their present Erie have you brought your pizza any ever beats I thought maybe you better today. Yeah I apple yeah it pepperoni. Is now. Andy Reid was asked is there anyway Patrick Holmes could challenge for starting spot. It may be pushed out. He's just taking it day by day just in he's doing and that's. I saw were aware that. It's Alex his job and that's that's our. We're doing I mean the next question is you come back is there a lot of Alex gets hurt you know I mean this kid he gave I would never. Say that he can't do something. I would say in this case it's Alex's it's Alex's job and that's what this there's no. There's there's no gray area with that. As strong as I expected to be with this is Alex's team and Alex Smith is our guy especially the beginning. Some homes are existing today by dentists is doing and that. I saw were aware that. It's Alex's. Best out or Iraq but. That means they had a strong for Andy it's strong ish but it doesn't mean they can't be. OS or Iraq but we might be your later doesn't necessarily say less power that revolves see the field next season. Born in injury it's a lot like when Andy Reid said after the season. At all well it's Alice's Alex's starter he's our starting guy in that they go and draft Patrick Holmes when everybody was wondering. All well and remember there's little ugly in the season I thought he said that Al he didn't commit Alex Smith is what he. Did he didn't commit Alex at the end of the year it was that February march press time. At all was he won immediately outlook on her he did not rise to and never realized what he did try to reverse of that we gonna guess yeah. And excited didn't commit again towards the towards the OT. Social or what phase one of the local Vista prods the horror of war yeah yeah before day's ride one that ran for phase one of whatever pays worry now. Well like February march he said Alex our quarterback now is our guy and after that I remember a budget and national stories about how that she's working draft a quarterback is Alex Smith is their quarterback. That they trade up to number ten draft Patrick Holmes so. When you read says I don't put a lot of stock in well I I think he has to say right now Alex is our guy because it hasn't done anything to lose the starting quarterback job and I don't think my Holmes has done quite enough this whole week crappy so much better than Alex Smith we need to put about their it it is the Russell Wilson ish type stuff but you'll Russell Wilson beat out Matt Flynn who had one game and his NFL career at 49 million dollars got one that's that's the peak right hander gave them a bachelorette bash is there game's best six touched it and that's the gig and a half game as a backup quarterback and get paid by some stooge organization the following year. So he had the once you usually it is a rally at the Seattle Seahawks. I think war had a work with these guys they're still to read hell the guy right away it went right right the Russell Wilson which was a game changer for the organization I mean big posts Max Payne and act like money everybody that flame. I all things got Joseph Philbin as their head coach because they wanna Matt limit that they went too far after Peyton Manning. It allowed the Seahawks to swoop hitting grabbed plan while good move on the Miami Dolphins but I mean but that that's the thing I mean what guy has won games you know stadium they'll shell at all kinds of money to him. Alex Smith has done nothing that really really short that he still should be the starting quarterback here in Kansas City. From everybody's account including Dustin Colquitt fantasy camp the other day. We asked about all of he went in right away how great Alex has looked like everybody says yes Holtz has been fantastic but have you seen. Some pretty good things as well he's got a better completion percentage in the pre season right now of the bat well that's back and provision that disaster and not just it's it's dot. I felt like I was in these. And he's a handy way of saying barring injury now playing right. I I think if he's ever we've seen ADB very very forceful when he said he didn't want to deal with the badgering the pestering whatever it was that one member that wanted to next to go rating months ago there's you're liberated with that with question yes a bit like that he was lights up mr. Jackson many years some some what was the only time in four years. That we've seen eighty anywhere close to being emotional or having a change in his voice are showing any kind of excitement or anything like that. What we saw yesterday was it easy way of saying. Alex Smith is our guy until Alex Smith does something it's injured it where he doesn't deserve to be the starting quarterback. He's gonna be to god if it's came in and had a bad camp and he wasn't looking good and wasn't performing well we saw what we're seeing at a homes. I think we would have an open quarterback you know spot. But I think the the drafting of Holmes force Alex to elevate his game which is what this organization ultimately wanted him to do. Forced him to elevate his game to the point right now where they hit. And Alex Smith because of how well he spleen in practice and in the pre and if he got hurt. He's saying he basically said right there. I don't properties threat and Tommy can do it right he can't do anything could've said. Well now he's just he's not ready bright either is not ready. Nance saying that he's saying is ready but it's out of steam italics don't tell until Alex does something or not doesn't deserve to have the job. It's gonna be Alex missed out. Well you brought to any Reeve was angry U's matted routier questions he was enough with the outside pleasant guy get that and. Let me work on this on this whole thing about guys not being there I need I can allow you got here one time I get pummeled I don't want our base here as I get pummeled on who's here. And I hear what do the one we come out Gerri give you every day that you can talk these guys. So don't worry about that it's a voluntary camp of some answered every time out understand. Next question please. That's all the time. We've actually seen leads attendance questions yeah yeah it's. Randy reed would you ask about it and right. It isn't the quarterback question this the attendance question is nice dude up pummel him as intended quite. So that adding that's the bit that that's you be like you got a brain and its ain't you just being during an idea which is just click the even keel guy which is the apocalyptic type personality. Of the B to head football coach baseball manager basketball coach you gotta maintain that even keel list. In any creatures are those except if you pummel him with questions about it at all those questions. I'd sell it. I'll tell that the ten minutes tax on 69306. His up with any topic you have him will dive into it and it controversial report coming out the world NASCAR. Probably bet this report won't shock you but we'll find out next. Now like welcome Bob Tesco adjust playing there we have she felt coming up in just a few minutes here on C extends force radios attacks on 69306. Any topic to discuss. Sort out there and we will diamond. A report from USA today. Says that NASCAR fans most of them tend to think the confederate flag has. It. Has a place at NASCAR events. Moralist they really what happened yet somebody from USA today rolled through a NASCAR Benton big Bristol Tennessee. See you as people with confederate flags up in and asked them at their tailgate right why you have a confederate flag and this has become a a big thing in the news again. As is it new as far as people fight against the confederate flag it was a war was against it in the ninety's. Really throughout history you can find it multiple times for this become a hot button issue. So NASCAR fans some of them most of them who knows. Vegas said NASCAR fans a blanket statement right visits most of them probably think that there's a lot of value in the confederate fly. But that's created some controversy amongst sports fans that never watched NASCAR anyway sure. It's a bit of an interest in situations where it is news from USA today albeit not. That shocking to me why I don't think it's that shocking news but you don't wanna paint a broad brush either I'm sure there are NASCAR fans out there who don't think putting it racist emblem of the confederate flag is the right thing to do I'm sure you can find just as many NASCAR fans out there. Who don't think being a racist emblem or having a racist emblem that your tailgate. Is the correct thing to do improbably there's a lot of NASCAR fans at the spots that confederate flag as well so any time you do one of these stories you got to see bulls' side Speedo they probably went in with a game plan and this is what we wanna find a NASCAR race. OK fine I mean at that they've got a call and it's like royals players now they looked at what it was and Cindy were at a NASCAR event I look for confederate flags they can millionaire having your story USA today and it's it's throughout that whole dollar really isn't an in NASCAR basically came back with a statement we don't support racism we don't support the confederate flag and all of that kind of stuff of which is what they should do because it's a bad look. For that sport that already has the stigma of being a southern type of sport. But I maintain the confederate flag is a symbol of racism and if you have the confederate flag up and were flying the confederate flag up that is a racist act. And you're doing it on purpose to try to tweak people and try to upset people try to stand for something that you should be standing for the confederate flag. Anymore has no business being up. At anybody's tailgate anywhere in the United States of America it is a sign of slavery it is a sign of racism it is a sign of a time in this nation. When things were not core wrecked. And we corrected them after the civil war got rid of the confederate flag for a reason because it symbolizes a bad time in this nation you don't need to be flying. The confederate flag USA today also does need to be doing a storied NASCAR fans are are racist because that's not fair to NASCAR who guys. Is still struggling as a sport from the from the recession in 20072008. They never recover I mean you look at these NASCAR tracks and they're not crowded like they used to beat people are going the the the races are full of 100000 people every weekend like they used to be when you couldn't get a ticket to a NASCAR event. Now you can find your way in. A lot easier to use to be sponsorships are what they used to be in NASCAR it's not a sport it was able to recover. From the Great Recession of 2007 in 2008. And this is a story. That really just is not fair to the to the sport of NASCAR because for every person that's out their flying confederate flag you can find the NASCAR fans that's not flying confederate flag and despises those people for flying the confederate flag. So another words USA today breaking news sometimes there's some confederate flags it NASCAR events in Tennessee right. Exactly and sometimes I'm sure there confederate flags at football games have Tennessee is well negate its Tennessee. It's also time shouted out 69306. On the text line today. Text topic. And we'll talk about it whatever it is that is not your mind all brought in by leaving james' talents extend scented body Tyler policy set records yesterday with total eclipse of the heart like more downloads and I think any other song on one particular day. And was it was just crushing it because everybody. Was playing that song yesterday because we had eclipse so she was breaking record after record after record yes or download the old one cancer live with him. Gross I'll did you hear that yeah we see that boat yes OK gas and a vote they kept going to live on CNN. Bright and she was she would sing it and it sound like a person and sun apps on line well tiger like a week don't ask don't even know that song was still existed you know so now people are looking at it too they're going Bonnie Tyler you need to get out of here. Ed and do this thing so she got out there she did is probably had sung the song and used before yesterday so congratulations. To her it hit record numbers. Downloads yet left him. 2859%. Boost on Spotify yesterday as the United States. You got to remember solar eclipse is a Super Bowl for a meteorologist I guess that tried reference to the edited was crying I am here aghast at the Super Bowl happens every year this is probably greater. Maybe in the super ball I mean this is a bit bigger than the Olympics this was bigger than. A golf tournament this was bigger than I mean to put it in a sports perspective. This would be lying. You'd she's winning the super ball I mean it the first Super Bowl that I covered was New England taking on Saint Louis back when these deadly football team over there it's in essence the rams are now I don't have a bigger vaguely remember right so was this comparable data New Orleans it was the first Super Bowl after 9/11 and it was the first Super Bowl that the Boston patriots at one. And I remember being outside the patriots locker room and all the New England reporters were plotting. And I'm like oh my god he's a grown man crying over this super ball but it was the first one. You don't give you an active UT would Super Bowl. Fast forward to 2015 standing outside the world's locker room everybody's crying because the royals when a team beats itself. It's not like covering the Super Bowl it's like your team winning the Super Bowl for the first time winning the World Series for the first time and it's. A race I get the most. I like this on what time is the eclipse today it could tell you certificate and my Euro might be fast don't you might have. Actually tax of them witnessed today likely I'm not sure. Snoring passengers on your commute. A commute like a quieter on year in you can war hawk. Gergen he may be on the commonly drive to work falsely card. Debut on the street car that's different today there's somebody sleeping next the other subways streetcar whatever and that's that the let them sleep and obsolete yet earliest known and it's hard but it did sleep they need to on the street art unless there in your car to be to slam on the brakes and wait what I've done it numerous times have you know god yes so mean well what have you done that to people because I'm driving I'm working on you know focused on the road or else the car snoring in sleeping no way it has that forbid anyone else in the car enjoys their time maybe get a little this lead to your utterly crazy wild as that system can browse normally or you get on the rumble strips and feel it's right. When I saw. Yeah Estes. Hey I'm still proud I mean if from Kansas City to Denver two Summers ago stopped one time with two little girls in the car my wife that's record and policy they hate you at the end of that drive they didn't. Now as I can say we stopped we don't get the use the pool. Shouted out iced coffee all only dorm rooms. All year round ice coffee all year round got drinking iced coffee right now I like it a lot better now than hot stuff. Against and I stopped in the it tastes like death. I'll like hot topic that much either but I drinking anyway if you do it for the bus that at duke because no one cup of hot cop yeah actually gets me going in the day there yes it's nice to nice thing happens. I can't do the eyes puffy face I harvest I I I'm gonna do it for the last month or so you've just got to change it up so I'm good with the stuff shouted out Welch eating his brownie with a fork and knife this weekend sorry what's of a sense of BS tell my guys you see those brownies we have the defensive football training camp they were like prized it like small pieces of cake. They've buried Huey vary from listening that kind. Yeah. Some notes so you very serious right. So yeah used a war it nice to bore out the for tonight anyway the brisket and that is reviewed over the ground. Does like it's easier to eat this way because it's really moist and had a ton of a ton of icing on the top nice it was like running instances like. It'll yeah you know what that it's easier to ease the organized camp and it. We were just about to do roundtable with Dustin Colquitt delegates shock and all over the microphone in his mind right so it in it's probably worth more than my career. So hit the egg and make sure that they knew my hands all messy because we are about to do the round tablecloth. That a problem that Matthew I'm losing it may your own Boise Idaho documents like Pollock BS to act its act human. Welty is routed through the court tonight Jason looked ridiculous it's does. It's not the only thing that makes it look at the same shirt on backward it is weird with the the odd. Why yeah I do have one more. Pat my home's equals Whitner field. That's ridiculous they were the same number. Yeah one was a remotely touted guy just came on the scene another guy was a top ten pick in the NFL draft because everybody knew was going to be something that I love what America a lot of hope. Pat on the clips is what matters on how the whole thing worked in the cliff's case I basically though I think you can look on his path the took a that they're. But I like to guide to the towns of luck with right now everybody's in love with the Whitner feel there is one person who doesn't like Whitner feel this down. And everybody's in love with pat all the right now I think the two most loved athletes right now in Kansas City. Panel rightfully so he's playing incredibly well and people are going to sue as it's a by the quarterback conversation. We're gonna keep doing it guys. Because it's a real at V you can do it you put the oil I have like Shepard Smith when he watches the eclipse. But it's a real it's undeniable and that's why everybody's talking about it. That shot out here on six as force ready abroad to about a lady James in the royals made potential misstep they couldn't pause there rocky August. Did you they would it was at the key play. Next easier to eat this way because it's really moist. Welcome back again it. Is that something that's. I think it's kind of potential misstep that might have caused their rocky argue the August we'll get that a few minutes after the key play but. A local news person they must be pretty. Let's call easy because he able people who are seeing the flash flood warning they're seen. What appears to be standing water in the thinking you know it's. Riding through this seems like a great idea and it's not a good idea savidge who is on the top of their cars slowing down rivers we have a woman in a tree being rescued she's been out there since like 3 AM after it has been its whole disaster so make sure. If you see any flooding is there has been a flash flood warning until. 8 AM a as if there been any war if you see anything out there don't drive. Through it. Go higher ground why not lower I like the fact they're blocking off the exits from from 435 Portland State line just to prevent people from being idiots and because that's what we have to do because clearly. The last time it rained it flooded didn't prevent people from driving and a 130 worn off. When it rains. We get a lot of it. Stay away from hundreds sorted Warhol okay. This is now on you eat we saw the first time. The first time it got crazy the first time that went nuts the first time I did it. The next time it rains. A solid run this monstrosity. Is it right away it was my. Hey Darwin fast go over here just I was saying that that W said boom once. Shame on shame on you fool me twice. Shame on me at the moment no. We gave it right that's that's this five those were this. Al hunt for a little bit hotter ninety big quote very eastbound from quarter we shut down they had barricades in the street sell. I our our responders are doing wonders to three bet people now during the from getting it in all these trouble and yet we're still seeing a woman and retreat. We're still seeing a guy at the top of his co. I. Did all flooded water let me drive through what do you mean you people what do you guys begging you me. I still see. There's an old saying in Tennessee and I was attacks from can see this as whom he wants. Shame on. You can get fooled again. That's that's right there after a bit stale. Uttered the or east among others there's a flash flood emergency until AT&T and you get this did you stay away from low lying areas near creeks and and let the first responders respond to the people who. Actually needed it's time for our key play it happened last night in Cleveland. Though 11 it's around corners sequence of back toward the mound picked by the first baseman double clutched. Think it's a wave could never let them yeah. It wouldn't say I don't want Bob bullet and a brewing. So there it is. Able that what the call they walk bonds and throwing error by Boston. Cleveland winds five to us for last night in Cleveland are key play brought you buy the plumbing heating and cooling. The technicians you can trust with your house against an hour wrong route they really can't Sonoma and Milwaukee off try you know better yeah that that's the 2015 point right there say this I mean metal we birthday no just off break her way and it's like yeah. Art we're gonna take it divide that we're gonna take it that's what's happening in the Indians or yeah or any talking on the drive yesterday will play a little bit when he said he sometimes it's just your year you know sometimes things just break right because it's your time readjust or your world's insider here on 610 Sports Radio joined us yesterday 8 AM as he does every Monday at 8 o'clock. And trying to figure out what went wrong or could have been a miss step for the royals the cause the rocky August here's Josh turner on the ball that. Well late. Or that the alma mater as regret. Somewhat. An outward but certainly a lot of that just goes to the pressure. On these on the issue. He's locked in Hamburg hopefully October bull. I think the pressure hose burst of light in the pool but what I was because look at July that was awesome right in July the wall and we'll have that. It better it would that you bring these student games. And that basically makes it. A whole lot opposition right. There are no issues in the bullpen secured so everyone what it would not that a month. Who do you see what he gives them the ball a lot of amber and that internal competitions in two. Not. Every one maybe outside help it earlier. Urban prep the order against the heat the Whitewater or perhaps that from this tremendous first after the season. Josh turner are royals insider here on six cents force radio and the new additions into the bullpen could have caused a little bit of a problem even though was meant to improve it. Obviously the bullpen people back to the Nokia were record for a chair trade bringing him in a row sending great sense bringing him and it. But the office hasn't really been the problems in the lack of pitching so you could point to that addition in the ball Pattinson may be. Everybody auditioning has gotten these guys a little but it may be so and and and really the the office has been spectacular since Nokia's commander scored five or six runs a game there should be no reason to ever lose a Major League Baseball game. When you put up those kind of numbers Denny Matthews on the drive yesterday also addressed the bull how big an impact is that. It consistently give up lately to lose games. That's the most devastating thing that can happen to a baseball team. There's still work curtail our seven great innings to Italy and then at the Balkans that are out in the ninth they're an extra innings. That is substantive. You're starting rotation really sit at a table for the bullpen and they can take you out of the game in the first second or third inning. And we CNET Internet and so everything. But the ball pin if they give that boy that's those powerful blows as you can sustain. If you give up an early lead you have potential obviously through belatedly been totally getting through poker. That if you give it up in the ninth inning part of the team either walks off the field and you're the visitor or you just can't get it done in the bottom of the inning of his if enough. Two workers currently in now the other. Plug has edited down by two and then this attitude down close and out. Yeah but the book and gets it out that stuff that's devastating I don't think anybody has just perfect the Balkans royals drove it over the last 23 years. And you just have to hope that. That your book that is going to be able to be consistent and hold onto those leads Cleveland has to be able to and they have. They have a lefty who is really talking about the disabled list Miller and they are valid and very good. Until their bullpen is pretty solid and if you can get through many Serb and they denied. A lot of disasters like you're going to be a contender and that's. In the probably for the royals really since August 789 haven't been what we saw 789. The early part of the season even AM back obviously fourteen and fifteen when the royals were winning the American League every sick yourself. This is a situation that has to be rectified if this organization wants to make it into October. And that was royals broadcaster Denny Matthews you can hear the entire interview with him in the drive at 610 sports dot com. Our full a clips is Andy Reid and all the totality it's it's headlines worth talking about two minutes for a.