The Day Shift

A Kansas City lifer matched up with a Kansas City transplant provides the balance we all need, with Lake & Bink. With features like “The 610 Six Pack”, “Hump Day Wednesday” and “Don’t Be That Guy”, these guys make your work day and lunch break fun! It airs weekdays from 10am-2pm. And just when you think life at home can’t get any more frustrating…at least you’re not Binkley.

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04/19 - 10 am - Showdown for the Ages

Thursday, April 19th
We get into the Royals bullpen to try and come up with an idea of where to go from here as the Royals are on an 8 game losing streak. Chiefs announced they'll...

04/19 - MNF Game for The Ages

Thursday, April 19th
The Chiefs announced they will take on the Rams in Mexido City on Monday Night Football and it's a matchup for the age!!!

04/19 - Bullpen

Thursday, April 19th
The royals obviously have a rough bullpen that isn't helping them win games. Fans are eager to place the blame but what would you honestly have the Royals do?...

04/18 - 1 pm - Lawson, Vern

Wednesday, April 18th
There's something going on with a couple of people that are supposed to be significant for Kanas next season. Eric Bledsoe might not be a very good player and...

04/18 - 12 pm - Moose, Bleep Pete

Wednesday, April 18th
We get into a 6 pack and discuss the future of this Royals franchise. It doesn't include who you probably think it does. Pete Prisco put out a dumb list of...