The RIP Charlie Murphy + Friends Episode

Carrington Harrison
Monday, April 17th

Carrington is joined by his friends Cole and Jeremy to discuss if the Black Delegation will trade Cam Newton, the Cleveland Facebook Live shooter and Kendrick's place in hip hop with his new album + a remembrance to Charlie Murphy.


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They should they just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. I don't know just as. I want to midnight. There have. I can't guarantee here that's got this thing alive soon. I had the podcast up enrolling people who listen to it than me came and shut it down now I've gotten over views are trying to build stick with sports baca. You know it you're ugly at all you can now explain known as always you should wrong so this. Really focused you're going to be in this pod and that's that's a good question suck it Joseph route thirteen minutes. You'll lose complete focuses are talking about slogan no windows what you're talking about. I think it depends on how many different things we talk about because if you lose since the past by cancel more item we when he comes monologue I'll say what I have to say and leave and just hopefully piggyback off everybody has to stay. Yet this the last time you come off like a rock vendor does the final test you can see it's a test a level of focus Jeremy easier Kohl's Sears you've heard calls voice enough on this thing out of the introduce him unsupported version. I don't really know why I named this. Podcast I think it's going to be that Charlie Murphy episode blip on on the spot I don't really know what we're gonna name it so. As a scratch this thing on iTunes what I wanna kick around with the guys is this. But they can do who used to be a stole our pupil in the black delegation old. Has been very shaky of late he's all eyes matter. Was that coach Delaware romper. Arbitration Cam Newton officially is Cam Newton it's gonna continue to be part of the black delegate. As as a member of the white delegation we're we're ready to to accept offers reached right here death row was going to do was propose. Might we can we what can we packaged with him not to make alluring to some. This is like this what scares you about Kindle news we don't have mini black quarterbacks we have a lot of them get closer and you know it black. And although we fully claim to Brussels today Israel really admit I don't really watch it seizes on the team he's the problem child other like delegation so quarterback wise we're not really sick here what is Jane has done to be problem. He's been accused of rape. He stood up at the studio in you know it you're yeah you're always excited about era. Thought given to let's just talk they're not remember it was like opera Mercury OK so there. Are stealing crab legs. I don't follow it bought I it was black bean is the records I think very James took one for the team on the ground I think. I think Jamison with stand up do you think it was a deal that went back and yes OK what I what I would have the crab legs was I think all Florida State players knew that was the club. Like it was going to public the light reading where we won't public sort charge yeah. One person was in the player wasn't in the scheme. Like you gotta patriots. And he was like now we don't take orders suck it is that a applaud whole system. Javed disposal. That's dropping out or didn't does a good move good team play. But at home or else. OJ deftly in the home while. He did have fallen to just about that was after he got drafted the picture of him eating out I mean I do it I got to sell it now you got to let it now that you got damaged brain off that it is on Joe's crab checked in Tampa I just going to fully embraced me he reached out to be he'll put. What is Camden oracle open market. Because he is valuable to look like delegation he does that ADP get the Super Bowl appears that we don't have many black quarterbacks. Coachella where operas in all odds matter a look at the quote your tire shake out type shaky. Don't have got normal. Our mode here he's a hall of fame though we've got nobody's body active on the front lines voted out for the black delegation who returned. Room I don't know I don't know who we do we will. Insulin. How we've really got this throughout the name because I don't know anything about football thought that the first name McCain mama and we rated champion traded yeah I can't tell loggers in the black liquidation I don't need him anymore I'll take my chances on mr. sports clips at this point AKMR Russell's Boca but the so we've got to figure that out 'cause KO is just out here and bears does. I mean I say everything but the little flower filter what you get everything else he was Coachella already Q Robert you see that he's in his next 265. Why are here where rob we're gonna lie. Here's a logical explanation came came shows that the coach Miller ankle bags lost to him a big ass dude. He had some hard time finding clothing that fit him OK Sofia are caddie just. I don't write the the the only daughter in America and around campus showdown only enough revenue and no way more fashionable to NB. When his Dresser we year fashionable like can't. This is itself match and win or clothes and fashionable eight and we never did is Sampras he was like when that only opened it up I think I would Wear dresses therefore it is to go. I it was addressed to use all Rockies and you song young. I think after the match like those two guys kind of pioneered that we can Wear the androgynous like it is it would winners little girl. He. Looked full confidence started to. Right common iphones are like. It can't find it in his sides off election that I do that may or Tyrone hey yeah or that you did it may that means he went out of his way to do it today it's south war romper. What you see what do you weigh warts and native game. That hand to god like stops. Where is that although our. Sleeves fit all the way t.'s can't go into target date. A baby Jackie would sleeves to fit a 63 individual fair that he had a custom neighbor he did is it fair to say. Since Siegel's home to Hebrew union every night he can do to wait. Would a few more of the thing to do a whole lot to keep weird though you lose don't play our guys are similar ask don't like attractive women should get to a past already close aspect got to know look this and Brad don't fear he doesn't I kind of know the fop friars since the noise is asking oh where does it stop of like it you can start where Roberts and his school. My issue is the next day like all of us nowhere to go out where where does Flatts got all us fashionable when it wins or doesn't look good. Is when its slate if cam were that romper and Hewlett. It. Leg that it would be acceptable and don't look good down through line called race besides a few Iran like god what a talent as low key EU where you looked around to. Prepare must have now which you know let. Is open minded podcast despite both you guys that you give him push back. On these gentlemen don't care what you do is gonna make for you are like. Look at the infected jokes on the wranglers you can't really caught my people say it where you should behave like a little far I mean you just graduated from it jeans. Not used to look and Iraqis dead and put an irregular our bush did you try to Wear a bright commodity beef it's not you struggle not a look at what that sort of like us that's what you have an audio I'll trade like this video like well what it looked kind of like I have told you are my college job and it got got. Denying dollars. OK no wait wait wait a day they're there is that common theme though. Rise comfort that they thought is probably not know about its common thing but it's also that he doesn't have a way. OK but what else the biweekly the ball only to America your hair looks. Get a cup type trash. And lights. Look like you're just saying you can live your life in still get your hair cut. Haren looks like to give you quarters of them interest. And grow and Chandler friendly. Today it's a job now analogies are. That's is that you time the next night with a bit of rather eligible for someone who spends as much money on shoes as you do images Apple's new teacher is huge it's consuming. It takes half an hour and they don't five to zero lead the best bet is it like that. Now after I had to let us know you're so ugly with these army. Perhaps. Who might have YouTube anatomy you don't bet I couldn't write. I have the resistance comes that is not got to do better there's a really easy solution he doesn't really easy hurtful it is get your haircut and a biweekly news hour. And change over to summer there was humans indefinitely. All right progress takes a while Steve what is the free it's not a lot of small it's that he had been Williams talk about a way it's been Lou Williams felt crowded what soccer with the part African American in. Well carried out in America that's a lot of African Americans. Why are we ever notice of these third black history but never talk about male voice in soccer Stallone who knows what would give it our black person. The first African American soldiers the don't people brought over here at eight I don't doubt black morbidity reported America the first African Americans don't know that you're in the market looking at god father old chair he's got by hospital but possibly you know I'm third generation. You guys have been you know have been. As you guys there's I assume you guys have a we have some knowledge of that stored at Cleveland we're doodle pays a lot of did you shoot. This don't kill this man no I didn't go in Cleveland. This was like FaceBook live himself in a car. Got out. Shot dislike is the parts and and and do it now he's on the road I'd say all that and ask you guys. Is it racist whatever stories like that happened to hope the first black. A lot of time based concerts close you can sail. I got like it Robert Gates right I'm glad you just know based Dolan the location in its context clues and distort. I've seen is like me and shoots whenever. You know B and every Maliki eighty black thing. That's another foot span yeah. You got it as as I've never. I've never hoped it wasn't what I don't know like. America wasn't a white guy who's doing the shooting might. It was so cold about all about the DC I did all did that it would have to. How else. Could do was why you rarely shoot people for no been no motive no reason he was white with black. Stunned. The greatest record over. I mean it was finally the last summer the dialed shooter. The Dallas. Did not expect that you wanted the army it was that public lives matter rallies who took. I guess I gotta put to get this but I I was. I do always have that gut wrenching feeling of sixteen in news at this something crazy happens to him and I hope he's not black because people. May used to sit they're. Does it take to though wondered through things. And then voila yet the potential to shoot somebody to get angered aren't angry if they ended up so every every time there's a mass shooting don't you just kind of assumed the Lego. Then I would say having. We don't mean Muslim people. Would assume what we'll do the same way I was so happy and are not buckled convey it the eighties we all know what it turns into this huge debate. Like you bet for their canoe because so one person does so stupid. People label all. But look so easy to do it feels the generalization. I defensively he says. Whenever September 11 happened there was this Muslim school. Probably two blocks tomorrow it's closed like two weeks. They elect. The Dick was blocked it from courts of Brooklyn nobody does drive through. Scary when I was away at one I was. Scary out there beverage spears that the like that. And I always feel bad for Muslim people when that happens they already know what the default by there's only like they'd like that but traditional white. Loan lol well well we couldn't get a little help faults don't Weis. And a lot of time playing video games. Ed off all video games man just because we plan Domi or try to real life and it could be black. It's always did how far I haven't bothered rat you or is it yeah aggressive we did. We got to be we've all we always I always do we always that's always the weak push that's what I felt bath for the due to what you night. Whenever they pulled up is like record for so do you like not go out like don't treat it like a black day by best bet they'd probably do. It's happens. We find out marijuana system like what do I have to deal with lot of cops shot did not gonna do it we got a note posting that and I go up three Y. Because that we you do. Is that it's. Wee bit. That united story is it's near perfect to me. It is the most interesting story right now and that's what happened united did you see this gives you room. Bits of the united clintons to pain the victim had ill you packing scorpion. To David accords and scorpio white. Yeah laggards like an escort you can't do don't give it a red army is only a let's play guess the race that somebody who there I don't know how we're gonna listen I assume a scorpion guys why it's elevated Jerome what butterfly with a scorpion. No slightly overweight white guy. Where daylight. Dockers and a point teachers know we should have thrown out four years ago that I don't go to grid and pull up all these post about your business scorpion exists. Brought in heavy heavy. Although on the united story in I'm telling you when Hayes. Lawyer his daughter came out there. And they asked the doctor what hurts he said everything. -- answer he said being dragged off the plane was worse than Vietnam. This is telling you is do I figured OK. So that's all the radio. That's every black person's dream. Like I'll hold somebody chipotle called a (%expletive) Oh my god there's so I'm Howard thought about it I want them all like my hate exercise our Kriewaldt my shot. Bigger yes that's what I needed on the bank and its balance out the war. All my god be so happy so much today. My similar sort of that is so there's always this rumors and at the zoo if you buy and misery vehicle on cross walk free tuition. 001. Day it was a snowy day and I was walking in the scars of a real hard time since. The color got out of the way it is going to be two or three miles an hour. It came out you have to review for a logo on the fighters and commanders are mistaken that I don't deserve it big daddy just jumped up and that's that's my little like the cameras there's not Friedel was your moment and I could definitely take him because shoulders to bear to. I've got to outlets say if I was the guy united. Neck brace. Out of in the leg commands. Out of it like I couldn't speak it I don't whispered as somebody like. The put on the breeze acting performances Leonardo DiCaprio wolf Wall Street my outlook that's beyond here's selling these injuries. Like a soccer player. I mean I'm grinding and hugged the Kerry got a role on the ground to cope with on hold you need. You gotta like start talking to you I'm sorry did you go like make so it really just have to sell you got a base they cropped. And could there be a better picture for for him than of that one like him through the curtains you see is based all bloodied yeah there's no better image than he used like look you me all of that money greats do. I just studies that just kill me after. It just Q how does it. Still Bieber I haven't been done it I try to run it check up you fly doctored a lot here about three weeks would be. This dirt and that goes to trial. But this is clearly about the ages and keep pollen on bad press for them through word legal they aren't we should all. Definite signal golf Edward Edward it chickens don't gone because different light. Is I don't stop and keep cool. Speaking at trials. I'm Noah Perry Mason and the Judge Judy. I don't know much about the case but that's Aaron and his killer goes to people. Are data as it did not do you mind the it's all we could get to the might need not guilty I don't recall they've already is already in jail right now. I'll throw one murderer okay as we wait debated bracket nobody not a point like yeah I've dated. Somebody had to do his eggs liked to have this. Month. There was wins as a profoundly Benton you have me and they. Yeah I'd kill those people. Call it money in good ads lol it's that's that's. What you got I mean he got one of them mean. I mean they obviously appealing on Yemeni shirt he's serving a life sentence right now in this double. Don't forget about their grow I don't I honestly don't all lot about the case it is like we got Aaron it is Cuban people these would like. That we've talked. Aaron Hernandez. Situation as much as unity. Where should I mean I know there's been so long but just to bring a backup what can you think of a crazier sport story than that in the last this like since OJ basically. No older than this but I didn't argue of our lifetime that's the crazy story out of their older you know about a coach. Thought he is. Pro Bowl tight and it had. I been yet at least three bodies all I don't care record. Get at least three bodies total. Underperforming on Sundays no it was killing people on Wednesday. Couple this job scenes it was and he was questioned time I don't know too too much about the details but did this happen over Spielberg's. Primarily. Like he's got a drinks belittle him and then that response cars and it was just a bit so the body to sort of keep though that the reason that we consider what modestly heads up I assume he has more. If so spilled a drink on you and you go and kill them guessing and an effort to be quite what it is just like drinks only got to deal somebody. Cheese you know bodies on you if you don't if you're you're a loser in your book. Why is replica but in. I feel bad for his wife his wife which is so afraid she'd been speech like I roll I cook clean and hover boards by opinion. I as you know can you never know exactly no gosh look at David govern so she go. The bit about our stories about him if we're attitude just like the coaches were scattered in the room while. And as an active gang members. And to do that no active in all caps like day. Are you had his picture where it's. Tebow throwing the balls are Riley Cooper with Hernandez watching him. No I'll I'll have a sinister look this is they're just all on Florida it's not think of all the stuff happened all year all the floors around him Tim Tebow. Here's how she argued through there it is like if he's really got Huckabee could just. He could defuse a situation where it is because they are alive and that. Some risk involved there would not meet Wright's ideology must ask ask. I guess they've got a lot of I can't think of him to introduce a fielder's aura. And I like this shoppers are a little bit different than my hat and it shouldn't do with it that is part may edit the area pray for you what Boggs was. My real Broward and in and then. It looked at a I live about that grant marked. So that's bad habit. I gotta keep within these topics strategy Jeremy agency job doing it right here out of out of really you're right here. I would've thought this out to YouTube. Next week we'll talk about Kendrick doubled with two once I don't want to review can out of the gun at the point that properly. I don't talk about this. But it. Joseph right call Peter wrote that are probably seven over estimated debate because that was actually a man he talked tackle who diet. Kendrick is the best rapper ever lied she's Louise ever. That's a lot. Candidate makes people I think over like I think it was good to. I think you're hears that they were pentagon and he does what people associate Rosenberg liked him so much. I think he's the only guy who's really wrapping right now so there's just that gap yet there's like. When you haven't had to think for so long yet when it comes back it's just the greatest thing ever. I think Kendrick is the way Kendrick treats rap is a way we all wish injury treat. Am I've got to grow over that would break and maybe god is mutiny maybe I was like at the point that I won a trip to view this laid out more rebels wanted us W reached the point of acceptance like Grayson never going to be the artist that I wanted to be I'm fine with the other stuff. I critics of the bar with you I don't think that's part of it is. Everybody rap music he's going. Jennifer Cole appeared to be the only people going left. And closes and such boring music there. Through things a kindred com update people love. What's he he doesn't have accessible town when I look at him Ollie give him anything. That man was born to wrap there's no way that I could do what he does at that level there's a level of expertise is very masterful. When it comes to an up and people all admire appreciate that Tom Brady's with the go we'd love them walk is really good now because he's one of Matt but you know we love them because and I. And I think number to get an interesting story. And how he Steele finds ways to make that story generous and I think is intriguing to Saul. Let me ask you this I'll I'll ought to rappers. Do we think Kendrick had a better career results and on and us. Mike complete body of work but I it's all gone yes up on imminent. About Todd didn't want to drop Raleigh provocative hung on nick I don't like. Middle and then it's a who's who sent us the soloist sang if I am would have swaps three albums ago. Unquestionably the best and all of them lyrically. It. And it re really I'll read that's got through the first thing you. I've grabbed my left hand let my window down in threes beat it out of Mott with an infield so the two. Album was so bad that every game and if we're going to seek. Just got to pick is gonna give me that reflects I don't see you laps in his. At all I don't think we see anyone with. The heat them. But I think we could seek under him better careers. I opened up that just popped in my head. What are your daughter is big. Let me oddities. Well it's a seed complete body you'll work from Kent would eat we just all album one and we saw albums who we knew we didn't see any more urgency. That would Kendrick. Will get seven albums from Canada will have a good excuse me litmus test to see where his career spans that we never got would be. A lot of people have big and a top five. But we never got to see the decline of like maybe big bite out for ran out of material is certainly possible snow in album once who was training to be this way include assault the back after his career is gonna do we never got to see that would be good like always prop you up like hours call like that dot early central Michael Leo. Part of why we hold the lead in this regard is she die before result of the climate we never got to see you and so if you're going. Album for a the first. Who. You put under a big you know I don't have I don't I loved it goes on I'm Alex buys and I liked injured. I do feel like them I feel like there's a push from the other side. Today it doesn't light of current direction. Is pretty clear. Like every five to six years ago in Britain goes one kind of date with this music fades in the B wins who kind age break. Nellie kind of fades it now has worked itself it's too. I call Molly MO. Now imam or any ability and there now it's Travis got quite hole it was kind of birth weights heartbreak were out who is melodic. That is like now in this kind of way. Kendrick is opposite of that for the most part I think there's no big traditional. It always gonna be elevation neck as he's not what everybody else everybody like future are built and sold like it. Fortieth him being counterculture I primarily a and that's that's why I think Rosenberg has the reaction he does to tender. Because he's very backpack or friendly to all of yes your body has that background rice's I don't use the recommend stuff don't click when he quit. Rosenberg of the I think now he's at a point oh yeah of the her. Old that that. I have no problem sitting and not fighting is. And that nobody. It's two different things. That rap was always treated these like weird sub numbers. Delight its ability to wrap that with Kendrick and charms of sit out there and having a blank sheet of paper riding out lyrics there's nobody better than him. Is anybody argue that ticker makes the best music out right now I don't think. Us news and I don't know I think when things can do the best rapper. But started appreciate it artists out of him through lucky turned out loyalty which I think is really good up and he's turned out DNA which is good to get what they I appreciate about Kenji is that I think he'd. A appeals to that. Modern young crowd but steel uphold the standards we'd like to see it grab being able to three at their bottom line like dam is a lot of its bankers. Like to step up if you sit down with that are a little bit more mellow. But he adds fingers on element DNA humble loyalty home alone like yet people like an epic in no way the cabinet. Puts him over not does not biggest knock. What effect that is these works. Eddie also have problems put stuff I don't know radial light just back it up you can hold my problem. Having a good radios. I feel like. Not discrediting him but ot think like we do not think that argument can't for the want to go back which he dismissed arguments entertain at Alou big Mo instead of just don't want it either you know. And juicy tender get more soon exactly on good kid mad city. There were I love that whole problem but there's units swimming pool this you have songs that. You could listen to acceptable. In the also had like hundreds of U bars. And the butterfly. It is the single song and those like this is going to go to Elisa which includes all. All right just like I love. Will that be like and what's it like islet I'll tell like a free jazz rock albums so I didn't see everybody's loving countries I think I think. Because the way that no one likes it's news to me. No I I was very top editors like mainstream but I think with the simpler replied you kind of lost a little bit of that. I won it here and I'm. And then with the us that would ban gifts are immediately. Yeah we are you see less and deeply humbled between flights are and why aren't up. Yet so I think different seeking to come back around to me not only making light. They're music Hugh wants to make. But he's making me he wants to make in we will listen to access that data that's what I think and I. It takes talent to assimilate to really adjust to. Decline and you know and still beat yourself instead of just completely and now somebody and we what do you when you're sounding just like somebody with you being. Like complete product of your contemporaries South Beach on. You know luckily I was gonna say woods I wrap obviously goes in cycles I'm kind of happy this is somebody to appreciate the call us at the music of we eager to debate like. My sister would debate with people who with better drinking injury but that's clearly the two top dude. Is it we thought earlier that when we first of all first quarterback it's not doesn't it. It was clear it was like. Big show on while lay right coal Q were they were all in that as you know now we announced it would rule. Volunteer day. Every seemed are for a career has progressed. Breaking Kendrick have clearly elevated consider a sake. Colds this and that's below drinking Kendrick. I think he's like I EF commercial success ID to terms like people's appreciation with the I think Cole it's quite rung below him. And I would say that was a pretty big gap between coal and what you think for these from his Virginia artists. So and so the wallet and in the back in 09 of their all spurs coming out. Attention deficit will love that guy. A loft and I loved wallet and this is this is Americans in the Woodward can you rampant in you make good music are two different things that we on the Wally can wrap. I only while in expert. It makes good music I don't think people like quietly which is what really. Talking doesn't do himself and I made by a goodly. Well it doesn't make music that I won last year when doing anything and including. Ali is it's crazy I was actually watch in blatant show yet now with academics. What is our Joba. Like I think the hard court people would like while laid low while lag in always appreciated yeah of the religious don't like Jo white person yet why lady I think social media things while its quarterly and whack you like whatever you do like I was like the cool thing which is so according to be likes to do so I and you want your grade why don't trap trap trap overall album. Almost fireworks is only cares while late there should not like it's I don't separate window yet. And so packed like. I can be another song like dole it was on until you know it's. But from no hands this'll trapped trapped there's been nothing. Like from Paula and I indelible that favors him. I had not much to say about while exams solely differently much. Hurt yet it's it's never recover from today have to take Oprah all know that around. The second birthday did you always Dudamel went beyond only I got murdered old murdered then it's her Wally soul. It's ethnic slot but it's like to be sharp critic because so you decided to Q and walked peace nominal control. It ever makes a career couldn't wait left. He took moat and like OK is it turned out to apartment of argues are related and the flat route I decide it but the law of Florida on darts up here guys is what lets things. It played a game there. Fire problem in the U Detroit next project yeah that was knows very underrated people slept on it neutral on David I heard sort of few president well I don't know I care too much about it or are you reassured albums that I said that agents do not just host wine. So the interest groups and final and that's when we has with French Montana. Very biased going to be the song summer. I was telling Kalin yesterday like if this song was the weekend at this point lead atop but. We got a bigger artist with a bigger platform. Everybody on the what's wrong is that McDonnell who has his thoughts in there. It's like to make right one game that you know via its like fate also has really. Afro pop century I've got don't need dead and how he lived through the re still goes back. Solid all of us brought the car yesterday. Stopped all soft money debate out there it was shot the ball in his effort that's a I'm all bat browbeat people like Jamaica again okay. Dan beard hairs and all. Do we. It's so weird it does go to those very weird cycles clinic this isn't your race is and there's more guys that embryos. That we've we've talked Paulson. And although we have road is too old wood had no need to claw all the guys in the league owns the sailor we're that we put. Big John in in my list of the top big shots at me. It is studies are. Under thirty under 35 couldn't be like cotton. Sort of brings Johnson product offering is what I can G. From all the other top dolls on this yet iPod music like beach on which then makes me XYZ here cruise. Oh I. I don't already direct source you're right I made out like picks up right doesn't our Rick source you know you do when stuff popping it slipped into grew grew will you do when stuff that. I think kids can do real well legit call I just don't fully I think. What it's changed now about music news because the Internet and because we decide what's hot way more than executives I was high. Is that in more so any time in our ambient read music. Hogan be in the same lane before our future and note though it is kind of similar but people still like both of Monday used to be. Only one person that Condit be in that way maybe with absolute most. Now is free do with a sell I will Posey is hot it's. Six don't that sound like future it is. Bryson ciller sounds like four other people out here like everybody just sounds like everybody honest I don't we just the sod on the Internet what's hot now before I think executives say hate yourself too much likes also Cho were minute. That now. You budget musical sound clout and people decide it was. So though others and you sound to me is that. They were party. And that's like fake whose right it's like is this opportunity. And you'll see that usually doesn't pull ups all. A Lotus best defuse a little law of that song you heard three days ago I noticed while love that song goes I heard it three days ago. What Atlanta does that is everything is still trapped infused they found a different ways to make it sound different sounds like a little bubble gum pop sounds will be more playful south we'll be more happy. And an ace India. This artist over in south like something new and what are some of and I know is finally magnolia spot. It's bomb. Russ the get out of your nastier as this misery now. How old one wing and rule from both. What would you deem is going to be successful wing and what you need support. They support. You can expound on. They support. What I mean by that is. It there's the conversation happened and things are keeping flat. Contribute. Don't flood the concede to keep things flow excellent conversation flows. Didn't hopefully Europe may to come out with the winning. That's tropics are big support and also dipped to Hank Al the way say your piece move to decide. No winning gates noted this in case don't just BC. Kumble to speak in space. Now saving incriminate these cars I think mainly handles failure incriminate. Top please. Hey fairway. I dollar normally they last night I know spam don't don't have goals conversation that's why I always say people's lives will be a lot better if you watch the large don't talk to nobody Dana if she got it they got to our crew. Quick way private information of the wooded area are circled man's closet the client not has really lost or there last. It's a dedication my savior when Manning you have to know that you're not the priority yes. And they you have to did. It's talks as a healer talked to him deeply as you know would be. Take elder did god do a lot of oldest rugby team. We were. Gambles this was who years ago Rasheed all energy. I know we aren't I'm thinking like he's pretty but who knows what can happen around angry receipt yeah OK okay acting the wild card so rich was there with this girl she had a friend. And I would does not view on this thorough anomaly are you know I got it Jews for the culture. So I got I went outside and decide I'm talking myself. I'm like our coaches they'll you can do in news cycle back in us that there were having this conversation as she ages. She's stupid and I just like album awful she talked one word answers. And then she goes white out talking and I'm like. I was it is in his conversation that team and a wrong. And not felt like they didn't look like Biden will you became quite ill say it is. I think there is but I and his life I don't care about this well. Andy and she like rock like ten dollars and ground. Do by opting in users see that's your nice. Steal from you about my gonna steal revenue. And then eventually leave you laugh. Album girl I like partly it was different try to pride myself on being a good friend I was friendly guy. You don't development and dollars. That's a great way to end off this podcast I was gonna give someone. Issues which are carried him for Jim to prove that I don't know I assortment. This is Mac lethal you're listening to the stick to sports podcast. Always a pleasure to be joined by dame Smith horrible lies this old friends and I am I don't know what you call you old but if you're a veteran Disney and it's loud group route used to it has had to get. I would like have you Augmon had these discussions. In a comedy since I think a lot of my friends like how real the real problem. Appreciate and understand and follow it's one thing to watch every arts national television news is another big relief understated in the craft. It is kind of soak in and once that it's overly emotional about celebrity deaths. And I don't want the people every day but I don't know these individuals like tomorrow Betty White guys. Like golden girls but I wasn't old that it though. But irk you when it got me too because. At the same way and other old. College all idea it was watt Chappelle show up people at their default on board as the show I watch Chappelle show that release oh. Did to a discussion about the top 64 skits and a large and his style bracket the importance of little pop culture. I feel like you people are able to talk about that ultimately I am. Detonated her name is Charlie Murphy Dolly he's such a key part of the show. I had good pause. One suffer saw a news teams the com I had security and so why how I actually like you know of sick I'm like man he exe created some of the best sketch comedy. That. We probably ever seen you know or Chappelle's Show in in those you don't disgrace to post solicit itself. Charlie Murphy's true Hollywood stories. Those are light. The pinnacle of sketch comedy comedy even though it's a reverend humor is like amazing comedy. It's almost like. And all those stories happen. Immediate apparently so. Because they did is the way the story was to hold meet you believe that it's regal like Princeton that this point that this iconic place. Day. I believe the brits act like you couldn't play basketball avenue when out on the court as regular close it was what Ronald court. I believe in the way Charlie told the story widgets so vivid console for any. That huge oh was that like integrated my life in that you can quote it team random on the way Chappelle show has rightly charmer true Hollywood stories. Of all the great stuff it's in there which approach click bigs sketch. Matt real world player haters ball we can go back and forth about agrees sketches who sketches rose above the rest album. Charlie Murphy at the center of. It transcended you know the show itself to where. You know people for years will run a point Dave Chappelle yellen Rick Janes bitch you know left and right it's like boot. Dave Chappelle's one of the greatest comedians that ever lived and people are you know derided him what these these you know essentially sophomore jokes. That you know is Dave Chappelle well of course they didn't say to the Charlie Murphy like you said when you went to see and hear elegy. Good yeah no I saw Troy Murphy at the end rob and expand my friend that really got me original show we would see Medea province parred 23 years ago. In the and it. Troy Murphy walks out on the stage it everybody OH IRK like everybody's hearts yeah so for about. A minute maid and they have. Everybody just quote random stuff from Shapiro sure whether the player haters ball. I'll cut the bacon off you bet like everybody is still in these green dome unquote charmer punitive like. I got done and that everybody starts let me stores tell in the store base we're kind of humorous and popular club to them and they've got time he's like to say my name nor was not ever pray that the he goes into this in the kind of goes into his normal count you could tell that was part of his act. But I feel lucky that I got a chance to see him do stand up like. I've kind of made a point I like to show you can't attract characters the wire when you see somewhat wider regular pop culture like other team or boarded a wire. Then if Donald Rollins and now our borders dot Rollins only because he was on Geraldo. And I seen that Assad and no with Chappelle when he spoke to him last summer. On an almost funny as hell like these people are actually really I mean. They're they're role players on Japan show but they're great comedians still this interest in because. I apparently Charlie Murphy did Venus are doing stand until after Chappelle show he'd never done it before and things like all right. I mean what about on do like this is what people just look comedians who got out there and he did it he got really really good apparently. I always appreciated Charlie because. I think your brother he's sold being ignorant late eighties and you know. It's portraiture old lane and path intramural being in stand out and people don't call you Andy's brother anymore I know. Like Charlie irked because the Chappelle show of ball past the point where he wasn't just Eddie's brother he was Charlie Charlie morale the jet ski is like one of the story is based in beaten Eddie and Eddie like. What the stories about Charlie's interaction with the Charlie traded as old lane which seems hard to do given the mega store that is brother. Is interest in. When when I think about this and think about and a local since I think about George Greinke in Britain like George Brett is like. This iconic hall of fame player get Brett was a good. Baseball player good picture for a number of years and allegedly had his own life at taco a look at Charlie Murphy Charlie Murphy. Somehow some lake carved out his own lane in became. You know. Reputable you know stand up comedian a great sketch comedian. From India had is only an acting you know as a tough guy. From way back acted you'll see before he does in. Players club like he'd played stages Ian some random Christmas movie or whatnot he had is only in as an actor where. He made his own money had been had built his own career who loses a home person apart from his brother it. And to where you really could say all right that's not Eddie Murphy's brother that's Charlie Murphy and that's. Exe really kind of dope especially when your brother is like looters the one of the greatest living comedians you know. His role in players' clubs very undervalued you know premium to read the of the Ku Mikey yeah. Didn't like you've got to run a shady loan shark business you need that group of the though that. Look in solid snake Nikita missile blows up the players club they have like art auto somebody's. Seat for like I really it's really it hit every at bat an ample. The strip joint council local and boon docks too like I think the combination of him instead of Jackson like. Chemistry so that it's hard to face you know. I don't written out it's what made with those who've always read. Voices. In the boom Dax actually took the boon docks to a different level especially when you've got these guys they're they're a tough fake white dudes that are light. All right they've got these black voices behind the black voices is are what really made those care interstate ninety to more than what was already written on the pay. My god dangers talking about Charlie Murphy and his legacy and all of that on back to Chappelle show. Talking about there's two skits that really stand apart is the true Hollywood stories. That maybe try to think as great as I think people think they are the had a real world in a player haters ball skip I think it overshadowed because how good they are. You could make a solid argument player has ball is one of five best sketches of two Belgium. Players bosnians of there. I think the racial draft since their two in the these are loans that I don't think Charlie Murphy had two tumors dual relationship. But black bush stands out to me. Of the entire show put that is like. Maybe the pinnacle of subversive sketch comedy like it's a black dude who's blind. Who also happens to be a white supremacist. Clayton bigs beat I don't think hits and at the same impact if it's like episodes and it doesn't is the first thing with them back it's me it's a real first sketch I know it's not like. If you remember the show doesn't start off with Clayton it's not like the last part of the episode. But the other sketch of electronic Dave messing around things like edit this debt I told people about it like oh you can't do that he's like well it should also work and Agile and duly did he just plays it's like all my god it's it's the layers like the overall iron Leo is so good. There has called up the gate. Sets the tone of what Chappelle show's going to be I think. The Clinton big show is help in higher regard even bought think it's fantastic because it was first it was the first big sketched in the first episode Fallujah like. When you look at sketch comedy. Keyon peel. Saturday Night Live friends of the people. V very few sketches take the ruse that. You don't deal with when the XP and that's why when I think about that show it's probably the pinnacle on the best. Of the sketches on the show and real world I really appreciate that is because I think black people have always kind of thought. What the opposite of real world would be like to life group has always six white people don't want black dude like you put it in the worst I have been effort for the people. Vick Chappelle. Partners Hubert and he has always be and we talked about this on one of them up and up blitzes he does takes real life everyday situations that we all think about. Engines makes them so funny like. We all thought if you're black. Robles reverse it was six black people one white for our base in Iraq how what they feel that he created this sketch about it that is hilarious that clearly over the top and all that's the opponents. It's still it's open it's that the fun of everybody's mind that Chappelle's that would bring allies need. It actually in the east as an everyday scenario where you do with a white people who don't. And in depth in this black world and when and if they did they probably would have a different outlook like most Chappelle puts it right there in the real world. Knowing that that kind of six outs and he is. The ditty skits. I can't begin to name of mailing it in India that when moving make it to Martha gets he's taken it like it's it's Italy's. The Cambodian rest vote arguably were in the an actual showed it to the breast milk so that you injuries like I know you hey I. And that's we get the the five greatest rappers of all time dial I'm glad that I violent network. I thought to help show all okay yeah I and you love. Chappelle's Show may not as what you appeared as they rest in peace Charlie Murphy Jim and a big well I was sick you know I don't really I didn't I had. Didn't I was sick obviously you can see that he wasn't as you know Buffett is he you know. Always seem to be but it is just kind of like they know Mike Charlie Murphy like I looked up at the middles and sit network and like me and really play. At this had to sit there and think to myself this zoo was actually really really good at what he did and it wasn't. Really because of his brother that was effective (%expletive) he just got good like he took the time out. And got a good comedy you know he broke vampire held right vampire Brooklyn in Norfolk might. He was actually really good it would at his craft and. I'm not taken a credit up right orbit though. I would never say I've never is in bad credit for their prior Brooklyn orbits gossip lines of credit I've never seen nor are being a bit like some people think it's by the yeah and don't win last time you ought to talk about its. CK comedic genius grow food today. Completed edited out like I don't like there's no. I had seen parts of I never see all the and a house that you maybe you bit undercover brother and you didn't know who broke the Guiding. Light up a not me is gently but tubby did that but first a lot. Wrote that awful lonely. Saying. Decade from his mind brilliant people who don't see it sometimes the crap that I couldn't believe how the public of media like. Yeah you're right Lou April 20. Apparently he says that they they thought the movie if it no wait yes that I thought about it the way he wrote. Didn't end up reveals during some money in the coming back in rewrite it at some points on the absence of ours but it. He hates the movie Ian so what's your favorite bad comedy who obstructing it what it is tripped him. Trip to tap tap that app at. We're both from the guys these notes that got chart it there that they hope road trip counts not alone like I absolutely love growth which is actually really really fun outlook wrote for what our favorite movie quote road trip if everybody did it would just be called away and they take shortcuts OK and they go out there how it's so common sense that I have typing. With that when they were on the bus in the bus like. When they went on the breed to try to support that call out at a card and but. Of course the typical with easy it would just be the way it hit that was really funny to be bad comedy. That's a good I ask the question I didn't have an answer to a tribe they go what my favorite is bad comedies what we counting the bad economy. It counts as a movie not that if it's probably less than 50% Allard tomatoes for some reason. Used to sit there that that it everytime he's the best treatment for me night. I know trip in his absolutely terrible. But at the same time is like that the humorist who knows that Obama and that the entire Reese movie. Iran. Maybe you'll be able they just look back I. Just the way I think that got me good way out of pocket dot. I know accounts the year it will be Beckett waited so unintentionally hilarious like there's so much has that been like. The prayer at his boy gives light before they. Is one of the realists seeing I've ever seen as higher ally Italy is in Seoul unintentionally so I gotta love that movie were how. Freaking ridiculous that he was parliament and I'll I'll I'll look into the automotive defense reasons. What real life is real boom problem. To yell out the logo popular economic EPO I love that move I did all of that Frontline. Don't you think it feels like of that movie we talked about a TO a little bit before. I actually thought CI a Mormon and were re the about it like they won't be great actors acted movie but did exceed it it's. It's an enjoyable movie from me for whatever reason. Because I like I grew up you know around the statement that. No I've inaugural go to stimulated too I agree interviews about I can appreciate it I never had some violate lower London I would've loved this state to answer best with lower London but that wasn't in God's way of my life that would move. My guy Dave. Are treated Charlie Murphy man to be missed.