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The Drive
Monday, July 17th

In Hour 2, the guys were joined by the Hall of Famer Denny Matthews for his weekly visit before discussing the most mad they've ever gotten from a team they root for and Fanning gave a very surprising answer. They also had Heis give his takes on the stories he missed while he was on his honeymoon and Fanning weighed in on the "gender reveal" video fail that's now gone viral.


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Ultimately for the royals are not here very loud noise. Narrative. Melky in right field and but Tony dollar bill you go to Las Vegas. Denny Matthews. Is back on Paul Goldstein royals broadcaster. Gary. Hope knows this is terrible best pitcher rotation could put him on the disabled list of worries. Students and area will be. For the flu hello we have excellent good. Voice of the royals since 1960. And guys are hall of fame broadcaster Denny Matthews begins his 49. Season with the Kansas City former standout hockey player. Aware of the fact in my mind is that there's maybe a little game which. Surgeries likely unavailable on Twitter made no more golf we have a winner Denny Matthews. Your high. On the drive. Breaking news. Out of the NFL the Pittsburgh Steelers in late beyond bell some people think is the best running back in the NFL were unable to reach an agreement today. Today you had you have your franchise tag players signed to a long term deal by 3 o'clock our time. If you did not you can not renegotiate with them throughout the course the CD have to wait until next season so oral Aveion bell. We'll have to play under a one year twelve point one billion dollar fully guaranteed contracts close to feed your family on that on just about your deal itself mean. Life over running back is very hard I mean living paycheck to paycheck one year twelve million dollar. Guarantee is to files must be months the varied stuff. Today's pop quiz eyes that's my big fat Greek wedding or obviously is a self serving today a little bit because you're little and I'll go back to seating the public what the people want on occasion agree in that way I know I went to give Greece some jealous yet that usually at a big fat Jewish wedding once agrees that sort of combined -- their movies that are now. No I would watch that does that usual Adam how's everybody else and dinner and a sincere it's only pop quiz couldn't be chilly today is we could talk about his continued legal problem today these dogs and far away from mark. I saw today that can Zale had its 21 anniversary before the last exports movie involving one of the ten greatest basketball players of all time at any self serving at the puck was there enough I also the story about Shaquille O'Neal putting out a way in saying he would super glued to his head. If Lavar ball beat him in game one on one is Emma have been even better option. Yeah I mean -- would have been a fantastic they speaking out a great option Denny Matthews calls us up always happy to talk to dating. For 49 years he has been the voice of your Kansas City Royals he's brought to buy in BP electric heating and cooling relax its MVP Dini Matthews joins us only god bidding. How the coincident. I curator and there really aren't. Rigorous. I did I am right here my friend and a super Peter and. I'm good I felt like this series over the weekend if like playoff baseball did you get that same five or not. A little bit both the games were very competitive they were interest bearing in it was a good series are also discuss trouble matching up protects a slightly and then. They had to find a way to win there on yesterday that Rangers have been pretty took on the road also are a couple of years. I think that is any is there something legitimately to a team haven't another team's number not being able to give out as a. This is baseball it's certainly works in our current and I were talking about a perfect game yesterday incident requires that. Not a good matchup for the royals at this point in time and we should turn this so well because it's again the based on there's there's no reason there are no explanation. That's just that's where this. Did you always like talking you about the big picture of the American League central and the other teams the American League and if you look at it by definition the royals aren't average baseball team is that it 500 how exactly do you think this team breaks beyond average because it feels like they've been kind of stuck in this place of mediocrity for the last three weeks. I was thinking yesterday that maybe. On the 21 to September Ron is this going to be perfect game turnaround work under well it's a trend that's where it's going I haven't seen any sign since. Any of the keen interest taken and having that tremendous roll over there within fifteen out of eighteen or something along those slides I haven't seen that out and I think the record. At least at this point of the season would confirm that nobody. Is taken triarc and maybe they're incapable. Of taking charge maybe that's how good teams in this division are it's. Certainly to this point in time. You'd have to say well you know there's a bunch of 500 teams in a couple of teams are pretty been challenging at the moment 500 so. And maybe were aware of for the rest of the whatever its decision to those. Title hall of Famer Denny Matthews did yesterday. Dayton compared. This royals team to the 2014. Royals team of the all star break you see some similarities with the team as well or not. Every year are you say it all the time every team is different every year the components are different personalities are different so. It's really hard to do that I'd I'd I'd stay away from that because again I go back to the the point where. It doesn't matter what happened three years ago or are you going to open terribly just. A little bit that those because if you wanna compare. At the end of this season than you would have a better handle on it but to think that you could maybe glean some type of a prediction for them. A comparison like that at a particularly fair and I don't think it really matters because. Do you how do you predict injuries which chart there it's impossible. Are you pre party who. Predict the slumped for a pitching staff or maybe an offense for them. Better to three or four weeks and that those things are. Are never predictable so. I don't know Brett I think it's really hard and and I don't think it really matter much if you want to compare I received what they're quicker talking about. I don't think it it's a prophecies for the next month or so. Denny everybody's talking about the sun ball from yesterday's game what was your take on the play. And you remember I'd be in a couple more old school baseball guys and I am why is everything labeled a hit and not an air that clearly is an error to me. There's a couple of praise in that series. Which were definitely errors there were rockets. And I didn't agree with it at all. Discern there's another element if you can't see the baseball. It's centered. So that has to be hit it's really not his physical error when UNC division apple. And I think it had no problem with our with a game winning ruling being hit. That was an extremely difficult part of our walked out of the ballpark after the game yesterday it looked up in the guy it was very Arizona elect. And there are sort of glare ice that I concern is something that I have never seen before because it's. So appreciative I mean you look up you don't see anything that just wrote a letter like somebody shining a spotlight in your face for. I think right. And no you you know there's nothing you can do about it Locke would be part of what you try to get angle on the fly ball as best you can. In the got to take into account the slice on the ball right and a better hitting the ball to right field. That's what happened yesterday there should be some slice and if you can't see the ball a much placed you know other plate yeah it is sort of tough guys and yeah that they gain yesterday in the thing in this earned its loss in the stern. Almost has to be idiot I have no problem with that when a guy uses. For a lot of problems and it's not involve that is not part in this level quarry and the player would tell you the same thing that's an air actually comparable. And and go from there and scoring decisions. I think if you ever you feel for. Torre feel for the game how difficult degree of difficulty. Course the degree of difficulty on that in the ground ball park Bo Porter there could be. And then I think you constructive record edit you can make it a pretty decisive and pretty accurate call on whether that should be a hit or an error and I think on the big league level or. Defense guys who get to the ball hitter in the globe they're gonna tell you every time I should make that play and there. There they'll ask you about one plant Friday night that really got my attention it was the come back to Jason Hammel. They got a glove on and I thought about I thought about a couple of things there and the first thing I can I get like it's your basic instinct to go after baseball but now it's all these shifts in the way. On teams are playing defense does the pitcher need to know where his defenders are is that part of the is that part of the game now because I'm assuming like you know back in the seventies and 80s90s before shares they didn't really have to pay attention that stuff. Even yeah you're right and let's take it one step further every defender out there should know for the other guys are. And play accordingly to this situation. In picture. And maybe this is hard to understand from time to time that it's an instinct. For a pitcher to go after the ball. Is it just happens and it happens in the split second. Most of the time the picture is not balanced he isn't ready for and drive one proper slow roller doesn't matter. Do you think from the pitcher's mound is most difficult one because of the mountain running downhill. They're left hander Claudia related unbelievable. Play yesterday at a high chopper that Childress says he ran down the backside of the mound this spectacle played fielded it cleanly. And maybe put its certificate charge were. That was a great story for picture and a pitcher in 99. Under under their church to make that play. Certainly that's cause most talked a lot of the best fielding pitchers in baseball this will respect our lives standard. And so probably parent is better when it's coming to balance that don't usually the last standard surged almost a right hander. The parlor the pitcher that are produced for them defensively. And rules so. Mr. of course are to once a preacher turns to brace for the historical place he becomes the fifth infielder. And again according to their habits and make some parents are off balance falling off the ground towards first base in the what are bullet that occurred approximately that you and you know in a little circuit except soft out there and where the pitcher. Fields a ground ball pulling their current scientific boy that's the product on the regular literally have good stuff there. Science of the hall of Famer Denny Matthews our conversations would do in your brought you back in BP electric heating and cooling relax its MVP. Denny everyone is excited about the return of game thrown I would assume that you don't watch it but but is there any show that you do get excited for. It's called game or thrown it is on HBO. Well yeah that's pretty young. Ultimate winner of the championship they sit on the throne is a little bit. I they have only seen probably fifteen seconds of the show but I think that's what it's about. I lost four I think that the winning teams in all sports. Shouldn't assume the throne for a baby at fifteen or twenty minutes or their pictures taken are cool they're being. No that makes a lot of sense the I'm just curious bike. Has there ever been a show that you despite that you would consider a must watch a show that after game you would run home you tape you DVR but show that you could not miss every episode. Northern exposure. Why don't let a few years ago. Yeah this is good that there's a moves he was walking through this the town right in the. That was really cool and then there are also Boston Legal which it was cutting interest than those two of their. Diametrically opposed understand that the symbolic public attention and and who didn't like the you have this show cheers all the fears of notebook that was tremendous bit of former. Big league pitcher behind the bar. Sam Malone and of course the country was a professional baseball coach and I had a very strong link to that just because of those two things. Danielle and encourage you to watch Walking Dead can you do that for a check out one episodes about -- He put me there are enough to charge you know there's going to be it's Walking Dead right there and I'm I want to elaborate on the. They Denny thanks a bunch man seen the ballpark. Yeah. Always happy to talk to Denny Matthews he's brought to you by in VP electric heating and cooling relax its MVP. A little Boston eagle for a Dini man what was the wording not sniper trial is that how are you ask is to describe our our interview today yea he asks us to call it non pro Ron hill which we looked up and it was like flawless or something on my child. Yeah I I don't know finally called it unrivaled but always enjoy talking and any Matthews it's always an enjoyable. Listen up next yesterday there was something going around on what are. That got me very upset. I would like to share with you guys on the radio I think you'll enjoy next in the draft. Sixty and Sports Radio. Is. Full of it. Keeping things and all the drive here sustaining high banks for agrees happy to have it thank you shake it off the rest a little bit he's like running back that was Al. For a couple weeks it takes a in the first quarter did you spot rates they hits and then ready to explode in the second quarter. For a big game how you feeling today guys I feel like I said before. I'm still little bit on Greek time side my body hasn't completely adjusted yet. It's like. Like 11 o'clock in the evening right now Unger writes. Some old I don't hit the outlaw right around 4 o'clock. I think I'd be all right I'll be troubled or maybe get out. That is the thing anyway regardless of any that you it reveled in dirt on the idea that it back in there yeah. I'll be there. Yesterday. On line. I saw a tweet and you know that saying triggered now that's like one that yeah it's big big worries right now triggered I was triggered by a tweet that we tart up the old. It's not lid or turn to up to the two week I was I was triggered them. I was triggered because the question was what's the most manage you've ever been your favorite team. Eight instantly seven different things popped in my head. Hi there you always say that's not like the chiefs and royals but. When you get in this profession in your phantom for those teams just change you start to view of the players is more spears you know me you know the front office people your relationship changes that the only team that I would say I was the only thing you know like I was when I indicated. Are the Missouri Tigers blog bass I've Philly fan of both of those teams. So I immediately was thinking of all the things that I've been most upset about as the Missouri tiger fame ballots again I think knows that. I tilt to its price five minutes to go with the official answer of when them the most upset I've been in my team. I can't even do something like I said it because it was just before my time. Trailing by a point Paul Winfield who sat out most of the first happened foul trouble. Scored the go ahead basket. It. Just stop the ball I might coached luck the high school team this summer I would always. If you can't stop the ball I was taking you buy the game and finally figured out but why do you get so Matt we don't stop the ball there's no reason why the guy getting the rebound. Should be the locals from one of the court to the other in the court in July. Now that if you had to happen incomes XP for awhile but it was pretty emphatic that have a lot of rules for the kids would just one problem then took a shot that you know you shouldn't make like one the kids' college tapering canals like that they're taking out you better make. Then you take it or you know you can't make it or you wired you're not stuck her you're not clay Thompson stayed in L lane. He would take a three everybody would laugh he'd just already know he just comes big exciting pure like that was. The rule that we had on the team so that I said he would be up there are a little bit older. I also would incorporate the flea kicker game you're about to defeat the number one ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers at home they had old Missouri soul. For fifteen plus years. You get your opportunity to beat them in the dial in Nebraska kicks the ball up in the air Nolan has the awareness the swat away and they beat you all. Hafner fan base runs on the field after being told to relax in the Nebraska goes into the future at all that would be up their soup. This isn't even the number one answer and all its clones. Missouri was up nineteen points on the road its rival the clean play that they were up nineteen points on the road and there are robs it got all ball there all of this. It doesn't benefit us the play Missouri while we played Missouri it could all change if Missouri just that a played. Five more minutes a good basketball they are playing so well. And there are so many other things about that game that upset me I don't wanna get into the Robinson played in the upset the months from the game. Hi Sean Taylor gets on the free throw line for a tricky tax ballot the lane. Big clearly let things happen they let you play down the stretch if they could assault bill press down the lane but. Not to just get the tickets activists. Just just it upsets me. That's not even that number one thing that's certainly most tested more than five I was thinking about this I was thing about this for a while it's not even the fact that Missouri. 880000. Dollars to a coaching firm hired a former alumni who coast at a division two school much. 80000 dollars rugs and picked up the following. I could just texted Tim Anderson and hired in 80000 dollars higher commanders and I'm sure would've just taken a job with a simple please we need you. But no they paid a hiring firm. To tiger Kim Anderson. I finally decided this is the bogus and man I've ever been. My favorite team. Yeah. It's. True. The fifteen seater. Yeah. Net Norfolk state that is the most man I've ever been out one of my teams it took me awhile to come to the correct it's lucky eagle. I could probably do four hours when things that it happened from the University of Missouri that have upset me. And made me angry but. We don't have that kind of time the other talk about other things. We can really spent all week because they're all calls are we talking about or Missouri decisions. You gotta be on this is I've never been I've only got really two things that I can thank you. Is back as the royals war and that's the only team that I'm emotionally attached. I fully. Invested. 100% emotionally attached. Odyssey two things get they did it. Really got me fired up with a psych out Farnsworth person form and it was going to be Abbas and it was awful. That some in Detroit when I was up there were off to her. But truthfully the most man I've ever been seat. At the royals. Or at a player on the royals. Was when freaking or a solar dove for the ball on the ninth inning against Bjorn. Serious man I got up close there's something out of 55 it's free can flat screen. I just by now hard to believe for lotteries if that's the time has ever been I just say I'm the same from. What mind he was until 2013. UNC one winning season and some bad stuff about one isn't grimsley. I can't RB I mean yeah leads them telling me the most mad you'd ever being. And remember. Lived away from Kansas City for like forty years I basically just try to block him out like I would like that you gain here and there I just knew they sucked in and they're gonna be terrible but shot I I I wasn't. You know I we were Weir's you know like you know the man and a one advocates separated. I would I was separate I was still love but I was separated and moved back down now back in in 2009. In India the most. You know so it is it managers for not Weytman gore now I was happy pictures did went toward on the play. I was still freaking angry at or is aware when he did that earlier in the seas could not believe it. I'm just saying when you really compare the suit you really well. If it though most mad you've ever bet your team. What's diving for a ball during a regular season baseball. Now and the worst thing for me is. It's. I was covered that gales and all of that happen I and it showed a microphone and Kim English is face that you've had a good life in the most. Rusher in Syria and ever and your team was diving for a ball by regular during its its greatest. But what the doctors is to. I did your couch I was screaming at the television if I had to do that very often anymore. What is really emotionally that she's in 1995 I was working in TV in Wichita Falls, Texas product knowledge. And when it lost to the calls I got ultimately to kick the door frame. I kicked a hole in the wall sports jobs and that was my sort of aha moment like an idiot kid stuff or because. Articulate Elliott that. That you're so funny. Now that I mean someone that's some analysts Exxon makes a good point there's no way it diving or Horry solar is the most man you know what that mean net net decision to putting your Bonaventure during the wild card game it was a worse decision. That's saying. Portrays. The ball most definitely a team. Has got some. Memory. Tell me it's the most that I can remember my team in recent memory I'm serious. But the support does it ever seen in my life like I don't emerged in a Major League Baseball player does that. Like stupid baseball IQ. Our British treasury did. There's at least freaky crazy advocates. And how Brad your face is getting you're looking at the one that was hungry. Ten worst memory. Game four of the public. Polls and yeah. I should hear. What I. Is it does not increase not leg and walk in free agency. I mean. It's it's. Still. Out well later. It'll. With your team it's all year did you catch it and it was like Boston Red Sox fan club Manny Ramirez like order pizza. But your head would have blown off just urged stupidity level the level of stupidity. But that's the thing I think this. I don't I don't know it. Easily or did something you wouldn't surprise. Walk out. Figure out. He's taken back in my field back in my golf cart he could have been nicer. This has nothing lorries are tempers heated some. He dove for a ball in and with two outs in the ninth inning start that you Arctic and start being that you are excellent he went out surgery. In the end and that you were to happen like eighty bucks a solemn insular didn't annualized I'd be around this individual bears. Oh wait that's the worst oil than ever done debate. There'd. Away. Insult in deep seated between UN. There's this economic kinder and we're gonna the nicer human being. So that's excellent at that news or Jeremy and I thought it. And Sanchez. In the at the other team got you know pregnant. A story line. It's sort one when he when he blame Jerod Dyson bird there the defense is supposed to be playing no doubles Dyson was damn near the warning track in Hillary's at. That did make me mad too but this whole thing to me is still at the top list. But that the attack like he's gonna have to be so good about that. Just look at it differently and I just look at it completely differently I don't understand. I think you'd be out. Ahead. It should get it gets in my real quick yeah. Wait and wait how we both wanted to let you cut down that it actually is really timely because of how the royals won yesterday with the sun ball yeah. The most man I ever remember being in my team was in 98 the cubs at an opera stated that. Clinch the wild cards right is it for five games left. And in this ad is an all time favorite calls now this is courtesy of WGN radio it was not in my favor calls. June alone the brewers are on the bases loaded on a 22 count on the news here's the finish. She won on one long left field grant round. Going back rent brown you. Okay. And pretty much yeah yeah. The most. Called play of Auld Kolb planes and I don't think it made the policies and in my lifetime at that point the Steve Barton thing that he Allen. That was so weird. I don't remember being mad at the time I just remember being stunned and shocked. This AD magazine just dropped the bomb on the in this. To email contest to get to the bottom line you know like lower and so do. Stuff like that days. Standing or Iowa where there and why did he organize a layers so it's. She was obvious that. The golf with him from the back that spring training it was so nice. Thing to do it impartial I remember Eunice. Texas apartment that's a dusty Coleman was good at. It that's considered field. And he did it and I'll and you lost the game because of that. That's or is the Tories of that's an email context for your theory of why or it's a layer makes you so angry. And I it is the the the jokes it is he I think part. Is to let this guy is so much potential you know they just so much potential. He's so that you know and again. Stupidity drives me crazy that just drives me bananas. I don't mean I feel I mean I'm actually happy vigna mystical five royals because you'd been frustrated every single day coming up next. We have a different version of it's that center around army and ice Tel U Al an excellent draft. Sixty and sports reading. Kansas city's baseball station and Kansas city's football speech at 610 Sports Radio. Iceland's banks gone sports. Peaks injuries celebrating his. Could hear at least on talk sites all the new U positive energies. Twin words you're you your horror at being at the lead and I you're speaking. Hebrew and Yiddish I really was as a that's the way. He was a horror game well just. Yes you know it was like right in the thick of things populace he lifted me up on the chair and right before you lift me up in the series and how he garbage truck you can bet that I know a lot of fun and a lot of questions. About the wedding because it was a very religious ceremony I think that in really know and understand what was happening like numbers there was one point. Chrysler and his bride her standing there. And it is wrapped in this big like I was really confused at what they were doing they sung the song I could understand the language too but everybody else around me knew it they were saying. I didn't really know I was happy I just quiet. And when it biased article of faith I just ordered the same thing and everybody else. It's not I admired your participation and it was well it's still just act like you've been there. That's what I tried to do decide to stick out like a sword well there was a lot eyes was gone. That he did it. The opportunity to do his ankles so we will repeat that with. Ice is it's. Are those things gone. I was very excited while I was away in the little pocket of Wi-Fi that I had I found out that the White Sox had moved opposing teams on. To the north side and just those deals that X. It's bizarre to see his every time EC trade every time we talk about a train they're always has to be a winner their voices to be a loser there's immediate reaction. It was bizarre to see a tree. We're both teams unequivocally wind from the airy fairy yet. I talk about this all the time. I look transparency. But I hear from clubs from organizations. The cubs six of the last 23 years we are going to trade our prospects. When we're winning organization to get young controllable pitcher. Yeah is Canton is gonna make over the next three years what he's an under club control through 2020s that's this year for the next three years. About 25 million dollars. That's less money than Zack Greinke is gonna make all all of this year. They have a young talented left handed pitcher who doesn't get hurt. For the next three and a half years. Making no money at all. You really is how rare that is and baseball Danny does is considered a value he's making 65 million dollars over the next five years. This is a great move for both clubs I don't know if you guys not the same. Yes no I mean it. I don't know the cubs' farm system inside and I did they give other top two prospects form. Rosa content into other guys that seem like pretty surprised you know. Yeah but again you're getting a guy for three and a half your ears they give up their top prospect of last year Furl does Chad. Just great to see a team that actually had both teams come out. This is a tree that I'm with you guys I do think benefits both sides of the White Sox you're not going anywhere this season. To get a top five prospect in baseball the way they did makes a lot of sense if your team like the cubs and you add the capital you're not necessarily looking to when he took when he. India on your trying to win in this window that you have right now is Chris Bryant. Cows were for all the young up he's in town that you have in the cubs I don't think you're done. There in the hunt for Sonny gray and trade makes a lot of sense to me I understand it on both sides the big point I was making while you were gone was. The White Sox or does one of the few teams that are defined sellers yeah they know their identity it right now in the American League it's so bunched up I wanna see who creates that separation between now on the trade deadline. Because there isn't a lot of separation. Every team is pretty much aside from a Oakland. The tigers in the White Sox sweep and we've parties seem to out of those three teams already sellers. A lot earlier in the deadline. As a public Sandoval the panda. Actually somebody accidentally shows that he and it's not about time comes from panda. Being released today as well done by the attacks or the panda he got caught with almost fifty million dollars left on his contract and all the conversation about Sandoval the timeless. Guys get fat and happy and overpaid. And baseball should fix the system where Donald contracts or guarantees. No blame on the general managers the owners were spending for endless amounts of money on guys past their prime on a guy that had a bad body going on the wrong side of thirty. Why isn't the focus always specifically on the players in other people that are making those type deals. Sandoval in his early days of the giants on the best bargains in baseball and now nobody seems to view from that but from a from that respect. He who has the gold gets that make the rules in this argument who's gonna win the millionaires or the billionaire look. A billion years ago when because they can buy over their mistakes so the billionaires will try to create rules that saved them from themselves. You see the exact same thing happening in the NBA. We see in the NBA they're really two different kind of created after the free agency where you can actually go after top talent or the pre to see where bottom tier teams just unload contract other bad team because they don't like. Who all things science for seventy million dollars joking no signs for the kind of yield you have these rules in place to save you from yourself. Baseball I think is going to want to opt out and save themselves but the Major League Baseball Players Association will never let that happen because there are two car. Hi my thought on this when I first saw this was. May and fifty million guaranteed and he's not playing in how many players do teams out of their system Major League roster beyond. And the NFL makes twice almost twice what Major League Baseball does and in the South America that's the first thing that popped in my head. Yeah I got a guy he's mega ten million bucks Jeremy Maclin. He got a salary cap and you make 67 billion more in Major League Baseball. I think that's the first thing that popped in my head the first. Three I soul of our ball so lines has been playing very well in the summer early. But it does seem to have a problem with his top decliners can't simply and utterly today his only clients. Not wearing his shoes that big ball branches. If so with levoir everything that he is done to try and market itself dram market bonds though. Has been a ballots his son or the brain and one or the other. But any two weeded out there and so predominate in whatever shoe he wants to play. How does that it's helped sell the product and help the one client that you're trying to reach the top stratosphere. Of where you're trying to market doesn't Exxon's. Also you a different perspective I would say number one we know the lines of throughout the course of the season is going to have a good game in his own shoe. He just played the first couple again this summer league in last summer league progressed he got batteries it it just happen to coincide with a very different shoe exodus from war. Number two ways Lavar has been enough of the evil genius and a marketing masterminds. To give you two talk about what she moves lines though where. So I think it's point a company's gonna buy it and say we can do all this positive. Oh publicity about our brain whether it's under our weather Nike whether it's a DS. It would be a big deal whenever he signs it now because we know people talk about an inner interest in him maybe that makes the price cola. I think we've seen over the last couple weeks and eighty Lavar is not as film. Or out of touch as people have made him out to be. These dumb and all that is evil genius I think it's the best way to put it listen nobody wants the NBA summer league really games they'll sell out nobody. Paid attention to it. This year they did it and they wanted to see lobbed a ball that we'll see what you view where as much of the horrible annoys me guys evil genius. Well I'll wrap it up on this design been one of the I poked more outspoken candidates about trying to fix DC and all of on improving and trying to start doctors. The airport is immediately to the city anchor with mayors like games. Instill in my travels. I have officially found the worst airport and he's the but it's about the Athens airport experience as quickly as I possibly can. They shuttle all of the American travelers going from Athens back to America into one tiny little game there's no and access to food. Water bathrooms were all on one bit and shepherd us out of a completely different gate move us all the way across the airport. And then for about the fifth time they did security. We have to get their passports one out of every five people got. Down at one person was taking security there's there's no wonder that everything was late. Kansas City I'd get that there is a convenience aspect to it but please know like and want somewhere to. Our restaurants a place to get a little bite of food I can go to about the need another one urinal on the bathroom for an entire airport that's fine. I didn't think I would find a worse airport in case yes congratulations Athens international united to claim the world's worst airport. Those of the crisis. Now I didn't know I mean other ones were take it and it does this this was just. Hey let me let me get this ain't I need to get that is the mostly first world that ever an American tourists can play at the end the airport and I just didn't think I'd sign of the airport I needed more than TCI. And I did. Congratulations and it. I saw a talking about something that I saw the Kansas City star's website today. Has to do with gender reveal. Right in order to talk about that we can back that way to make sure that future dad's. Don't look like morons on social meeting that we come back on the ground. 610 sports. Welcome back. The drive red bank and it has a bit. She got and yet a done. I haven't done this from an Ohio has done this but you know the old jet to reveal things that they do now yeah. But it's a boy or girl that mullah the pink balloon. The blue balloon whatever he can really treated it as another view it's like. It's like guys like baby version of a prom polls it's got to be a big deal you get sick to compares Hamad and a girl and a boy and a big deal. So like I notice is on the star's website today for a on for Pete's sake. As a guiding Kyle today. And he was gonna and used to do is generous. In the whole idea was yet back. And his wife was going to toss him a ball. It would it's going to explode when he hits it and you'll find out what is was like tossed in the ball it was a bad thoughts got up and and he took the pitch it blew up on the driveway. Pink everywhere. He took the pitch. Which I thought showed some really really good plate discipline. Now my suggestion is all over Twitter it's gone viral this video we see these all the time everybody knows. My suggestion would be this if you're gonna do it. So that you know that knows the strike zone a little bit better. On (%expletive) like you do your brother in law. You know get get your dad you know or maybe get your wife's sister who played softball is got a little sports knowledge knows where to toss the ball. You know an usher Mary go pro ballplayer we saw Christian colonial. At Kauffman Stadium and his wife who in their old high tide he's a pro. And it's cannot get a game winner in the World Series he can handle that I'd ditch. This check I'll take couldn't handle it took it showed great plate discipline. But it bull in the ball blew up all over the all of the drive. I would say first. It seems pretty important for both the mother and father to be involved in the gender of yield I don't know how you can outsource the pitching job to the father in law seem like you should be in there. Yeah and now. Why are you showing good plate discipline you're not trying to walk in the scenario. Mean there's not a runner on first and second with two outs and use me to get on base know this is they just so weighing in play along with that. You are treating this like you're trying out for the Boston Red Sox and you're clearly not trying to do that you're just trying to show the world. It's blow its pink eye grabbing the bull or having a girl which. So you hook it aides who seriously if you're being selected and calling and he. Underhanded softball toss ion is yeah this is Kevin Youkilis is dead. For the Greek god of honest about it and perfectly OK with it for regular Joe Schmo they think that. Sees the deal generous usefully anything. As easily get other people's gender reveals yet he's he's crashing gender reveals and swinging at those pitches. So just my advice. That it aggregates your practice the pit cycle back yard go watch the Christian Cologne video concede. It. And and and handled it pitch nicely tax on 606. Can be done religion reveals please I'm younger than all three of need and dine with another example or obnoxious self sort. Over sharing society I mean. Who lied to sell you a mother and father who want to celebrate the birth of their child. How old they should celebrate putting it into this world and to be the one that say stop doing dumb itself. OK I. You wanna celebrate your kid and celebrate your kid if you wanna have balloons if you wanna swing at stuff if you wanna shoot some dance and it. Turns blue it doesn't matter to me I don't care it's not hard to scroll Fastenal FaceBook it's not that different columns is gonna do it's providing suitable. Solomon. Coming up next the two biggest stories today in the NFL involving one of the biggest stars in the NFL finds himself in trouble again and Mick Kirk cousins is smarter than people are giving him credit for explain up next don't drive.