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Danny Parkins is the host of the “Danny Parkins Show” heard weekday mornings from 9a-11a on 610 Sports Radio.
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Danny Parkins: I Bet You Can Relate

I’ve already made the point in this space that I don’t care about the NFL lockout anymore.  I follow it.  I read every story on it.  But it has become a mind-numbing exercise to the point where if it’s not about when there will or won’t be football, I just don’t care.  

I’m not saying it’s not a story.  In fact, the NFL lockout is the biggest news story in sports right now.  But that doesn’t mean I have to care.  It just means, as part of my job, I need to be up to speed on what’s going on.  And here’s the long and short of it:

We’re still without football.  

But because there are literally hundreds of NFL journalists still collecting paychecks, and thousands of NFL players waiting to collect theirs, we’re still getting football stories.  Kind of.  

We get to read about the lunacies of OchoCinco riding a bull.  We get to hear about Reggie Bush embracing celebrity life.  And in most NFL cities, we get some variation of the story we got in today’s Kansas City Star, courtesy of Adam Teicher, on players organizing their own practices.  

The gist of the Kansas City version goes something like, ‘Matt Cassel is organizing workouts with any receivers who want to attend… they’re playing at a local high school… Cassel is the man in charge, displaying great leadership… it’s important to do this, because eventually, the team will be playing for real.’  

I have absolutely no idea what to take from that story.  Again, Teicher absolutely should write it.  And I guess if I’m a Chiefs fan I’d rather read that the players are running routes opposed to running amok.  And Cassel displaying leadership is nice.  

But does it really matter?  Will it really pay dividends?  Or is this some conjured up PR move by the players to show that they care?  Until there’s football, we won’t get the answer to any of those questions.  The fact that these are the types of football stories we are subjected to right now is infuriating.  And did you just read 350 words of me venting on how frustrated I am that we don’t have football?

Yes you did.  But I bet you can relate.  

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05/18/2011 7:27PM
Danny Parkins: I Bet You Can Relate
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05/19/2011 9:31AM
Are you serious?
You are going to continue to hammer the lack of Yost complaining about a potential balk call? You are out of your mind. It just proves you haven't got a clue just like everyone else on this station - but you are edgy and like to pretend you do. You hash on non-issues and try to stir emotions. For some reason this is what your station believes we all need. Actually - we have no where else to go. It's embarrassing! Sorria is a way bigger issue rather than Yost not complaining about a balk. Danny, don't dig your whole bigger. Something is wrong with him and they need to get that figured out. Realistically - the team is not a good MLB team. Just like every year - other team's talent and consistency will eventually catch up to the Royals and pass them up by 15 games. Help is on the way but it will take time to mature.
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