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Carrington Harrison
Sunday, May 21st

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With top designers from the US Europe and Asia while you really do have a world class election now you have a friend in the jewelry business -- company. I trade deadline on the horizon the debate is heating up. The royals buyers. We're similar. Okay. We are close contacts inside the sounds that ten year home of the royals aren't seeing our towns and stand Sports Radio. In Kansas City sports. And I haven't checked out to dry. Who is 66 and Sports Radio ESP Kansas City RBC we do. Yeah. Obvious guy the let me. Okay. I'm. And it's. Sounds yeah. I'm a sports machine Sean will be. Kansas City. Your dad who along with those who owns extends forgery. And 610 sports dot com portal talking a lot of teams to fuel rules baseball as the boys and little leaned out yesterday. Which means doubleheader today our coverage begins as soon as Julio and I signed off at new birth takes over. First pitch as that one and two street doubleheader so as soon as the game is over with little delay. And then another baseball game so keep your radio all day long right here. This extends Sports Radio Aybar got a couple of guests along the way as always we'll talk a little bit of football with national NFL writer Matt. Or ram earlier this week. Alex Smith kind of said that he sees the writing on the wall that tend to agree with him when it comes to his future in Kansas City. We don't talk a lot NBA playoffs years expand because don't know if you heard this Kansas City but. We don't have an NBA team there is no professional basketball team here but. I think that Gordon Brooks showed us a couple of weeks ago that when the product inside the building inside of our fine city is really really really good. People show up for which makes me think that potentially going forward we could have NBA in Kansas City. Although they got to be more like Oklahoma City Thunder where they're good ride away. Opposed to the Charlotte Bobcats were they supper and it will talks and Andy we'll talk some football. But we're talking mostly baseball goes where he's in right now Kansas City Royals. Very unique very interesting circumstances were exactly. At the core 41 games into. That exact my math wrong amassed well were pretty darn close to big at the quarter pole right now Kansas City. Is still a handful of games under 500 by confinement standings are getting updated four to seventeen and 245 and half games back so. The boys in blue certainly not out of it although. When it comes to baseball not just the game of baseball but in the game of life. Relationships are a very difficult thing especially long term successful relationships. That don't essentially end in divorce right. We all know those crazy divorce rates these. And the most difficult port of relationship oftentimes. Is the brick is at the very end because. Personally at times. When I've had a girl and that goes through my mind you know what. Maybe this isn't gonna work out long term it were not meant for each other maybe she doesn't have as many good characteristics as I once saw or maybe. It's just irreconcilable differences is just not working out. Usually once that thought goes through your head. The relationships are most of the time when were contemplating breaking up with our significant other girlfriend boyfriend whatever. If you think about it it's already over with in tends to drag. The question news. Windy and you don't wanna to go to long as it does make both parties suffer and nothing's. Don't wanna make it too short because it could be a life long lasting relationship that ends up. With a lot of kids and grandkids and happiness. That's the life relationship let's talk about the baseball relationship we're facing right now Kansas City because it's very simple. Way. Does Dayton Moore no it's time the break this team. We do we as Spain's no it's time to look at our beloved Kansas City Royals whether you're a lifelong royals fans like myself the remembers going to I'd be GA seeds back in the day. The watch Brian McRae and Brit Saber Reagan and mark Cuban's out of this fell love with this team. A few years it doesn't really matter for the context of this conversation. Does wanna know when organ and as a fan base in Dayton Moore knows it's the right time either to continue with this or relationship. The brick. Because right now where the royals and in the standings things are okay seventeen and 245. Games. But just like in your relationship. You and ask yourself is more about me. Is that more about him and right now frankly. It's more about them. Why the Kansas City Royals are brick in this thing up sooner randomly what I mean by that. It's a very average division let's at the royals won the division Astros. Are right astros' best record in the American League 49 and fourteen. The royals would be twelve games out in the win column in ten games behind in the Los. Even though were only at the quarter pole at the Astros were in the world division could essentially buried the boys and NC now's the time to sail now's the time to. Be pro active instead of reactive ordered an end up with a golf. Reality check is. The rest of the division soap for. Our garbage. Term average I'm the worst division and all baseball. Again were only forty something games into this to completely change but the Minnesota Twins wouldn't Jindal. In first place at 21 and seventy in the world's only five and a half games back double header today do the match. Take both of those we go to bed tonight Kansas City the team's three and a half games. So I'm gonna come on here this morning and say that right now is the time to break up especially the way in the last let's call a week plus has gone to this baseball team. Where they've shown some signs of again looking like that team we got used to in 20142050. They're that good. They're that talented. As the camaraderie they're the way it was a couple years ago. Clearly. But again windy and no it's the right time Cooper is just like in a relationship the world's last week and apple been really good. Even if you can't stay but girl Gordy. Had a good week to. A good ten days times. And that goes back to read Al. So I'm not sure where the Kansas City Royals or overall if they just had a good week ten days or they actually are in the quarter. We're gonna find out here I think within the next let's call moan if this team's going to become buyer seller or sick order. What I mean by that is basic put it they stand pat if they are don't become either buyers or sellers to meet. Personally that's worst case and there. Because we don't know the names of potential not even potential. I've been saying potential now for the past few years to actually year free agent at end of this year. The elephant in the room or Cosmo. Who couldn't hit his way out of a paper bag start the season don't look now. It's got the highest average on the team of any everyday player he's always up to 99. What McCain third best average on the team's second best for an ever for an everyday player who 87. Even good on the moves who had bought a home run so for the problem is if you become a stand pattern if you don't do any thing. By the end of the season that's worst case in there because that you don't recoup anything for your assets you don't get anything back. Best case scenario as a fan is that the team continues to play they have for the last week and what I think that's going to happen. I think Dick Cook I don't expect it to. The problem with this team is the last few years playing different. Brand of baseball. Then everybody else and I'm not sure they'd just don't have as much talent talking about the royals or everybody else has tried to mold themselves after Kansas City. But the royals at the best bullpen in the history of Major League. Not just the best. For their own organization of the best in the American League. But if you go by the numbers for about it through three might have been called a four year stretch the back end of the royals' bullpen. Was the best in the history of Major League. Every other team was like a nine inning game or inning game turned and over the closer praying. The royals took the lead after 6789. Good morning good afternoon and good night. This year taken a look at the poll numbers right now. A Becker. Four point nine worn theory coming out of the pen which is good enough or wait for it. The team in the American. Which is really too bad. Because the eight that that the royals didn't add that I would call a boat average. The last few years. Was their starting rotation. Times their offense is above average. The bullpen clearly base running was great defense best in the basics. But the starting rotation was a censure revolt and we've got comfortable calling guys an ace like Ervin Santana and James Shields and at a time last you do any Duffy when things were going really well he's been a stud nobody nobody can argue. It's biscuit venerable old when it comes the rotation. Rotation royals and Jason Borges. As a 2.0 three ERA before he got lit up in his last start at the best you are for starting pitcher in the Bakes. Any Duffy got the big offseason contract. I think a lot of people out there were scratching their heads saying I like him border and love them. As a player as a guy we all couldn't be a better citizen comes on sixteen and every single week. But as you really worth the money is really worth the years and so for his earned every penny of his contract with the group point 97. Starting rotation Bob argue is actually better than has been over the last few years. 5767610. Within me your thoughts duty tickets text line is 69306. The most important thing that the Kansas City Royals as an organization had gone over the last handful of years. Is cash. There's a lot of teams that are really good. A different sports a lot of different eras that never go on when the team in the did you coupled with polls. The team the royals beat in the World Series the New York Mets. That team is in trouble. They got injuries. They have no chemistry. They're jittery to send guys down with the miners don't know what to do with Matt or V. Team looks like for the next 234510. Years they're going to be rebuilt what do they have to show for it. An appearance in the World Series. But the rules and a patent operate. Let's cross sports percent Kansas City Chiefs. The chiefs throughout my life Tom. I've been better than the royals have been more consistent in the world on more than the walls at gave me reason to think that they could actually cashing. But they never had so don't really look back at your phantom for that team. Was really hang your hat. Kansas City Royals fans we hang our hat on a World Series. We're gonna have the 45 you're reunion when we stocked its in house camera videos and all those guys come back we had the race. And that means a lot not just to a fan base. But to an organization. That I think has put themselves in pretty good shape going for. Considering how great the last few years of what I mean by that is listeners to a total crapshoot. This team might finish in first in my finish last likable wild card who knows that my bars in my cellar so forth to the quarter pole this season. A lot more questions than answers but I know this much we can look back to a couple of years ago real fond memories. As his team actually cashed it. By 7676. Then what your thoughts didn't expect the 6936. Baseball's the only sport if you think about it. The organization. Recalibrate its midyear the NFL sixteen games too quick you don't seem midseason trades people don't become buyers and sellers you just deal which. Same thing with college football same thing with college basketball. Same thing with the NBA all the same. You might see a mid season trade but generally teams don't look themselves in the near the same with baseball teams and organizations in front offices in general managers do. And decide it's usually her on the all star break. What you're going to become a buyer. Or seller. Really don't know but we'll find out pretty quick coming up next. On the show we're gonna get you six in 106 ports or is in ten minutes right here on 610 Sports Radio. Show would run the show. You can leave. Probably MVP addicting TV and coups don't yield six years. What's radio. Attention domain. 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This soundtrack of summer our teams are now 610 Sports Radio. I'm proud you know so why. She's there. Jeddah north. It's been good to hear pet food bag at the school they say on me. Today it was good. They screen needs. I. And point moral Leo's. I can't hear anything to music. Welcome back did. Julio sports machine show in the wrong and sixth and Sports Radio. And 610 sports dot com home of the trade here off the tracks should they produced a second oath Michael Jordan Leo was considered by. 99.9. Percent of Americans aside greatest basketball player of all time. Was there consensus of who was the best ask all wearable on him is more the debate as baseball. Depends on how far back you wanna go I mean let's go before to reflect a thing Jordan when he won his problem would be. Opens actors you need to maybe after you won this war came back from two years all but it was consensus that do the best bet polar. We agree with that. Before that. Wander don't bring this up to talk NBA coming here at the top of the 11 o'clock hour. I think it's a media driven. So I wanna be the first one it is kinda on the age talking about comparing Jordan LeBron LeBron Jordan. The first one and this wave of LeBron James is the best school where if were ready and conversation in this too probably as I've used in his prime. I think he has been passed comparable time or go ahead and talk about that later on the job I get something else. So it's graduation. Week week and weeks or graduation time Bryant Park right. I do not just you know and I had that I know of on the we celebrate. Graduation. At every level. Like to but it gets a preschool moves on to kindergarten now for individual she went to north here listening and its work yeah. I completely understand. Singularly. That's right were you would be interested in having the best. Did you liberty or your own. Oh. The schools and as a society we start to make a big deal out of graduate from every level drama graduated from there. High school and I excellent and you throw out. Overblown these days. Mean when you're talking they're graduating from third grade move in the fourth no but I mean if you ever kindergartners or they're going from transition from. You don't grade school to middle school or middle school the high school funding as sensitive so. And they insensitive I get recovered from but there are certain milestones and indeed you know and the child's. Schooling that you should pray it's like if you're married you should certainly celebrate your anniversary that makes sense but if you're dating your need to celebrate your remote and ever think that you don't need to. Celebrate your three year anniversary in the small wave at your five year should be a little bit at the green to the same thing with a ten year you know tenure. Depends on where your app. I've got this bearded. The song they play when you graduate we all know that room but it's the same song notes have tried home. Yet the graduation song hail to the chief what's. To graduate at. Tune and tune into and and. And here comes the of those three different teams the graduation song hail to the cheap and here comes the broad. All all three are completely different yet shipped to face a problem here comes abroad. Today. What are you making some bonds some 66 them with your thoughts on sport to anything else. Pretty tickets text line opens old news that 69 threes years it shut down that he's in his in mother beats Julio and they get a six. Intent. All right so let's get this party started earlier this week she's quarterback Alex Smith said there's a little similarity between his situation now in San Francisco. You great there's definitely similar. I think Patrick Holmes. This guy's going to be yours to order not next year. Of the year after next when it becomes a starter next year is about Smith gets hurt or completely flames out and say what you will about Smith the one thing that he hasn't done and it's time in Kansas City is completely sucked. We have seen that I think he's definitely going to. Me and the rains next season and then there they can essentially. Caught him for pennies on the dollar and then you got Patrick Holmes has restored quarterback not to mention you can tell the waves at the intensity cheese acts as an organization going. Which is younger which is when you Indo. Think about three years ago this team was built around quarterback Alex Smith running back Jamaal Charles that your side Jeremy Maclin tomahawk Lian Derrick Johnson studs on defense. And it looks like. If not next year the year after that eleven different quarterback in Patrick Holmes. A new number one target hopefully Tyreke skills last Travis Kelsey your defense is built around John Jones. Crist. I didn't mean to bigger and then there hurry. Because the gas mask for Letterman to console. It's pretty damn good nick and John Jones. And Marcus Peters it's similar situation Kapanen took over a few. You've years ago on cap predict acquit who I believe it's still looking for an NFL football team. We know. It's political reasons why this guy isn't already at minimum a backup somewhere below means it is when it comes to politics and sports are I've probably got more Baltic your own office place. Balls probably hasn't put you in the position that you wanna be in the or other regions more so than sports sports generally is the great equalizer where you can play. If you're. They'll find a spot for don't really matter what your political views or how good a good dude you wore a case in point. Green guys to mix it. Get a shot in the NFL. People said what about what it averaged 2.5 yards per carry his last healthy season he sought to Opel toys that he was match. Bottom line Alex Smith performs I think he gets another year. He sticks with status because he's been doing is gone auto next Derek Jeter hasn't number two retired by the Yankees which number. Which numbers are most synonymous with our favorite all time athletes of Kansas City. Jobs is number five to work right all the numbers that are retired out there Kauffman Stadium we all know. Frank White and Dick howser and of course Jackie Robinson we look at those overtime rob Kauffman Stadium but as for local numbers that just in green indoor brains out say. George Brett number five. Derrick Thomas's number fifty. As another group in Kansas City ads in the Smith's number and I put that are also. Yeah I think Len dawson's number sixteen in the midst of fuel on the range like number 35 for the cheese on those original court. As a take your fan. Double zero credit goes to Baghdad. And Darren Sproles wore number 43 but the main ones obviously adds that George Brett number five nobody knows there promise. Number if you'd nobody thought stupid dials up 91357676. Then what's next to. 76ers. Rookie jewel impede the process so we column. Is is one of the three finalists from rookie of the year. We take you ward even though he only played 31 games in the regular season. It's not so much about the amount of games that he played or didn't play it's about what he did during those games. But it averaged less than 25 minutes. He averaged twenty point two points. Just under eight rebounds and two and a half blocks. There were two players in the NBA Goldman is that they've played that more points than Joel beat. Doumit extrapolated out for you if this guy played regular minutes in the league. Averaged thirty points a game and pulled down fifteen or sixteen rebounds so he is so good that was such a short period of time. But he certainly should be the NBA repudiated the question with him Leo. I mean the only question. Is his health if this guy stays healthy. Then you'll become the second best that you basketball player to ever play in the NBA and Wilt Chamberlain and edible peers did. Hugely contingent on if he stays healthy and if you could stay healthy as soon as next year he's our top recess. Extrapolate you can hurt yourself on that did you. Triple word score is just check it affected the bar ball crossed the line yesterday with his comments about her here. It's due to the black skip Bayless honestly he just says let's go somewhere says stuff with absolutely no accountability. Earlier this week. He was on the herb called to our. Christine where do you believe is her her name is update anchor. She asked the question. Of horrible didn't like him the ball essentially he didn't say it is but he essentially gave her. But treatment the migrant grandfather award which I'm not proud dodged a big this is about what. And answer your question just ridiculous in 2017. Mr. just doesn't yet mean he's gone after a town Michael Jordan. Barkley. LeBron james' kids. Stepped curry. What makes this guy thing. Because his kids and him because his offspring. Are good basketball. That he can go off their NC yet when it billion. Dollars due to. Workers that come. A billion dollars that's let me go in the boss office tomorrow who he'll tell what is familiar it left in the fire. Well and to be apparent to Christine Leahy think there was a bit of a oval background to that to where she had in previous comments mentioned. Alluded to him abusing potentially abusing his kids so there was a little bit of a background not that I'm. What he said was not cool and how he dealt with the situation is not over there was a little bit book backs of yesterday he put his foot in his mouth by talking about hiring Irving where you Tiger Woods' mom passed away when things go wrong. And Calgary also had said something about global or all the way to eat parents and again no wants to be told there are I'd I'd get you know I don't have kids. I know low. But I think day in our case of carrier urban talked about a guy whose mom passed away you don't. Refer to him today he doesn't understand that they're because he didn't alchemy. That's crossed the which you get a long long time ago this guy's defenders to me. Also kind of what's the word I'm looking. It's what's next. And I think she did there cloud computing when yesterday's preakness race. So can we play quick came about real or made up or Dennis when your favorite games how favorite are which of these is the real wars which one of them that I America. Classic empire or empire strikes back. Empire strikes that that's that means that I made up you made up. Big huge Star Wars do that you are a lot about it right register here ST where does that rank amongst the best award empire strikes back the number one that does that with a bullet. I can have any real Star Wars been able to master one right now the biggest that I know you where it's all forced into war some rope and a I issues as soon as those credits come on I'm confused. I don't know what's. I still don't know what's going on com. Policy. Senior investment or old man's money. Which was the real force. Old man's body is the real action into one's senior investment group that Wendell. Give it to me Mo money or Mo problems. A bowl which is the real horsepower at your mortal Mo problem the real hours it is bowl money eighteen to one. What's last. Jorge your boxers we have never heard of fog last night. Some dude named Andre. Ribeiro it is and Jose. Okay under his catch up will go with that but did you see the sucker punch after the fight that I did. Yeah attitude if you haven't seen this in its radio so sucker punch is gonna come across as well I suggest. Google boxing. Soccer on last night the fight was over and this dudes uncle stepped into the race. And sucker punched the boxer as hordes of pristine anybody you'd hit a statement or report you'll thank me afterwards. 57676. Dem but their thoughts duty ticket takes lines 69306. Will be years until noon. By the way who knows who averaged like and so on. I've not. Actually I have yet I have on a soccer field of all places. In high school one time immigrants shop class I had those safety goggles on in this feud and gold comes overdose. Problem. So much hurt it. Excited about Obama even executed. He laid out government goggles one across you just have approachable face is that is that is excellent looking it's very political reasons well not a lie. 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Of employers saying our grads meet or exceed their expectations so our alumni never have to wing it. I wing it. Debbie UTU Missouri online nonprofit and surprisingly affordable. Learn more necessary depth at each year that year. You turn sixty in Sports Radio. India. Bad news. It's okay. To show sports show it. Partner who works on kids. We'll go back to the boys in blue coming up in the next segment because. Portable time to do about parades. Total offense defense starting pitching bullpen and that goes the more overall will do that coming up. And about fifteen minutes welcome back into the show Butler what ails baseball first pitch coming up at one and our pregame coverage begins at noon. And it's a double header so basically just keep your radio right here on sixth and Sports Radio for the foreseeable future right now let's switch gears from baseball to football. And bring on national NFL writer. And good friend of the show mat for ramat you and I have got a chance to speak. Since the draft a couple of weeks ago how much do you like the first round pick Patrick Holmes. A lot. The each and action packed people they ought to regret classic from all the region because of people and progressive. They're going toward she ought you don't have situations like this come out very often they are coached ball. Trade all we give up under that apple would get all clearly. In welcomed the prospect insult you can shoot the issue here. And that's why you have a quarterback what you'd call or an heir to a vital accurate yet you want to more out of position. Slight cut more homes by. City year or in the law and learn the talent around them he used to via cell I think the chiefs. Big. By election. Was there any part of you though that said. Why don't wanna call waist as they traded up and clearly John Dorsey had a plan but obviously this team is ready to go they won the division. They have potential going forward to be one of if not more talent the most talented team. In the entire AFC. Why build for the future instead of the now for the for. You look at their awkward thing if it may have last year. You do not want to report and whether or not people we yeah they're they're partner before. Now here's upcoming year but I don't all suited you may. Well divisional round and so. You heard it for me and why I think going forward that he edit the patriots are the air until somebody down. The chiefs have your chance as any to win against that team whether the apple on the road. The key to be all the very cute when you're going to raiders points falcons on the row so I say it will help your world actually. Which wouldn't be or you enter injury. Because one shore up the future. And go back you're seeing you that we could make a really equal level. Should cheese fans expect whenever as a Smith goes down if he's not good a year from now whenever there's a Patrick Holmes takes the reins. For this team not to skip a beat they still going to be at 101112 when football team right away it would he's the quarterback. So Paul. I think ultimately. Would be cheap sheets could be one alt com. The defense is the foundation that game. Especially that for years starting quarterback be it technical mantle or walk. You can pay the price for it yet received a rat Michael nobody. It not the same thing it renders that include payment and you've gotten a code co coordinator trying to figure out ways. Foster you're you're preparing. And so. He's like a little bit of work here with all of your defense is rock solid from the Al. But I think that we will hear dot com and yeah I think with the week old mark today it you your quarterback and now. They're. National NFL writer Matt for ambulances on the show 610 Sports Radio being heard all over the world online. At 610 sports dot com ultimately jobs hurting over this roster since he's been here. Out to enter season number five. For the John Dorsey Andy Reid regime considering that it was an older you think of Alex Smith at quarterback and him all the running back and you signed Jerry Mac would have been in the league for a handful use non defense that was built around our bodily. And around Derek Johnson he'd take a look heading into next year going for. It's almost complete torn over all those positions where it's due should be Patrick Holmes entire Gil and Travis tells it Marcus Peters and Chris Jones. The chief future it's very Arctic port them more reason to track all. First and foremost because now they believe and otherwise it before it ever trade up and pick quarterback. I think particles towards. Beginning and she. Forgives all contracts so that happened today Alex Smith forty million dollar actually they caught it. Six that you know. They cut policy. Theoretically. You'd better read. Because music get much cheaper and 2.5 million dollar they can put it in L I think Dorsey. Has done an excellent job recognizing. Issues before they call it feasible we wrap it one year. Well wannabe on players in the league great Q what are ran out shots. And they did it on the picks that you could have a strategy. But not the right point in chiefs find again underdog or have gotten quite. The thirty something year old she's fan like myself has been incredibly spoiled when it comes to running back in the that your creation according better worked both thousand yards in the same season. And then of course you move on Priest Holmes morphs into later Johnson detergent Jamaal Charles is on the football for the as the next. I think you're gonna see a little bit of a running back like an idiot and sent to Wear clean poverty line chair I think. There's no place for sure and what he's good blocker. At ball. I think you're in the temple also met third down rule you're gonna see him more than one swing the ball. Get him species. That certain attitude guys. You know when you watch on on what jumped out and got great now. You eat very well. Now first they're not quickly got pocket something like mall or you'll you'll be gone. But he he should be right stroke but I think read on that comment. Would you like compliment for where I think it is not on the lightning is a little more on her and then two more on there it'll be. It will be good which he says I think you know you could be pretty trust me girl I'll. Met burger and national and a bull riders on the shows extends portrait yield 610 sports dot com it's OT eight time. What does that mean. All these training activities. The target building. Get familiar setting new wrinkles she should create the playbook you know there's no contact. If you knock out or alt rock this is basically core. And so you know these are here and now I'm sure as a way to check all. And truly create longer cute little more active in other record label they're starting out or concepts. But really it's almost. The preceding before appreciate it just kind of check up the fuel for these three players get a and start getting it for what you India Milwaukee's starting in ought. Back to the draft for a second were actor Patrick Holmes a team drafted a bunch of guys with long names of lot of syllables and I've never heard that you like to you those picks. Our thought that the you know. It's listening guys back to where he's. The law when you walk in their techniques that you need to be picked apart political. Global crop this year it accuracy of this I don't know. Great well not much football so. You. Or currently saying. You simply a couple of years could be some really cute and something up yet to eat in the equipment. Specific. If it's a pass for situation. So I like him I thought you'd interest in our thought in global fixed. You can feel like way beyond that linebackers talk. You've got incredible. And that you should really compete nightly with the other side there's. Oh geez you know if you look at this draft. The wanting moral rule well. Who are outside real athletic tight bodies. I thought she they're an additional week in week figure so you start to develop and that the big advantage of remote you win now maybe some of turnover on the role earned in the well. By the numbers last year the AFC west was the best division in football when it's yet here this Matt murderer national NFL writer joins us on the show's sixth and Sports Radio. And six transport dock. Say easier Diego this point stay classy San Diego. Denver was coming off a Super Bowl not quite as good as they were the year before was to look good football team Oakland was relieved that would one most divisions in Kansas City we all know what date. Next year and going for the team for the next 234 years which team from this division has the best chance to consistently be good in the post season. I would think Kansas City and not because you know lock and severe acute when you're when you're. Denver. Until late in Europe quarterback situation. That's the real ball and the defense. Is very good when it's getting older spots soul I I don't know the Denver right now. A lot longer than it is not track law last year. You know our chargers are very important purple record where's he going to be here for you. I mean they're all you're not going to play so I think the cheeks and operators. Are going to be continue to read tiger achieved yet right now all the raiders better quarter we don't know all going to be all this couple are approaching it. The rest of the ball. The chiefs are much better football team especially the effectively when you get into December January. That's we we saw the two teams like like like here. And a bowl games the raiders could do nothing offense and so I think until greater threat defense around well back. They're really fine being consistently good. Because he just cannot stop anybody walking off the win on the gains especially in really good Coptic. Real quick that reported that because suddenly you brushed over instead of mojo becomes core. My whole comes call in patent and a retired a couple of years ago and Tom Brady's gonna retired you mentioned Philip Rivers that Drew Brees. It achieves the best team in football for the next 510 years. Sheets. At a very good chance. To level ought to change at a couple barred trophy because you'll. Most of those. They're the leaders diaries. Gupta in Newton trapped LT party doesn't he's not on the contract or your. And because the whole key parade and other vehicles on the gauntlet here or L. Who say without at the ball well again it's past. It all really like I'm not agree bought a bell river. They are going to be it dominant football you pervert caught on because they're gone they're filing for. Are you didn't do I go metric ketchup. National and its rudder Medford Ramones extends portrait could you imagine that the chiefs. At a quarterback that was on Paul or with let's say the rest of their offensive talent talking specifically about Tyreke Elantra was Kelsey and all the stuff that. Such as sports machine shop on the being on the other side. We give out rates the rules are the quarter pole. Let you know. The days. Who got sees it got and come about next on the ship sixty sports. Well I could have done men. That statement would put it. Listen to the show would run the show sixteen Sports Radio broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios. After dozens of nominations sixteen and Sports Radio sheep that workers union local number two ex met Doug congratulations. Prairie view a high school that Tony seventeen recipient of the help Milo can school 151000. Dollar facilities in Richmond draft. 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And that Kansas City or state that turner you would like sports machine shop Levine. And for on on the shows that in sports radio and all over the world online. It's extends boards dot com Julio Ryder broad we're talking about that soccer if you haven't seen just Google boxing soccer logic and all I haven't done that I can almost guarantee you. That's the first thing that comes up. How to guide for us in the morning. You hit the boxer. I guess that happens. Benny it's the the morning and get out of your. Expertise that was an ugly sucker that was. Uglier than on around us Jesus and everything he's not he's Julio I disagree. I don't think she's all that attractive but she's not lose some society. Tells us that these famous women are good looking Mitt so much bigger right now like Sarah Jessica Parker number from a sex in the city. The figured you tell me if Ron arazi was off herself up Q you would fit you good to Harbour on our first let's open mystery I'd be all the again our second player by my standards aren't all that. I don't think that she's duplicate. That's all go there what we're talking relationships coming up 11 o'clock go. When to revisit the Kansas City Royals relationship. Us as fans with them Dayton Moore with the rest of the team with his time to break what is it time to end a relationship. It's all sunshine and the deals at the beginning right. You go I'll do pays for everything opens the doors back massages and that all the sudden. You guys meet up. Month to a year and that's not even casement guys each other than 34 months on the line got to do did you those like verbal jabs. Six months that'll and you got. That kind of I relationships work out. Not all that but just slipped a little dark as who relationships the ball but not necessarily in that direction all the time take a look at the national divorce rate and tell me what are gunned down on down I think that parents do a lot because people got smarter about divorce rate and its crew I'm not getting married while too so all this or they're getting married later in life. It we're going to quarterly it normal human relationship with the Kansas City Royals and when it's time to break now as fans in a break up our team. Granted I doubt or as into them as you all are girlfriend when you first meter as you were the royals fan in 2014 and Tony fifty. That's it really good healthy relationship. I'm telling you. She's not as hot or a school anymore. And now I'm talking about can't. Not to. But confused just confused. Would expect that coming up at the top of the 11 o'clock hour ball's gotta do about some grades. The rules are also do about our grades for offense and defense starting pitching which is respect that. I'm taking a look right now at the numbers. Jason orchestras and you array of 2.0 three Dini Duffy as an ERA of two point 97. That's essentially after starting rotation right there. Even though the royals have been a good baseball team in the last coming up on what is it five years or so 345 years and have been playing at least 500 baseball. The one thing that they didn't Al. I say it any. Would be in both average starting rotation when James Shields was ace. If these days appease her number one the irritation is not that good before that Ervin Santana at times or Donovan terror last year at times dating don't. This year would top that rotation. The problem is the opens not nearly as good as a matter fact the thirteenth best ERA in the American League. Four point 91 console to back into the Kansas City Royals will definitely do about grades will talk about it's time. The try to work the relationship out and have this thing BO long term happy healthy thing. Or for its time to break it off. Did you Sunday morning shuffle. Rob Schneider fame baseball writer just confirm will bring him on coming up in the 11 o'clock hour but Collins up next. It talks an MBA playoffs. We all know the collision course for the finals is Golden State. Vs the Cleveland cavs. The Cleveland cats let's dudes name. Over. James I think LeBron James. He's right now already the best basketball player of all time. And I'll tell you why next show goes on jazz machine each on the V6 ten Sports Radio. If you get this show put the news to me it's the show would run the show you mean sixteen. Book written. Broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios. Tired of paying hundreds and extra taxes and fees and wireless bill but not at T-Mobile. Only T-Mobile ones you can. Attacks and these included saving you hundreds yeah. 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Rained out yesterday in Minnesota the metrodome saw predicted at least a roomful of doubleheader today on coverage begins at noon Burton takes over the microphone first pitch is that the one hand and as I mentioned it's a double Anderson keep your radio tuned all day long correct. She. Is 610 Sports Radio coming up a little while we're going to give out grades I'll put on my professor cap. Perpetually aware tax. Well I'll become professor Levine coming up at 1130 won't do about our royals grades. As well as the fact that in the past the world's but it really difficult team. For baseball geeks to figure out. They've kind of been that square peg fitting in a round hole and fitting in really really well. But they didn't necessarily have any superstores that didn't really do anything great except their bullpen they can't hit home runs. Opened trying to figure out this team for the last well since they've been good to finally this acts of call. You'll understand what I'm talking about when I didn't numbers coming up at 1130 but let's switch gears and is open we don't usually do here on 610 Sports Radio. And that's stalks and NBA basketball where. It's like at this point it's a foregone conclusion that there. Finals are going to be the finals of the world last year and the year before and what most of us thought there are going to be at the beginning of this season it's going to be Cleveland a Golden State right. Cleveland's up 30 Golden State's up 30 both these teams are going to sweep and then it's going to become. Very interesting. Which team wins out once they go head because. Walk Golden State is the best team in the west. I wasn't sure that they were. That much better than everybody else better and they're going to come out that you were much better than Iraq and much better than the spurs. And they prove that they're on a completely different playing. With Cleveland. We all saw this coming out of Boston. Won more games and any other team in the east and. East isn't as an effect with time the big east. Was the better. Back to the days of bloody diva and Chris Webber on the Sacramento Kings and Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki. On the Dallas Mavericks in those old lakers teams in the super still had Tim Duncan in the west has been good now better in the east. Coming up on like. Fifteen or twenty years but I digress so we know what the matchup going to be and the reason it's going to be that match up. All other sports. Where it takes coaching it takes a lot of law and it takes sometimes. Minor league influence when it comes to baseball and players over performing like when Tom Brady came up the gates I of them Farrah Fawcett in a forest fire. Asked fools not to talent wins out in the NBA and it seems like almost every. The two most talented teams. Are going to meet in the NBA are the same way they did last year the same way they did the year before when lust and it's that comes to say baseball. But it's been since those yankees teams of the late ninety's and early two thousands where we went yet the most talented team who are going to go the furthest and they actually did. Just look right in front of our bases. The Kansas City Royals even the Kansas City Royals. Three years ago when they went back to back World Series even holds the most talented team in baseball or even in the American League. Or hell even in their own division. No but they had a lot of other things go and generally. Chemistry doesn't win out like it has with the royals. Usually talent does and that's we're seeing right now in the NBA which for my money makes it the worst postseason format. Not a huge fan of baseball's one game wild card because it's the ultimate mayor thought of the season that turns into a sprint. Put a 162 games that are gonna let one determine if you're season moves on or not I don't love that format. College basketball. NCAA tournaments phenomenal. But we generally don't get the best champion we get the team that's playing the hottest that has the best match ups. In the MBA I think it's the worst postseason format. Because it seems that we already know at the beginning of the season at least at the beginning of the playoffs which two teams are gonna be in the finals. We almost always by 7676 Dem your thoughts duty tickets that line 69306. Since he came into the league. LeBron James had more hype than any player coming in to any lead at any time in the history of man. It's because we ought cellphone cameras we are the Internet we all knew about this kid coming at a saint Vincent Saint Mary's high school number one pick from Akron pleas for Cleveland. All be damned reduced you didn't only live up to the high but actually exceed. About locally but start wearing the name a gardener Edgerton at the cool name yet the cool game he can play both football and baseball. Reality check. I think to do is hit one something right now at some level of royals' Minor League Baseball. Height is one living up to the hype is another completely exceeding high. When your thought to be the greatest high school Basque golf player of all time is almost on a match. And I think the conversation began. LeBron James on the heels of Michael Jordan. Or three years ago. When LeBron. Had moved from Cleveland. On to Miami had gone a few finals in a row. At one person's first couple rings and then last year when he went back to Cleveland and won with what I'll play talented team but not nearly as talented of a team as they beat in the Golden State Warriors. The conversation got a little bit hotter and a little bit heavier when it came to LeBron James and his all time greatness. And there's a lot of different ways to quantify this go by the numbers go buy rings you can go by the eye test. I don't wanna put it all together let's put all of a blender in order out CO that's new detainees. I think when you combine. Everything. Save the hype coming out of high school because Michael Jordan didn't have that. No weird way all the detritus. I think the University of North Carolina. Is going to prohibit Michael Jordan from being considered the best NBA about school player of all time. Here's what I mean. He played was three years at North Carolina he was great won a championship but that took a lot of travel office tires once he got to the and yet. LeBron James can tack on another two seasons of NBA minutes. Of NBA playing time. Of getting experience and winning and getting better against NBA competition. That LeBron James is I think we would all agree that even though somehow someway this guy was on the top three. Of on the NBA MVP belt this year. Behind coli winner James Harden and Russell Westbrook who argued it didn't deserve to be this year. I can't ever remember LeBron James playing better than he is right now. And I think just the fact that we can have this conversation. Michael Jordan LeBron James LeBron James Michael Jordan while LeBron James careers still going on. What the guys still in the prime of his career. Has he hit apex and maybe start to go down the mountain a little bit. I suppose I'd hear that argument type. It just standing on the mountaintop and LeBron basically can do whatever he wants and he does a lot of stuff better than Michael Jordan ever to one thing that he hasn't done as well yeah. Win championships. Now don't look now but LeBron James is about to play in his what does six or seventh straight NBA finals. Granted Jordan won it every single time that he got there if you look at just scoring you got to take Jordan but if you look at everything else. Defense. Rebounds. Assists. So I it's. But don't give LeBron an age old not to mention the story of Michael Jordan's career has already been written. They're still you chapters left for LeBron James I think right now there and second. I mean one day one and one. But I think next year. I think if LeBron when the championship this year. Purses and seemingly unbeatable Golden State Warriors team it will overtake Michael Jordan with two or three or four years lived. In his prime. 57676. And if you think that's ridiculous you can also hit me up on the good tickets text line. At 69306. By the way or talk in NBA quick note. Boston's Isiah Thomas is out for the rest of the post season Santonio. Is messing with the idea of keeping out awhile winner as well one. Jitters. Dollar. MBA in Kansas City. They still a possibility legal Brooke showed us a couple of weeks ago. That if you put a great I don't mean okay. Or good when a great product inside of sprint center downtown in Kansas City. The people calm the people leave satisfied and the people will want more. I don't like Oklahoma City Thunder moved to OKC from Seattle based suck the first year they won like 1718 games but they had given to. Next year draft Russell Westbrook next year craft James Harden two years after that you already in the NBA finals. If Kansas City was to end up and that type of situation. Work team comes and that relevant or good right away our man. We've seen as well those fans that they put a good product in a building in our city. Listen on the radio ordered a watch on TV were to go to the stadium at a higher percentage than any other fan base in the entire country. I think guards showed us a couple weeks ago that inhabitants are sprint center of the performance is great people will come. MBA in Kansas City. If it happens here's my idea. We called the king cobras. Casey it's a shadow to the old game in the city kings and the marching cobra is there's currently no snake mascots in the NBA. Data suite jerseys a sweet court we call those presented the snake bit. A better move coming up next crucial things up what it just Sunday morning shuffle right here on the show 610 sports. You may not give the show you're not alone run the show seeks to use words. Really no good at getting tickets that come now for six spin off your ticket or using robo code six didn't support. Attention domain. Listen up on us Lee is now offering cool scoping in your area state to win for a special offer if you've been struggling to lose excess fat especially those stubborn edges around your waist or under your chanting you need to see the experts that possibly call scoping is the leading non invasive fat removal treatment that freeze is a way I wanted that for good people all across America. Are raving about the results from coal sculpting tools helping it possibly be slim down fast and easy and results are better than it ever imagined. 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Thousand Kansas City sports fans had checked it out with new blogs and opinion pieces from your favor those two blocks burns weekly report card she's got average breaking news of course. Audio on demand. So you can listen when you can listen cool thing. Back up a little bit here. On my shoes the brand spanking new 610 sports dot com. Sports Radio. And six stents or honesty about profit was three years ago. And that got bad dvds like he's jumped all over. Billy pad so the text line does the same thing at 69306. From the 816. Ramsey's body gives her face too much credit but we were talking about that forty minutes ago somebody says beyoncé is overrated completely disagree with that. The statement from the 816 a couple minutes ago you can't do that go to. If you choked against the mavs in 2011 and have a losing record in the finals. No that's everybody's all back in it's a predawn go woman to be that as Jordan went to six finals. And won all six political bronze goes to detain and wins four or five does not put them on the same level. What are you thinking at the stimulus blog to sing and Kansas City what's up Sam. As sign disarm. Aren't going on on the amen. And disabuse you big challenge you are so LeBron and as far as and the mavericks joke I remember you know the final that you. Spurs and they won on that Ray Allen now well over al-Qaeda blow my game's last shot there is that what you and I completely agree on that I read that Jack that they we'd be looking net. Lo brought Jude championship ring at a chart. Do not as the same do we consider Colby or Hakim as great because Robert Horry hit big shot. I do physical we just got a lot during that connected it got vibrant at one point guard your guy clutch and he's got to look old Irish and things. 12 o'clock AM to two primary at the go to local. With that we have yet the global quality agency the huge rally that there. Thanks to a phone calls and the only thing about the argument right now is the book has been written on Michael Jordan it's damn good. It could get his book of world records are really good book. But the book on LeBron might be even better there's still several chapters to be written the fact that we could even have the conversation. Which guys the best basketball player of all time. With LeBron probably happened four or five years left in his prime tells me. For five years from now we when we revisit this conversation at the Cubans say in the just call drew me maybe not help but for five years from now. The brought onto his tenth straight NBA finals. By 7676. Amateur ball is going to Cortez will support areas. They don't want we're saying. I'll run are yet today. Statement about McCain that can you can't see that would have been very well we have. There's more an odd its mean outlook does hope that we will be aggressive. I'm not to go back. In other target came back. And now expects would you or maybe it was added that it was and so must all while they're. Now I'm proud and they look what the stadium they had moved to in the city. And now they have wants and now the perfect opportunity to change back to any chance the maybe that would be very haven't missed a three sport. Came that you. All you got me drooling Cortez I'm so excited. One that conversation stop Kansas City like it was hot and heavy in my entire lifetime or really after the kings left there were a few years and they built sprint center essentially. To try to lure either an MBA or of all time NHL talent. And we flirted with the kings in Florida where I think a couple other teams like Pittsburgh Penguins it didn't work out. It's like we become content. It's something great happens in Kansas City sports or otherwise this city. Polls of love and supports whatever that happens to beat. More than any other city any other fan base that I've ever been around a couple of examples. Brooks when he opened sprint center ten years ago Garth Brooks two weeks ago when he sold out or is like 6715. Joe's. There's a great product in Kansas City people go people love it supported paid their money lists in. On the radio watch on television one other example or called the Kansas City we owe him some beaten and shuffle things up. Let's do it doing Sunday morning. Right it seems like other teens have put a major emphasis on their bullpen arms last couple of years. How much how much of the royals responsible for this. Clearly a lot of the world to do with different set of parameters then. Most other big league teams they're still the top three small market team and all baseball. Really the only time if you think about it for springs opened up produce more. Was at the trade deadline a couple of years ago when he went out there and got Johnny will and so offers besides that. It's pretty much had hit on every single move he makes him when he doesn't. Like resigning Chris younger resigning Alex Gordon and set the team back more than it would for other teams as far as. Have other teams called up with the Kansas City Royals. I think the rules. The way they did it was unique in it was original where they kind of instead of focusing on starting pitching power hitting anything like that. They built their team first with a grateful and and Greek defense. And we've seen the Yankees in we've seen some other teams credible themselves that way it looks like put the wheels are trying to do as an organization. A try to stay one step ahead themselves whether okay. We want with a great bullpen a couple of years ago and had some good speed really good defense but. Those guys circle. There is no more weight deeds and rules reform there is no great column looks like ability and the next few weeks ago. There might not do it opened her rigor that's what's most impressive about date mores and realize is that. This is an old balding process the evolution of baseball and I think he's done a pretty good job of keeping up Jimmy's NGOs was next. But we talked a lot about lately for agents on the royals. How much longer do you think Ned in Dayton will be at their current positions will there it's there were state did last year. The route 28. So they'll be here at least obviously through the rest of this year. And through the end of next year. Hate to say it but I completely surprised if that's the swan song for the whole album. If war that approval was going to be around longer I would like to be eight more. For several reasons. You're talking about Kansas City guys talk about a guy that said. Probably more success at his position than any other front office member that I can ever remember in Kansas City history let's talk about the chiefs also mean. For what he's had to deal with the success that he's had the it is. He's been manager for all long time when things are good and it seems to be loving it when things are bad. He's still seems to be like still the big league managers don't make a lot of money used to live with a fine city and white still pretty good. My question is what you still doing well. You've already won the World Series in a place that I think a lot of thought it might never and so. I think that probably my dad it's just my guess would be on the year after next to date more publicized and other Spansion expects. Rights the NFL. Go where her we must die and if a draft of the couple weeks ago about what the NBA draft is a few weeks away. Comparing those two to your olympians two football draft. Which do you enjoy the most. The deal breaker and it has become a lot of war players which a lot of us have never heard of their life. Some guy with a fifteen syllables and his name from some country I've never heard of were average one point five point it's going to be and pick them. Every elegantly catcher in the pit stops forcing its then there's all those of the news we never heard of the sisters don't play basketball somewhere. In the NFL. It seems like it's either a linemen. That never. Or a quarterback and as frustrated as opposed to sports talk show the address of guiding me it's true this deep. In the top three. To play war college now so clearly my favorite draft. It's my fantasy football draft didn't get along with all your home is usually political attack and every at least their wife and kids at home. Lots of booze involved. Usually a poker game it gonna strip club after the draft. In the unique draft rule interface dressed like him might lead to lead the rule the world let's go. We've got arrest and which was actually really cool like six or seven years ago Braylon Edwards the rule is if you'd draft the players that's the first player to get arrested that your. You pitcher entry fees act and what was. Funny slash ironic was two years in a road race when Edwards was the first NFL player to get arrested. That two guys money back but NFL wrist got a little more Steelers last night ports of what's. WWE. Is heavily promoting Japanese wrestler shinseki Nakamura like that both owner and and to become its next superstar in the end who doubted I got to which made me wonder which wrestlers from your youth and most underrated. On the job offer share of these underrated. Thanks think he should be still the brought in for wrestling and these non the snake Roberts and give you that came out of Britain's name and put on his opponent. Not like a rubber snake to deadliest seditious. And the Steiner Brothers. Both the science guy. DB pass the million dollar and the original whose views of him basically it was enough. Unlike most definitely it is easy bake in a sting arrest not missing. Just called same thing now. Joseph and he will not underrated everyone McMichael man. A it's the same thing about this. Under it and this is not under I would say the same thing. Undertaker have been wrestling for five years last watcher as 45 years believes the rest that's those like how can you go on under rated way he's been he's still asleep there and bam Bigelow. I did. That. All right so will you be more surprised to see in the rose finishing urged when last place well. As we took this morning in the world or in last place so the correct answer is I'd be more surprised the world finished in first. Over the last although there are only five games behind Minnesota right now. And that got a doubleheader today first pitch coming one and right cheer on home for royals baseball alls he's alone. 610 Sports Radio sort of what they were in two games today. They're only three and a half games back of Minnesota in the wake up tomorrow morning so it's not like winning the conditioner will be spending some time first place is completely unheard of unthinkable. But considering that the team is in last place currently that they spent a lot of time there it's also not surprise me finish. In fifth place. In central west won't. A couple of days ago the Celtics Isiah Thomas said the cavs are not the portable Mon stars when the last time watched pieced him. It's been awhile see my problem is based human cause it was my favorite movies and went back and wash its games a year and a half two years when you. So out of it's it's aged care about its major they're leaders at the movies like that come to mind no first. A note that this group meets excellence hit me 6906. A couple of movies that I think the ball with so most people. What he's been removed the receives multiple. That's the worst movie ever made we've been over the elegant idea of the replacements is a bad move deals that helped you in recent act. As far as movies when I was young with the eight and as I grew older I'm I'm good. Scream. And those never did you even when he was it knew I was young does not ever whatever it was not. When teenagers removes the truth this is now we've got old that's down one of the worst scared movies. And want to pound. That's that's amazing movie still has little to this day that's it has stood the test of time. The right it's an absolutely had to Ellis drugs and I tend to agree with you but besides that really want to it is I mean that both seem dude that's classic codes. That's that's that's just straight that's a good hitter. And grant a joke at duke in the bed for two years apology o.s remain in and he got up and start dancing and not acknowledge it. Who knows machine here on the green back to the boys in blue on the other side it's the shoot sixty portrait. And you're listening to show will run the show you can. Fifteen Sports Radio good at getting tickets dot com now for six spin off your ticket or using remote code six did sports. Army's a Shanker. 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I change the the song says I am the sports when she and John. And it's time for Kansas City Royals baseball bores into its open Mike with his pregame show. First pitch for the twins sent that 110 and a bonus forward. A second baseball game today as yesterday's game in Minnesota was rained out. It got a doubleheader basically what I'm saying is keep your radio all day long prelude to the home of the rules. Six tenths portrait yet your thoughts on the knock 135767610. Duty tickets text line. Open until noon at 69306. Coming up in about five minutes we're gonna talk some baseball with fame baseball writer Rob Schneider in the to finish off. Show will dish out some grades for the teams and individuals Dayton Moore and Ned Yost as well Obama cut into some of these text. On the good tickets that 69 threes years at this might be the best when we've ever. Comes in from the 91. Completely disagree with. To use said in the previous statement the grappled Joseph was the Mac does he stayed in bed for forty years and finally got up and took a factory all the stuff. Well I won three vehemently disagrees with not one. A couple of Joseph is a POS. Does he developed for years and years lets his daughter duel the war and wants an opportunity captains jumps up like nothing happened the ago. Convince Charlie to during the busy lifting drink almost ruined Charlie's chances grip what Joseph is a back 100% bad. Tend to disagree with and the text line under ample jail. To mention. Funny business is going on that would grant pogrom of Joseph would sleep with Graham a Georgian grappled York. Of this important stuff. 785 the applause is dead guy in the back of the force in that movie has aged bad. I disagree other was vause has with stood the test. It gets some chances. I won three of the replacements only flaw was not having NFL team names. The replacements only flaw with that somebody actually made that move in that he and Reeves was. And we've got some underrated wrestling text from the 75 a road dog from Generation X. seven fives as mankind was mankind. The same is that Mick Foley and cactus Jack. It knows me up on the text line 69306. Mankind cactus Jack Mick Foley all the same person. Our Rick rude whose name also comes up. Take our last well get one more break and baseball the dress the way coming up next a fame baseball writer Rob Schneider joins the show sixty Sports Radio. That's kind of who runs the show. And you're listening to the show speaks he. Boots and radio litigated pickets that come now for six in off your ticket order using promo code six did sports. How do you top an all time record month. You followed up with another one it TJ Becker to tell you about re Buick GMC work April. Was the best April they've had in their nearly thirty year history. 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Royals baseball burn takes over the Mike at noon first pitch which is the twins set at 110 from Minnesota. An extra baseball today at last night's game was rained out which means double today radio tuned all along right here to home MacKenzie royals. It is 610 Sports Radio I'm talking baseball I'm talking with the best that space baseball writer Rob Schneider back on 610 how you doing this morning rob. So how did in the last few years the royals have been good of course back to back world seers and last year playing 500 baseball. They're really have had era boldly or when it comes the starting rotation. That it took them a look at the numbers this morning any doubt he has a sub three ERA Jason boarders almost as a sub two ERA. Is that a mirage is starting rotation actually pretty good. I think it well. Denny got beat I think he's well within his ability to this point through it for him a question of how many innings he can you do that you you've never been a guys who keep you but I think. Now would you expect from an age. But the performance. It has been there particularly last year obviously I think it it didn't fail to date we have. Maintain your outlook being very difficult regardless if your talent but. Clearly you have any pitchers give up two home runs off beat them. And but amazingly impressive that he's been. Barbara I think at thirty or move you know that's a little unlikely. If fundamental numbers are tremendous he's also giving up two home runs its secular block ratios have and things. You never know pictured it's something. Detained that the company pitch or or whatever. Even their mid thirties. But I'm a little skeptical but the fifty yard. Yes. But I think there are the top two that they're that's obviously pretty good. When you're talking low twos and ERA that's a good when you're talking two to eight nets the team batting average. To bad. Is this offense really that. I don't think though. Obviously this. Who bought back about 174 all season outscored by about one that would be Brandon market in about 17070. You don't bat to twentieth at the team that you have some players are apparently more. Let's get some players that can interpret the deportees and of course what also happened is it really that we having. If you like an outstanding season so. You know that how you are. Lacked the legal battle batting average but also. Or you have basically. But you guys had a terrible people that nobody having great secret that that's that's the that's the recipe for a being worked in the court. This is almost sacrilege to say but you brought about the 17 the average of Alec scored which is spot on that's 335. At bats. He's got to be better than that but he wasn't that much better than that last season what is supposed to do with a veteran that's hitting 170. Well and better couldn't stand to pour in 194. Fair amount of money. I think that. If you are in there are a lot of variables there wondering whether or not you think it is. It issues are. It to do with the pollution. It could hardly is this hip injury that put all our guys can do that places them their their performance is awful. Do you think that the and I think we'll look important. Thing that organization Patton didn't evaluate the health of players that beat them because. I it'll tell you that nobody completely healthy for all of these. You have nagging things and I believe that they put on the DL but even people who you know on the disabled that you Loughner had some injury or other. If it is his struggles are related to. Injury or injuries. It might make sense to let him well for a few weeks or months to go because if you can I put more people get to that one. He has you know that the royal either on the field or. It in the trade dispute that England that blocked important yet he did last year. So your number one priority has deep for him to be helping me keep an eye out. If you tell me if you believe he can help you and he blew it. You don't have much recourse but to play. That might be different if it were a little bit later at his contract if you look at competing for a playoff spot. And you don't bullet into the key well I have to keep. The players who have a lot of things to say you know what we can. We can't ignore the will be making can't afford to put them like every day or put him on the let it pitchers respond and we do we'll do what we pay the money and it and endorse the progression. Forward prevent that point yet biting me so I think that. Perfectly healthy second yeah if you think you can keep playing and hope it comes out of pocket you're right it's not just defeat. If you see something that says between a rock and a hard place likely next that is the picture of Alex Gordon when it comes to Kansas City Royals because you're right essentially screw it we're talking with a Rob Schneider here. On 610s or radio and 610 sports dot com as a wake up this morning the royals seventeen and 245 and half games out. In the AL central at what point do you think the organization's going to decide at their buyers sellers are supporters. I would they can and you'd. If not sooner. I mean eat it all to check with them become huge in late may or early season punctuated with a outperformed your players in. And you probably. Without them all the time you did it typical wooden at the organization to give up on the eve of that he would you pad. Success and you got a great hip port while he's waiting there are are off the chart of though that they had supported there. The couple that this has been there it is and it's typical thing to give up on the season. I could have cured stand. You might say five and a half games we can make up that the week and literally you can't it can't be done has been done. That you look at the that last Collins standing. We're used to different children to the world have been the worst. Look different killed in the American League. At minus 43. Very few seem to remember like that in late in the day. Why that in the plan. Is that accurate but doubt. Probably more than it probably at least the few times in in recent years but it it's a common. You still need to panic countdown. But you do it to Cuba. Because one could weaken that led the principal of a lot better in the stated cola could look a lot better so. I don't think you that you wait until mid July late July but it does I think I'd worked out that way because that's what this. He'd beat the track awkward really confident that you might have gotten Q that's what they're gonna happen we would seller but. The market if it isn't there yet certainly people who don't don't don't seem to give up until. Late July that I think organizationally. That decision probably has become quite a single to left that they're playing better and. It's sort of bust out your magic eight ball looking into the future. What type of a ransom do you think Eric Hosmer is going to get me to think about it for years and years and years. He's been the face of the team and good looking guy he's a great defensive first baseman when he hits the ball good hits the ball great he won the World Series and he had that steal all these different things he's clearly a fan favorite but I think that makes us a little bit jaded a little bit blinded here from where we sit thinking that this guy's just go and bring back king's ransom is that. I don't leave the and then him bring back great deal. The numbers are not great. They were great last year they're not great in future. He had at least three home runs. Batting average on base percentage of night for the power to has been there obviously the big guy reported that public last year. And it could be hot and also has eight or nine home runs. It yet he had he didn't look a lot more attractive. And yet to realize I didn't do that. These days. You don't just look at look at what the guys that the public got the last few weeks say thank you look at it career. They're going to cut it a little bit recent projection of what he thought would have them will be what he will be over that if he. How much does he help. How many games literally haven't been better if you make sense that he and as we are. They didn't push for a playoff spot in the interest bluntly that. You can gain that they didn't know what he's got a first base. Then that that football that's what the topic predicated upon. I don't know that you get a big trade hall I don't even if you can pick up. You look at the what the world is made an amazing deal would be treated Decker ATP years ago. If I can get back at DO it's up since for the players not the same number of years that you couldn't get the guys after you trade him feel I don't think it. Demorrio organization he didn't have contracts that it has its performance. You wanna get back ideally. I don't know about a great a prospect they're great because the got a pretty good chance that helped me to be fairly soon but that. It will have that effect affecting about a giant hall and trade I think it'd be disappointed. Such giddy inside best in the business rob that's lumber yard extra time route. And got that's Rob Schneider on 610 Sports Radio coming up next. We put a bow on this bad boy it's the show sixty Sports Radio. This. I made an investment in myself I would during vision for the jury lacy procedure in you know what I've been blown away first thing I went to do was get word in my glasses. To have him in glasses for the last twenty plus years even have Hersh Kirch and are my driver's license say and I must Wear these glasses. The prescription sunglasses the rec specs you name it I was so glad to get rid of those not only that. We just a comfort ability of sit there watching sports and laid on account sideways some that I wasn't able to do because you know what. Would smash my glasses in event Mormon sunglasses the next day to work. 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First north gives cities giving away equity seventeen Ford Mustang at 10 PM on Friday Saturday Sunday may 26 through May 28 parents come out of life. Maybe that's all that's been most interactive sports being seen in Kansas City to find this on FaceBook and Twitter and check out beyond. Ford stock Tom DC is sixteen and Sports Radio broadcasting live from. Around here and ODA stands for. Which would be would that be. We get back. We're bison in street. Dot com. Six dance. Just. But. We'll see them at the district. Just don't. Thursday. Friday night just Sunday. Welcome back into the show look at. Drug Stevens certainly massages sports machine John will be putting a vote. On this Sunday editions of the show little bit coming up after we sign off it's it's a city royals' baseball and takes over the might. With his pregame coverage about five minutes from now. And then we've got a double and royals and twins last night's game rained out which means double the baseball today first pitch at 110. It's a straight double headers so little bit after the first game wraps up probably the second one it's all going to be right. On your home of the Kansas City Royals all season long. 610s portrait we start the show talking Kansas City Royals because the time has come or at the corner all to decide. As a fan base and more importantly. Internally. Dayton more Ned Yost the rest of the breast that actually makes this is the ages. I can state the this. Of what this relationship is going to be is going to be a long courtship. Where eventually you get engaged and have a happy wedding and then have a happy life for the next 1020304050. Years die get paired together or. Is the relationship with the Kansas City one rules kind of fizzling kind of not as good as it was a few years ago. It's tough to determine. Does what it's a better relationship how much of it is you know how much of it is the others or other in this case and with the royals. They played well this season this last week and a half has been re now each is still have less wins than any and every other team in the American League. Another Rio object. Early five and half games back they put Minnesota today with two wins they're three and half games back of first place so as far as buyers or sellers. I don't think we determine. Just yet any final thoughts at yup on the duty tickets text line. At 69306. Before you're out here in a couple of minutes I got to thank my guess sometimes I forget to do that and at the guilty older along we said on Rob Schneider. Fame baseball writer. As well as Matt or ran earlier today national NFL writer talking and all those. We talked NBA I'm telling you. If we already have the conversation right now today. LeBron Michael Michael LeBron. And LeBron is at least at some point going to be considered the best classical player of all time. The story has been written on Michael Jordan to help the story. Just a few chapters left. Or LeBron James. Thanks also to Julio Sanchez thanks to your calls and your text don't predict Kansas City Royals baseball is coming up next you'll hear Brown's pregame coverage. And that is the royals and Minnesota Twins live from all of the year. I made that they're playing at target. First pitch at 110. Right here on 610 Sports Radio fall me on Twitter Sean Lavin Casey sounding off. On the show six tenths portrait. That's. An. Actor Sam. In itself. And show would run the show. You can leave. Probably MVP electric heating and cooling studio six years. What's radio. Attention domain listen up on us Lee is now offering cool scoping in your area stay tuned for a special offer if you've been struggling to lose excess fat this rush.