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The Drive
Monday, July 17th

In the final hour, the guys play the hits, talk Jorge Soler being sent down to Omaha, discuss the possibility of JD Martinez as a trade target for KC, and end with CDot wondering if he did the right thing at a restaurant he visited over the weekend.


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Dry and royals baseball on how hot it's. Sunday afternoon in Kansas City the royals and the Rangers wrap up a three game series are you should just moments in the dirt. Maybe right center field in pursuits. Napoli hits it high in the air left center field deep. McCain is back. Is that the wall game is gone she just. Over the wall bricks game tying home run. For Mike Napoli here's the 10 pitch. So why not drill. Deep over the left field. Those at bats against Darvish and now he swings. Blue sedan to shallow right field that is down for a base hit. Since. The wedding ride as time with nobody out of three hit game for basketball and now would you want this long gone lifted her right field goal. The sign up for. And sun. And when. Days. It's tough. Missed the ball gets up in the sun it's just hard to get pieces just didn't come out. Lorenzo had three or four balls out there I think where everybody's holding their breath he you know slaughtered off to medical. I guarantee Harrison. Won't think so being right there crusade. Congratulations on the night at five thank you so much soliciting is a drive here is being Iceland back. After its two week vacation slash. If the beautiful weather increased bid Chrysler has decided that. I'm coming back to work ice look of love vacation package to you can't just take two solid weeks off. Obviously I'm and I need to. Work with. Worked together to get the same kind of aid don't have that kind of apparently that's true yeah I mean I also got married in the process that was not in Greece for the full two weeks there for maybe a little over a week. Regardless. You're a few holidays you try and move some things around. Either way. That vacation package I am clinging on to there's not going to be a lot more days. Well congratulations to heist sex line 69306. And some positive vibes isolated text I could use of positive energy. Direct that in the direction of big ice a lot of things get too. In today's hits a lot of big stories locally a lot of big stores nationally at any one thing unionized. These other big stories of the day the city I've been reading that moment all of my. We talk about them every day at five. I noticed the spot. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and my monument in Greece but it. So the clock would roll around I go to ground and it's got to the the eighteen greens that are in this state it again you don't lie guys along and now it's pretty bad as it was terrible. And it. The other thing is that I feel like I didn't miss anything is previous two weeks because once again the royals shockingly kick off the head to the right around the 500 mark. But this series over the weekend could have been very tough. Aron Ralston hot weekend it became its quote man for man mission seemed shoe was blinded by the light. And now the Q1. Swung on and lifted her right field going back his June. With a sign up Friday. That is our guy Ryan with fever on the call her right here on six cents Sports Radio your home for royals baseball. Instead he surprised me a little bit earlier today we are talking about the series that you mentioned this earlier today. Why does this series feels like flee. Off tight baseball or it just felt like plays were magnified in this series we saw some tougher at bats from guys drawn walks. He had a little bit more discipline at the plate. Pitcher's duel in game two between Danny Duffy Cole Hamels. Yesterday the sun ball is what was the deciding factor in the game a bit of the first game of this series you know Jason in Atlanta note though. It got broken up with a chopper backed him off his glove leather and and the game changed and that it just seemed like a more magnified. Well version of the regular season and both these teams knew coming into the series they want to separate themselves from each other they played like it this is a wasn't a series against the day's in May. These were two teams fight for a wildcard and it was much more intense based on I'm not gonna say it was a playoff. Atmosphere decay like the wild card game like the playoffs I just thought the level and intensity of the baseball itself gave me a little bit of a playoff field. You and I both looked at the staining the kind of came away with the same conclusion the American League is so bunched up right now on net talked about that today. It is media availability that these next couple weeks are about creating that separation. So I did feel the instance he got your talking about you did understand that both of these teams are fighting for the exact same thing. I don't know if the rules are gonna win the American League central I think the Indians are gonna win it. And they're gonna end up fighting for the wildcard I know the Rangers were not winning the American League west. Because the Houston Astros have their fighting for the wild card. That you know these games just had a little extra importance they kind of felt like divisional game because how important they work this weekend at coffins they. Also liberals and number two in an eighty plus posthumously. But I talk to you guys about how he believes coming off the paternity list. They Billy burns the outfielder being called up I even tell you about the deal Monty being sent down a. But instead it. We will focus on one Brad standings guy or he sold player being sent down to triple A Omaha for the second time this year. Adios to his pregame press conference earlier it's game her right here on six and Sports Radio you talked about their decision to send solar down. It also is a missile of very high hopes for hit it or pay. I just didn't make any sense Evansville. Here are not planning menus just to. Now he needs to continue to play and you're looking at the schedule the lefties coming up in just. Plan once or twice a week. Justin didn't make any sense it's get down here that fascinates continue to develop. Because you know I personally feel somewhere down the line he's going to be a personnel type offense flair he's got that power. But he just needs to continue to. To have at bats need to continue to develop and not have. Some success. He remind you Miguel's you know was one of the participants in this year's home run derby number three hitter or the Minnesota Twins but. And now the royals obviously still have it console hair question is do you have. But solar can fix this eventually it Majorly up not this year I doubt any choice play toys and games with the royals this year is 34 strikeouts it bought it for. Get two home runs six RBIs. Isn't is it is a bad offensive player right now. On there's no doubt that he has power. And he's believed that are even worse defensive player that he is an opted to play that he showed some flashes so. Yeah easy easy easy ride the bench can't put it will not as you know trust him to put in the in the field of play defense unless they're forced to the National League park. On a kid it right now so the best way sports is down. Sit down bring Billy burns up so the issue of the pinch runner late game or god can throw the outfield at least end and have confidence it. Control of for a few more years I understand the trade for Wade Davis again it. But he's not doing at the big league level he's at his opportunities he needs to go down and it was a right decision. Two things day haven't really come awful lot of royals conversations that surprised me. Number one I would say that the royals are 500. Essentially. Skipping away. Wade Davis allegedly seventeen seat maybe they get so the more easily or when he eighteenth showing nineteen point point point seventeen at gateway Davis away. They've given dried ice in a way why they think fits very well with this team as we've seen in the past number two weeks. Our lease or easily or just wins the right field job next year. They already have bring them on cited as the DH I think he's gonna get another team I don't think it's gonna buyout bring Hamas conflict at the start of next season. Maybe it's another platoon situation as they tried but fort Bonifacio has won the right field job while he yeah. Lost his job and injury Bonifacio was given at scenes because mores are always a layer was down. Apollo in a struggle the first after the season they kind of tribal in the Oscar winner will see what he got it you got an everyday big leaguer. Horrible fonts it was this team right fielder will be easily your team even get on the field right now is not that often that date more miss is as bad as he's been so far the first here this deal. He straightaway is organized to deal with the. All this to be the case or not or solar 2012 cent a nine year thirty million dollar deal. From Cuba he's got arraigned. What's guys get money. Things change because or isolation be a better baseball player that he is right now he should be bouncing up and out 25 years old. From the minors to the big league stories of their needs to be better and I hope he is if not the royals gave away for nothing. Number three. Text inability to its excellent 69306. Front and and Boston he says what standings that is not true at all. It's not now Coca completely missing here and a I know he actually wrote panda. In Boston's that's not true about players off it finally it. Today goes to the NFL isn't spent just a weird offseason for the NFL and it continued today with Carolina Panthers one week before the start training camp. A fire the general manager Dave scandal aside and set Adam Chester ESPN tweet this outfit for GM's this year since March in hand. They're four GM's fired from march through July in the last five years I'm that wacky policies. But we've seen a few players come out in support of the firing of Dave government including former Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams and call them snakes. And it started come out in support of the firing of GM more guys speaking out. Wendy's had some things happen when they move from team to team I think Jeremy Maclin and voicemail situation with John Dorsey. So let me ask is does this it'll feel like what happened to John Dorsey in Kansas City area is this just a completely separate issue. It feels a lot like what happened to John Dorsey. It shows me that the NFL has this will win by any means attitude towards the players enough from office. Players rarely just get cut because people don't like him on the team if they are as productive as John Dorsey was in the general manager for the Carolina paint. Both took over and organizations embed teams. But it is GM got into the Super Bowl John Dorsey Nestle the house helped solidify this organization and has made them a perennial playoff team. But the PPG and obviously different that what happened would force used was a well like messed up the cash. Rain also popular players in these bidding DeAngelo Williams. In just Norman you're done out here I don't care that you or sixteen games over 500 in the last three seasons we don't want you around anymore. That general manager people very few of them have the job security that players have players it's all about production. It's all about cohesiveness and distraction all that kind of stuff GMs do not afforded that luxury. Well I think what players do you know they're gonna be gone three to four years no matter what a lot of similarities here. John Dorsey 4321. As the chiefs GM the animal was forty point three and one is the Panthers general manager both owners said. We're not really did tell you why. Well I think I think there's a lot of similarity talked about the players that are along with the Panthers I'll maintain this and I'll believe it. Nobody's gonna be able to talk me out of this thing. Erik Fisher and and and tardy got paid. Houston and bear had to fight their guts out to get their contracts those guys got literally your best players did not. You can't tell me it's not a coincidence when those guys are at voluntary MTA is just can't tell me that. That's part of it you start irritating and this is not your best players and they cut Jeremy Maclin and tree gym all the way you did that resonates with that'll locker room. And once that happens and it happens to many times the GM's got no matter what the record itself. Lot of similarities. I think between John Dorsey and elements fire. Delisting during the commercial break for a clip of comedian Jim gaffe again. And you can win a pair of tickets to see him this Thursday night out starlight B Colin conversational your sound your clip. Editor Colin embassy shall win those pair of tickets during the next commercial break I wanna get back to the royals in the near the top story of the day. Which you talk about. What happened this week and are your favorite player Norris a layer is there's no player and it takes a few bad. Are you just isolate the way people think I disliked team in making its way people think that I do I go back and forth their pain because that's part of the rivalry and that artists boards. Having ill will towards Kansas this is fun to go back and forth. Legitimately. And and angry and turn red earlier today of the back a girl that we were talking about. Wins the most upset and frustrated you've been with your favorite team. Got to go through and I was telling my story I appreciate you allowing me to have a little bit there picture event a little bit. And I said this audio clip right here. What is the most disappointed I've ever been with the university of loser. For us. It's. Are high so please leave that from the system so that's the most frustrated I've ever being with losers they were to seen. I remember I was gonna go to next Sunday's game in Omaha probably a reason to worry about gonna be Norfolk state is on the other a second round. They didn't I never got to see that team play and up until now there has been very little to be positive about what Butler basketball. That's the most frustrate an ever been with loser. You said that it was port hazel layered diving for a ball in right field now you'll our frustration in this likable or nasal later. Is that a Hal McRae. Question about. I don't expect this is in and preface this by saying it to see eight or face a layers and individual rode back on the golf cart was in the spring training very nice man. Right on on strictly talking about is stuff on the field that sit. And I was given I gave this guy a bunch of chances am IQ of one slow start spring training figured out he's got pop. Hurt to start the season all right now we got to back now gets about. It hit didn't it didn't hit and my breaking point he got was against the Orioles in a 32. And with two outs. Any ball into right field it about cost his team the game when they needed to win one the most. I have very little. If any patients. For major league baseball players with really bad. Baseball accused Matthew's question analysts found out. Allowed you to cook I broke my sixty inch television I think it was through something I just one I his wanna ask you this question. Even roads and your entire life Brewster and her favorite team that is so you. During the nineties in most of the 2000 yes. I assumed were frustrated with the royals they were a bad hopeless they found love and hope was please organization they finally turned things around. If I ask you wins the most frustrating you've been with the royals it was more isolated but I think yeah my theory is something happened in surprise you. Rise and 67 weeks I think this is my tomorrow I'll email contest and see what other people's the area code why you're so recourse does this act. Do you ignore excellent enough drinks though we did big with the buffalo wild not true it to a local spot fake as you they had a ninety dollar ten. Your share and again you're sharing appetizers are not strangers sharing drinks hash that figure is again you've been solved or isolated and not leave it sit. Now and that frustrated you so much that you were able to know asked that no AA you have a personal dislike for not acting. That's why do you. Part of the biggest reasons why what frustrated me is because what my favorite things about these great royals teams over the last three and four years is it they've been so fundamentally sound. They were like boa constrictor man once it right around you you're gonna die. And you're gonna die a slow death it is they will not make stupid mistakes. And I saw this guy make stupid mistake after stupid mistake and that's not this team is this is not what this royals team has become. It's not what this franchise is known for. And now lost weight Davis. And we are right fielder that dives for a ball in the ninth inning of a one run game with two outs. That doesn't happen in my old manly. And sell ice at all I think. I think my frustration was is that I felt like it that moment I felt like the royals were selling out for power. Instead of fundamentals and fundamentals. And athletic as Susan was what one. Baseball games in Kansas City it's what got to the World Series twice it's what won you one of being Smart being athletic making great place. And I felt like we were going down a bad that when you got to put a guy in right field out there we've seen nor Nokia there. Lousy outfielder we've seen Alex Rios. Not a very good outfielder I can tolerate those guys. I could tolerate those guys is they can hit. That you do things nor put the ball in play he put pressure on the defense he did those things Alex Rios could knock it out of the park he he shored up his swing you to put the ball in play. Or racial or at least to this point it hit any place really more fundamental baseball and I just felt like okay this is where rebel. After these great three and four man. We got this thing turned around Kansas City got fundamental baseball or Smart or more athletic were all these things and African guy. For a ball and it's 32 game and bought and getting with two outs. I just felt like I knew this was Colin and I did like it and I about on my TV. Hypothetical. Taking calls now. And say these were stuffed in front office were in two different era this is extremely high that I know this words different where in two different spots about Maurice. Any as a steeler radio like you're takes it. What do you think we should do with Torre solar what would you tell. Well first often look his contract do you owe him. He's making three million this year. Four million the next three years it's not a whole hell lot of money. I would say you're buying out of the deal already built on the other cabinet I I thought I was off my back again. So it doesn't like crazy girl cat crazy broad category every guy's. Don't wanna date. With a crazy Europe and your buddies can say don't do it and she's freaking nuts shall enter your bank account she'll drive you crazy he's like she. That's the way I think teams to look at or nasal hair. All this power look at all this power he has six or eight ciller has some guy. I think if you work the right trade and you packaged him in there he's affordable yet club control for the next three years I think you could trade. I think he can work him on the back into the deal as a sweetener to get a guy you want that's what I would do because again affordable. Four million a year for the next three years. And he's not a free agent till 2002 point one that's what I would do. Do you think that he saved mobile because. The club control is a big reason why you traded more easily yes yet the four years. We can agree you are one of has not gone very well now what you just said. He's due twelve million dollars and not this season which nothing nothing in baseball terms if you can turn it around. I agree with you. You can take someone would take Corey is a layer Roland gain if he gets fixed. I don't think it's fair to keep in mind he's only played. What he nine games that's our oil. So. Impossible for him to turn things around is not unimaginable he could turn Ingraham that would say that trading Rasul air is absent lowest value. And giving all worn them before you really had time to about it if you can help your team that my if you could dictate to me and asked me what I would view. I would say this season it appears that you lost. Now you're stuck because bring a mosque is doing much so maybe you bring them back up to DH or right yields on. According qualify as usual right fielder. Or Bosnia has earned it he's proven it on the field I don't care that you traded for or is Seoul airport able to Fazio or right you order for the rest of the season. I go get a back. Because I think they need one of those deadline deals some that they can put in to be designated hitter but doesn't appear to bring a mosque ordered or Maurice a layer. This season. This offseason. Who I think is the most knowledgeable person about hitting it's available. I don't know who that is. I don't know if it's George Brett. I don't know if it's Pedro of fall I don't know who they think is the most person with the knowledge of dating that's why I'm going to have our solar talked to get him back. Because the guy we've seen right now is a pitcher. I got some bum Gardner could do or is a lived on at the plate if you gave him consistent eighties he has two home runs hit six RB guys he's at 150. Is 34 strikeouts in 29 games I. Think too in this is that that my thing with solar and any power hitter you wanna bring it here right. It does it play in this ballpark. You've got to be athletically Kauffman Stadium you've got to put the ball in play and put pressure on the defense striking out does nothing for nothing. That's not the really good teams have done in Kansas City you put the ball in play you put pressure on the defense. And that's they win ball games Denny Matthews says it all the time powers slobs speed doesn't. That's how you win games and that's why another reason why all the glory Solarz a good fit here understand the trade. What power all that stuff sounds great and mighty power becoming cheaper now because now everybody's going towards bull pens and arms and things like that. On but I just don't see him as a fit into this as there's a question. I wanna ask you on the other side but be listening during the commercial break for your chance to win a pair of gym gas can take issue here clip. Would you the clip the caller number six and be a winner to see him this Thursday night at starlight. All asking the question next up or isolate or hourly sedate more plus speaking of a bat there's a very interesting trade target linked to the royals if it doesn't see it happen we tell you next on the draft. Sixty and sports. 98. It tomorrow. Today so if you don't win today he's still got a couple more teeth and bear to see the comedian and start lying this. Third that one play does the homework time you can wrap up our conversation about race layered and a favorite players and topics. This is what Ned Yost said about or race later today and why he sent him down if you missed the news Billy burns back Maurice a layer heading back. Selma. I just didn't make any sense heaven Celera fair enough plan I mean these justices. You know he needs to continue to play and you're looking at the schedule of the lefties come and others just plan once or twice a week. You know just assistant didn't make any sense of it needs to get down here that fascinates continue to develop. Because you know I personally feel somewhere down the line he's going to be a plus and out type offense flair he's got that power. But he just needs to continue to. To have a vast needs to continue to develop and hasn't. Success. That was Ned Yost earlier today when he met with the media about Torre's a layer in his compares. This is from John corps owns quarter ash on Cowher through age 24. Miguel says no and 11189. Plate appearances in 64 home runs or race a layer 765. In 27. Home runs a bring that out to say. That McGee also know aids at this age eight much better player than or insulator that is not unfeasible. Then more easily or turns into the player that Gilles Renault has become. But if you look at their trained in where they are would also. And so no. Is a better player at a younger age than Horry so layer is. He's still getting better then so no this season has 21 home runs last season he had 25 home runs last year he had 66 RBIs this year ia 62. He is. Improving as an offensive player. On base percentage last year was 319 this year as 368. Last year he at 236. This year he's hitting 27. Now the strike got numbers are really high. This year McGee also no leads Major League Baseball with a 124. Strikeouts but. I think we all would take that for 21 home runs 62 RBIs. Betting some seventy in as an oil base percentage of 368. In his slugging 524. I could live with the strike outs if that's the kind of offensive production that you we gave. Now you're written into a bunch of outs is doing it differently than everybody else that I can live. Port basal layer he's hit and out to strike at any different to anything get on the field right now at this point though what you. Sin as a flaw. He strikes out more than anybody. Last year he struck out a 178 dot time Fisher he leads Major League Baseball strikeouts but we all would take somebody that can hit thirty home runs. Ninety and 95 RBIs. Any expert who said to be with an on base percentage of pre 68 fair again I could live with your flaw if your that productive offensively yeah pour racial air what does he do well at least this season what does he done well for the royals. He hasn't hit for power. Having hit for average doesn't play defense. What exactly does he do this season so when they say they think you can be so no maybe. May he doesn't show that flash at least not with the royals with a cup he showed a little bit and yet it's on with the royals. It is a home run numbers with the cubs are right 2014. He played solar played 24 games in the big leagues he had five home runs. All right in. 2015. The guy or excuse me sole air hit ten home runs he hit twelve home runs in 2016. So. The acquired him based on potential because it's 86 games to sixteen at twelve moments. Played in hotter one and 2015. And it ten home so he can hit the ball park but he doesn't. He's a powerful guy but he doesn't hit a lot of home runs so. You know and literally anything of Sausalito won 52 lead in the best singles doubles triples. You eat it up he's had a bunch of home runs he said I would all he's doing great proving he can beat a minor league pitching. Why if you're African is that he's basically it's leaner. He's a guy that it's clear he can hit triple A pitching comes up here he's overmatched. You know only ansari yet solar excuse me yes solar. Absolutely that's my biggest fear for and and we've seen him succeed when it doesn't matter. You know and that doesn't work in the big leagues and it shares held as work when you make big time mental mistakes in crucial games that's not you wanna McVeigh's. Someone who watched him from a far the last couple years and who played for the console heat. The power obviously is evidence and it's also important to note that he wasn't shuffling between tripling in the big league club last the leaders Chicago. He wasn't easily playing those 9200 something games because he was hurt you dealing with injuries. That was also something that we notice to be any of this year's well so is prone to act on it it's a problem but again your. If you're Dayton Moore you're looking for something to solidify. He added options at the right feels I don't think they looked at or hazel there. As there are able Fazio. As any sort of solidified optioned right I called him up and then he was a pleasant surprise very similarly just like I was last entered there is so now you you basically added another asked they were hoping that solar began moving forward. It turned out not to be and now you have to find something else. I wonder whether or not that police and and that ability to turn into a meat also know type player if that's the date Mort that's not used to seeing publicly. If something can click for him the tools are there but it's going to take. Let me ask you this question really quickly that. Do you think this is date mores biggest mistake. Because in an all year and I do think yet that's accurate I hear the club control that's a very strong argument in the case of Maurice a layer. The royals. Have always treated seventeen like it's an all in season and they're gonna do everything in their power to go ahead and compete bet. They at least made it a decision would wind. Great player like drive dies he's not a great player that played eight. Oh wait AS is a great player he's an all star I think he's a borderline hall of Famer without dom and he was way Davis is a great player. With one player they made the decision of we cannot resign him. But we're not gonna happen Wade Davis past 2017. That. Let's head about a little bit will be all in with every other piece let's try to get a power bat that we think can help us. And again he got Wally Pitt. Their goal was to have or nasal hair be there every day right fueled or DH. It is just gone horribly wrong the season if he was even average heating TV hit over brain and moss did an average. If port easily or was it to twenty with a little bit of pop he'd beat their DH. He disappoints there it and you want but if he was written to twenty with a little bit of pop bring a mosque would not be playing he'd be sitting down every day. He's not into that for you this year can't play him in right field because were able to fossil took that spot in again next year. Or solar needs to win the jobs from both fox you know he's won so far this season with this play on the field. So I say that if you're willing to trade or it's a layer right now do you look at the trade as being Daimler's biggest mistake is dealer. Anticipate it and flip them for a no I mean I understand the trade act I completely get what they were thinking. We got to pay Weytman outweighed Wade Davis ten million bucks. This year or we know we can't resign and we're worried about his medical he was hurt last year a little bit. Will straight NC we get a power bat that we control it's cheap for the next four years I understand that your day. It hasn't worked now I don't think it was a bad trade I get the tray. You think you got killed in or are your closer you think you said there you get it it'll go straw Soria Pereira you think you back into the bullpen is set. You know you can't resign Wade Davis is save some cash. And you bring empower hit a power hitter that's 45 years old I understand the trade it just didn't work and that happens all the time in baseball all the time. You do something to make sense and it just doesn't work. Parts like I mean I still think you're fact that his estate tax unanswered question I ask your. Text size 6906. Gordy is the biggest mistake. I disagree with that odd percent. He dale purported Portland for. Or for 72 for god it's not very good offensively and it not get it but again you know its latest look at look at all the fat. I think that chancellor that Contra together probably they have less money per share on an item and yet based not based on the offensive production. You know you look at there's a bunch of factors account and his first job he she went into the games defensively and a PP. You'll probably hate your music that as much as eighty iron heads and we got to worry about today. If it does sound cliche and it's not sexy but it is true and part of that too from an issue standpoint. Let's asses in seats man. Coordination got all this stuff people loved College Board and help you win games on defense end. Pretty good guy he's rough offensive stretch for the last year but he's been decent. You know the last month or so decent not you want to not making any excuses for profits at all but. Alex Gordon helped you win baseball games defensively guys don't go first to third on a single guy out with the guys in scoring position a lot of times are not gonna run out. You got to bolt out of the corner he's gonna catch the game so we help you or isolate does that help you is nothing that he brings to the table right now. So. They overpay him based on his offensive numbers absolutely but outscored you know she went when games and a multitude of ways and puts money in data classify. I will say this. I don't know this to be a 100% fact but it is my opinion. This off season of the royals do not paying. Eric Hauser and my sockets part of that will be because they decided that they outscored. I if you go back and you aspect I think you go back and ask stayed more with what he's seen at almost halfway through the contract. Would you re sign Alex Gordon IDB's odds with the tells you. I think he says there's no way we couldn't imagine it could have gone this way. There's no way we could've imagined that the contract blow up in our faces the way that it's blown up in our faces. I think the bills would trade Allen scored in today if they auditing would pick up account for but no teams they were stuck with. There's no contract aside from probably in Kennedy's. But maybe another team got it takes to deal mean to eighty dollar what's gonna happen when Johnny Quaid other Quayle's gonna opt out of his deal. Maybe a team takes on inking his contract with the understanding of a will buy you out of this deal go be a freeagent go get paid again in this offseason. They are a 100% stock down towards contract. Unless you're willing to 80% of that deal I 7% of that deal or just take a nothing prospect sport in the pay of the pay for another team. He's not getting any thing for the board and I do think that's that if they don't resign Hosmer moves one of those two. The biggest reason why are certainly one of them will be because they paid out who were. They could take and at Sydney two million dollars in being put a little bit more money in paid most. Or they could really swung for the fences and kept error cost well one reason it's gonna stop them from the payroll is we just can afford to keep everybody. Next year you'll outscored twenty million dollars you can have boarded twenty million dollars in pay outs were 22 million dollars next season like the royals payrolls not when the balloons that much. That that's that I think if you asked Dayton honestly. If you're a private moment with Dayton closed offices at Kauffman Stadium I think utility that's his biggest mistake signing Gordon wasn't there's a big difference between the staff. On the bottom line to see this Dublin says he's not worth it the bottom line says he probably is right around even. On when it comes to like get people in the ballpark by his gear. Gore donation in fans love and history with the hand all that other stuff next year though. When he got I don't that's going to be tough yes I did this year I. I cannot find hardly even now as we're in Contra dancing natural Tony yeah that's going to be you don't even. I don't think so now I don't look let's get some amazing break out profits a year which could. I think Gordon's washed up offense is all I I think there's still a lot there. But to this point offensively. Stat line doesn't. Equal you know it is paycheck fresher. Sex on six factories are sick is way too early to say they'll worry solar trade was a mistake let's revisit this in three years that's fair to. I would just say but I disagree that it's at I understand is and he should get on the U. That's the problem it's not he struggled it's that there is no place for him live that long. Yet when they traded one there's going to be a point this season they just absolutely don't even more racially. You would think someone is having a great season means brain and losses out here just just blowing things up all Orlando is having a career season. That's not what's happened. Or so later changed it on the field in a year that no one wants animals. Like we're animals of the royals DH anybody. Doesn't like the mr. DH they. But it try to read them all that could be the Yates they have a choice no one has emerged as an option just a proper will probably be out somebody's heart. They had no option other their brain and lost glory solar can beat back right now. But I can say going into next season which our confidence level may turn things around had no clue maybe turn things around to say right now what position as the head next year. Just giving a right field is putting them back out there would what receiver Bonifacio put him on a spot on the bench argued giving them DH. Is gonna buy at a rate of mosques contract at the end of the season and just say all right what what we saw this year will eat this whole deal. Main stuck at least four when he seventeen and 2018 with Maurice a layer. Unless he gets substantially better the only thing that the good part about this right now is that he Sochi it's four million bucks a year for the next three years. Which is relatively really cheap in baseball terms or solar or solar best years in 2015. He had 262. He struck out 121 times. He had 47 RBIs in ten home runs. And he played a 101 games that's his best year. It last year 86 games at 23812. Bombs. So. I think the royals made that deal based on what they thought he was going to be. And at least at this point he's not that Nike's. They'll deal the only outside a counselor right now that he's cheap but it. Tax on 69306. There was a place there was no place removes at some point in days past they stuck with your right their patience has paid off. Not every player is why we sockets. And it's example we've seen Kate you flirt with guys like Carlton brag. All me and I got always works until you look at his body look at his ability it's going to work didn't work that not every player is my stock is Ian. All at this point if porous layer was even when he fourteen my sockets he be on the team now. If Vick who twelve like boosted that your that we agrees not good for your everyday third baseman hit 212 he would beat his team everyday DH. If he was it 200 he'd be the DH he you'd better option numbering them losses right now. Like that's how bad it is right now it at DH that if somebody was it 200 they'd be an improvement at DH goes to tell you. Where they Connell are right now up next the the two biggest stories of the day in the NFL plus. I need your help I ask you next draft. 610 sports. You turn sixty and Sports Radio. The two biggest stories in the NFL coming out shortly there I need you agers who sold. You guys know sometimes I struggle with social norm. A and waited and there's things that people say you should do in certain situations I'll always abide. But our I think I handled the situation correctly but as well confirmation from. When I see on Saturday. There's a restaurant a woman named them but I don't want to attract. I want now. Absolutely hated the meal. Didn't enjoy it. Is not the food wasn't prepared correctly I didn't think it was very good. I would not recommend for anyone to go there is everything you had your is completely. Dissatisfied. Yet I had multiple things and I eat dis like both of I wasn't too hot to cold it was not undercooked it was not over cooked it was prepared to exactly it was supposed to be and it just was bad. I got very solid service it was a nice atmosphere was nice to court I just didn't like the food at all. They know how to handle that situation because. Like all situation the waitress program I guess like you mean. And name what do I say no I don't think it's foods any good captain. I say in this scenario that good so I used the standard on everything has good taste. I left that normal 20% tip that you're supposed to believe I just know I'll never go back. That's an area that I missed an opportunity come I'm Neal have been free if I just sets up. And I've got 130%. Knocked off my meal I felt like I handled it the way yours posting in the it. The decision to buy it out of it and I just didn't like I just didn't enjoy they doing anything wrong that's the that is the big. Oh I handled this situation correctly. But maybe that got over Fareed. Ended. I didn't get a reportedly. Eyes is all solutions I was urgently thinking about calling my bacon Russell stolen. And added to a stop payment neighboring candidate for acts of mound at some plays on our vendors and how. I. Think the fight. I don't know Ursula and I'm glad for your safety and call your bank I was thinking about it. Little speculative and. Caught a lie and then that whole situation would have gone back on you than what what does he what does Calder cried wolf on a situation where you actually needed to call your. For that one little meal Burgess I do I thought about it. Yeah well I entered. The prevent the meal was that bad did you to ponder calling your bank in saying that my card was stolen or acts amount of this restaurant makes me wondered through the validity of bowl situation. Here's what else. The worst ever at I think what you team. Is perfectly in totally and I did you handle the situation about a deterrent Lian as properly as pops how ever. As someone who has worked in the service industry before. I think as long as people are respectful. In treat you with respect as the server as the manager if so. Godsey is the which loosens you post your meals are you enjoying everything is it honestly I. I'm kind of disappointed I had high expectations I heard your food is really good in just. I really didn't enjoy anything and I'm still prepared to pay for everything but. I just little action I was dissatisfied with the meal. I think maybe you could have probably gotten Sunday you seek it out you're has been completely honest in that situation in the server is going to be. Upset by what you said she didn't meet the road she prepared in the kitchen what you're doing which is giving her honest feedback of your dining XP that's true. In the in this situation I did feel like I was lying I'd be honest with people so what's he came around and it was that this injured. How is short mean you'll. I had collected Angel and shoulder and then the other shoulder like I really wanted to tell this is what the worst meals I've ever had in my life. I a hate this but that doesn't solve I don't I'd like this I was like you know. His goal and made a decision like lights about living with your mistakes it was a mistake going to that restaurant was spent. So. I understand that I meal. I ordered. I take the good the bad with the meal so. I'd say again I gave percent cited short Jane the waitress bird flu. And I felt like it correctly but I also feel like I missed an opportunity. And not today. For the mile an appeal bat of right look at my statement on mean. I could've spent that. Money so many other things that. It upset you know Eagles again added an honest feedback to is that maybe you don't comp your meal or maybe the only proper meal little bit. Usually restaurants want to meet you right for the customer and get it is long is your like respectful of them as long as you treat them while. They wanna make the situation right I did that it'll save us to close things out. So soon and yup. What better place the city's okay. A lot of people have ever. Be no it was to stop listening to yell. True life dealt lied to me is triggering that really get yell lied to me. This is going to be an outstanding year old I was thinking about it alls Saturday now with water and all my goodness I would is ready for the meal it was note that it's excellent for helping me I appreciate. That help badge you gave me. Bunch it's my cats may sixth and sports in one eye to Spain ice for me we got a year. Us. 610 sports.