RIP Kent Dorfman aka Flounder

Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, June 19th

We celebrate the life of Flounder from Animal House and debate - what is the most quotable movie of all time? 


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Stephen first. AKA flounder from animal house passed away from complications from diabetes. Are the we're diabetes according to specs you're a girl. So incredibly sad news for flounder whose at least 63 years old that her. And of course wall misfire under is is in the wedge into the delta house and one of those quotable movies of all time animal. What's my delta tell me Darfur and do this a lot of thought. No I'm. Ending this flunked. Isn't really quotable movie really I know most quotable Walt time. It's up there there's definitely I mean there are posted yesterday on FaceBook it wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor it's certainly not over because floundered died said but not over and from there. People discredited and in rain and posted my quote after quote after quote from that movie. Even if it was in relation to flounder because of lines I mean you don't have Lynn and stuff like that they had on there. But you only zero point zero. The Germans bombed Pearl Harbor Germans sadly though he's on a roll and that kind of stuff I mean their business somebody different line after line after line. That you know people have we made a wee dance with your dates and obviously the biggest of all I'm pas de Vito gaffe though. Toga toga now code so I mean it's got a lot of quotable lines in the movie. And and I thought maybe not the most quotable maybe it is I don't know what else you put up there when it comes that for guys quotable movies any Major League I think is probably easily as a parent hangovers out there that's up there I would say the most horrible call timeout he Forrest Gump and I can't even say they named Jenny and I said yeah. I can't say I don't ours does not stand back and time. Al actors like a box of chocolates and all that's some of those I think it's it's up there though it's up there with like you know I think the big about ski ghostbusters. It's definitely right at the top it is an enemy as to how one of the most quotable movie still stirs people. To absolutely freak out when we talk about the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor and that it's it's one of the all time great movie lines and it's it's crazy and how mad people get as well especially on the tax final we talk about the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor and you guys are idiots you know Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor no. The moron who has seen animal house it doesn't well one of the more quotable movies kinds suited me this movie. Yeah. Do you like if something is adding reined in pop culture OK and you don't get a then. That's on you to figure out why I don't give this moment why I don't get this movie line why I don't get that reference. And then you need to analyze what I can do better to understand what's part of pop culture now I don't know that animal house is considered. Pop culture anymore it's more historical culture Nash yeah it is a political out. But that is still one of the the most important movies for guys growing like it when guys get ready to go to college you watching animal house I remember watching it right before I went to college with my grandmother. And she's watching the food fight scene with pollution he's got all of the cream in his mouth when he punches itself I'm exist Iraq this is it exactly as she looks back as he does that as a slot kind of like you and I'm like. Thanks I remain very grandma as a get ready to roll off the college but I mean everybody saw that movie that that was your prototypical. I'm going to college I gotta watch this movie and you fall in love with a edges. Absolutely laughed your ass off every time you're seeing it in flounder was zero. Point 20. With his GPA. Whatever was there guitars he does your points or flounder was right there in the mix of things what I did not remember I didn't. Didn't notice it yesterday there was a spin off television show that went one season he's episodes called delta house that is crazy had no idea and it exists as it had indeed warmer flounder and you know what tankers anybody who needed another champ pretty amazing book about. It yeah meeting yesterday I didn't deviation did have the you know the the main characters that was all he had ancillary characters therein is for one season I didn't realize that that was that was a thing. But as far as most quotable movies look at a text line 69306. Dumb and dumber that it has been thrown out a couple times was definitely extremely quotable and then. Tommy Boy gas. Then that got a little coats timeless and that is true but as far as most quotable movies of all time it's there's there's not a haunt. Day you can really put up there in the category of animal house that you read everything little categories because it's really tough just narrow it down a one but I think diamond numbers up there. And you know just all comedies to for the most part that we set emulated there's no serious movie that takes the list of most quotable movies of all time I would say eighty scarface. Story for us. The dot father he had a Good Will Hunting. Because I feel like damn map I'll write about it man that's that's that's the quotable serious movies well sure it really does lean hard toward the comedies because. Comedies in the often times like with the animal house he gives you that glimpse into what your college days what you thought they always would be sure. Now god. He's ruined my life like American pie and road trip psychologist. Best they it'll. Be the now it's this is a lot of classes and stress well I mean without classes and stress colleges fantastic exactly and the stuff you don't really need to worry about the classes at all distress in the news out of the equation it's four years of paradise but I loved every minute it's. I thought it was fantastic I guess you know I focus more on this the relationship side of things in the in the fund's size he edited the class which is Miami radio. Your call and its rights that's an underrated quote bear yes and it's actually very underrated quotable movie that's it it's just wrong work at 600 or six.