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The Drive
Monday, July 17th

Hour 3 started with a conversation on Ezekiel Elliott and his latest issues before getting into whether or not the Royals can truly rest Salvador Perez. They also heard from Royals manager Ned Yost LIVE from The K and ended the hour with a few thoughts on spoiler rules now that Game of Thrones has started back up.


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Today. Day in the NFL's to drive hearings in Spain Keisler banks from Greece congratulations miles off to him. As he got mayor eat a couple of weeks ago happy to have high spec peak day in the NFL. We woke up this morning. The big news of the day. Was Ezekiel Alley. If you miss the story. Zito really got into an altercation in last night in a Dallas ball. They are different reports about the story but one or pork eons that he was defending the woman who he went to the clubs with honor. Or the woman he was at the globe with. Another patron or the DJ. Izzo you ask. Was it a little Mal in possibly he is he with his date Zito was not having that. It's the guy with the right hand slaps the guy. Obviously when you're one of the ten most popular players in the NFL and one of the three most popular players in that city you can't just hit a person and go unnoticed. As he Jolie is already under investigation for domestic violence you'll see what happens with that story. When I saw this today about his seats you Ali my message is very simple. If you'll in the position that as the Q a leads in wire used the one hitting the guy in not your bodyguard. When I start I would sued the suitable cult leaders it changed my opinion or went out you should handle it conduct yourself as a major pro athlete. If you make the money that these guys do in the brain and that these guys are why don't you just pay. 7580. A 100000 dollars you can hand of eight train police officer. Someone who's licensed the Cary with you all the time. So diffuse situations like this. Does he do Elliott I'm never gonna be the one hitting you with a bar now my main light hits you my body art might YouTube because I take care of that. I'm never going to put myself in these situations about a securely maybe Zito is a 100% right. Got walks up grads is dates behind Zeke well it's not that it hits I think a lot of guys to understand and sympathize with Zito Eliot Nass situation. What you gotta be Smart you got a target on your back towards millions of dollars you want the ten most popular players in the NFL you're all ready in trouble with the NFL. What are you doing in a fights at bars college students do not roll you should be above. It's this thing would this thing that I thought about I saw this story was simply that Ezekiel Elliott is developing. A resonate here. I mean we're seeing a little bit of a pattern of issue remember Ohio State news column the coaches that run the football enough. That became a big ordeal that he apologized. That his knee he's. No charges have been filed in the domestic assault thing with then and now it's a bar fight all right. After awhile. Making bad decisions becomes habit all right so this is two things now in the NFL as a pro. What. We like. That you saw that happen maybe it didn't everybody makes mistakes we can move on from that. Must he killed somebody. Or if he had one which we still don't know the whole deal on the domestic you know within two things are right I got my attention. Now this guy. It is willing to get the fight the bar and also potentially face suspension by the league for a domestic incident. Now he's on my radar that's two things. Plus what happened when he was in college so. It's usually better logic you gotta be smarter and you can't do I get it and is somebody that's my fiancee. We got a problem. Ezekiel should know better he needs to get out of there it doesn't have a bodyguard or whatever it is go you get out he's different he's not a normal cat. Like he can not be in that's a way in in that situation especially he's going through right now he's facing possibly two game suspension but it's got it. That meant listen don't put yourself in a situation or something like that can happen and if he got take somebody with you handle four. Yeah it's a size 69306. Sounds like he has an alcohol issue I'm not gonna comment on as the owner and I was gonna say I would assume at the club. Somebody who's really doing this to you via her or the person that you hit. It's impossible for me to think that all three parties were sober in this incident this of that church for a sidebar at a club there. I eight. We the suitable and basically it was Joseph hated Joseph and he had this guy named big. Big it was a police officer with the Cleveland PD he wouldn't pay them. To pay if I got to travel all that you come with me big guy licensed the Cary clearly can take care of himself nobody's messing with big. If something goes. The guy like no it's gonna mess with you in this scenario. So I just it's changed much and I distinctive these guys at the amount resources that they had you should take every cost my same take Tiger Woods when he got troubled about the always humid. Tiger Woods is work. 400 million dollars you should never be in the position to drive. If you or the person that is until early eighties and you've been in trouble there's no reason if you be out of the club by yourself now there's no reason for you to be the one doing the fighting. Now to go all Chris Carter you've got to have a fall guy in this the NFL is not suspend you for your bodyguard hitting somebody. They're gonna spend before you hitting somebody in you getting in a fight to gloat. But a very easy pace up and at the club my body guards who can be protected like that's why you pay him to be there. That you just got to be Smart enough to keep yourself out of these situations especially wing you know there watching for you. You're already under investigation you can be missing the first two weeks of the season against the giants of Sinai football and against the Broncos. You might be add two more games this by this incident because now they have grounds to make an example out of what anybody argue right now if they gave a particularly at a four game suspension how how can you art to it now you have trouble multiple times. This is a warning are right you are on our radar. Our eyes are on you stay out of trouble this Cecily if you put yourself in these in these scenarios and all these incidents that happen in a very short period of time with a securely. He's gotten smarter than he does have to be in if you can't. I at these guys on a pocket full of money. And they're an early twenties I understand that I get that part of you can't make that decision. Can't do is becoming a pattern when it becomes a pattern that becomes a real problem for the NFL at all like that. The other story in the NFL that is circulating today Kirk cousins has not signed a long term extension with the Washington Redskins. He has signed a another franchise tag deal. This season Kirk cousins will make 28. Point seven million. Dollars guaranteed. The Washington Redskins are doing a very poor job I think of letting information you know maybe it is the one doing it which building Kirk cousins coming back shooters they don't really care how they look in the PR battle. From their side they offered Kirk cousins. 53. Million dollars guaranteed in Kirk cousins said that he rather play season to season. Parred the blame with if you factor in and sign a franchise tag last season when he three point nine NE 28 point seven he will make. 52 point six million dollars guaranteed over the last two seasons from the Redskins. And that's not counting him eventually signing a long term deal with whoever resigns with. Big besides it would of the Washington maybe signs it was San Francisco Bay Eagles to Denver I know who worked for presents gonna go next year I would guess if Cisco. Kirk cousins is Hanley is the correct way. The NFL logic tells you to take the money. If they owe you 53 million dollars guaranteed over the next four seasons. You take the money that's a no brainer kind of deal but if you're gonna make them when he guaranteeing you don't like the organization you gonna do it two years in the direction you're gonna go in. Maybe that's not a bad play in it gets me to think that I think so many times the belief in the NFL has been your quarterbacks Contra is up you have no choice but the pain. Think about what that she stated that she could have the same plan would Kirk cousins the exact same player. We don't like you long term will franchise tag you'll franchise tag you would have kicked it came along they'll pay more in one individual season that we want to. No one wants that neither quarterback Tony eight point seven million dollars this year he's now the highest paid player in the NFL. But we know at the end of the season we have the ability to get out of his contract and we're not tied to long term. So really on both sides kind of hard to not to deal Kirk cousins will make as much money is these if it signed the contract. In the Redskins had a year to year freedom but sheets for better or worse were stuck this year without Smith next year they're not stuck. But this year they're stuck with Alex Smith it was in their financial interest to bring Alex Smith back for one more season. The Redskins have always had the ability to get a Kirk cousins deal that it makes him different than everybody else everybody else we've seen. You pay your quarterback because all that's which are supposed to do. What is up following that model when it comes to occur because isn't this what the Bronx doing what's in India as Dylan's that the ruled the big name guys signing one into your deals. It's essentially the same thing on T done. No those others I take advantage in the cap it is makes it different like LeBron signing a two year deal because he knows caps gonna go substantially so keep taken those deals in the when he consigned what's that curry discuss the courage to Simon yeah you can get signed a LeBron gonna Simon activists if. The Minnesota this is exactly what I do this is but she bought a superstar. So we make more in these next two years he makes basically everything that would have been guaranteed him for four year deal it has the option to go every once in a wreck. The Redskins have the option to a saying. Bit. The only person that I think has these as this kind of leverage quarterback though no running back was signed as you know running back would take a year to year franchise tag. I would say no pass rusher like Justin Houston just to be a port deal for him yet BA he is franchise tag he makes the money. The chiefs cut just in Houston is they can't be ability to cut just used and so I would say for every other position outside a quarterback. That's not a good playbook for quarterback is your Kirk cousins in Washington is kind of stuck in paying you it's not bad for either side. What if it's more quarter of our quarterbacks are gonna start doing this. Why wouldn't it if that's the most important position in all sports and you can make as much money into ears as you could have been a four year deal while they do. You know if they're off the franchise to have taken that every single time any kidney if your quarterback. If you make 53 million in two years instead of 53000000 and four years. But to me is a no brainer if you're that good and somebody wants to franchise tag in Italy eight million bucks. You're gonna have leverage when it gets done and even if you don't it is made 53 million in two years you've even if you get hurt so. You know or access so much leverage so much leverage on every single team. I don't understand why more don't do this third of the option the franchise tag on I'm surprised they don't do a what if they'll stop it will stop putting franchise tag quarter. I think it's just hard because in the NFL contract and I guarantee any easier to year you take that first twenty million dollars you break your leg. I don't know their friends are tagging you in next year that your value just isn't and Kirk cousins and he's taken some gambles on himself he signed a franchise that. And he thinks he's gonna get paid next to nobody that thinks they're not gonna get paid next year you take the 53 million dollars. Kirk cousins is banking on all right I'll take a 53 million dollars now these two seasons. Even if Washington doesn't want me this year they have to do something to trade me although San Francisco although Cleveland I'll go to somewhere else and then they'll pay me. Forty million dollars guarantee I Kirk cousins may had got a swindle this in the making ninety million dollars guaranteed over the last three seasons. Which is a pretty incredible deal coming up next. Is it possible for the royals to keep their word about Salvi. We explain how next on the draft. Sixty and sports. I'm. Floors thirty you'll hear from the manager of the royals Ned Yost lives from Kauffman Stadium. As the royals set to take Goldman team Detroit Tigers one of the teams that are clearly sellers in the American League. I think to Oakland are clearly sellers they've already traded pieces to the Washington Nationals. The White Sox do you play this weekend they are seller they've already traded parts way to trigger Jose can time into. The cubs and I think tigers are gonna be clear sellers one of the names that have been floater around eighty Martinez. Has a floater around the royals as a possible upgrades would hear from Ned Yost and he talks. Live from Kauffman Stadium coming up at 430 but before we get to that. I saw a story in the Kansas City Star is about sound horizon over the weekend the royals talked about how they gave Salvi more off days. Throughout the first half of the season to keep him fresh into avoid the second half slump that we've seen Salvi go through. Pretty much every season he's been up in the second half of the season I asked the question. If we think it's possible for the royals to keep their word was salvia about rest is I think a lot of times. We start over. Mike Tyson once and everybody has played NC get punched him. Every season the royals tell us how all. It's important keep Salvi healthy how we can't catch all the time now we know it's challenging because of who Salvi is and how is impact or arrest the team. But they understand they wanna keep him fresh and not wearing them they say that every single year. And every year we see in Saudi catches more games any other catcher in Major League Baseball. Now that you find yourself hovering around 500 and is this all in kind of season. Can you really afford to rest Salvi the same way you did in the first after the season you're telling me in late August. Against a divisional opponent your rest and Salvi on that Sunday because you're trying to keep them fresh for down the stretch this is for down the stretch. I think some of the things with Salvi artists a little bit inevitable. Salvi is just going to Wear down in the second half of the season because they're always gonna use Salvi more than anybody else. Maybe it's not trust injured chair maybe you haven't found that young additional. Catching prospect that you liked to have been there. But they've already dissent a president from Salvi the I don't know if they can go back on at this point well. They've done this year that they have a debt and years pass it by DH and when you Reston. It means he's not catching. You know it's so they DH shot me a lot more the first half of the season and it in the ever I don't remember Saudi media DH much. I don't you know Selby he's a bit of their cash here's the thing too with catchers and don't think people fully understand and I don't guys that have cop or girls have gone soft ball that takes a tremendous stole your body in terms your leg strength and all that stuff. I think that's. When the royals say we're gonna arrest and I think that's that they me a great DH him or not gonna play. And that's. You take so many. Miles and pitches and everything all the catcher's legs that's how you arrest. Didn't Ford batch run on the backs two of those formats. That's rest Purcell. Now I think he's gonna completely bench him now. Down the stretch that's what they DH him in the first half of the season. I mean that's technically arrest gave herself a mean set it was supposed to be governor pinch hit that. I think that's what they mean I think that's the difference in the plan this year vs last year excel he's only been at eight games and believe up to this point right around. But he has DH to believe there your catcher I mean that's the rest and get it taken foul tips off your shoulder and have a have been down for. A 170. Pitches a game. Not have to make snap throws means that to me is resting Salvi and I think that's the differed approached the royals have taken in the first actually can't keep his legs fresh for the second. Yeah I understand I guess I just ask. Do we really think that the one or two extra days that they gave Salvi in May is really going to be huge help down the stretch that if you're still anecdotes I'll be more than everybody else. You still got them out this mean this week it's gonna be the hottest week of the summer everybody tells you. Gonna be a hundred degrees every day. Soundly out there catching I don't know how much how valuable ones that you just gave Salvi a resting catching the one day may have had and DH how much that's really going to help you down the stretch if you're going to use him in he's gonna take the punishment that he does. Or how much of it is just running back syndrome. Never really great player and south. Now you'd like to people rested but it's hard not turn the ball around and give it to Larry Johnson 300 times a season but I just wonder if there does. They've got the mindset there is gonna use out into the use a lot. And we won't know the full extent of it. Until southeast 2930. And then you'll sport the scene did. The drastic decline in his production but now odd is I I feel that date has gotten this mindset of more times than not they'll use Salvi and they should use them he's got a really good job holding up he's never had a real serious long term injury that kept him out for a substantial amount of time. Bet once August starts in its really money time and it's. And that it's two months left in the season he's planned this obviously every single day than that pointed to me you kind of lost the value of resting and in the early part of the season. That that decline is just going to happen because it's obvious gonna catch a 130 times this year. And if you combine that the day jobs. And in sit in before that I think you'd be surprised how much how refreshing how much better. How much longer guy the last over the course under 68 season coming up next we hear from manager Ned Yost live from Kauffman Stadium the manager lives next draft. Sixty and sports. While my name is Edgar Frederick Yost right. My nickname is now so they called me Netgear which was that happen as happened. I mean yeah they felt. Moments fairly. The main answer. I was going to stick on the four game series against division while unrivaled in front tigers. The tigers won the war seems the American League in their. Sellers in EAL. I would say one of those. Got to win situations you at least need to split series against the Detroit Tigers winning it obviously would be I. Get tickets metaphor for these guys that'd be huge we're talking about salad segment see that. Outside about DA GM can rest him a little bit. He's DH ten times this year he. 2016. Only twice in 2015 and and so like deadly that are not. You know helps a little errant air over the course of the season I think we'll see Seve DH probably a little bit more down the stretch of. I agree I guess I mean. There's no arguing that it yeah did that that they've done a better job there in the first half of the season are they gonna do ten more games the rest I don't think so after the event I mean I. Your joint man to be dating maybe the games in April and may may not catching games when it's 98 degrees outside and now you've been bending down. Or the last three months the rest is obviously ideal and much needed I don't know how much it really gives you that boost over the top. In September win everybody's tired at that point everybody has broken down this year. In September you're used up a greater role anyway I think it's getting through that the rest in July. And and get into the dog days August I think that's when you say that a little bit and I think it'll pay off that she remembered he shot is down about two point out right now. And you walk us through the decision. Russ whatever just a decision solar and deliver. I just didn't make any sense heaven Celera bears not plan I mean these justices. You know he needs to continue to play and you're looking at the schedule of the lefties come and outrageous plan once or twice a week. You know just assistant didn't make any sense you know there needs to get down it's get a bad things continue to develop. Because you know I personally feel that somewhere down the line he's going to be up as a note type of offensive player he's got that power. He just needs to continue to. To have bats need to continue to develop and not have some success. And eleven off of us now. We can pick from Philly and if we you know it's a way that is. Coming on here. We need to get low came a day off. You know we have we're covered in center field. I don't formulate our roster right formulate a schedule like we won't get on the field the next three days and try to conserve energy. We'll just do our you know our pregame stuff in the case it's a lot cooler. You guys out here for an hour. Things. Because of the heat. Don't really. Manipulate the roster because of the way. It was an all star break in their bed and convince some times you and tasted victory before yesterday does that wind just how what happens and it. Recharge the batteries here. I don't know recharges the batteries or not it definitely makes you feel better. You know let's give a little. Get a little grumpy there was a five game losing streak and try not to. It just happens. To catch a break and when a ball game like that was it was good for. Yeah. This week here comes that seven in the division games the importance of good behavior neighbors everything so yeah. We just play it mean you guys always talk about the importance of the weekend's important is today. You know we got again it is so boring and I even hate talk and you know right today talking about the importance of today and I mean that's the reality of we got to stay focused on the day we can't worry about. Six days from mountain and what's gonna happen now we'll bunched up in this division. Nobody's home and away from it and nobody really separate themselves and you know our focus has got to be coming out and one and a baseball game today and and taking care of the business day by day and that's how you get through. It's hard. His ability to command his pitches I think very very consistently. Tremendous change up the ability to change speeds. His ability his ability is just for a day dinner time. And all that goes into. Always been so successful. Yeah. Yeah. I wasn't that surprised when you watched his rehab and now grueling that was and how seriously it's okay. He was in tremendous shape you remain he didn't take any time off continue to work really hard and then spent a lot of time in the bullpen day just refining. He knows. Love that stuff. You know his his delivery was as beautiful as it possibly could be and and all that hard work's paid up. Is Vargas far enough away from that. That's surgery to where there isn't in innings limit busier need to save bullets within. Mom mania. You always watch and you're always watching an innings and guys especially after coming back John. There's really no way around that I mean he's got a new Opel which you still can't you know hounded to death. So on me or we're doing everything we can keep an eye on that monitors. Continuing to evaluate. There's no number. You just doesn't sound now we haven't discussed a number of I mean there's been times. You know. If it was a regular scenario we would push him another inning during the game or cut back trying to save those innings. You know now. We've done it. A number of times. You know to make yours that you know we can keep them. Go on for as long as I possibly can. Good. Yeah. That was Ned Yost live with the media today I thought he said something that was pretty pointed there. I understand that the team can't think about it in weeks in segments the way that we can and obviously their focuses on data de. But I think that dead in Dayton in the front office realize how important overstretched in the cities you have seven games this week against senior division. In two of the four worst teams in the American League. Is they very important stretch obviously you wanna win today and then after you win today you wanna win tomorrow. But I TDs this human nature to look at this segment of games at home and more importantly the next ten game seven at home and three on the road against the tigers. Oh realizing how important of a stretch this is your team I think Ned talks to his. It probably does but I mean truthfully that's our job and not enough there's a minute they start that are customers think about. Tomorrow or the next day then he's not gonna be great tonight that's their there job is to focus on that Andy reaches an all the time. Task at hand and got to focus on the task and if they don't. If they shirt they get a week after on the line then they got a shot managed to focus on. I did that sue but I mean I. Not to compare our job to their job but yeah during football season I think about the Friday show could be playing for the funny show it dozens in my idea be to get ready for Monday's show. I know the show's going to happen and I know that it's also very important show to my need to be prepared for that show. Obviously the royals got to take care of business today I think they understand the importance just like did it on the road trip yeah I think they thought hey this is the big road for us wanna try to come home six in every. We wanna try to come home seven and two I think a very similar message has to be delivered. This one not that they're completely out of it and themselves that they of this was this home stand. But he talks about how bunched up the American League central with extremist separation. One way you rate that separation is beating teams like the tigers and the White Sox these teams are not good. I'm not gonna hear any well we didn't have dusty pitched twice in this or no. You need to take care of business at home against these two teams need to finish at least or and three I would say five in two with a great stretch against these two teams at home. But I will not accept a losing home stand against these are against this. I mean they realize right there and that's a big series we need to win that seers and they did. And I think after that the way they set their pitching up against the Rangers I think he understood that because remember. You know the main starters and sell. You know right until the you know become the all star break you guys set up a me Danny Duffy was going to be on six days' rest eat it appears that ultimately getting that you know they. They waited a long time to name their starters in that Rangers series that they do understand. How big it is alligators sit up that was just road trip was which basically turned their season around so. She understand I understand. This stretch I just think as as pro athletes I'd. Don't think they can I think. And probably dad's saying is that they can't let tomorrow effect today to make sense like they can't let. The rest of it whatever you can't be thinking about Wednesday and you know it's there which can't think about once again starts in the circuit in full threat mode. For a tonight and you can't worry about Wednesday and Thursday and Friday he can't Wear about the you know the White Sox Kelly yeah or thing that stuff I mean it's hard not to look at the schedule today here's what we got here's where we are in the standings but. On I do think players do. A better job I think we understand just not a good paying attention to what's going on stand and ultimately he does are game about reeling. I mean that they don't they get locked into their own thing and I think that's what that meant. I also took away department was asked about horse race a layer of he thought he could be a Miguel's and no. If you don't know whom he goes in though is he plays for the Minnesota Twins he's a DH third baseman right fielder a little bit of would do everything guy. This season he has 21 home runs 62 RBIs leads the Major League Baseball and strike us as a list. A 124. Strike outs and adults that know a B just started the second half of the season so he is going to have a bunch of last year. He had won 78 but. He strikes out a lot he is getting to seventy which when he won home runs and 62 RBIs. I would be a little bit. Disappointed if I was the royals obviously. And those younger than Horry is a layer and a much better player then is well expects that no student who quipped yeah I know he's training to be a thirty homer 100 RB I got this season he has 21 home run biggest thing it's on target he gets in ninety. We all would take thirty home runs in 90 RBIs this morning it's a layer especially he's getting it to seventy the waste and always. Right now pour gasoline doesn't have a place in the big leagues if he was a note at least be on the team at least in you find a place for solaris older residents and no it doesn't really have a place or your. Roster. Brought that affirm. I think one of his weekly things Fries memorize it I said. As additional layer compared Miguel snow over a plan now over. As Dayton Dayton thought that was a very good comparison. If you guys remember this or not it was last year when the twins weren't towns and so basically cost the twins this series playing in right field. And so I'm like OK when it big strong home run hitter. Bad defender now that his tweets and though it's a layer only put solar author like Elsa knows a decent third baseman didn't put above there. So they're. I don't think you put. Solar audience I would trust him. What I take those numbers absolutely. I still think it's a great fit for compensated now. Take a hundred RBIs thirty bonds 170 some odd strikeouts scares. Me in income and stayed I don't like. I can I mean I don't on the US strike Obama's new stadium but. And if the guy's gonna strike out how much a beacon it to 72 ways and Alex and probably gonna lead the major leagues in strikeouts should he does right now. Man I'll take the strike does it forget it get on base in. His on base percentage is 368. It's not he's not a productive offensive player he just hits and outs differently or it's out differently than you'd like for two. Thirty home runs I think is gonna executed 21 right now and 85 games I think he gets to. Up thirty home runs this year 62 RBIs Leahy is an ascending offensive player. You can live with that the flaw of the strike outs if he's gonna be that productive offensively or is a later he's giving you strike out stop any of the production this like a whole bunch not getting on base not really doing a lot of other things. That help you win coming up the biggest TV show in the country debuted last night. And I think we need to explain spoiler rules are no campaigning next to address. Sixty and sports. In great. Traffic flow all the places earlier than usual for us now that I could find Canada for my 635 interchange south to 67 street the south side of equipment and triangle including sleep well until 1235. From a golf ball went into the moral road stopping go traffic there also seems pretty slow stuff on eastbound I 7235. History. Who sponsored by Consolidated Communications. But what I have been created and Internet always managed and hosted clouds and iTunes services Consolidated Communications upon fiber network gives you power to improve. 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I just wanna do to have this conversation. You. About spoiled because for me the list view because someone on the tax line. Says. Game but it has reached lives sporting events that if you don't watch it then it's your only fall if you tell somebody sports. This is what I think the rules should be for game throw game and I'm a nine watcher of game at throw but I believe this or in Asia. While it's going owlen. You're able to talk about it in the and it is up to use that's not participating. To beat off social media. If you know game comes on at 7 o'clock on Sunday now and you're not watching it closure at dinner. Why are you on Twitter during the time. Porter is I've. They're talking about things that are currently going just like a sporting event. If you DVR the game because he had to beat your kids recital you can't be on your phone if you don't want to score revealed to you. Box up the phone or a little bit in the and you can come back later in watch. That's my rule and that would say starting on Monday regular sport oval rules exist you can't beat the guy. At the office today going up page you see what happened on game at its end and say what happened. Now you say hey did you watch given drones and they say yeah I saw gains for the rules don't apply you can talk about it openly with everybody. But all of Monday. You gotta walk in says the office. With the belief that no it has seen until they confirmed to you'd. This hosts are complicated. This whole spoiler in earning. Such thin skinned about the spoiler rules. To watch or not that luncheon OK you don't it's that owns a gallon. But it's really that easy but. To be fair you have always been the best it's boiler rules you don't watch him would you do lots and other very popular show Walking Dead and you spoil this for the listener you made an analogy. AM I don't watch the Walking Dead you. According to the tax line Dave something in the season finale in the season finale was just two days ago it was don't go watch this show when it's on its season finale it's not just like one episode and it's the breaking season but alleys on Sunday night. I'm asking if you violated spoiler rules first I think it's fair. Asked you what you'd thinks the rules are I do watch murder. If you had told me the end of two days later I would be upset so I understand Walking Dead is being upset. Based on the information that I. I have I I would rule. That you violated sport of rules I'm not a lot in this day and that's what it was core two from now on a late 48 hours I get the forty. Duke early forty. Made 48 hours does it was on it it's 8 o'clock on Sunday so it is already tomorrow Europeans will absolutely. Show me. Are you following that same line here here's the thing 48 hours or tomorrow. The latest releases an exit back. OK I think there should be exceptions for the first. Episode of the season in the last. You know like of the middle. It's not that big of deal gonna be talking about Casey that she episode three season of the Walking Dead now. But what it is big build up to eight years this season finale Walking Dead this season finale. A game of runs typically people are gonna do with the kid to see this season finale when it happens. So odd sport oral on the first one and maybe on the last metal. The about a legitimate. Ask you this could you and I have both seen the new spider me him yet. Do you have a different spoiler rule for the move. Because there's a big twist in the Spiderman movie that someone told you yet it would and you enjoyed that what you saw in the yet Peter when you finally see the big twist in the movie. That's thanks once it's would you wanna go in there and have that same experience and I would want a cheap and anyone else experienced some estimates excellence at if you love the show watch live. I exactly what showed why I love that I talk about all of this station all the time that I have watched for seven years. There's a lot lawn over let's go that I never watch lawnmower lines. I never watched a lot of all are anyway I always like include and then I can fast forward and watch it on my own time. I'm watching within reason I don't watch it in the next few days but I never wants longer lives but no one that would sit through. All these commercials when I just have your ability to wait thirty minutes. Andy and I can you started a little bit later than everybody else like in fast ward of the catch up or I it is what hour and a half and I can watch it on my own speed. So I don't know if that applies anymore we DVR and now a majority of it's not everybody. A majority of us now have the ability to. Laws record fast sports held. Send your illogical logic you know if it's a season finale it's going to be talked about or if it's the first. First episode indices and the people are going to be talking about a social media and into those that do you really wanna see. On time lot wanna watch I get that so. Listen. All all abide by this for the rules what we say 48 hours even enough for you unless he does the rules I don't ruin it for somebody on. Different like I'm getting all fired up and angry at somebody rooms and I got. My life doesn't revolve around a TV show on not gonna get pissed off at somebody accidentally slipped and tells you what happened a little logic any side is different eyes on the it's a big deal. I got even a big deal about spoiling Netflix shows like I need until it back into the house apartment to watch is it being hot at the same time. Pretty conscious of spoiler yeah. I'll do my best to be more conscious I just think people are too thin skinned about that so I was just curious now with the start of game throw my lot you see among the popular show on television. Just curious were you were did you change your mindset I'm Michael look into the finally have a that are like spoilage to future. I have watched like fifteen seconds. Ava rose and I saw like theories and dragons and stuff. I do is assays are by the watched a game road. We all something that's really stupid yeah. I do your show is different stupid and everybody else by these people like all what you want to dumb it's not real sure about dragons got to shortstop when he died in that resurrected. Rosie and light and a what you watch is stupid to. It's just a different birds and a stupid we all watch something to somebody. That is stupid coming up next biggest stories of the day involving. Another important stretch from the royals and I can the royals ever break out of this average plus. The national cotton. The national cats contest is back. Watch Chrysler misspelled word next.