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Jeff Herr, a finalist in the 2011 Big Gig Contest on 610 Sports Radio, was born and raised in Kansas City. Following the Chiefs, Royals, and Jayhawks all his life has led him to blog about all three extensively at the-jeff-report.blogspot.com. He has also spent time covering the Royals for the blog site kingsofkauffman.com as well as serving for a period as the lead editor of throughthephog.com a blog covering the Kansas Jayhawks. When not writing about the local sports scene, he pays the bills by serving as an accountant.

Jeff Herr: KC Fans Owed An Explanation

I woke up on Sunday with quite a few things to look forward to.  Chief among them was the fact that our very own Chiefs were going to try to take their momentum from last week’s team-historic comeback and battle for first place against division opponent San Diego Chargers.

No less than 10 minutes in to the game any excitement I had, that had at this point only dwindled to a morbid curiosity, was completely gone.  Nearly as quickly as the game started, it was over.  Before the fans could even get excited the Chiefs had turned the ball over twice, had multiple undisciplined penalties, and found themselves down 17-0.  A lead that’s tough for any team to come back from, but darn near insurmountable for this team.

The 18-point comeback from last week was a team record for a reason.  Not being able to come back has long been a deficiency of this franchise.  Coming from behind has long been something associated with the quarterback position.  Few franchises have had as many problems finding a quarterback as the Kansas City Chiefs.  

As a result, we as fans felt on Sunday as we’ve felt more times than a fanbase this loyal should.  As fans, we have plugged our money and more importantly our hopes and dreams into this franchise.  Every Friday everybody wears red.  On Sunday people drive from sometimes up to seven hours away just to see this team play.  Families spend hundreds of dollars on a near weekly basis to support this team.  For the last 19 years this playoff victory-less franchise has made all of that be in vane, and we are owed an explanation.

We are owed an explanation as to why Matt Cassel is still the golden boy franchise quarterback when his performance hasn’t warranted such treatment.  We are owed an explanation as to why Cassels 39 interceptions in 43 games as a Chief seem to not only be tolerated but still seen as something that can improve.  

We are owed an explanation why the three top five draft picks the Chiefs have on their defense aren’t performing like they should.  More than that we are owed an explanation as to why a defense with six first round picks in total has given up 136 points in four games, averaging out to 34 points per game.  

But most of all, this town is owed an explanation as to why this franchise has ignored its shortcomings for the last two decades and refused to take the necessary steps to become a true winning organization.  

Nobody is disillusioned as to why Scott Pioli was hired.  He was brought here to do one thing: take the next step for this organization.  He came here on a platform of turning this organization into the Pittsburgh Steelers, a franchise that wins and does it “right.”

In his fourth year, Pioli hasn’t come through on any of this.  Were his position an elected one by the fans, this year would be an impeachable offense.  Besides not following through with what he promised, even though the surface looks much better, things might actually be worse than when he arrived.  

2008 was the longest and worst Chiefs season in the storied history of this franchise.  Right now, if you stripped away the names and numbers, I’d be hard pressed to find much of a difference between this iteration and that one.  

We are owed an explanation of why this team isn’t better than it was four years ago.  An explanation why the head coach who was supposed to galvanize his players can’t get his team to perform and from the looks of him on the sidelines isn’t even interested in whether they do or not. 

The fans are owed some words from the owner as to who is going to be held responsible for this mess.  It needs to be explained that these performances will not be tolerated and something will be done.

As Chiefs fans we’ve seen this all play out before.  Just like a predictable movie script any Chiefs fan who has been here for any part of the last couple decades knows how this is going to end.  The Chiefs aren’t going to win a lot of games but going to win enough to justify not making any wholesale changes.  They’ll feed the fans the same lines about how close they are and if only a couple things would go their way they’d be a winner.  

But the Chiefs don’t have what it takes to be a winner.  Everyone who watches more than a couple NFL games in the last five years will tell you it’s a passing league.  Without a quarterback you’re fighting an uphill battle no matter how good your supporting cast is.  The Chiefs haven’t drafted a QB above the third round since Todd Blackledge.  The organization has been so scared by that failure they have become averse to even the remotest of risks.  

Unfortunately, for the Chiefs there is no safe or easy route to being a winner.  Ask yourself this question when it comes to the Chiefs: if what happened to New England in 2001 with Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady happened to the Chiefs, would Tom Brady have started in the playoffs when Bledsoe was back healthy?  Any Chiefs fan knows the answer to that question and it’s not pretty.  Refusal to make the tough decisions for fear of any possible negative outcomes has hampered this organization for years.  It’s a telltale sign of insecurity coming from one the more insecure organization in all of professional sports.

I woke up on Sunday hoping for a Chiefs victory.  I woke up today hoping for an explanation.  This is what we all deserve as fans and we’re probably not going to get it.  The worst part is the very people who owe this to us probably don’t even have one.

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10/01/2012 11:28AM
Jeff Herr: KC Fans Owed An Explanation
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10/01/2012 11:34AM
Talk is cheap, don't want to hear anything..
bench Cassel Crenel needs to start kicking a$$. Crennel's teams were soft in Cleveland and they are soft now in KC.
10/01/2012 6:09PM
The worst part is
the folks in charge don't even know they need to apologize.
10/02/2012 3:24PM
EXACTLY!!!!! I have worn A KC tattoo living in So Cal for 15 years and been a fan much longer.tired of wasting my Sundays and being let down by This team...FIX IT !!!
10/03/2012 8:47AM
More lies
Whats the difference between Pioli's promises on changing the chiefs and Obama's promises of change? Not seeing any difference because neither can admit that they're actually the problem.
10/03/2012 9:00AM
New QB
I'm thinking a trade with Seattle for Matt Flynn is in order. What do we have to lose? KC cant possibly be worse.
10/04/2012 1:07PM
2 games out...
I know it's frustrating to the point of making the faithful afraid to believe, but this is the AFC West. I haven't been exactly kind to Matt Cassel in my own Chiefs blog, Sea of Red, and this season has had me up and down more times than a Duncan yo-yo in the hands of a six year old on coffee, but it's not too late. As for the roster, it is what it is, and for the time being we are stuck with it. but the difference between this year's team and that of 2008 is potential, a word undoubtedly made up by losers, but one that is appropriate in this case. There are currently a lot of players on the Chiefs roster who are considered good players, i.e.; Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali, Brandon Flowers, Eric Berry, Justin Houston, Dwayne Bowe, Jamaal Charles...you get the picture. Any one of those guys could wind up in the Pro-Bowl this season. What has been missing from that talented group is leadership. It is quite simply time for several of the stars to step up. This weekend doesn't have to be another dissapointment, it can be an opportunity. All we need is someone to lead. http://www.prosportsblogging.com/2012/10/04/sea-of-red—a-call-to-arms/
10/08/2012 6:05AM
Clark Hunt promises a better team ever year, and higher ticket, and parking prices are paid by hard working people, and I realize crybabies like Eric Winston doesn't have a clue, but people have supported this team for years with money that could be used for something like a car payment, oir house payment, and we have the right to be mad when a QBis on the 1 and fumbles, or this amazing QBonly was able to throw 17 times. My grasndson throws 3 times that for his high school team. It is time we boycott the team to show them we are no longer pleased with them. Romeo's coaching, Matt's QB skills areterrible, the best thing is if Matt would have a torn ACL, TORN ROTATOR, Anything career ending at least 4 the Chiefs
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