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The Drive
Monday, July 17th

In Hour 1, the guys welcommed Heis back from Greece and also talked about the Royals weekend. They also discussed the "sun ball error" and the JD Martinez to KC rumors before the breaking news that Jorge Soler had been sent to Omaha. To end the hour, CDot & Fanning each took a minute.


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If you couldn't do it this past week which only three games you got a whole week at home against two teams that we are a 100% certain or not make the playoffs. This is how you create that separation this is how you. Put yourselves in the position words are going to be an undeniable buyer at the deadline. Absolutely and you got two bad teams coming in your home against against both you know the weekend to see. It occurred to me that you know. Back in 2015 houses booty now you know against the blue jays got to gall. You know the play that they shot down a lot Jose Batista threw to second base and plays like that it's like in in this series against the Rangers. Little time he plays were magnified and I don't we can sit actually say the royals lost the Ceres. We can also say that the end here slept this years and three openly. And blew that first game. They had to get a a tough when yesterday and Duffy pitched his tail off so these are really really important games on the freaked out though. The daily 11 of these three games against the Rangers when you make the perfect point. Now is when you eat. Now is time to go do it now is the time to get that separation. Against two teams that are really down the tigers really struggling and I the this boxer are gonna play pretty selfish baseball because they've already gotten. Rid of Jose in time so now he's next. To Ceres at home at the K crucial. Isn't there does then just assumed that they are gonna go ahead and eat because these are two teams despite where they are in the standings. They've all the royals this year. Let's have some really good job tiger's ball those scenes are over 500 against Kansas City despite the run that the team is currently on. You just assume that it's a PD in these next ten games I don't know if that's gonna happen and I ice my question I have my wants the royals this past week and he won disagreement we had ice whenever you were gauntlet. We can't call it the different reasons why the world's a bit in the way that they are for the last season and and weaves average baseball from the royals is these are the sixteenth season now. They have been an exact 500 team. But I wonder with the royals what are they going to get past the point of that. Ever since the royals have got themselves back into contention ever since they had a great West Coast road trip and they've got themselves to this point. Really struggled to do the next step. They've got a game over 500 and then they lose two and wrote it down one game under 500 and they win that game we're back 500. They can kind of stuck in this place of mediocrity for the last three weeks. The best you can say about the causes they don't enough to just Engel in nobody else the American League central once the runaways the Minnesota has its division. Cleveland discuss what this weakened by the Oakland Athletics yeah who the worst team in America and it needs are great road team witnesses makes no cents app so I just look at the royals it's just that. Past this point of being out for you really got something here. Haven't shown the ability to do right in an effort you played really bad baseball you've got back into but now it's the can you get to 45 games above five under or is going to be in the state between now on the trade deadline that you go to games up. And did you lose those next two to get back to 500 acres and really stock over the last week. Well since June I mean about ten games over 500 I mean that's exactly where they are since since June 1 and ice ties his point about. The White Sox the tigers immediate faced the White Sox sense. Early may. You know in the last on the plated tiger's was the ended June and they had a broad Yunus and Matt Strom so I'm not sure that that's not really a fair fight your evidence start. Two of those three games with with a rookie Jake units in match Strom who was who his fight in the interests on the royals are completely different team now. And they were when they face the White Sox and the tigers earlier in the season. So. We can say that that are over the last season to have that their average there at 500 you can also make the argument. Once the light of solidified around June 1 through that Astros series started on June 5 two different baseball team. Listen. You win games against bad teams I don't care how they get to. 888990. Wins I don't care they beat the Rangers are the Indians are the Orioles. But what you have to do is yet to be bad teams you've got to do it at all and that's why I think I'm assuming they're gonna eat. Against these two teams but makes sense that they probably should losing two out of three to the Texas Rangers at home a team that's owned him. Over the last two years and in a series they could've won all three. And granted there if if the swept that series outs in the same thing the Rangers got one theory is that's why I make a comparison between. Reminded me a little bit of playoff baseball because those games had done little time he plays that seem to be magnified like in playoff games and so. You could say the White Sox the tigers have all the royals this year but there is irrelevant different team then and they were when they faced the Sox back and neck. You agree that we're holding the royals so the standard of they play a game every day this week. They play tonight up until Sunday four games against the tigers three games against the White Sox need to go for it through these next seven games OK I get to before. But you gotta figure Ottawa it was for these next seven games I'm not gonna I'm not cut any slack. Vargas pitches twice in this stretch Duffy pitches in this stretch only pitch is once he pits with a Thursday game against the tigers there's no reason for you against to clear sellers in the American League with the teams that we would say right now I'm a 100% certain make in the playoffs. I'm not listening so the well they could no. You play these two bad teams at home everyday this week you need at least go for and 35 ensue if you are legitimate contender for the playoffs in my. I agree for a three is fine I would prefer five and two obviously it will more wind at five a two to me. Now you start to get though a little bit of that separation before you go on the road where once again you'll take on the Detroit Tigers in Detroit so I mean you look at it. It's got seven at home that eagle on the role play the tigers to do so you've basically got. You know you got ten games against two bad teams and three of those are on the roads I would agree for a three home. You can live that usually play above 505 and two is right that the royals got to be it in his house. Coming up next we have a People's Court involving yesterday's winning play. Plus there's a very interesting trade target linked to the royals and fitting doesn't see happen we get is that next on the drug. Sixty and sports. One category or no answer go to many movies as. There's a dispute and we need viewed as settled it's it's the people's courts. It's almost like Jason Texas several. Back in on the drive to antsy here gaining here highs we'll let that one slide that was a fumble down well let that slide I mean I I even warn you guys on an end because I'm still a little bit on Greek time that the 2:30 in the morning today which is 98 and thirty Greek time. Never went back to sleep so audience and hopefully it's not going to be one of those and that type days caste conscious is backing a chance when bottle at 5 o'clock. Hopefully everything goes smoothly the rest of the one racing is a little bit a little bit just about should I entire body feels lopsided. We the People's Court. We find ourselves on different sides. This was the game winning play yesterday. From royals Rangers an outlook to one. Swung on lifted her right field going back as soon. The sign up for the. Yeah. So the royals in yesterday at the hands. A son bald people are calling it. I M on the side that. This should be ruled in hair. I think assuming it's time we watch baseball games these score keeper is very hesitant. To attribute an error to someone and it is easy to just say old label that a hit. We've all seen play after play when it just seems obvious to us and as being the best three labeled as an here. I think you can define why this was an air Celtic with a genuine mistake. The sun was in your eyes it's a difficult play to make the ball false you lose again. Don't think certainly didn't get a hit in this if any thing though a guy just didn't make the proper reply if I would escort keeper. I would label this ad in. That he can't tacky to label they're on a god he can't see the baseball. If you can't see the ball. How can he catch it. But it's it's. It could be wanting to be standing underneath the it's a beautiful dark sky and it's an evening game. And it hits his glove and it pops out. She's issue clearly can see the ball and public like this say Alcides escobar's in perfect position to catch. Or to field a ground ball hits the dirt plot goes over his head but he gets part of his glove it's not a minute of the things that are beyond the players control. I mean there's there's also a tires in baseball that. The Dodik all layers for example or racial or diving for a ball and I did against the Orioles he dove for a ball did hit his glove because that was it. That's a metal layer that's not a. I agree that's need air to get it. Does that I think it shows he can see in this context though what are we attributing for an air this assembly guy doesn't catch a pop fly. That's not an air. Guy dives in misses the ball completely that's not labeled an air what do you. Do regularity a let an air anymore Billy but the ball has to slow old legs presents they are overnight and it should be the guy to hit on that played Cain certainly didn't hit. But it. The other guy could probably make the play due to we're gonna say the weather the sun the elements of the same way if the wind just blew thirty miles an hour as Google went completely out of his way. It's okay Dayton quote I heard a hit on they are so out of the two options hit an error. I would say in error is the correct way to sports. So magic hit to the baseball you supposed to catch. You can mean even a mile manly with the lights or if you throw it and it's coming in there's the lights he can't see ice was the catch it. I mean. It it happens all the time I mean it's really give it always tolerance of pain get lucky. And make a play center field yesterday he was waiting outscored notre because. He was he knew he was in the vicinity but he couldn't see the baseball and it gives you the baseball owners make a play and in so I ate I. I understand your point of view where it looks like a Major League outfielder going back he short of the warning track and it's right there should make that catch but he can't see the ball house of his fall. Chew it sunglasses on right and he did everything he possibly could he was in the vicinity was almost in the right spot if you can't simply see the base. Sometimes I would say that's just life IQ did everything that you could possibly do you just asked are you just made a mistake you were there at the right place right time so I just stayed up parts life. I believe it's an error in baseball and that's not. I mean it is most on a hot shot on the line in most dodge gets a glove on Damascus was that more of a hit or more of an error. I think it got to consider more of a hit because of the elements that were involved right there. While I understand is saying that hit the ball it's a major leaguer in the glove he's lacking in cash. But Lou when it comes to the sun and I've. Seen those on balls before I've had to try to catch similar balls like that and it's really really difficult and it's really hard to do like on. She is huge shoe makes that play 99 out of a hundred times. Probably 200 out of a hundred if there's no sun in his eyes at their feet player into the baseball. It's not his fault and it's not an error on him that's so it's just bad luck man just part of the deal it's the same. It's the same way on the chopper back to Jason Hill when the first game of that series got a glove on about a lot. You know royals you know that he got a glove broke up and down coached game change from there so assemble this on ball and sometimes it happens you lose. You could put the eye black on you can Wear the sunglasses you everything possible that if the ball is right in this and you can't see it then it's really really good look at. Two more things I would maybe played to maybe change your opinion on this. Sometimes we see in football but you can go perfect pass to a guy hits him in the chest. He should sit up in the air gets intercepted yeah that's an interception on you it's thinks that's interception did everything you were supposed to do but that is an interception. We see in basketball but sometimes you can make a perfect pass to a big guy in the big guy drops in the ball goes out of bounds. You still get credit or turn over it stinks that you've got credited or turn over. Needed everything you're supposed to do you came down the lane due to a perfect pass the NATO Lucas later Lucas though Indians dropped the ball goes out of bounds. I lost a lot of Missouri basketball that happens all the time. It stinks that its label to turn over. But that's a turn over if we can agree that this is the routine pop Y and the dodge drops the ball but it sounds like to. And on existing routine about the at the sudden your eyes in basketball. You see the ball coming. In football you saw the pass coming you knew where he had to be because of football's gonna be in that specific. Vicinity. This does suck her eyes so yes to me that's why it's not an error on issue and an and it shouldn't be an error on hand because of the sun. To get your opinion on this because we are on different sides of this as well. The royals continuing to be linked to different people JD Martinez. Was it named nick can Fargo from the Boston Red Sox as the royals cardinals and Dodgers. Seem to be favors the only Angie Martinez who was an impeding freeagent. In the tigers would only receive a fourth round pick in compensation. If they lose in two free agencies you would think it would be in their best interest betrayed JD Martinez and tigers are not going anywhere. Amy are gonna get that little conversation you probably get a little bit more on the trade market. I'm surprised that you're not in favor of this deal because to me this seems like and move right up the royals wheel house. Only you have season left on the deal no ties after the season if fills and area an error of need for the team. Anything help the only question I have with that is. Do you have to pay more because it's trading to a team within your division I by the tigers gonna charge the royals more than they were charged the Arizona Diamondbacks. Boy on the surface you get a abet that can help in this line of specially toward the bottom half of that lineup the deal makes a lot of sense to me. Well let me clarify and it's not that I'm not in favor. Of the royals acquiring somebody like Judy Martinez the guys that ninety home run 99 home runs in four years Detroit a look at that I'm right field. I would take that RT. I don't think it's a reality mean in Fargo in his piece in the Boston Globe boss role or wrote. A similar piece today and guys that will be traded he talks specifically about Judy Martinez in the royals were listed. All of saying is this I think the royals bigger need our arms it is starter possibly another bullpen arm a look at Judy Martinez absolutely. But I think the royals can afford them or willing to give somebody probably not. And the other part that is is that listen sit the tigers won. X prospect from the they want this. And they'll be able to control this guy for. Got those six years after yesterday. This could sting the royals downed line. When you make a trade inside the divisions say eat and I just don't name out there I'm just making this man say throughout their Foster Griffin one of the royals' best young pitchers. And the tigers acquired him they have for six years in Foster Griffin shelves it and crushes the royals possible that division down the line. I don't think it will make a deal inside the division and first and foremost. I don't think that's the the biggest need for the royals right I think pitching is the biggest need for the royals need a another starter. Now if you can somehow get your two arms and JD Martinez now or talk. Our code but Timmy the initial need is an armed and you've got to have that fifth starter you have to have it that's the biggest need for the royals right now and they get that. Then look at about. And in trades within the division to. You gotta be careful on those man you get jiggy Martinez for the rest of the season he's a free agent in May be that you don't sign him back. Analysts said you gave up a really good pitching prospects are good position player prospect becomes back to bite the road in the royals in the ass for years to come but that's Hillary's. Don't want an absolutely I think it's gonna happen no way. What helps some more. An impact back at the bottom half of their lineup or fist or that'll pitch what nine times between now on the into the season. I just I look at the royals maybe this is the difference and I agree with him messing it could you arm if they trade for a starter that can help before the fist or certainly not going to be opponents of the deal. But I'm just surprised now at a meet you more on this team doesn't need a bat when their last in the American League that runs and we've seen that they haven't had consistent hitting it left field that had consisting hitting it right field or DH they could certainly use another bad so you feel like JD Martinez is the guy that can step in and hit. To 75 to eighty give you a little bit of pop absolutely not turning out a way now in the division. It does bother you a little bit trading within its team with the division maybe they beat you with more attacks yet to give a better prospect and you want. But it's gonna be Ali and you gotta be all and we can't just keep creating yeah well I'm all it except for I don't wanna trade is a ball and it's up I don't wanna trade this. Aside from trading impact guys if you can help the royals for years to come. Guys like Josh down my guys like. Rom Odyssey junior size than that if your all and be Ali and go out and make the impact moves that you feel can really give yourself the chance to make the play do agree that the Rose Bowl limited. Tradable players and a limited pocket. I don't know if their pocketbook is limited enough in this deal. He's do probably six million dollars the rest of the season seems reasonable to me horse and it limited resource is to use to acquire players. And so prospect wise yes money wise I don't know how limited are to say did Gordon to me I don't know if they're picking up forty million dollar salary. JD Martinez's salaries seem like if you're all in something you should be willing to pick up he's he's he's. An extra cash on the but I'm not given up a place it's gonna come back and bite me in the ass for six years in the majors not doing that. Forgot with tiger I gonna do and marketing Gideon Foster Griffin Josh dom on. And then having to face this cat. You know for six years in the big leagues he costs you that you got to face these teams nineteen times a year. Inside your division so that's why I'm not only to get it up and if you have limited prospects you have limited resource to go. And acquired the players you need over the hump uncle after orange burst and it's not like there's just you it's not like. You know. This just fat wallet and unlimited amount prospects like at a 2015. It's different you have limited resources. I would go after a pitcher to put that rotation before I've laughed Judy Martinez absolutely. But it if if Wallace not thick I don't have a lot to trade with Judy Martinez is not the guy that I would go after it offers. I would just say trying to get army and everybody's trying to get all our liked it it it's not like inequality arm's gonna be cheap to date now maybe you can get high make Garcia who has a 45 ERA you can get him of from the clearance isle. Any arm that you feel legitimately puts you in the position to make the playoffs. But that's not gonna be cheap either so you're going to pay for equality is one way or the other day. In his ears right buyback on that little. The reason I think its home port for the royals starter is you don't have a guy that can eat innings and spare your bullpen I mean that's crucial especially down the stretch. When these guys have been thrown in thrown in thrown effort for the entire season. So if you get an arm now this at your opening it's a little bit more rest if you get a guy like. I'm Darcy though he's not the sexiest name if you pick him up and he sits on it. Innings than your bullpen is fresh on distraction and that's why I think it's that it it's so important you can arm instead of about. Up next breaking royals news involving savings favorite player I'm sure he will be delighted to hear this news necks on the draft. Sixty and Sports Radio. You hear Nady whose lives sixteen in Sports Radio. Mean that's one team and it's your chance to win a pair royals six its in the pot. Weeks. But first. Manning's favorite player finds himself in the middle of. Irons and I'm down Jorge and so player. Cromartie and I just burn here so layered needs to play every day. Any chance in Kansas City right now portrays a layer and Miguel amounted to Omaha Billy burns in net tally police. We York teens the city rule. Can't trust nuts but it of the field or Bonifacio has done a nice job right field but number two in the lineup they want speed went lettuce isn't. Solar has to be back. And doesn't get on base and can't play defense. Put it back down there all telltale signs of what makes a good baseball player really and and they might you might need some of yeah 471 foot home run it's a line drive. Way to go. This is not. The very good baseball player right now have put and a Belmont you know gets him better get some ready to go for next season. And in the rest of the time that the royals haven't and do it. Not help you right now is take a roster spot he's a dead spot and you muzzle put Brett Maas there. And setting them and the and that adds speed with Billy burns at the Major League level or seller but awful this year. He's been off I consider this good news is the guy from the show the predicted twenty home runs out of our insularity were very high salaries so why I why is that at some point if he just continue to just bash at some point of the way the ball goes wouldn't it twenties I just didn't know that it's when he home runs would likely come in normal in Omaha correct yes or is a layered Billy birds. Total royals the right there. The more solid play I'm like why is this guy oil. He's a power guy that strikes out. Not a great defender. Doesn't run out while. Doesn't get on base doesn't with the ball in play. So yeah it does surprise me and I just hope we get better in the royals. At least it's in value match extremely. I have two questions. First question. We are. 25%. Through the club control for more nasal layer yes at what point is that a Dayton problem. Because Dayton Moore. Had a valuable asset in Wade Davis. It going into it all in year. They get the same deal you could have gotten for Hosmer same deal you could've got four other guys on your team keep them all your team righted now. Try to field the best possible team that you could field you rather take the draft pick instead of the compensation because you think long term Miki dictate. You decided at the beginning of the season. Two I would say the support of everybody. Hey we got this power that would club control. The work with. Rusty cone still work with the guys and you'll be a productive Major League player. We can't even get on the scene that he can't get on the field in right field he can't go with it as a designated hitter he has absolutely no value to the big league club right now they traded Wade Davis all star closer. For someone who has absolutely no value in 2017. When do we reached the point with Dayton that that is a Dayton problem. I don't think it's this season but next season and 2628. Team with their to their team's gonna be a lot different. Or solar better be on the opening day roster or this gonna be some serious questions that need to be asked to date more in their front office about the byways and and how did you meet. This ban. I think every problems a date problem truthfully. They all I think than eight cars thing is a date problem. I mean in the two guys the trade in the off season. Wade Davis in and and Jerod Dyson so a solar can't hit the big league level can't play defense of the big league level. And make ours is done for the year of the rustic brassy callous and you can't predict injuries but guards that's an injury issues. And they traded to everyday guys for club control and so layer and cards. The pitchers right now. In my name when it becomes a date not a date would tell you that. Every problem is a date problem he signs off on all this stuff and right now if you look at the trade right now they messed now. Could that change absolutely. It changed a positive change who knows those guys struggle to added it was a soul is used 45. He's with the cubs rhetoric. You know so we can say he's only played a handful of games here in Kansas City the big East Asia be better than us. You know I mean solar got like guaranteed thirty million and uttering. And now I can't hit so you know some guys respond differently to cash in success others down. The thing about so layer and I understand the traders gala was made Wade Davis had our problems last year he's do a lot of money this year. In the countryside and didn't wanna pay traded him for what you thought was a power hitter on the plate on a championship level team. And that had panned out either so to answer question it to date problem now and an. All of home I don't think that it's over with stories shall I certainly going to get multiple sheets and there are getting rid of he's gonna be on the team. I just wanna know someone who is a Smart baseball wise is Dayton Moore how you miss this bad this early. So layer has never provided value for the royals out of any point. From the beginning of the season and he was hurt when he got you get all of in the line up you've gone back and forth and we don't talk about this enough you don't Wally Pitt. Port all of us yo has at least deserved to play right field every day now so we and burn say is. Race aware needs to play every eighteen in Kansas City. That's because they missive I waited on two players. They miss Avaya we don't weren't able to Fazio who should have been up here from day one I think we realize that a month into the season and this is their real best right fielder. He should be playing and they'd miss so far more able to our skis on or it's a layer. Who did has provided no value in 4070 I took the current roster a lot of credit. They have found themselves the 500 in in contention which they've gotten absolutely nothing for training and also are so far in Wade Davis they got nothing. It is not like or is allergic to forty with nine home runs just got hurt it got series against the twins they've got not the or basal layer and what they traded for Jerod Dyson. Got injured so far this season this team is probably what. 45 maybe six games over 500 if they just keep wade Davis and dried ice and throughout the course of the season then this is certainly not 500 because earlier this season whenever match from that is problems you would Ed Wade Davis that whose job in a rare bank debt moves Soria back your entire line up and make a construction is different you have those two guys. You roll the dice and so far you rolled snake eyes on two very big trade. Did the royals back and hustle and and it goes back to I said before and a royals executives only one time it was router on the draft a couple of years ago said how many guys you draft and sign carriers and between seventy. How do you plan on. On getting to the big eight out of that out of that 7200 players at the as all the time. You know I I think what you can say about the royals hit. More than they mess of course and and and that's that's where the whales are right now. The social thing is that Abbas to this point. A great that control. They can control and I just think we ought to especially in baseball is so unpredictable to predict that make charges gonna have thought to have the drastic outlet syndrome surge. I agree but one of the things you always say is anybody can say this team is bad but it's hard to say the why why those two big reasons why this team is so bad offensively is. Offseason move by date more design Brandon Moss has giving you very little dividend so far this year. Why they're so bad offensively they haven't had consistent play right field all season fossil that his job so for that he's been what you heard you were counting or Rory solar did you view of death of the pop. They've had a hole in DH the entire season yet they've had a whole based on the contract to date more played couple seasons ago and less fuel offensively like a lot of the problems offensively had been created by. Dayton Moore decisions now for playing the game of all the positive all the negatives but obviously you won a World Series their way more positives than negatives. But since they want the World Series Tony sixteen Tony seventeen yeah. I think it's not hard to say date is probably made more bad decision in deals out of the royals long term the good. Like you look at the Jason Hammel and we agreed that we could signing last minute. After O'Donnell but your deposits on I mean it's working together each inning and enameled solidified Dave I expect him. And he's done follicle agree but it's yet it's good enough. Like don't fees contract I would consider great yet that's ridiculous contract because you convinced they don't need to for get free agency that's a great moves and it's just it's it's fun yet you had to do it and it was an it was late do you wanna go branded loss. Loaded the dice and trade and you wanna go the way Davis trade those are three messes those are three pretty big misses. I don't know how anybody could break. That now that straw was gonna come out struggle right out of the game is that just killed early I mean that killed and you could argue and even admitted this that rush row Odyssey. That was a mistake it was so yes. The fact that they've made I think to this point you can say for pretty color mistakes. And the fact that they're 500 and got to be buyers here two weeks two weeks from today by the way is the deadline. Pretty they're pretty good considering amiss on the cell layer deal amiss on the cards do because of injury so far this on loss. You know and that's three pretty big misses and still be hanging around still haven't shot. Text size 69306. There's a text only gets you on the other side about how you can't fully attribute to sedate more plus. Gimme a minute of next with my message to parents plus fanning is found himself in new hero will tell you it is next on the draft. Sixty in sports reading. Line 69306. Reacting student royals breaking news staining its favorite player. And he used this hurt by the move Horacio layer well for more help him he is on the bus. No to Omaha or is solar has been options Omaha Billy burns back when you're Kansas City Royals excite 69306. I would look at this so much as they not or insulator. They're just other guys producing for the was a need to beginners so don't knock Dayton for having one of his players out playing. Another one of his players there all his players summer just producing more than others. I understand what you're trying to say. But I do think. What you give up in the resource is you put into a players do dictate your expectations. Now if Tyler bray is the chiefs' franchise quarterback. Is happy that you have one but the question needs to be asked somebody. So why did you change trade from 27 to ten to draft Patrick bulbs. If you knew they weren't able to Foss you could do all of this. I don't know if you trade. I don't know if you trade for more insulator but trade for something else if you knew what you were gonna have been were able to Bosnia it's clear that like a fossil or. Maybe that changes in a year maybe something happens aboard a Fazio there or isolate the play right field consistently but we all agree they're playing in one's ex. Plavix is gone terribly roll all season play a lot which was maybe have an option. Or it's a layers not playing well all Orlando's not playing well portable apostle bush is given a try. Even exceeded their expectations and is now there every day right fielder. I'm sorry trading for a guy in order basal layer that is it 1542. Home runs six RBIs. A kid get on the field that's not a bit more right. I can argue with you on that that's a knock on day. This straight so far has not worked. You know come to this season the whole thing was they didn't quite trust their pitching they do their bull that was going to be weaker and they needed out scores of people. That's what they categories slip that the fact that they didn't trust way Dave's obviously. I mean what is a look at his columns and articles reviewed yeah exactly yeah so Davis making ten million bucks issue. Play for the cubs next year's numbers unrestricted create. So wait Davis had arm issues last year. They trade him they got they thought it was a power hitter. The club control and it would cost four million I get the deal they well they got lost Idris morale as the when Brandon Moss another guided. You could count 45 home runs. Not doing his thing either sell. I understand the trade your ride is not working there's nothing you can predict in baseball so the moss deal social layer deal the cards deal that would work. And it's definitely a date that it considered to its on. What the bought stock to a man he is got to explain they here's what we did here's what we did it. And they work him out and sell it to the royals credit at least solar get out of here Willis we want somebody that can pinch run late in the game because right. We just sit there doing nothing. Get them pinch run. You can't put it in his defensive replacement he shares total output of an allotted to hit you candidate right now. At least get somebody you can use is no value to not enough to easily give army does give me a Billy birds can. You can put it in the outfield and he can pinch run for late gains. Billy Butler would probably have. He'd try it he or if I ever wanted before jubilant and six RBIs and eleven I hit it off the Missoula I think or so layers that he said he got about seven million more bucks a year. Coming up in at three minutes delegates of the pop quiz the first. Yeah might keep him in a little bit different today. I'm gonna give a message to all young ball players out there whether football basketball soccer whatever sport that you participated or listened to a feel good story out of the very careful how they've never heard it. Well not. Anger about it before this weekend. Heading into Nike buy DL which is Nike version of aid team he was averaging eight point eight. Points per game and shooting less than 30%. From three this week in the nineties heat in the biggest youth basketball turned it in the country. He averaged 22 points a game we shoot 50% from the field before this weekend started yet no major off. He left. Excuse me he left Atlanta with. And also from Arkansas Mississippi wait for Saint Louis George Washington Georgia Tech Missouri Wichita State Boston College you masking it as they in Illinois talk about a come up. So you kids out there that are grinding trying to work on game don't give up for you parents out there keeping courage your kid maybe your kicking me just like this. It reminds Decker I think it was like that 298. Ranked player coming up high school too and I think he's done our all right and that brings me. To mime it. I'm Seth Curry making forty million dollar two years ago. I don't shoot sixty. The American century class. The judge shot 68. Exploring the. He shot 68 play was just generally he's my new hero. I think he's unseated. Tom Brady. Out all of them George Clooney and mixed result he'll accompany her billion box huge movie star. Guys like that you would like to have Steffi is number one of my. Great athletes wanted to break golfers separate shot sixty aggressive into the celebrity golf. And it's 67 under god that's super long but 66. Days. Great golfer beautiful life. Oh he's just. Very many here. I don't even know if he'd be my number one means or in the NBA you rather be staffed courage and you upon. You know soccer what she 68 I don't care how much money you make yes where enormous shoes everyday which has to be a miserable existence LeBron. Close to worth a billion dollars he can't the broad issue sixty has more championships. All the game like I think that LeBron would probably be the best answer. No doubt heard a lot for right now. A lot of pressure the government. This team anymore that's why it's forty million is that in the best players one of the more like guys in the NBA he doesn't agree life. Shoot sixty. Extra things that period surely it is all well. It. It's like I'm sure that they're great issue terrible time it's going to be a good shot 68. Late pockets. It's of his shooting ability on the golf assets at a basket. Of two children there have been where blisters does it range balls and working on his five footers on the injuries at a busy. You know so it's like that multi talented that ridge and it champion at one of the best players of the world. Take that live in the Bronx he should just quit and he's just quit playing basketball you limited edition consistent 68 what does he like. Amazing sculptor. Least I'm sure he's a may. It. All mean NBA champion. And make that kind of money it's pretty great life. We can spot my. I'm going to wait. The pop quiz is bribes by victory Chrysler dodge and Jeep grand prize a pair of tickets to a future. Royals game Dublin highs for not tell me what was game is by Ellis tickets to a future royals game out of you know the pop quiz today heist very rusty today hit me ice. But. The big cute thing cute that. As a. If you know what. TV show movie whatever. I successfully a moving OK I didn't know. I did an awesome game set him on what is do you the last two weeks without struggle there could disrupt. Output beauty satirical as that coming up to miss the hall of Famer dating mad you enjoyed this talk about the week that was at Kauffman Stadium next in the draft. 610 sports. I.