Rondon is Public Enemy #1

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, September 13th

This dude set off a series of events that made the season go downhill for the Royals


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Yeah this extent sports com and check out this blog that Clinton wrote. About the new public enemy number one in Kansas City just kind of hit me the other day as are kind of started dissect this season maybe where. Where where wrong or they don't end up being in the in the in the post season talk over the roar or turn the royals. Why are we more pissed that Bruce run don't yes no kidding bruise. You remember Boris run down it looked like just state. A guide me in it touch right and and brought it. They're on your guy late in the game that you get your butt kicked and royals were crushing the the tigers fourteen to two. On July 26 boost to the plate and this happens. And now run don't. Rosenzweig stylist and only then she's real happy. And Danny Duffy. In the middle of it good right now you just wanna say fellas yeah let's just stay home that don't get anybody heard this come down. There remember Danny Duffy coming to moos is defense well love that right. Were they the entire Tina and as to his defense and like this is this is BS I thought nothing evident that time other than. Of being on an unnecessary time yes boy that's only the mark furlough day. It might have derailed the season it may have ya okay me moose was hitting. It 29 home runs at that point and throw a hundred games. He is at seven. Cents while and he's now stuck on 36 of course but you remember the the bean ball lead to swelling in his knee right. And now he's his knee looks Jack right Mikey right he can't play it he can't throw to first I mean he's in some serious pain he had another like tweaking of the need about what a month later learned quite a month later. Who's to say it's all not related write like that whole thing got him out of whack. And why don't we hate Ron don't more for script the season by by being an accident in late in the game and and hitting a guy needed need to be. I think we're still like zeroed in on what's going on right now we we forget that's almost two months ago now that Ron Don hit Jeff Michael whose stock is like dad and and I think at the time it didn't look like it was our hope that big of an injury but ultimately it's turned out to be a big injury and you're watching Mike we stocks in the field there there have been numerous pop flies. That he would normally get to that would be outs like this back to the first inning on Monday and I mean that pop fly that is barely sell spare. Mike we stock is healthy except play a hundred times out of a hundred. The other day trying to throw to first to tell the other and could plant write them couldn't throw it's affecting his defense now do not his power numbers. That's a big. That's a big injury militant handlers just like in like a flu key play or or our play that had happened and do beans you. And you have weird swelling in your knee you know the whole thing was connected in. And and run don't may have screw up this season for the royals the very easily could have. At the time obviously didn't feel a big deal now but. You look back and all the numbers since then the injury to south reds added in there I mean it's is it almost starts chain reaction. Where it felt like that was the first domino to fall and then all these other things started going poorly for the royals they just couldn't. They couldn't find a way to get back from that it was so frustrating because. If it was a situation where. Yeah I a says throw it moves and that was kind of retaliation thing or some back and forth between the teams. That's one thing but even on his own squad the Detroit Tigers couldn't stand Rondo and after that thing they were not helping and they were really getting is back. It is something condemned universally right import to have that kind of backlash that kind of long last effect. It's it makes you really want to punch in the face. Really doesn't spin on it whereas Detroit playing tonight as I mean purchased flight will go to wherever that is and in and go after rob Don because likely when I had to be fair brought them would probably. Down and I have probably lose that fight and actually yeah yeah no I left by Michael Dell let's wait and defend my team it's laced punch in the face knowing full well that the aftermath of me punch him in the face would be me going to the hospital right still. I think you do and I I think that's kind of a way everywhere else it should feel right now because that's one of those stories of net about it coming up at 9 o'clock to daisy joins us every Wednesday at nine here on sixty Sports Radio. But that's one of the stories that hot when you think about it and you pause formal meeting what went on during the season. Game number 100 morals are fourteen to two and wrong done deems Mike who stocks is over for no apparent reason. And since that day Mike we stock has has not been bright has not been the offensive juggernaut that he was has even been the defensive juggernaut. That he was because of that hit by pitch in and that really tennis at this season. Off on the wrong course and it ended in a boost doesn't get hit there who knows maybe the royals are in that second wild card spot right now because it wasn't too long after that. The Minnesota Twins wave the white flag folks we forget the Minnesota Twins gave up on the season and today they started trading everybody off their team. And now looks like they may win it. That second wild card as they've got a two game lead over or one game lead over and I'm in a three game lead whatever it is over the right now it looks like they may win that. The wild card even though they gave up on the season and had Mike stock is not gotten hit the Minnesota Twins given up on the season. I bet right now the world's probably in sole possession of that wild card that we can go back and if that but the entire season. But that's what are those things losing a baseball game that's not a legit injury that's what do those things it did not have to happened I was a preventable. Injury. To Mike moves stock is that wasn't prevented and and and in a preventable injury is now potentially. Cost the royals their best shot to get into and do damage in the policies which got a poster put up at 610 sports dot com I think Ron don't is is a number one villain for Kansas City he can't forget him we hate Joe Buck and Madison Baumgartner and when Eliot. Rondo screwed up seventeen in my opinion yes he did he gaze grew up seventeen in Sunday and it has a vital role at that point in time regime never really recovered from and he should be another dirty word for cans and yes because what happened is they would be a great July it was a great month for the royals are playing phenomenal baseball July but was excited and fired up yeah tables listing price range. To why they were pretty good season but all is as soon as an injury happened. For the Kansas City Royals and they were trying to find a way to recovery in place rule in place for. Mike with stock isn't in Salvador Torres got injured so yacht just having your riding around on. Is is public enemy number one at least in the recent vintage of the Kansas City sports when you look at the central Maine if you have. I wish Detroit would bounce back committee gets him wins here is Cleveland is sitting at twenty straight victories. I am I still can't believe that's happening considering how the season started for Cleveland you ever think they'd be innocent or god I'm blown away the Cleveland city here with twenty. It voice to great winds. That's why the or were mingling just okay team and tell like a month and a half ago and that's that's that's a shocking so you keep that in mind along with the fact that the royals when that. Hit by pitch up in the royals still very much in that the AL central race there and they might if that doesn't happen they probably still aren't in it because hey. When he stay straight wins the Cleveland Indians have been amazing anti given the credit for that. By you feel like you being a much better spot than you are right now eight at six cents or stock college I got clings entire law.